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Name: Lothaire
Nickname: The Crime Lord
Age: 37
Race: Human
Height: 6'1
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Skin color: Olive
Gender: Male
Influence: 4, can easily rouse any population of working class citizens

4 Weak mind control: Able to manipulate NPC's into doing as he says for a temporary amount of time or insert thoughts into players heads.

1 Bulletproof vest: A vest that is bulletproof
Weight: 30 lbs

Defends Against: Can stop a knife or a projectile that's not above 55 cal

Mobility: very mobile as it barely takes up any space

2 Shiny stone: a shiny stone that seems to attract your eyes, can distract any N/PC for a second.

Physical Attributes:

Bench Press: 90 lbs
Squats: 80 lbs
Leg Press: 100 lbs

Sprints: 38 mph
Runs: 30 mph

Reaction time is instant
Does not fight his own battles as that's what his two bodyguards are for.
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I've been looking for some kind of easy to use roleplaying site where I can develop stories with other character, My character is not really focused on making his own fame and glory but instead on developing plots with other characters to add more interesting plot points. So that's about it
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