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I'll be posting on the weekend too, with the holiday and all.
@Dusty Absolutely.
Sorry for the delay. I think your next posts should have your characters arriving at the forest.
Orihara Keiji

Keiji let out an exasperated sigh as Isana chastised him for an apparent lack of confidence in the battle. He swore that girl was born in the wrong era. She would probably have fit in better as a samurai or something. "Geez, haven't you read this little book called The Art of War," he retorted. "Know thy enemy, know thyself... We definitely don't know our enemy yet and charging in blindly is just going to get us killed." He shook his head. Arguing with her was usually pointless. She was pretty set in her ways, and he'd just have to do his best to get the information to his companions before she charged headlong into a trap.

Shuro was the next to vent her frustrations. Apparently she she preferred train rides in solitude. But, he just let out a small chuckle and turned to the new guys. "She's rough around the edges, but she's totally dependable in a fight. Just give her some time to warm up to you. I'll show you around if you need help finding anything." He offered a hand first to Soga, and then to Jack. "Welcome to Ayabukuro. Let's go fight some youkai." He flashed them a grin and then headed off towards the train station. He wasn't worried about catching up with Shuro or Isana. He knew his way around and didn't care if they ended up in a separate car.

Kazama Ushio

Kazama took his own car to meet up with the hunters at the forest. However, he stopped along the way to make a call to Hunter HQ...

"Yes, this is Kazama... Well, they certainly don't seem too nervous about it. Just another job to them. But I'm here if it turns out to be more than we expected... You know my philosophy. Trial by fire. If they can't handle something like this, then they're not cut out to be hunters... No, we haven't discerned the identity of the other bakekonchu yet, but honestly I'm not worried about them. This Kumogori, though. Just who is he that someone like Gin would follow? That's what I'm more worried about... Ah, the train should be arriving soon. Gotta go."

It was good that HQ was concerned about the wellbeing of their young hunters. However, he didn't believe this mission was beyond them. He'd dealt with worse at their age.
I'll be having a post up for you guys tomorrow.
Orihara Keiji

Keiji couldn't help but chuckle at Kon's little correction about the chips. That girl sure knew her junk food. "Yeah, I figured I was forgetting a couple ingredients. Sucks that then stopped making them though. Guess it took me too long to muster up the courage to try them." He was glad that Kon was just as he remembered, and Shuro was bickering with Isana like always. Even with the new faces, it was good to settle in to a bit a familiarity. Their new sensei, however, was not what he expected. He'd heard of Kazama, and the little bit he was able to read of the man just didn't mesh with what he was seeing now. One of the greatest Tenha that the hunters had ever seen, and here he was just casually handing out mission papers like they were any other school assignment. Maybe this mission was just too far beneath someone like him...

Before he could ruminate any more, though, one of the new hunters spoke up, apparently concerned with why one of the youkai decided to rebel. "I'm with Shuro on this one. It's hard to understand how youkai think sometimes. What I am concerned with is that this mantis guy has been practicing martial arts for longer than we've been alive. Definitely not someone we want to take on alone. And let's not forget the four youkai we know literally nothing about... We definitely need to meet up at the forest before we dive in. Keiji always wanted to do a bit of recon before any mission, but given the sheer number of variables here, he felt it was particularly important. "I think I'll take the train. Nothing personal, Sorano, but I just like to study maps on the ride, and the train has a bit more room."

Kazama Ushio

"A Youkai can have any number of reasons for going rogue like this," the sensei chimed in. "You're right, Soga. Gin most definitely knows what happens to youkai who break the rules. But, there are also youkai back in his realm that are much scarier than any hunters. Youkai don't typically come to the human realm on a whim. It's not easy for them to blend in with us, but it does let them escape whatever problems they had back home. For a youkai like Gin... I'd bet his past is finally coming back to haunt him. But, that's all just speculation. Don't hesitate out of sympathy. Bakekonchu hives are dangerous, and you can expect a lot of dead humans if one gets away." With that, Kazama leaned on his cane and got out of his chair. "Seems like you kids know what you're doing. I'll meet you all down by the woods. Someone's gotta be there to clean up if you screw this one up." He gave a little chuckle and made his way out of the classroom, cane clacking against the floor with every step.
@KoLIf Isana, or any young hunters, have any moral objections to killing the youkai, please do bring it up in the RP. I think it would be a fun little discussion to have, and a good challenge for Kazama. I'll say let's not retcon anything, though.
Bakekonchu Dossier

The hive of bakekonchu has three known members.

Kiruma Hachise: A centipede youkai that registered with the hunters to live in the human realm. However, he got in trouble with human law on numerous occasions, mostly for crimes like robbery and shoplifting. He did not resist arrest and served his jail time, so the hunters let the human legal system take care of him, however in joining this hive the hunters have given the okay to take him out. He is not considered a major threat on his own, but could easily cause trouble as a member of a larger gang.

Ine Yurai A wasp youkai that arrived in the human world just recently. She briefly registered with the hunters, but refused to wear a charm or follow the rules of this realm. She has a violent temper and is considered dangerous. One Nenshouha was sent to hunt her, but she eluded capture and sought refuge in this new hive. The hive refused to hand her over or send her back to the youkai realm, which began the conflict between the hunters and this hive.

Gin An old mantis Youkai that refuses to go by any family name. He has been living peacefully in the human realm for decades, mostly just practicing martial arts in the mountains, and has acted as a liaison for the hunters and the leader of the hive. His connection with the hive is concerning, as he has often been referred as a mentor for bakekonchu trying to assimilate into human society. He likely has many connections and could be a major recruiter for the hive. Why he decided to join the hive, though, is a mystery.

The leader of the hive's name is Kumogori, but little else is known about him. He has never shown his face to the hunters, and the only information he conveyed was a demand to be left alone along with refusals to comply with and hunter requests or demands. The hunters consider him dangerous and want him eliminated.

The other four members are confirmed bakekonchu, but they have only recently arrived from the youkai realm. Almost nothing is known about them, so caution is advised.
Welp, guess someone had to post first.

Tomaru, could you give us more detail on what info the handouts had?

Sure. I'll go ahead and post a little info file for you on the Youkai you'll be hunting. Probably have it up Saturday night/Sunday.
@The Goblin King That's okay. I hope things get better for you.
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