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Current I'm a god whose hated yet thou creation is beloved.
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I, Lord Indra have a dream!
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It's nice to have few trusted friends who let you do as you please
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The biggest troll in history has just begun
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I may have lost the big Phoenix but I still got the small Phoenix. They may have won the battle but not the war. This war has just began - Mahabharata


I'm a Futurist RPer.

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"How're Southeast Asian Heroes like?" is the very thing that arouse the curiosity of the Civilian you, Hero you. For the most part, Southeast Asia is nothing like the rest of the world in terms of Hero Culture. They value secret identity above else because their villains are cunning enough to kill them once exposed.

You Can Be A Hero too but you're more than Just Another Hero. Welcome to Okio, the blazing capital of Singapore — one of the most overachieving asian nations there is and where the Quirk Singularity is the norm. Your identity is utmost respected, secured and protected from public entities, as a Hero, you aren't glorified like celebrities but adored as private assets. What sets you apart from the rest of the world is that you embody heroics at a young age, all throughout your education and school life, even the Quirkless can be a Hero. You are set apart for an education that certifies you as an asset in one of Singapore's greatest schools, Eirei Academy.

Before becoming a Pro Hero, you're an Intern/Apprentice on the Internships to have clarity in the Hero World. Your journey is set for you as an intern who goes through the sequence of internships to apply what you learn from school and build your career path. If the Pro Heroes like you, be prepared to be absorbed and licensed as certified Pro Hero.

Do you have what it takes to partake this journey?

I'm something of a Futurist myself, casually address me as Indra if Lord bothers you. The RPs I make are always flavored with futuristic themes because that's the type of person I am, the one who endeavors and moves forward. I embody the contents of what I am making, especially if it's fandom RPs, I don't condone one sided content like anime-onlies, so be prepared for spoilers. I am like this because it's what makes the RP wholesome, by knowing everything about the substance and its contents, I'm chill af and will take action at the right moment.

Our RP offers:
• Experienced Characters but that doesn't mean they have no room to grow. All of our characters have room to grow despite the volume of experiences we hold.

• Quirk Singularity. I personally see the Quirk Singularity as the root reason as to why people aren't born equal. Some are just born with Quirks that hinders their bodies while some are suited for it, that's also the reason why we have monsters like Shoto and people sensitive to their Quirk like biology.

• Equally story and character driven.
• Quirkless characters who are like Batman.

• Teamwork and Camraderie. I'm a Leader who works with his soldiers in the frontlines.

It's all meaningless. No matter what dreams or hopes you had No matter how blessed an RP you've experienced. It's all the same if it dies. Every RP will die someday.

Does that mean RPing is meaningless? Was there even any meaning in our writing? Would you say that of our fallen comrades? Were their writing meaningless? No, they weren't! It's us who gives meaning to our comrade's RPing! The brave fallen! The anguished fallen! The ones who will remember them are us, the living! Our RPs die trusting the living who follow to find meaning in our lives! That is the sole method in which we can revolutionize RPing!

Because my RPers don't buckle and yield from the face of death!

Kashima my waifu
@Restalaan I'm gonna make your Grandpa or something as the #5 Hero, Amur Liger, so tell me more about the Malaysian side of Harry's family.
@RestalaanNo worries, we love you man.
@Blackmist16 Yes we can.
芽衣 = Mei (Elder Triplet)
命 = Mei (OG)
鳴 = Mei (Youngest Triplet)

The impact of the grenades were mitigated by simultaneous temperature absorption.

Mei reacted thrice as fast with the issued commands by their class president and aspiring leader, Harry Harimau. She started talking to herself and arguing with herself as if she was three separate individuals.
"Come on, you were too scared to deflect the bombs, quit being a puss."

"Oh shut up! You were too slow to conjure those shields and Mei had to do it, if I haven't evacuated the citizens, they'd be dead by now."

"Would you two stop arguing for a second!" The origin Mei shouted at herself. She spotted two heroes, a martial artist and a white haired woman, there's no mistaking that it's the #3 Hero.

"Oi..Chariot's intern, he's hot."

"Shut up, we got outed from Emulator's class because of the deed you put us through, if it weren't for father, we would have been expelled right now."

"This isn't the time to talk about it. I'm under control." Mei shut her siblings out by using the Cerebral Localizer support item to make her brainwaves dominant, she waves her Thermokinetic Wand and distributed warmth to the naked civilians.

Zeal overheated, a backlash that caught up to him for a week without sleep. The arrival of the Siaruyan Heroes surprised the Flame Hero, Zeal prepared his Quirk Dampening Handcuffs.

"Chariot!" He said in a surprised tone.

Kuudere looked after the civilians and her interns and sidekicks do the same.

"Tiger-san, send some of your men to our location. Please assist my husband and arrest that villain."

Blizzard and Zest are with Crysalis and were disappointed for missing the action. "Looks like dad and that metal woman put an end to this farce. The internship is not yet over, let's continue moving forward. You look like an interesting one, Crysalis." Crysalis had Blizzard's attention.

Zest joked about. "Calm down sis, he's just a kid. "

@BlackMaiden@Restalaan@CitrusArms@Aerandir@Landaus Five-One

Classroom Professors
Class 1A
Cao Dao Ren, Instructor of Class 1A and Active Pro-Hero
  • Quirk: Emulation
  • Origin: China
  • Gender: Male
Class 1B
Talia Castle, Instructor of Class 1B and Active Pro-Hero
  • Quirk: Dreamcrafter
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Gender: Female

Player Roster
Class 1A, Express Hero Course

Yukimura Shinon | Tidal Surge
Class 1A, Recommended Student, Intern
  • Player: @Landaus Five-One
  • Quirk|Type: Tidal Wave, Accumulation
  • Origin: Singapore
  • Gender: Female

Class 1B, Standard Hero Course
Kaku Mei | Tsundere
Class 1B, Class Vice President, Intern
  • Player: @Lord Indra
  • Quirk|Type: Thermal Revolution, Accumulation
  • Origin: Singapore
  • Gender: Female

Yi Helme | Sealer
Class 1B, Recommended Student, Intern
  • Player: @Aerandir
  • Quirk|Type: Sealer, Emitter
  • Origin: Siaruyan
  • Gender: Male

Lō Fu Yeng Hong | Harry Harimau
Class 1B, Class President, Intern
  • Player: @Restalaan
  • Quirk|Type: Amur Tiger, Mutation
  • Origin: Malaysia
  • Gender: Male

Aberashi Mizo | Doombreaker
Class 1B, Intern
  • Player: @Blizz
  • Quirk|Type: Titan, Mutation
  • Origin: Singapore
  • Gender: Female

Aurora Yashia | Oracle
Class 1B, Recommended Student, Intern
  • Player: @BlackMaiden
  • Quirk|Type: Hyper Sensor, Emitter
  • Origin: Singapore
  • Gender: Female

Renitsuki Kimiko | Puppeteer
Class 1B, Intern
  • Player: @Angry Bubbles
  • Quirk|Type: Crystal Threads, Emitter
  • Origin: Japan
  • Gender: Female

Clifford Blackwell | Crysalis
Class 1B, Private Student, Intern
  • Player: @CitrusArms
  • Quirk|Type: Crystal Matrix, Accumulation
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Gender: Male

@Crow Yes, Elentir and Edolas and so on.
I'd get a CS ready for everyone, just so you know this wk be out early 2021 due to expected inactivity in the holidays.
@RestalaanFrom here on out, the entire arc, take control.

The mistrust between Detgif Board of Directors ceased.

Detgif CEO, Jalal Kastari brutally killed Thermohaul and the rest of the Board members for their revolt attempt.
"What a tragedy for rebelling, Thermohaul. Your Quirk is synthetic but who cares, we got more where that came from!"

Behind Jalal were blooming mass manufactured Quirks sealed inside the bottles, manufactured serums, accepted worldwide. The world has reached the Platinum Age, where the Quirkless are almost abolished, Detgif is one of the Quirk Supremacist organizations seizing that dream. Ignite is the name of the Quirk Serum sold in stores with the Doctor's prescription, it penetrates the blood stream and awakens the Quirk Factor. It comes in various duration so that anyone can inject themselves as they please, although a permanent one is made, it's not yet sold in the market but the black market.

His secretary remarked his manchild behavior and how disturbing it was. Jalal retorted,
"This is for the sake of my ancestor's dream, Mas Selamat Kastari. A world filled with the Quirkfull, a world without the Hero System."

Mas Selamat "Crime Lord: Rubik" Kastari (Quirk: Clairvoyance) was arrested by Indonesian anti-terror squads in Java and deported to Singapore. He was bombed Singapore Changi Airport in January 20XX, killed 130,000 people and, according to the Singapore Police Force, he had initially planned to do so by crashing a plane into the airport.

Instead, he used the cyber world and hacked into the security main frame, cloaked bombs. He was killed by the Amur Liger, ASEAN's legendary #2 Hero but Selamat's darkest deeds forever left a scar to Singapore's Hero Society, extending to some countries in Southeast Asia. Heroes should never be treated as celebrities and their identities should be hidden like the comic books.

Selamat went down as one of the world's most notorious criminals whose reputation was equal with All For One, Destro, Harima Ōji and Shigaraki Tomura.

Thus, indirectly starting the fire of the Alias Culture.

"You look like you need a Quirk. How are your peppy activities lately?"

@CitrusArms@BlackMaiden@Restalaan@Crow@Landaus Five-One@Blizz@Renny@Angry Bubbles
Tehtarik & Rendang
The town alarm rang that there's a supervillain attack within Tehtarik and Rendang Street. The fiend calls himself Dominatrix, terrorizing people by deconstructing their clothes, leaving people stark naked. We can hear the people scream in terror with the turn of events.

So much clothes were wasted and ravaged.
"Hahahaha! There's no way to run if I have break your dresses to kingdom come!" Supervillain, Ishmael Bin Ahmed, Quirk: Sadism. The more he brings pain to others, specifically breaking their clothes, he gets stronger. He cast his finger with the shape of an L on his forehead, thinking that he's an all star to play such games. "All hail Meta Liberation!"

But there's something wrong, he wasn't a supervillain before, he didn't have a Quirk either. Ahmed was a small time street voyeur who inflicts his sadism on night clubs, what lead him to such extent?

"If you really wanna work with me, go ahead and follow me from behind!" Zeal told his interns to buckle up and fight the supervillain.

He sprung into action and burned away his casual attire into Hero attire.

A technique that magnifies all Fire Quirk-users. Since that day, a certain Hero from Japan put up a dojo that taught such high level fire.

"Flashfire Fist...." Zeal invoked the Flashfire Technique on the criminal.

[However, Dominatrix wasted no time inflicting sadistic energy blasts at his interns.

Tsundere noticed a shift in thermal vectors that Dominatrix moved in an instant, leaving Zeal to deal with an afterimage.

"Watch out guys, he's right behind us!" Tsundere created an erected barrier of heat ray and cold ray but she was too late, kicked aside as Dominatrix throws a multiple grenades to them.

Zeal have startled everyone with his fast reflexes but he decided to stay put and called out to them.
"Remember what we discussed, formations. Don't approach the bad guy just because you wanna fight!"

Can they counter and mitigate public damage?

Dominatrix' about to lay a sadistic punch to Harimau!

The Holo TV broadcasted in Tehtarik Cafe about the villain attack, the customers and those outside were forced to take refuge due to the lockdown.

During villain attacks, the town is forced to proceed with high alert lockdowns. This is to ensure safety of the public and private society from harm's reach. The Military Police's Anti Quirk Response Force will then work along side Heroes.

The girls are forced to stay inside.

Kuudere noticed that some were attempting to break the law and go outside the protected premises.

"Ara~ ara ladies~ Kimiko-chan. Do these people a favor and get them at ease. Penrose-san, Oracle-chan. At any cost do not go outside, we support types are meant to be here. Doombreaker, don't do anything unless I tell you, your strength is dangerous. Stay close to Kimiko-chan."

Kuudere demonstrated her leadership and critical thinking skills. The standard protocol of evacuation, battle and rescue system.

She dialed the phone of Amur Tiger. "Tiger, don't forget to send back up. I understand that you want to spend time with your son, please come here to Tehtarik Street and get out of Rendang Street immediately."

Support Type Heroes were similar to medics and support type people. They lack the charisma to pacify a public on panic despite the presence of Penrose.

She turned to Aurora.
"Oracle-chan, please watch the live broadcast while I have one of my sidekicks over the phone. We need you to analyze that felon's movements, with or without your Quirk."

Ice Hero, Blizzard, Kuudere's daughter spotted the Hero Crysalis in the kitchen. "You know, I can bail you outta here if you want a piece of the action. Malaysia is such a paranoid place".
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