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Location; On the way to Uni | Talking to (via text); Ritz@rougeLily, Junhoe @KatKook, Kyla @Ejected

Obligatory montage music.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!"

Nadia jerked at the sound of a very angry bus driver's horn, passing by him speedily with her rental scooter, she may have missed the glow of the yellow light above her.

Still on her gym attire and looking a bit haggard from her training earlier, duffle bag hanging over her torso, Nadia turned her head around with a guilty, apologetic look under her helmet. "Sorry!" she yelped back, still on her track and hoping not to stop as if her life depended on it. And in a sense, it did.

The town has been busy lately with the upcoming events this week, which means, roads would have need to be blocked off for the stalls and parades. Plus add the traffic from the tourists that come in from the city to join the festivities, the roads are congested for the remainder of the week. Nadia had to drop the idea of public transportation completely after getting stranded in the middle of a traffic jam on the bus ride to SVU, and improvised instead by going to the nearest rental bikes to help her get from her destination.

She was running late for an exam, thanks to the traffic. If she were to fail a subject due to this, her parents are guaranteed plucking her out of LA and moving her to Hawaii with them which, she swore upon The Great Three that it will never happen period. So desperate times calls for desperate measures, even if it includes breaking a few traffic regulations.

"ohboyohboyohboy--" Nadia glanced at her watch every second or two, feeling agitated by the shifting of it's hands. "Please Lord God almighty. Saint Jude, Saint Thomas, Saint Joseph. Buddha, Odin, Zeus---THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER! If you can hear me please PLEASE let me make it on time!"

Nadia turned a hard left on a narrow road, just missed a guy mid crossing, angrily hollered at the speeding scooter. She had gone this way a few times now after discovering the path, and is very thankful as it served as a sort of short cut from the square to SVU. It had saved her a lot of time and distance in between the apartment and Uni.

As she arrived at the university parking lot, Nadia wasted no time in dallying about and immediately sprinted up a couple flights of stairs leading to the empty third floor hallway, with nothing but the squeak of her sneakers and anxious murmurs reverberating the space. "Room 306!" There was a slight relief on her tone when she saw her room door, grabbing then twisting the handle, thrusting the door open with force.

"I'M HERE! Sorry I'm late Mr Wahlberg, I-" Nadia froze there, catching her breath. Confusion struck her at the sight of the empty room before her. "What?" she mumbled, turning her head to see the writing on the whiteboard.

Class cancelled due to the festival. Will resume next week.

Exams will be first thing next monday.

-Professor Wahlberg.

Nadia stood there with a mixture of different feelings. But mostly she's just dumbfounded, and eventually a small feeling of relief washed over her. She glanced at her watch to see she had been late for a good 30 minutes, which would have been hopeless still. So much for the lengthy montage, she thought. "I guess this was for the best huh." She said to herself, took a deep sigh and left the room.

"Nadia!" On the hallways Nadia turned her head to see Alice jogging towards her, "Alice. What's up girl?" she responded in a bright and typical Nadia-esque tone.

"Good. Anyway, about the tour-slash-documentary project for film class. You know, you being the tour host and we go around filming historical sights for the festival?" Alice talks in a rather fast paced manner, which Nadia at times would have a hard time following "Yeah?"

"Bad news. Elis, he's in the hospital. " "Oh my god, what happened?" there was obvious worry in Nadia's voice. "Allergies. Poor guy got stung by a bee. But he's sorta ok now, though he wont be able to do some shooting anytime soon. Which, we both know is the real problem here. "

Elis was supposedly their camera guy for the project, and obviously theres no way they can start the project without him. Unless-- "I think I may know someone who can help us with that." Primarily, Ritz and Hannah came to mind, and hopefully they'd be able to lend her a hand on this one. Alice released a heavy sigh of relief. ”Oh thank god I was hoping you’d say that.”

”I think I'll be able to ask them later at the party." Nadia's eyes widened at the abrupt thought " Oh god the PARTY!" Her day had been too busy since 4 am, training at the gym to supposedly missing an exam that she had totally forgotten about the party at the apartment.

" I have to go Alice, see you around!" she slipped passed her as she sprints on her way -- " Nadia wait! The script! " --then gracelessly scurried back to Alice to grab the clearbook she reached out to her. " Oopsie, thanks! Take care!” As Nadia raced down the stairs she checked on her phone notifications. One was from Ritz and another from her roomies. She took the time to respond to each as she made her way to the parking lot.

Re; Cursed Feral Baby (Ritz)

I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT iT. I’m having a slight breakdown rn and I still haven't decided what to wear. *cries*

After hitting send she move onto the rommie’s gc. She read Junhoe’s lonesome message and automatically felt bad for not replying eventually. The dude even made them breakfast for christ sake, and she totally missed it.
Re; 3B Peeps

Hey! Hello!

Ack just read this sorry. I feel so bad I missed breakfast. ;_;

Also, I’m about to get home for the party, so I’ll see you guys in a bit! 🎉🎉🎉

Since before they planned the party, Nadia had been meaning to ask Junhoe to hang with, which for some reason gets ultimately cancelled in the last minute. Reason mostly because she can never get the right time to ask him without sounding too weird. Now might be a good time for it she thought with the party in tow.

To; Roomie Junhoe

Hey, guy. Dunno if we have to but, I was wondering if, we could go together at the party, like partners or whatever???? Idk just had a feeling we should lol.

Nadia took a good hard look at the text, not trusting herself enough to send it. Hmm, too insouciant, not really how I’d say it. She decided to scrap it and compose a new one.

Hiya! We should like, go together at the party tonight. Like prom dates jk haha . I’ve never been to one so I guess this is the closest I can get? lols.

Too assertive I guess? And kinda sad.
*Scraps it, starts over*

Hey hope to see you tonight, and like, get together…. at the party, I meant! Not you know haha lol cuz that'd be weird right? lmao oh my gosh what are you doing Nadia you're such a ditz! *blush emoji*

*scraps it agressively*

Nadia just locked her phone and decided not to send anything (and probably for the better) that might fuel for regrets later on. She'll just have to see tonight, and hope to get other things done before the party starts. That is, if she can make it on time.
@rougeLily made some minor revisions with my char if thats oki dokes.

Fine i’m in xD

Didi Sabello

As usual, Didi had been up the whole night doing some work in her laptop for a client she was seeing, very likely of the previous nights before. Pretty sure at this point, a few straight days without any proper sleep is surely not doing any good for her over all well being and mood but hey, bitches gotta earn to pay the rent, one way or another. She hadnt realized the hours that went by until the the idle chatter of her roomates started to fill the otherwise quiet apartment room. She could only roll her eyes at the petty argument over who gets to use the bathroom first. Mornings pretty much start in this type of manner more or less.

She set aside her laptop, next to her coffee cups, not before pushing the clutter aside to carefully, and lovingly put it down, then stood up from her bed slash sofa. While the commotion was still taking place, Didi, slid in her 'room' casually to get her essentials whilst the group outside the rooms was on with their little squabble, "You amateurs done with your little dust up?" she said idly as she stepped out, slinging her towel over her shoulders.

"I've been awake the whole night so technically, I was up first. Hence I get the honors of using the showers." she made a wily little bow at the group before striding towards the shower without a care, but the way she said it was not at all trying to be mean or spiteful. Though it wouldnt take her long to get herself ready either way, in a about 20 minutes or so she was done, rolling the towel over her head and headed towards the fridge to grab a some left over pizza and a jug of milk and sat at the kitchen counter fiddling with her phone, while she watched and waited for the others to go about the day.

Sure thing. Im still at work so ill get a post up once i get home if thats fine.


Same here, would like to join in if you guys are still accepting. I'll have my cs posted later today.
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