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Current I just started reading "Discipline and punish"... Foucault, I'm already tired of your shit
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Thinking on a new Vikings 1x1 🤔
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And I'm officially 23 now...
2 mos ago
Always be in the game and keep rolling. Step up, and in the ring if you dare. Always be in the game and keep going. Nobody said that life would be fair
5 mos ago
It's funny how people get amazed in this character sheet I made for this "Clash of cultures" thing...Truth is I have been working on it for over a year and I still find mistakes...
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Well I will need some help with the plot.

The story starts with MC, a mercenary who gets paid by the Kingdom of Rodos to fight in the against an enemy invasion, these are not humans but demons! From the Demonic Empire at the other side of the Ghost Sea.
MC goes into war, where he encounters demons of all spices: werewolves, lizardmen and more, due to his great swordmanship skills he defeats them yet is surprised by the attack of beautiful dark haired woman, who turns out to be the Governor of the Demonic Province of Argalos.

The fight seems to end in a draw and the Demonic army retreats back to Argalos, however when MC returns to his tent outside of the Kingdom's walls he is surprised by the female demon once again
So I am here once more looking for a female roleplayer willing to help with this new idea.

The story begins in the Continent of Almara, more exactly in the Kingdom of Rodos, MC, who is the only child born from the King and late wife. The future of the Kingdom seemed to be on her hands but the new Queen had other plans for her and plots with other noble houses to make MC lose the King's favouritism. Yhis is how during the war between Rodos and another Kingdom the Queen manages to accuse MC of high treason against the King and the Kingdom by helping the enemy army.
MC is exiled and put on a ship to a small island where she would live in solitude, however the ship gets caught in a big storm. Mc wakes up in an unknown island and soon realizes she is not alone. This is where YC comes in: a warrior from one of the small cities that that are in constant fight for territory
Sorry guys but my classes started sooner than expected and I'm taking two courses at the same time. So I will only continue with a small private rp.

Anyone willing yo take the gm is free to do so
Well I'm looking for a girl to take part in a pirates rp.
It would take place between 1706–1718 in Nassau, where at that time pirates ruled the zone, yet the characters will have the chance to travel elsewhere.

About the plot: I was thinking yc could be Japanese (it is not a must) who is daughter of a famous swordsman, he gets killed in a duel and all the info yc gets is that he fought against "someone with eyes green as emeralds and golden hair as the sun, who came from an island without a ruler" and so yc decides escape from Japan (Japanese isolationism policy 1633–39 1853) and to travel to Nassau, where she would meet mc, who matches the description and challenges to a duel, somehow they become friends and mc convinces the Captain to let yc join the crew since she had become an outlaw in her own country.

It is slightly based in Black Sails so be prepared for lots of +18 content
I will start tonight
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