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Current Show me the money!
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Happy new year :)
1 yr ago
Just looked back on all my old stories from a year ago! Memories :)
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2 yrs ago
Slowly becoming more active again.. :) thanks to those who have stuck with me <3
2 yrs ago
#booze makes things better..for a while at least :P


Because I should really update this?


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It's a slight update to the first post... :)

EDITED 29/4 - THIS THREAD IS NOW CLOSED UNTIL ANOTHER DAY :) I am focusing on a small amount of stories until I feel comfortable and knowing I could keep up with more will have to wait a little bit longer <3
wow it's been 7 MONTHS since I've posted anything on here. -- I SHOULD REALLY UPDATE THE MAIN THREAD.....

So currently I've not being able to leave my house to go to work (cheers virus) and recently I've found myself to be reading a hell of a lot more and I want to start writing my own stories again! Of course with the help of someone.. :)

All the above still applies up top except what I'm looking for...

I'd really love to hash out a story involving gangs and all that jazz! OR I might be convinced to do a different story but I want it to be long term/slow build romance etc etc.....

I don't respond to this thread so just send me a PM if you think we would match :)
Still looking for a few more :)
Hey thank you for clicking on me.

Although I have been away for a few months due to personal life.. it hasn't stopped me from thinking up ideas etc so here I am slowly becoming more active again.

Updated: 28th april 2020. Currently have some time spare and really want to get back into writing! I will update this again via a PC but for now I've updated this a tiny bit... feel free to continue down.

About me & Requirements all rolled into one:

- I am over the age of 18 & except my partners to be too.
- I work full time and have a family life - This means I can't guarantee I will be active 24/7.
- I can write anywhere from 2 paragraphs up to 4 5/6 - it just all depends on my partners post = I prefer quality over quantity so aslong as it's something I can work from...
- I can't promise speed posting nor a post a day (Unless you can catch me on a good day/days off work) so I'd love a partner who understands this and won't mind waiting and I won't mind waiting either.
- I do adore OOC chat - It really helps keep the story going when we can collaborate ideas and such to add in = I love the story to go into different twists and turns and really I hate to think of an end goal right away... I want a long term thing here!
- I don't care if we play out or fade to black explicit scenes... I just want angst and passion! Within reason that it's not imediate! Let's build it up!
- I only write in PM on this site. No other ways of contact will be exchanged :)
- I prefer to play Females but I will play Males and will do any gender pairing with F/F being my least used/favorite. But I do love to throw in other characters and genders so...

I know I should probably add more but if theres anything you'd like to know then feel free to ask me in PM.


Just a few cravings..

Bad boy x good boy/girl
Gang leader x ex-gang members sister/brother or best friends sister/brother or x rival gang member


I have an idea for Prince/Princess x Shifter(Unicorn)<taken> or can be changed to Witch x Shifter(Unicorn) or can be anything else but the unicorn stays >:)


The idea can be dark&twisted or fun and fluffy or both it all depends on my partner :) I'll even do FxF but that'll be more them being best friends rather than romance :)

Aww~ And here I was hoping for an RP that involved a unicorn!

Ahem. Shifter x Shifter :D


# Vampire x Juvenile Vampire
# Vampire x Witch
# Shifter x Shifter/Non Shifter
# Demon x Angel
# Add your own?

I do have vague ideas for these but would love to discuss more over PM.

I fell down a hole just like Alice did in Wonderland.. Except I'm not Alice and this certainly didn't end up wonderful

I will be posting new ideas/cravings as they arise so be sure to look through each new post :) If it is scribbled out then I am no longer craving/wanting that idea for the moment.

I am really craving something like an old classical fairy tale except more darker and sinister (and romance?;)) :) or even anything fantasy to be honest and yes I'd actually love to include unicorns in one story at least haha :P

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD READ FIRST ---= I always have a lot going on in my life so please bare in mind I won't PROMISE a post a day or even two days, heck I made a partner wait like 2 months before I posted and he was cool with it because we enjoy the story and we have great OOC chats and banter :) So please bare this in mind if you decide to indulge in mythical beasts and the likes with me. - And to the old partners I'm sorry <3 Maybe we could start again. As to if you require any other information regarding posting schedules.. or wondering whether what if I start it up then ditch? It's never my intention to vanish for a few days/weeks but I have actually been visiting this site everyday waiting for something to spark my interest again and hey I guess me reading too many fantasy books now on KU made me crave such thing now :)

= I can write a lot or bare minimum would be 2 paragraphs. I don't expect a novel just something to work with, obviously I'll always write a lot continuously if I really enjoy the story but again its quality over quantity right? :)
= I can play male or female and I do like 'extra' characters to be thrown just to keep the story moving if it needs it :) I also do M/ or F x M.
= I am 28. As long as your 18+ and don't care about cursing or any mature things to arise then we can talk :)
= As stated above, I enjoy OOC sometimes even if its just to say hey how you doing! But I'd like someone who can help plan the story with me and build it up :)

Did you really get all this way down? Did you skip it? I sure hope not..

If you'd like to chat/discuss anything further then just PM me as I will not respond here :)

"Just take them! Do it! The pain will all go away as soon as you close your eyes..."
Her voice was reassuring and wicked but there was always a "BUT" or "HOW" that spoke up.
Her voice was much calmer yet it held the most authority.
Each and every damn time she would find a way to meddle into the nonsense and with victory save me..
Least I can only try and make the next few days go by without being ungrateful again.

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