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Current So apparently, business shorts are a thing that exists. All I can say is... why?
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Been busy lately, courtesy of the guy who thought that it was a good idea to have 3 assignments and a test due in the same week.
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Cards against humanity is... more certainly something else
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*Person with Seeing Eye dog stops right next to me* *Goes to pet the dog* *Sees "Please don't pet the dog" sign* ;-; I cry every time
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Today I found out that birds are technically reptiles...


Anyone remember the period a little after guildfall, when the site didn't have a lot of work put into it, the servers went down pretty often and people were moving out? We waited and waited until boom, Mahz made America the guild great again. That was about where I left off.

My mistake was trying to take on everything at once (and being cringy as hell but I mean come on). Well now I'm back, and better than ever.

And I'll be damned if I let anything get in the way of having a good time.

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Garret frowned. They'd done pretty well in clearing out the goblins so far, but all that effort would be wasted if they let the goblins in the powder room. Still, they couldn't exactly stop clearing the rest of the goblins, there were still crew trapped by the horde. It seemed like right now it would be best to split up their forces, even if that was dangerous. It was really not something Garret liked doing, but the more time passed, the more dangerous it would be. Therefore, he had to make a snap decision.
"Jack, take a few of the boys and follow the cook, clear out the rest of these little buggers around here and get some backup maybe." Garret said. "The rest of you are coming with me!"

He started making his way to the powder room. Normally he wouldn't be taking the lead but he wasn't looking to waste time. He held his dirk in one hand and a throwing knife in the other, at the ready to let any incoming goblin taste their business ends. If he did this right he'd have successfully distinguished himself to the person that would be signing his paychecks. And if he didn't do it right... well, there was no use thinking about that.
"Yeah yeah, no need to shout kid." Garret grumbled.
Despite Jack's wishes, Garret's crossbow wasn't really a convenient size for corridor fighting. It had good stopping power for sure, and he could use it for bludgeoning in melee, but it was bulky and would only drag him down in the ship's tight halls. Thankfully, though, he had plenty of other ranged options. Garret slid a throwing knife out of his sleeve - just one of many he had on his person - and threw it down the dimly lit corridor, pinning the hand of an attacking goblin before it could swing its rusty weapon.

His tone of voice was calm and sarcastic but he was on alert at all times. Jack was reliable enough in a fight and Garret practically grew up in the cramped hallways, but that was no reason to get complacent. A goblin infestation in particular was cause to be on higher alert then usual. After all, one roach on the barrel meant a dozen under it. They didn't know how many of them there were in the holds, and they wouldn't be able to find out any time soon. At the same time, though, they couldn't spend too long hunting them down. Garret had seen a lot of naval combat and he didn't like how their forces were split. It was a classic command and conquer strategy. He smelled a rat, but there wasn't much he could do about it now.

The din of battle continued on above the group, as if to remind Garret that there was a battle going on. He clicked his tongue and yelled out new orders.
"Pick up the pace lads!" He exclaimed. "Time spent slackin' is time spent dying!"
I'll post again tomorrow


Sean opened his eyes. What met his sight was a a minuscule bar of light cutting through a swathe of darkness. He could see a busy street, brimming with people going about their business. They were all unique, all wearing distinct clothing and armour. Some sported hair which seemed to completely defy gravity, and some were followed by fantastic beasts. Knights in armor, soldiers in camouflage and top hat wearing gentlemen scattered through the streets with no rhyme or reason. Sean smiled in the darkness; this was a sight that never got old.

He moved his arm and felt the reassuring weight of steel. His right hand grasped the solid handle of the massive lance at his side while his left hand held a towering shield aloft. He rose to his feet (he wasn't sure why he had been sitting), shouldering the weight of the armour that protected his body. He rose to his full height, head and shoulders above the crowd. He felt weighty and powerful. Unmovable. The Juggernaut was back.

Sean laughed as he thought that uncharacteristically melodramatic thing. A deep voice reverberated from the darkness of his helmet, echoing out to the street. Some looked over in surprise but looked away once they knew who it was. He ignored those that continued staring and joined the throng walking towards the market. He would've skipped if he could, if the crowd had allowed him to and he wasn't wearing his heavy armour. That being the case, he hummed in time with his weighty footfalls as he walked along. He was in a good mood today. The new update had finally arrived and the town he was in was well worth the wait. He was looking forward to questing in the new area, seeing whatever he could see, doing whatever he could do. In theory he should probably have been farming the last few pieces of his armour set and wait out the crowd, but he didn't mind so much. Farming was boring, and the update was a whole new world to discover. No self respecting player would want to miss out, or at least, not any that he knew. Sean swung his lance up to his shoulder so that it would be out of the way as he walked, slowly approaching the packed market. He stopped for a moment, prompting several shouts of surprise and indignation. He threw a quick "sorry" out and scoped out the path. The market was positively brimming with players which would make it difficult to get inside. But, then, Juggernaut never really had that problem before. Sean grinned inside his helmet and continued his slow paced stride.

He arrived at his destination, eventually. The potions store was filled with a long line of people as expected, haggling and trading and buying. Sean stood near the back, close enough to see the wares, but he didn't reach out to get them. He was here to buy health potions but he wasn't really sure he needed them. He didn't take much damage because of his shield and his defense so he rarely used them. Granted, he didn't exactly have a way to heal himself, so any damage he took would likely stick. That being the case, though, it was probably better to buy delayed healing potions. They healed the same as normal potions but took effect over time and, most importantly, cost less money. But if there were tricky magic attacks then it was likely he would need a more immediate solution. But, then again, he was sure his large health pool would be enough to exhaust their mana.

As Sean pondered his quandary his ears picked up something strange. It sounded like a faraway drum, a sound which seemed rather incongruous with the environment. The drum beats got louder and closer until Sean realised what they were. Explosions. Sean waded out of the crowded store as fast as he could, emerging onto a chaotic market square. Flames rose around the square, apparently coming from the poorer districts of the city.
"Hm." Sean grunted, taking his lance down from his shoulder.
He got ready to deploy it at any time, but it was difficult to make out what was going on in the chaos. Suddenly his quest log was updated, and at the same time he spotted a strange movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look at the movement and saw the tower at the center of town light up as a screen appeared. Names were displayed on that screen, none of which he knew. Sean checked the quest log and quickly scanned the tutorial.
"So I just have to go beat up some dudes... OK." Sean mutttered.
He looked up from his HUD and scanned the chaotic field and more explosions burst out around the market. He couldn't see any of the marked players but that wasn't really a problem.
All I have to do is follow the screams...

He ran out of the market towards the heart of the growing inferno. Troublesome were like moths, in that you're pretty likely to find them around fires. He could here the screaming now and he decided to activate his skill before it was too late. He crouched down a little, bearing his tower shield to the front while keeping his lance at his side. He looked straight down the street and cast [Unstoppable Steel Charge]. He felt the power flow through his legs and yelled out a warning.
"Clear the path!"
Some looked towards him before echoing the call. Sean took a step forward, and then another step, and another, and another, and another. The people parted to the sides as the steel giant thundered past. His warning was being carried faster than he could run, which was good because he couldn't really stop his legs anymore. They kept going, one after the other, without much conscious thought on his part. He couldn't feel the wind on his skin, which was a shame, but what he could feel through the vision slit would do well enough. He was on the hunt now, he could handle everything else later.

@Lord of Evil

You can as long as it fits thematically

I mean, it kind of does but it kind of doesn't. Want me to pm you the idea?
Hm... Feels like I should've made more skills for my sheet. Nevermind.
Right, here's my CS. Tell me if something's wrong with it.

I'm interested in this but I'm also a bit busy. I'll see if I can get a sheet up but I might not be able to make it before the ooc is up, if at all. Just a heads up.
"Aye aye, captain." Garret muttered.
The words were genuine enough but there was a note of sarcasm, a certain irony reserved in the words themselves. He had his orders, now all he had to do was follow through, though, it wasn't like he liked those orders, or wanted to carry them out. But he would follow them, he was sure his paycheck was riding on it. Besides, as a crew member had just declared, their cannons were gone, and that was definitely not a good thing.

Garret decided not to waste any time. He made eye contact with one of his cooperators, Jack, before moving down the quarterdeck towards the door to the bowels of the Aquarius. He weaved through the chaotic deck, arriving shortly at the entrance of foreboding darkness that was his goal. He turned back for a moment, surveying the situation on deck. They were dealing with enemy boarders well enough, and the opposing ship's firepower could basically be ignored, but the goblins would be a tipping point. They emerged on the deck now, throwing a fresh layer of chaos to proceedings. Most importantly, their captain was outnumbered at the wheel, and that wouldn't do. He remembered her orders - to take every spare man and go deal with the situation below deck. But he couldn't leave the captain like that. Yes, the more men he went with the less casualties below there would be, but 1 captain was worth more than a handful of support crew. Yes, he had his orders, but showing off a bit wouldn't hurt.

Garret took aim and fired, pinning one of the half dozen or so goblins surrounding the captain in the head.
"Oy you lazy buggers, watch the captain!" He yelled at the crew around him. "The rest of you, get over here!"
Some of the sailors looked up and went to help, and most of the rest were tied up with the melee. Those that heard him and were available gathered by the entrance to the gun deck as goblins burst out from the gloom. Garret clicked his tongue and smashed the butt of his crossbow at the closest one, sending it hurtling towards its fellows. He dropped the crossbow and drew his dirk, sliding one of his throwing knifes out of his various pockets. He threw one at the goblins and it buried itself in one of their eyes as backup arrived and pushed back the goblin group.
"Shape up ya gits, we're going down and killing every last one of these grey pieces of shit before the day's out!" He commanded.
Garret wasn't exactly a talented leader, but he knew that the crew knew that this was important. Garret followed behind the rest as they descended the stairs into the rest of the ship. He had his orders, but he didn't exactly need to go first.
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