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sounds boring without the romance just about sports good luck finding someone
thanks with advance id have find an idea i like but i will check it out
I sent you a response to your ad but you never replied so not sure if you got it
thanks for all the welcomes been sending out a bunch of interest messages and posted my own post. I'll check out the casual and Free sections
Here are my ideas for storys if you are interested in any of them message me or comment on this thread thank you . open to some alterations to ideas. I will add more ideas to list as I think of them. all couples are MxF only. I will play male roles but if intial roleplay goes well i want to play female in double. Thank you for taking the time to read. underlined ideas are being played currently.

1x1 Ideas modern
woman has amnesia has man helps her recover
a spinoff of you got mail of two people meeting online and in real life without knowing they are the others connection a sweet romance
man and woman taking a road trip together and falling in love on the way
woman is on the run from abusive boyfriend or spouse and man offers her protection
woman inherits a home with someone else
high school loves reuniting
curvy girl becoming a model and falling for photographer or another model
lost pets bring a pair together as they search for them
spinoff of the holiday of switched places and each finds new love
open to all of your ideas ..

Beverly Hills 90210
North and South 80s miniseries

Historical & Future
civil war related
spin off of back to the future with female as lead
speaking of RPNation i did two profiles on there and both got banned temporarily for stating my views on there. this site seems be better although so far I only have one roleplay going on and alot of mesages out for interest with no responses yet.
my influences are movies I watch, romance novels that i read and soaps
hi I'm a newbie to the site but I've been roleplaying since my 20s so for about 20 years. I love romance and drama, I'm willing to play male or female charecters with the opposite gender in the couple. I'm creative and I love to write. I'm in EST time zone and self employed so my schedule if flexible. my only rule is that my partners be active and if they are going to be gone for more than a few days to let me know.
open to chatting on discord also

For my roleplay ideas ( i plan to keep adding as I think of more ideas )
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