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Current _ (:3 」∠ )_
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So apparently, business shorts are a thing that exists. All I can say is... why?
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Been busy lately, courtesy of the guy who thought that it was a good idea to have 3 assignments and a test due in the same week.
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Cards against humanity is... more certainly something else
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*Person with Seeing Eye dog stops right next to me* *Goes to pet the dog* *Sees "Please don't pet the dog" sign* ;-; I cry every time


Anyone remember the period a little after guildfall, when the site didn't have a lot of work put into it, the servers went down pretty often and people were moving out? We waited and waited until boom, Mahz made America the guild great again. That was about where I left off.

My mistake was trying to take on everything at once (and being cringy as hell but I mean come on). Well now I'm back, and better than ever.

And I'll be damned if I let anything get in the way of having a good time.

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Well, nevermind. Good luck on your future endeavours.
The Ratman stopped leaning against the wall and stood up straight.
"If neither of you have other plans, I'd suggest you take Miss O'Connor's suggestion." He said to the pair. "It's probably for the best to leave treatment in the hands of a professional. But first..."
With that, he bowed towards the creature.
"Thank you for your cooperation." He said to the pair.
He turned to leave the building. He had gotten what he wanted, more or less, so his business was done.
"I'll be leaving you to your own devices, but I will keep watch for you. I am no friend of Lorne." He said as he walked away.

The rats followed him out of the building, save one who quietly slipped a shabby note into William's pocket. On the paper was a crudely written message.

If you wish to stay out of danger, be careful with who you side with.

The rats maintained their vigilance outside. As the old saying went, the enemy of his enemy was his friend, but he wasn't sure if the director of science was an ally just yet. Only time would tell what side she was truly on, and whether she could contribute to their mission. Until then, they would do what they always did.
The Raman sighed, or at least he tried to. It was difficult, given his situation.
"With the commotion you caused, I'm surprised they haven't already sent someone after you." He said to the creature.

A good many things could be said about the Lorne corporation, but one thing was for sure - they never let their secrets out. The fact that the creature and William had not yet been pursued was quite odd, and the Raman couldn't help but feel like the 'ghost' had some part in that as well. That just made its agenda all the more mysterious. Nevertheless, they had more pressing matters at hand.

"If I know Lorne like I think I do, it won't be long until Lorne cones after you and William. They've probably sent someone out already." He said.
William was wounded, as evidenced by the burns and a light scent of blood on his person. If the creature insisted on sticking by him, then it would only reduce their odds of survival.
"In short, we are on a timer. What will you do now?"
"You're in the back streets of Marlon, William." The Ratman told the man. "As for me, just call me the Ratman..."
He trailed off as the creature embraced William. He stood quietly, thinking about the facts he'd established so far. It had appeared to this being as well. It was not a coincidence, then, that the creature before him had broken free from the tower. The screen ghost appeared to be a being of significant power, judging by its ability to simply manifest an escape route out of the tower, but why had it done so? For what purpose?

The Ratman sighed quietly, and raised its voice to get the pair's attention.
"That ghost, as you put it. There won't be many in Marlon who don't know of it. Just a little while ago, it took over every screen in the city." He said to the being. "It only had one message. 'You are not alone'. What did it say to you?"
"Of course, I never intended to bring harm to anyone here." The Ratman replied easily.
The rats at his feet dispersed back to their positions, as quiet as they could, in order to avoid arousing the suspicion of the woman outside. He recognised the man the being had carried into the building as the one he had seen being captured by the police. Strangely serendipitous, though not outside the realm of coincidence.

"Don't mind the swarm, they've already eaten tonight." Ratman said, leaning against a nearby wall. "A little while ago at the tower, there were explosions somewhere underground. That wouldn't happen to have been you, would it?"
It appeared that it was time. The rats had brought the costume, all that was left was to reveal themselves. The swarm gathered together, reconstructing his bones, winding up the bandages, and putting the clothes on. They had gotten a fresh coat from somewhere - it was old and worn, but at least it didn't have any bloodstains on it. The Ratman put on his hat, and he was ready.

Quietly, he stepped into full view, the rats scattering and gathering behind him.
"You are by far one of the strangest beings I have ever encountered." The Ratman said, emerging from the shadows. "I must apologise for watching you from the shadows, but I have questions I hope you'll answer."
Well, I'm here. Not sure about anyone else.
The being did not follow the rats, which was within expectations. Disappointing, certainly, but within expectations. What wasn't within expectations was the woman that appeared. Surprisingly, Adrian knew who it was. The director of science at Marlon university, where'd he'd studied so long ago. He had no idea she had become a parahuman. Her presence complicated matters somewhat, as he had been planning to talk to the creature while they were still isolated. Still, the being seemed not unwelcome to her presence, especially when she brought him some medical supplies. The swarm couldn't really make any moves here, they didn't know what the woman could do. So, they decided to watch.

The rats on the scene spread out into a surveilance network, on the watch for outside dangers, while the ones closer to the building kept a vigilant eye on the situation at hand. Adrian had never interacted with the director of science on any level so he couldn't be sure of her allegiance, though he had heard rumours of her displeasure of the Lorne corporation. Likewise, he wasn't sure how the energy being felt, though he guessed they didn't appreciate the corporation's treatment. The swarm was ready to act if necessary, but he hoped they would prove to be allies to his cause.
The rats had been busy searching the facility when the explosions rocked the building. A little while later, one of the rats nearby witnessed an oddity. A creature of some sort emerging from a building. The structure of its body was unlike anything they had seen before, like a mass of energy given life. The rat could feel heat coming off of it, but the energy seemed to be fading. The being made towards the poorer parts of Marlon, the rat's home turf.

The rats began to follow the being. The rats inside the base had confirmed some panic at the explosions, which meant the being in front of him was likely the perpetrator of the incident, and an escapee. How they had escaped was another question entirely. But more importantly, what did the being want now? Judging by where it was going, it seemed that it wanted to avoid pursuit. Unfortunately, that was a difficult task in itself. For the most part, Lorne had support of the general public, which meant they had eyes and ears everywhere. The being had made the right decision by going towards the seedier parts of Marlon, but they wouldn't get too far without help.

Rats gathered in front of the being's path, trying their best to get its attention. The rats slowly began converging from throughout the city. Some still tailed their marks, but the rest scouted out a safe route to pass through. Once they had a path, the rat in front beckoned the being to follow it, and began to go through the path. They would try to lead it towards abandoned sewer tunnels, built up in some ancient city improving plan which had never come into fruition. They hoped that the being understood their intentions, because they had many questions they wished to ask it.
The rats scurried across the city, scouring the streets for clues. The chaos helped them pass undetected, but it also hindered their activities. Some leads turned out to be accidents brought about by paranoia. Other leads stayed hidden, repulsed by the commotion. Nevertheless, they couldn't afford to let anything go. So many leads and so little time, but at least they had a lot of bodies.

One rat passed by the donut store he'd left his mark on. The police were already on the scene, though that wasn't too worrying. They wouldn't get anything by trying to catch Ratman's tail. The mouse moved on.

Somewhere else in the city, in the nearby sewers, one rat caught something unexpected. A girl ran through the tunnels, chased by a strange swordsman with a rabbit mask. Ratman had seen the girl on the streets, and he'd heard of the swordsman. Why the latter was chasing the former wasn't immediately obvious, but they couldn't spare much power on finding out. Adrian doubted that it would help him find the answers he was looking for, but he sent a few rats to tail the pair regardless. After all, they couldn't afford to let anything go.

At the same time, on another street, a confrontation began between 2 parahumans. One rather large, the other looking homeless. The confrontation was over soon enough, but it had put the homeless man into another confrontation, this time with the police. There wasn't much the rats could do to stop the homeless parahuman's capture; they didn't deal with robots very well, and they didn't have the numbers for that kind of attack in the first place. Still, he was sure he knew where they were headed, and he had a mind to follow them.

When the car arrived at the facility, the rats had already arrived. Adrian remembered the place when he was alive. He'd never been inside, but he knew about it. About half of the swarm had settled in the nearby area, hiding whever they could. The other half remained in the rest of the city, still searching. The swarm had been watching the facility for a while, as they knew it was a place where lots of parahumans went in and not many came out of. Nevertheless, they'd never entered before. Security was always tight, after all, and not even a rat could enter unnoticed. This time, then, they would send in a handful of rats instead.

The van entered the facility and its occupants emerged, dragging their prisoner into the facility. Unbenownst to them, the rats shadowed their movements. They moved only when their marks moved, making as little noise as they possibly could. As soon as they were inside the threshold, the rats scattered, dividing their forces. It was time to see what exactly was inside the facility.
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