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Current Always be in the game and keep rolling. Step up, and in the ring if you dare. Always be in the game and keep going. Nobody said that life would be fair
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It's funny how people get amazed in this character sheet I made for this "Clash of cultures" thing...Truth is I have been working on it for over a year and I still find mistakes...
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Sure we will
I would like to wait for more people to join, not characters. This can take some time as the guild is in a state of decay, or at least the free section, perhaps the players moved to another section

Hope you like them
Both accept.
Forgot to say we have uniforms

Name: Franz Goubier
Age: 20
Weapon: steel longsword
Element: Fire
Elemental attack:

Biography: Franz was born in Redensia, since he was young he worked in his family's bookshop and was never interested in his innate power or fighting until he was attacked by bandits at the age of 12, he got saved by a Gladiator that was passing by and noted Franz had the potential, so the gladiator suggested Franz to train so he could join the Academy when he got over age. Franz used his salary to buy the steel sword that has accompanied him for 8 years and noww finally feels ready to join the Gladiators.

The Republic of Redensia is like no other, despite the small territory they control their small amount of warriors are the terror of any other country, they are able to destroy enemy armies in seconds, this is all thanks to a certain institution, the Forcen Academy, or more commonly known as the Coliseum Academy as the Academy's students offers a very particular show that can not be seen anywhere else, fights between warriors that control Elemental Magic, this students are known as Magic Gladiators.
As someone with the innate power flowing inside you, you received a misterious letter of invitation to join the Academy, money and fame awaits you.

The source of Elemental Magic: Millions of years before the era of men powerful beasts with control over the four elements, fire, wind, water and earth existed. They fought each other to death until their total extinction, their bodies died and some of their bones can still be found as fossils, however, their souls are restless, waiting for to use the perfect human vessel to host their souls, in exchange the human gains the power of the beast.

Redensia, the small Republic: If anyone wondered how such a small country could survive surrounded by giant Kingdoms and Empires it is because the army is composed basically by Magic Gladiators, and even those who Magic Gladiators who return their countries are still tied to Redensia by a magical oath.

Daily life of the students: Participation in the Coliseum is not obligatory, although it is open for all students most think they will get beated and instead of trying to get money in a gladiator fight they take mercenary jobs like killing bandits or monsters.
Students can also choose between living in the Academy or pay themselves a place to live.

Don't worry you won't die: When people hear "Magic Gladiators fight" for the first time they think of a fight to death. It is actually a friendly match, as soon as they enter the arena the students are protected by a magical barrier that takes the damage for them, so if stabbed the sword won't scratch the skin, however students can still feel the tremendous pain of the stab and even pass out.

Character sheet

-Elemental attack (2 with their description)
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