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Hi all! I'll catch up with everyone on Thursday, work is a little crazy this week..
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You know that it's a bad day when you have an allergic reaction to a jam doughtnut #mybodyhatesme #nomoredoughnuts
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When you have eleventy bilion partners and none online. Ho hum, best do some adulting.


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Hi all!

After re-reading a ton of Tudor fiction and watching a billion documentaries, I'm totally feeling a Tudor inspired roleplay. It's a great era, with all sorts of political instability and religious turmoil. My idea would be focused on the royal court and life within it. We're talking powerful noble families all competing for their place in the King's favour. Back stabbing and flirtation abound in this story! Now, I'm not viewing this as a history assignment. The Tudor era, with Henry VIII as King will be our template, but the King doesn't have to be Henry and he can have whatever backstory we fancy at the time. We'll use the general themes of the era, but we can put our own twist on it as necessary. I'd really adore a young Henry VIII pairing.

As far as level goes I'm aiming for advanced with decent grammar ability, but I'm not striving for perfection. The odd spelling wobble or haphazard piece of punctuation isn't going to be a big deal. I want this to be fun and enjoyable to write. Roleplay shouldn't be stressful and when it is, I lose interest.

I'm thinking that we'll zoom in on an MxF within the setting and play out their relationship unfolding. (Whatever that may be!) I'm not going to lie - I do enjoy romance in my stories. However, there needs to be a strong plot alongside it to make the RP substantial. Their dynamic is up for debate. They could be from two rival families or two entirely different social classes. Anything is possible really! I'm going to pop a list of possibilities below, but it's by no means exhaustive.

Oh, please be 18+ because of the potential for all kinds of mature content! A sense of humour is also a bonus a too.


Lady-in-waiting x King
Maid x Noble
Noble x Noble (Rival families)
Duchess x Groom
Lady-in-waiting x Prince
Betrothed Princess x Noble

I'm sure that there will be others once I wake up a little more!

If you're interested - shoot me a PM!

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