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I just started reading "Discipline and punish"... Foucault, I'm already tired of your shit
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Thinking on a new Vikings 1x1 🤔
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And I'm officially 23 now...
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Always be in the game and keep rolling. Step up, and in the ring if you dare. Always be in the game and keep going. Nobody said that life would be fair


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In the year 1432 an strange illness appeared in the Bremarian Empire, the illness spreaded like fire in dried grass and hundres died everyday or worse: they turned into "the cursed", most of the dead were registered in the Province of Almira, soon known as the Cursed Province. Empress Viora, who was in charge as the Emperor was bed sick, had an idea: Build a huge wall to seal away the Province, then throw there everyone suspicious of being cursed.
Bremerians are too superticious, citizens accused each other without having proof and soon it became a social histeria, that is how YC ended in there..

The illness: A very contagious virus the medics can`t handle and folk belive it to be divine punishment, it attacks those with a weak immune system, this can kill the person or turn him/her in one of the cursed.

The cursed: Those who somehow survived the virus suffer from vomits and a never ending hunger for human flesh. The virus attacks their brain thus the lose their ability to reason and become extremely hostile to anyone they don't see is suffering from the same gray rotting flesh as theirs. It is knwo that many soldiers were exiled there with their weapons, and even cursed they still can use them. making the cursed extremely dangerous despite losing half of their vision and hearing abilities.

The mutated ones: Sometimes the virus reacts in a different way than in the normal cursed ones, the mutated ones show changes in their bodies such as the apparition of claws, tentacles, wings and more.

Almira: The Cursed Province is covered mostly by forests with many rivers running thrugh them, there are mountains at the north. The cities and villages are in ruins and those who survived became immune to the virus (as our characters) live in groups or alone in the forests hunting and trying to avoid the cursed.

The Black Hand: The group of survivors your charatcer belongs to, they have repaired an small village called Ediburg and built wooden walls around it. However there is no much food and survivors are forced to got out almost everyday
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