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YC Is a travler/Hiker that has been a nature lover all their lives. They tend to like to hike despite the dangers of animal attacks or such things. They often have a gun or something to scare away animals. They find a nature park they really love but the entire town warns them not to explore this part as something has been attacking hikers and campers there. Yc decides to brush it off as an animal attack and thinks nothing of it they go in and decide to spent a few nights in the park which has amazing views and things for them to watch. They find that the night are unsettling, maybe its their nerves or something but they feel like they are being watched by someone. They hear something stomping close by and instantly think it's a bear and ready for an attack but none come. YC eventually meets someone who seems to be lost in the woods MC, torn up and looked like they got mauled. YC tends to MC wounds and they form a friendship as they talk through the night, till MC suddenly needs to go to the bathroom and leaves into the woods. They never come back, again you feel unsettled as something watching you. Till you see it, a creature from the shadows a tall figure with antlers and deer skull, teeth like a bear and claws. You shoot at it only for it to get injured and ran off. Next morning MC comes back, said they got lost and couldn't find their way back. You see they have new wounds.....a Gun shot right where that creature was shot......who is this person? And what secrets do they hide? A game of Cat and Mouse....whop really in charge?

I play the Wendigo.

PM if interested.
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Name : Claymore Fritz
Age : 32
Race : Time Travler
Name : Jasi Rayton
Age : 8,000
Race : Pheonix
Name : Sir Daniel
Age : 45
Race : Gifted Human
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