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Current Happy new year :)
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Just looked back on all my old stories from a year ago! Memories :)
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5 mos ago
Slowly becoming more active again.. :) thanks to those who have stuck with me <3
9 mos ago
#booze makes things better..for a while at least :P
9 mos ago
It's wine o clock time!!


Because I should really update this?


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Still looking for a few more :)
Hey thank you for clicking on me.

Although I have been away for a few months due to personal life.. it hasn't stopped me from thinking up ideas etc so here I am slowly becoming more active again.

About me & Requirements all rolled into one:

- I am over the age of 18 & except my partners to be too.
- I work full time and have a family life - This means I can't guarantee I will be active 24/7.
- I can write anywhere from 2 paragraphs up to 5/6 - it just all depends on my partners post = I prefer quality over quantity.
- I can't promise speed posting nor a post a day (Unless you can catch me on a good day/days off work) so I'd love a partner who understands this and won't mind waiting and I won't mind waiting either.
- I do adore OOC chat - It really helps keep the story going when we can collaborate ideas and such to add in = I love the story to go into different twists and turns and really I hate to think of an end goal right away... I want a long term thing here!

I know I should probably add more but if theres anything you'd like to know then feel free to ask me in PM.

Extra's I forgot to add;

- I only write in PM on this site. No other ways of contact will be exchanged :)
- I prefer to play Females but I will play Males and will do any gender pairing with F/F being my least used/favorite.




Student x Student
Student x Teacher
Shifter x Non Shifter
Shifter x Shifter

Non Fantasy;

Pretty simple pairings here we can use or simple make up or even suggest your own.. - we can discus over PM :)

Undercover cop x Victim/Suspect
Spy x Spy
Student x Student
Student x Teacher
Teacher x Teacher
Bad x Good


Again this is pretty simple I'd love to discuss these over PM.


Basically throughout this whole experience the best thing you could do is just PM me to discuss things further :)

I have an idea for Prince/Princess x Shifter(Unicorn)<taken> or can be changed to Witch x Shifter(Unicorn) or can be anything else but the unicorn stays >:)


The idea can be dark&twisted or fun and fluffy or both it all depends on my partner :) I'll even do FxF but that'll be more them being best friends rather than romance :)

Aww~ And here I was hoping for an RP that involved a unicorn!

Ahem. Shifter x Shifter :D


# Vampire x Juvenile Vampire
# Vampire x Witch
# Shifter x Shifter/Non Shifter
# Demon x Angel
# Add your own?

I do have vague ideas for these but would love to discuss more over PM.

I fell down a hole just like Alice did in Wonderland.. Except I'm not Alice and this certainly didn't end up wonderful

I will be posting new ideas/cravings as they arise so be sure to look through each new post :) If it is scribbled out then I am no longer craving/wanting that idea for the moment.

I am really craving something like an old classical fairy tale except more darker and sinister (and romance?;)) :) or even anything fantasy to be honest and yes I'd actually love to include unicorns in one story at least haha :P

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD READ FIRST ---= I always have a lot going on in my life so please bare in mind I won't PROMISE a post a day or even two days, heck I made a partner wait like 2 months before I posted and he was cool with it because we enjoy the story and we have great OOC chats and banter :) So please bare this in mind if you decide to indulge in mythical beasts and the likes with me. - And to the old partners I'm sorry <3 Maybe we could start again. As to if you require any other information regarding posting schedules.. or wondering whether what if I start it up then ditch? It's never my intention to vanish for a few days/weeks but I have actually been visiting this site everyday waiting for something to spark my interest again and hey I guess me reading too many fantasy books now on KU made me crave such thing now :)

= I can write a lot or bare minimum would be 2 paragraphs. I don't expect a novel just something to work with, obviously I'll always write a lot continuously if I really enjoy the story but again its quality over quantity right? :)
= I can play male or female and I do like 'extra' characters to be thrown just to keep the story moving if it needs it :) I also do M/ or F x M.
= I am 28. As long as your 18+ and don't care about cursing or any mature things to arise then we can talk :)
= As stated above, I enjoy OOC sometimes even if its just to say hey how you doing! But I'd like someone who can help plan the story with me and build it up :)

Did you really get all this way down? Did you skip it? I sure hope not..

If you'd like to chat/discuss anything further then just PM me as I will not respond here :)

"Just take them! Do it! The pain will all go away as soon as you close your eyes..."
Her voice was reassuring and wicked but there was always a "BUT" or "HOW" that spoke up.
Her voice was much calmer yet it held the most authority.
Each and every damn time she would find a way to meddle into the nonsense and with victory save me..
Least I can only try and make the next few days go by without being ungrateful again.


Update: due to my own personal circumstances I'm putting this on hold but I'll hope to start it up again soon... I actually have a ton of it planned out and set up already with the help of a friend :)

@Arista yay! :)
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