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@Altered Tundra Still open to some adjustments, probably, but so far she's done.

Edit; made some slight improvements to powers.

Yas CS is on the works atm.
Im interested in this. If you'll allow me, I'm leaning towards a daughter of Hephaestus.

Edit; I'm reserving Luca Hollestelle, and color code fdc68a
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@Hushed Whispers Of course. We have by the end of next week for the IC.
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Hey everyone. So, I'm planning on having the RP start late next week. In the mean time we can continue polishing relationships, and if anyone has some goofs or storylines in mind please feel free to share some and we can talk about it here. We can also wait for players who are willing to join the cast. That being said, hope you all have a nice weekend!
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@SUN Alright, she's in. You can move her to the characters tab.
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@Grey Doll No worries, she's good! You may now put her in the character's tab and also work on relations.
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Just an update; Finally, I've posted one of my chars and I have another one on the way. While we wait for others to join in accepted characters can already start with relationships yay.

P.S, reviewing all the characters so far, I'm loving everything!
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