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Lady Eliza..

"I only know one King." Eliza commented as she stood and shifted slightly so that she was now stood by the arm of the Queen's seat. The proximity was all the more close as she faced the King, somewhat perched but far more comfortable. "And unfortunately, he already has a Queen." The quip was made in a playful tone as she glanced out to where Joseph's gaze had shifted. Thomas and Cassandra were still dancing, much to the dismay of Lady Holloway's family by the looks of things. What was Thomas playing at? The blonde perked an eyebrow in amusement, "It would appear so, I cant quite keep up with them." She admitted through a small laugh, absentmindedly playing with the ribbon on her bodice. "But it would certainly seem that Thomas is determined to anger the Holloway brood." He really was a trouble maker when he wanted to be - which was most of the time if one was being truthful.

Admittedly the Queen's seat had made Eliza feel uncomfortable, but the company of the King did not. In fact, she found him rather easy to talk to. Of course he could be a little bad tempered at times, but who wasn't? And if the talk at Court was true, he had a great deal to be worried about. No heir, a wife liked to meddle. It didn't sound like an ideal situation for a King to find himself in. A curl of blonde hair fell from its pin and hung in front of her eye, to which she pushed it to the side. Unruly hair suited her far better then her smooth up do.

Eliza's eyes then flicked towards Lady Cassandra, and she shot her friend a good natured wink. Now they would absolutely have some catching up to do when the time came.

Sir Thomas...

"No, it does not seem so Lady Cassandra."

Sir Thomas bowed handsomely as the musicians wound down their instruments. In one smooth and noticeably suave movement, the young Lord brought Lady Cassandra's hand to his lips and kissed it delicately. "It's been a pleasure M'Lady, do enjoy the rest of your night." And with a charming smile, and a directed smugness to the rest of the Holloway clan, Thomas exited the floor. Mead, after such a fancy dance one couldn't be criticised for partaking in a hearty drink. His dark eyes scanned the room as he plucked a fresh tankard from a passing tray. His gaze confirmed that Eliza was still in the company of the King, which was curious to many, including Sir Thomas for that matter. So much so that he endeavoured to seek out his Uncle and discuss the stability of the current Queen's position.

A Percival on the throne, now that was a tantalising thought indeed.
Great post. I'm not up too much today, so I'll be able to get a post up shortly.

Enjoying the name :) Popped my character up.

Name: Mia Winter

Age: 23
Lady Eliza Percival

To sit on the Queen's chair was not a comfortable experience for the young Lady-in-waiting. Quite the opposite. If the Court hadn't already been intrigued by their King's interaction with Lady Eliza, they were all absolutely astounded now. He had sat her on the Queens own throne! What did this mean? The rumours were true? He was indeed looking for another Queen? A son, an heir. Was that his mission? It was undoubtable that Lady Percival came from one of the most prominent families in the country. Her own Father having known the King since they were both boys, but did he really intend to replace the Queen with the daughter of his kinsman? Eliza was one of six children, all except her were male. Did this encourage the King's ambition?

"Do I feel like a Queen?" Eliza retorted to the King's question, "I am not one, so therefore I couldn't possibly imagine what it would feel like to be one."

A humble response, granted. Humble yet true. Eliza had never imagined herself as a Queen, a Princess or even a Duchess for that matter. The stares made her uncomfortable, but she kept her countenance.

"It is a very nice seat, though." The blonde added in good humour as she straightened out her skirt. It was also quite a good vantage point. You could practically see everyone in the room. Oh look, there was her brother..and was he dancing with Cassandra? That made the woman roll her eyes. Those two were absolutely impossible. It was as though they had some unspoken vow to loathe each other, but somehow they seemed to constantly end up in one another's company. Eliza would certainly call them out on it as soon as she was finished. Finished? Finished with what exactly? Sitting on the Queens chair? Why was she here? There were so many questions. The blonde caught a passing smile from Thomas and nodded at him in return - she couldn't wait to embrace him.

From her newly discovered vantage point, there was something else that she noticed. The King had some sort of magnetic aura about him. It almost felt like she was being drawn into him. He was so strong and seemed so in control, that it was almost impossible not to be utterly mesmerized by him as she shot him a sideways glance.

Thomas led the way to the dancefloor, Cassandra's hand in his own. The dark haired male paused momentarily to find a space to which they could slot into, before leading his partner behind him. Once they had positioned themselves, he cocked his head at the statement about Eliza. "Yes, she appears to be." He nodded with a chuckle, "But she looks just as astonished as the rest of us." He bowed graciously as the musicians started to play, and in the evening light he really was a handsome fellow. There was no denying that he was aware of Cassandras beauty, and the sweet smell that adorned her dress. And indeed, the tiny fact that she was a Holloway made it all the more enticing.
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