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Didi Sabello

As usual, Didi had been up the whole night doing some work in her laptop for a client she was seeing, very likely of the previous nights before. Pretty sure at this point, a few straight days without any proper sleep is surely not doing any good for her over all well being and mood but hey, bitches gotta earn to pay the rent, one way or another. She hadnt realized the hours that went by until the the idle chatter of her roomates started to fill the otherwise quiet apartment room. She could only roll her eyes at the petty argument over who gets to use the bathroom first. Mornings pretty much start in this type of manner more or less.

She set aside her laptop, next to her coffee cups, not before pushing the clutter aside to carefully, and lovingly put it down, then stood up from her bed slash sofa. While the commotion was still taking place, Didi, slid in her 'room' casually to get her essentials whilst the group outside the rooms was on with their little squabble, "You amateurs done with your little dust up?" she said idly as she stepped out, slinging her towel over her shoulders.

"I've been awake the whole night so technically, I was up first. Hence I get the honors of using the showers." she made a wily little bow at the group before striding towards the shower without a care, but the way she said it was not at all trying to be mean or spiteful. Though it wouldnt take her long to get herself ready either way, in a about 20 minutes or so she was done, rolling the towel over her head and headed towards the fridge to grab a some left over pizza and a jug of milk and sat at the kitchen counter fiddling with her phone, while she watched and waited for the others to go about the day.

Sure thing. Im still at work so ill get a post up once i get home if thats fine.


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