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Current Been busy lately, courtesy of the guy who thought that it was a good idea to have 3 assignments and a test due in the same week.
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Cards against humanity is... more certainly something else
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*Person with Seeing Eye dog stops right next to me* *Goes to pet the dog* *Sees "Please don't pet the dog" sign* ;-; I cry every time
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Today I found out that birds are technically reptiles...
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I should probably sleep more.


Anyone remember the period a little after guildfall, when the site didn't have a lot of work put into it, the servers went down pretty often and people were moving out? We waited and waited until boom, Mahz made America the guild great again. That was about where I left off.

My mistake was trying to take on everything at once (and being cringy as hell but I mean come on). Well now I'm back, and better than ever.

And I'll be damned if I let anything get in the way of having a good time.

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Out of the corner his eye Garret saw a waitress coming his way, drink in hand. As soon as she was in range he snatched the booze out of her hands and took a sip. A fistful of coins and mumbled thanks sent the waitress on her way to service the other patrons. He got a few funny looks for his gruff actions but they turned away soon enough. That was the beauty of the nightlife; so long as you weren't bothering people, they didn't bother you. He was a frequent patron of the queen of hearts bar anyway, so the regulars and staff were mostly used to his antics. At least, he hoped so. Besides, there were often worse offenders.

Once again, Garret glanced around the pub. It was filling full of the usual people, as well as some strangers. He made note of them but they didn't seem too particular - college students and tourists, mostly. The music pounded away at his eardrums, even as the droning of the patrons of the bar steadily rose in volume. With all that being said, it was too quiet, although that probably the wrong word. Despite the noise it was a rather peaceful night. Besides Garret's outburst there hadn't been many incidents of note, and his had only been of note because he did it. It was by no means a slow night, but there wasn't much going on. No angry yelling, no heated discussions between shady figures in the corners. This was be a good thing for many people, but for those like Garret who lived off trouble, It was a rather unfortunate event.

Still, the night was young, and Garret hadn't yet finished his drink. He took another sip and wiped his mouth before glancing around the bar once more. He'd savor his drink before he left the bar for tonight. Maybe then he could find something to pay the rent.
Garret Kilroy, a name not widely known, but it describes a man of formidable character, feared as a well-performing and efficient mercenary. Well, maybe not feared. Acknowledged might've been a better word. And perhaps less "well-performing" and "efficient" as "moderately performing" and "I only wanted the mice out of the cellar, you didn't have to burn the house down". But that was just the one time, and he was certain they hadn't planned to pay him anyway. His reputation was spotty indeed but if you wanted a job done by someone who didn't ask many questions then there was no one better. Not around here, anyway, and certainly no one with such a low hiring fee, even if low in this case was quite relative. He'd done almost every job in the book; assassinations, body disposal, baby sitting, even helping someone perform at a talent show. That one had been disastrous but he'd gotten paid for it anyway, so Garret called it a success in his book. He was a man who had built up a reputation for being willing to do just about anything. And yet, tonight he was doing nothing.

Garret sat in a shaded corner of the queen of hearts bar, an annoyed scowl plastered on his face. Every so often he'd bring the mug in his hands to his frowning face and sip the pungent liquid inside. It was almost tasteless and its smell left much to be desired. But it was cheap, and that was all that mattered to Garret. Things weren't going too well for him at the moment, though with life on the run that was more often the rule than the exception. He always had to be careful to never take jobs associated with gangs, and he took pains to avoid high publicity jobs (which unfortunately usually had the most money). There were usually no end to odd jobs that needed a down-low kind of guy, but they'd been sparser by the day, and they were getting more and more involved in the gangs of Aieth. He didn't want to risk a confrontation, and they just weren't paying as well as they used to. All of these factors combined meant that his rent was late, and his fat whale of a landlord had been quick to remind him.

Garret downed the last of his drink as the music swelled before slamming his mug down with a weighty thunk.
"I need another!" He yelled gruffly, hopefully loud enough to be heard by serving staff.
He could feel the warm tinge of intoxication set into his cheeks. Cheap or no, it was alcohol, one of the many drugs of the poor. Of use to people with little else to comfort them, and Garret was most definitely in a bad mood. He should probably have been looking for a job instead, but really, who would have a job for him at this time in the evening?
I'm not done with my character yet but it's most of the way there, so I'd like to put it up for review.

Edit: Found the picture.
Now that you mention it, I am also sick at the moment. Maybe there's a gypsy curse hanging around, or something.
Still a probably on my end so I'll pencil in a yes. I will try to get a character sheet up today.
I am kind of interested but on the fence about joining. At the moment I'm leaning towards probably but I'll have to see what I think in the morning.
Takao weaved in and out of the congealed throng of people in the hall, slowly but surely making his way towards his class. He usually made a point of avoiding people as much as he could, but he couldn't avoid it in this case since he had somewhere to be. Even now he could see the glow of some strange energy. He could hear the raised voices, and he could swear that he smelled something burning. It was inevitable earlier in the year that some fights would occur, mostly involving high-strung first years riled up by the student council's speech, or perhaps just anxious at being in a new environment. Either way, sparks start flying, fires blaze and Takao tries to stay out of the way. Thankfully, with many people jostling for better views, Takao could mostly move unimpeded.

He moved like a ghost through the crowded hall, ignoring the flashing lights and the people entirely. His parents would probably say that it was a bad habit of his to set people aside entirely, but he'd beg to differ. He'd leave them alone, they left him alone. There were always exceptions to that rule, of course, but generally speaking he'd keep his head down and keep going. His goal for the year was simple: pass the year with as good grades as he could manage and get some employability under his belt. It wouldn't be ideal but that was likely the best he would be able to manage.
Takao lay on the back wall of the gym, watching events unfold with a disinterested expression. He didn't really want to be here, and he was pretty sure there were plenty of others with the same sentiments. But there was no way he would skip it. There were very few that would, and part of the reason for that was on the stage at the front.

The black haired boy briefly glanced at the front stage. There they were in all their glory, the most powerful members of this academy. They enforced rules and kept the other students in line with their might. There were likely others not part of the student council who could go toe-to-toe with one of their members, but the student council often worked in concert. And thus they kept the peace, being the strongest in the school which respected strength the most. They were efficient, immaculate, implacable. And boring. Takao moved his gaze elsewhere. He scanned the lines of first years, seemingly eager to prove their worth. There was certainly no lack of variety, as ever, covering the entire spectrum of lone wolves, eccentrics, depressives and more.

A weighty and altogether familiar realization dropped onto Takao's shoulders as he stood leaning on the wall, and he could do little but sigh and look on. Perhaps if he got older it would be a comforting thought, like a warm security blanket, but as it was now it was more like a heavily stained patchy quilt that he'd nonetheless gotten used to. In front of him was a new generation of Tatakai academy, a wave in which he'd been in the year prior. Some of the new students were stronger than him, and some weaker. As he turned his gaze towards the stage, he reflected that even if they were stronger than him, that didn't necessarily mean he would lose if he fought them. It was just a matter of paying the price for victory, an expense he wasn't sure he wanted to pay.
Takao lay on the bed he'd been so gracefully given by Tatakai academy. It was empty, of course, with little marking it as his own. No pillows or blankets either; the only indication that it was to be occupied was his name outside the door, just 1 of 4. Despite the barren state of the bed, however, Takao was just about done unpacking. He didn't need to unpack anything, really, with his power. What he had done was taken everything given to him, which admittedly amounted to little more than a thin blanket and some other miscellaneous items. The only reason he had come in here at all was because he had nothing better to do. And now that he was done, he found himself with a lot of time on his hands with nothing to use it for.

Of course, there was most likely something he should be doing. He should probably talk to his roommates, wherever they were. Maybe check out the careers adviser or something. Of course, the big obstacle in the way of those actions was that he didn't really feel the need to. He'd more or less decided what he'd wanted to do and he didn't feel like he would achieve much by communicating with others. Most students in the school were lone wolves, though there were plenty that grouped due to weakness. Takao was pretty weak all things considered, but making friends probably wouldn't help that. He could get stronger if he got access to actual weapons and weapon training, but he couldn't do that. Although there was one way to get that...

Takao sighed loudly and got up off the bed. He started walking through the dorms and made his way towards the main building, where there would likely be some clubs recruiting new members. If he wanted to get stronger then he could always join a club. There were usually plenty that concerned with the use of weapons and martial arts, but he sort of really didn't want to go to one. More often than not such clubs were gatherings of sneering toughs who used their rank as leverage to exploit underclassmen. Still, it would be good to have some kind of extra-curricular activity under his belt. It would look pretty good on a resume and all, and he'd at least have something to do with his time that way. At the very least, it wouldn't hurt to look.

He arrived soon enough, looking around briefly at the mess of students gathering in the hall. He was looking for the brightly colored tables, a garishly designed display to grab the attention of the many newcomers. He ignored most of them, focusing mostly on their names and the people around the table as he walked by. Culture clubs tended to be less competitive than sports clubs, though clubs where there was absolutely no level of class discrimination were fairly rare.

As Takao walked along he noticed a sign for a club he'd never seen before - the journalism club. He wasn't entirely sure how well he could contribute but the fact that it was new made it somewhat interesting, since poorly thought out new clubs tended to disappear very quickly. But that didn't really faze Takao so much. He just needed something to do, and surely it wouldn't hurt to look. On approaching the table, however, he noticed that there appeared to be some very loud and outspoken girls talking in front of it. He stopped abruptly and slowly backpedaled out of sight. He wasn't sure why but he didn't feel like it'd be a great idea to cut in right now. Maybe it would be better if he waited this one out...
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