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Current _ (:3 」∠ )_
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So apparently, business shorts are a thing that exists. All I can say is... why?
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Been busy lately, courtesy of the guy who thought that it was a good idea to have 3 assignments and a test due in the same week.
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Cards against humanity is... more certainly something else
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*Person with Seeing Eye dog stops right next to me* *Goes to pet the dog* *Sees "Please don't pet the dog" sign* ;-; I cry every time


Anyone remember the period a little after guildfall, when the site didn't have a lot of work put into it, the servers went down pretty often and people were moving out? We waited and waited until boom, Mahz made America the guild great again. That was about where I left off.

My mistake was trying to take on everything at once (and being cringy as hell but I mean come on). Well now I'm back, and better than ever.

And I'll be damned if I let anything get in the way of having a good time.

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@Sho Minazuki: I'll take a look shortly.

@Lord of Evil: Orcs are specifically noted not to be playable. ^^;

Oh right, sorry. I'll go over it again in detail when I finish my work.
Hola, is there still room in this? Got an idea for an orc bard I want to try.
Alright, here we are. I don't know what I can get away with so feel free to tell me if there are any problems.

I'm interested. Planning to make a guy with a shield, maybe two. We'll see.
Sidney turned his head as he heard his name called and spotted a brown haired boy named Milo. Sidney wondered if the boy had business with him, and he briefly considered stopping in his tracks. Instead, he gave the boy a wave and turned back on his way. He remembered Milo, a friendly enough new arrival who said hello to everyone. Sidney supposed that it would be easier to live in Amberstone if he was friendlier with the people, but he'd never minded it so he'd never thought it through. Sidney had still been quite young when he'd arrived, and he had never been much of a talker. Eventually the people around him seemed to get used to him, and that was all he could really ask for.

Eventually, Sidney noticed that he'd slowed down. He hummed quietly to himself and picked up the pace a little. He was going to go outside the village walls, and while he wasn't planning to go very far, losing focus would still be dangerous. Sidney moved his thoughts of Milo and the past behind as he approached the gates. History was history, he wasn't planning on repeating it. He was sure he hadn't done anything special to elicit Milo's attention, but if Sidney had done something then the brown haired boy would surely make it known. In the mean time, however, Sidney would run at his own pace, like he usually did.
Sidney sat just outside his house, facing the main gate. His house (though it was his aunt and uncle's house, really) was close to the edge of Amberstone, since they arrived when the village had been settled in for a long time. He didn't mind it so much, it was kind of the village to give them anything at all. And so Sidney sat, supporting his head with an upraised arm propped up on his leg, staring at the gates. It was early in the day and there were a good many villagers going about their morning duties, and he supposed that he should do so too. But he didn't really have any to do, since he'd already done them. He'd woken up early, as usual, and did the preparations while it was still dark. He was used to the dark before the sun rose and he liked the solitude. Still, it had a tendency of causing issues just like the one he was experiencing now. Simply put, he had nothing else to do. Sidney was bored and he didn't know what to do.

Sidney and the members of his old village helped Amberstone by setting traps and gathering, and they were quite good at getting dinosaur eggs. But the eggs were picked pretty recently, and they wouldn't be doing it again for a while. The traps would be checked later, but he wouldn't be doing that anyway. In the end, there was nothing more to do. But of course, that meant...
"Looks like I'm going outside today." Sidney muttered to himself.

He picked himself up off the ground and dusted himself off before going towards the gate. There was some distance between him and the main gate but he took his time, savoring the moment. Days where Sidney had nothing to do were a precious commodity in this day and age.
Right, there we are. Tell me if something is wrong with it.
Alright, cool. Will get a character up soonish, if I'm not distracted too much by new vegas.
@PandaLizard@Lmpkio@Jurassic Weeb@Dusty@Lady Selune@HokumPocus@GarlandDaHero@Crystal Amalgam@Lord of Evil@Riegal

Sorry about the delay! I would've had the OOC up by now, but according to the people who we have internet from there was an outage from right before 2PM yesterday that wasn't fixed until about six hours ago, and I didn't get home until just now. Can't pass up the chance to buy some Ritter Sport and enjoy my German heritage once in awhile at a local German-American society, after all.

I'll try to have something up by Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning, so I'm double-checking if you're all still interested.

I don't have a lot to do so I'll be around for the foreseeable future.
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