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Current When none of your partners are online and you have to do some adulting instead.
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When your four month old decides its playtime at 4am. Zombie.
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Hi all! I'll catch up with everyone on Thursday, work is a little crazy this week..
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You know that it's a bad day when you have an allergic reaction to a jam doughtnut #mybodyhatesme #nomoredoughnuts


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Bump after an unexpected absence.
No worries, no rush :)
Lol! I thought maybe you'd disappeared.
Let me know if you want me to tweak anything.
I've posted :) Hopefully it's okay!
Beer glass roulette - or that's what Mia called the dreary activity that was collecting the empty glasses. The club was buzzing, and it was an absolute mission to dodge intoxicated punters whilst preserving a well stacked tray of empties. Various curse words were uttered under the blondes breath as she meandered her way back to the relative safety of the bar. A triumphant hum escaped her lips as she slipped the tray onto the highly polished marble surface. Sadly no one witnessed her achievement, but she didn't mind. It suited her just fine to be the unassuming newbie. Mia disliked drama, and thoroughly enjoyed the quiet life.

"Mia, can you grab some more bottled orange from the back please?!" Becca called through a frown. Tickets had been oversold in an attempt to pull a crowd and cover up losses, but a thought clearly hadn't been given to the sanity of the workforce or perhaps the safety of the revellers either. Still, that was securities issue, not Mia's. As she shot her old friend a nod, she wandered into the back and hauled out another tray of bottled juice. Did people really still use orange juice as a mixer? It seemed liked a complete waste of a decent spirit in her opinion.

"Here you go!" The tray was heavy, so it was a relief when she settled it down on the floor and started to unpack it into the chiller. Half way through the activity, Mia startled when another one of the bartenders called out her name.

"Mia, take some orders. We're swamped."

Please? Mia muttered under her breath, but offered Drew a charming smile nonetheless. Becca had told her many times that the dude was a complete jackass, and he was certainly living down to expectations. Luckily, Mia had a sense of humour. You didn't get tips with a frown, she knew that much. A girl had her priorities after all - especially one paying off a hefty student debt. Truth be told, she was more interested in buying pretty converse for her collection, but at least the inkling to be responsible was in there somewhere. After taking a few orders and toting up some bill, once again she heard her name barked from across the floor.

Mia! Unpack the goddamn orange juice!

A sassy rebuttal about splitting herself in two entered her mind, but she simply opted to salute in a humorous manner before heading back to the chiller. Becca sent her an amused sideways expression, to which the blonde winked back. Perhaps bar work wouldn't be so tedious after all.
No worries. I'm not feeling to great at the moment. I'll try and get a post up today, but it all depends on whether my brain wants to play ball or not.
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