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Current Its nice to know/meet someone but it'd also be nice to erase the memory of them as if they never existed :)
9 days ago
I am really hoping I can finally finish my replies tonight/tomorrow! Sorry for disappearing for a few days again, work is tiring and money is life <3 finally have some time off from tomorrow night :)
14 days ago
* I am slowly working on multiple posts <3 sorry for the wait again.. working 6 days.. hell but need the money! <3
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16 days ago
Another one bites the dust!
20 days ago
*Poke* *Poke* Me: Ignoring it and smiling. *Poke* GO AWAY! please :)


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Looking for maybe 1 more person? Or 2?
Added some extra stuff in this morning but this site is never full & active until like 'now' time so here I am bumping this thread right back up to the top ;)

This is a complete new "spanking ;)" interest thread / search for that special person to write a story with:)

So I may have ghosted and I am terribly sorry! Mental health issues along with every day life just takes a hold of me and gives me WBS! Then when I do have a break.. I'll get missing writing stories so for the past 3 days I have binged read other stories and have even attempted intros for my own stories/ideas I'd love to use :)

ANYWHO.. if I did annoy/upset you because it happened then its upto you if you forgive me.. I am just putting this out here now so if you do want to write with me then you know that sometimes I struggle with my own issues.. I'll try my hardest to keep you in the loop! <--- I often enjoy OOC chat so please if your not a talker... then I don't think it'll work.

I prefer to keep things casual/high casual ish.. nothing like a novel but enough to have a decent amount of detail and yeah this does mean quality over quantity so I can easily write upto 3 maybe a decent 4 if I have something to work with.

ร—รท- I want us to play side characters! They are important to keep things flowing, I do not want to rush the story to the end.. a happy ending but through out I want there to be drama and not so happy moments along with the exciting stuff also...

+รท/ I also and always want to attempt a long term story y'know.. I have always loved reading and writing stories but yet to be able to keep one going for more than a year? Yeah 1 year I had an amazing story going way before this site reset and I lost contact:(

Anyway... er I'd say that most of my ideas could possibly be NSFW appropriate but they don't have to be. They can be casual with no smut but I do enjoy written well smut and I don't even favour it as much as I prefer story and character developments. :) so either way I can go with or without(preferbutwhocaresright)

If I've missed anything vital then feel free to ask..

I'm looking for Male & Female characters & ideally I'd prefer to play females for ow BUT I can play males as a main sometimes... it depends on the idea/story. I will do any gender pairings. I've not had the chance to do F/ in like forever so I'd be up for that one over an M/F pairing tbh:)

What I'm interested in exploring right now;

#next door neighbour's
#love triangles
#alcohol/drug triggers
#mature(need to PM these#toonaughtyforhereoops
#disney turned into real life
#closeted sexualities
#sugar daddy/sugar mummy <- ;)

Okay so pretty much what I can think of right now.. see I didn't put no pairings so pretty much anything goes and plus I'd like a partner to be equal on the amount of effort that goes into it.. 50/50! And as for character sheets... I do prefer basic and real life pictures:)

I think that's it... also I didn't realise how much I had written as I'm fast typing on my phone!

Look forward to your PM :)
So.. I will eventually get to writing up an actual new interest thread... but for now....

I have found myself binge reading stories on wattpadd on k pop and a certain group! Would love to either use this 'group' or I will happily create a new group:)

PM for more details :)
ส™แดœแดแด˜ - สŸแดแดแด‹ษชษดษข า“แดส€ แดษดแด‡ แด˜แด‡ส€sแดษด.

<- ะฝั”ฮฑัั‚ ฯƒั ั•ฯƒฯ…โ„“? ะฝั”ฮฑฮฝั”ะธ ฯƒั ะฝั”โ„“โ„“? <-

ยขะฝัฮนั•ั‚ะผฮฑั• ฮนั• ฯƒฮฝั”ั fฯƒั ะผั”... โ„“ั”ั‚ั• ฯ‰ัฮนั‚ั”!!

sแด„สœแดแดสŸ า“แดส€ แด›สœแด‡ ษขษชา“แด›แด‡แด… <-- Yes this means magic!

sแด„สœแดแดสŸ แดา“ ส€แดแด„แด‹ <-- 2003 film, love it.

แด€ แดแดœsษชแด„แด€สŸ แด˜ส€แดแด…แดœแด„แด›ษชแดษด <-- Could be just like school of rock? Or whatever..

P.S I will just keep posting ideas/pairings as they arise otherwise I'll forget them.
Subscribed ใƒ„.

<- ยขฯ…ััั”ะธั‚โ„“ัƒ ฮฑั•ั•ฯƒยขฮนฮฑั‚ั”โˆ‚ ฯ‰ฮนั‚ะฝ ฮฑ gฮฑะธg -> ั‚ฯƒฯ…gะฝ ยขฯƒฯƒะบฮนั” <-

<- ยขฯ…ััั”ะธั‚โ„“ัƒ ฮนะธ ฮฑ gฮฑะธg -> ฮฑ ะฒฮฑโˆ‚ ะฒฯƒัƒ fฯƒั ฮฑะธัƒ ั•ั‚ฯƒััƒ <-
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