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So I am looking for a girl that would be interested in a Skyrim roleplay.
I have some ideas:

-YC a new member of the Companions, as MC has more experience she/he is assigned to watch over YC.
-MC is a good vampire while YC is part of the Dawnguard.
-MC is part of the Penitus Oculatus while YC is with the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild.
-MC was the Dragonborn 1000 years ago, some necromancers revive her/him yo destroy the last Dragonborn, Yc. Who knows what may happen

So with the third season out I had the brilliant idea of making an Overlord roleplay.
I do not have much of a plot in mind, however I was thinking muy character could be another Player trapped indiferente the game, or perhaps a new Boss that was supposed to appear with a new update that never happened as the game was shut down.
So I was looking for a girl that could play as any of the female NPC's that work for the Great Tomb of Nazarick. The funny part Will be that MC will be a Human.
Whether MC is a Player or a Boss he will be at the same level as Ainz, this will call the attention of YC as everyone in Nazarick hate humans considering them weak.

If interested just PM

Elicia's Grand College

Welcome to Elecia, a new country that was founded 50 years ago in Asia, in no time the wealth the country was equal to that of U.S, Russia and Japan.
It is here that scientifics developed the "Instant translator", a small bracalet that interferes with the brain, somehow the user is able to understand any lenguage in which they are spoken to, they are even able to understand texts written in other lenguages.
To put the Instant translator to test the Goverment started to send out invitations to students from all the world.

You are one of the chosen ones, you will meet people from countires you didn't even know they existed, have lunch with them, play sports and more.

College map:
-Main building: Where clases take place.
-Dorms: Each room has space for 4 students. Co-ed
-Domingo room:
-Sports field:
-You will aslo be able to go into the city, a white canvas for you to piant.

Anime appearance
Mother tongue:
Important ítems:
The story begins in the borderland between the Republic of Tasalia and the Kingdom of (however you wanna name it) which are un the middle of a war or one is about to break out . This two countries are separated by a river, the Argeo river.
It is in this river that YC meets MC . Somehow they even seem to get along well

Why our character are in that river can be disscussed, the thing is that at first they both think they are from the same country, how they react about the truth and what they do later shouldn't be disscussed as well.

I would like to see a huge difference between their cultures, the tasalians Will be quite open-minded people who love to have fun

If you want to ask or suggest something just pm me

The story goes about a company of mercenaries that, as all mercenaries do, lend their strenght to whoever is willing to pay for it. This mercenaries do not question who their employer is, be it a King or a revolutionary leader.

The "Epsilon Company of Mercenaries" is famous for the professionalism, however they seem to be a bit more laid- back since the new Leader took o over. He is much more interested in traveling through the world than killing people.

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