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Katherine felt vindicated in using the cover of carnage and smoke to run away with some of the survivors that made it to the street. Hidden under her shirt she grasped the dagger she’d snagged from Berserker’s Noble Phantasm. It’s conjuring didn’t even dent the reserves. With each death the mana available to them both as simply astronomical. She felt more flush with magic that she ever had walking among her grandmother’s lilies. Her insect familiars told her a girl watched from a neighboring rooftop. Given she’d arrived at the same time Rider had she made the reasonable guess she was the Rider’s Master. She looked on at the magical construct Berserker had been dragged into.

She ran into an alleyway, one she knew had the building with what she guessed was Rider’s Master. She held out her hand and whispered,” By my Command Seal I give you strength to kill the Rider, bath in her blood my Servant, and bring her mangled body to me as proof of her death.” The red seal flashed as one seal faded. She knew he would be feeling a sudden influx of mana and renewed strength, more than enough to crush the queen upon her ice throne. That reminded her, she poured nana into her connection with her Proxy Master. In response she knew his hand matched the seals of her own and that he muttered a bullshit command himself to match her own, for appearances. She commanded him to find a route of escape, he was still useful, and the guise of a cowardly Master working with Berserker would be a useful smokescreen after all this.

Katherine pulled her jacket off and checked the row of bumps going up and down both arms. Her Wraiths would taste Mage boood this night. She dug into the vast pool of mana available to her and put unnatural strength into her limbs. She vaulted up and with a few leaps cleared the rim of the building. A girl, young by the looks of it, watched the plaza below. Katherine smirked. The flesh of her arms began to crack and bleed as she infused mana into her Wraiths. Vines began wrapping themselves around her arms as her lovelies grew and matured with each step she took toward the young Mage.

“Such lovely skin,” Katherine mused. “What a lovely canvas you’ll make.”

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On unsteady legs Maria stumbles her way off the pier. She’d landed in Marseille that day on a boat that had no right to be afloat much less carrying passengers across the Mediterranean Sea. She normally avoided travel across water but this trip had the flavor of urgency to it. The few friends she had in the Church had informed herbof the growing threat in southern France, dead apostles of all things. Why they didn’t call them vampires was beyond her. She’d been doing work in Africa when she’d heard and felt it her duty to stand against the hellspawn. But a week aboard that damn boat.... Maria crossed herself before clinging to the nearest trash can. She felt her stomach still churning like an angry ocean of nerves and regret.

“Dios mío, never again,” she muttered. Her lips were horribly chapped and she hadn’t been able to keep anything solid down in days and curse the ships owner he wouldn’t quit flirting with her; the experience had been as close to hell as she ever wished to be. After several minutes dry heaving into the bin Maria stood up and smoothed her hair back. To business, she decided.

She hurried across the road and into the city proper. The midday sun blazed down on her neck. She looked like a tourist, and partly felt like one. Marseille was stunning. The old buildings made her a tiny bit homesick but were no less beautiful to look at. Maria headed toward the center of town where her contact waited with a room, a meal, and transport.

She found him smoking a pipe outside a cafe, an empty coffee cup sitting on the scarred wood. Señor Aaron Zapata was a barrel chested man with arms like tree trunks covered in thick black hair. His face was covered in a beard and his skin was darkly tanned and weathered in a way only the desert sun can. He waved over to her, smoke stained teeth flashing in a friendly grin.

“Your trip was good I trust?” He called to her in Spanish. “I hope the boat didn’t capsize too much?”

The two met in a hug. Maria punched his arm and channeled the prim demeanor of of a Sister of the faith. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were paying back for that business in Roswell.”

“You dragged me into that girlie,” he laughed. “And you know it.”

They sat down. Maria ordered a black coffee. When it arrived they got to work. Aaron pulled out a map and pointed to a small city east of Marseille. “We’ll be going here. The Church has set up base there. I even hear they’ve accepted aid from the Association.”

Maia had had little interaction with the Association herself, the few times she’d met a Mage it’d been a brief exchange of words at the most. What little she’d seen she hoped the two organizations would act like adults and not act like the squabbling children she’d lnown them to act like. This would be a most interesting experience to say the least. “Have there been many casualties?”

Aaron’s tone turned somber. “More than I care to say aloud.” He crossed himself and pressed his lips to the rosary wrapped around his forearm. “God rest their souls. This situation isn’t like anything we’ve dealt with it’s gotten so bad Servants have been summoned.” When Maria raised an eyebrow he clarified. “Souls of the dead summoned like familiars; heroes of the past bound by seals.”

Maria felt disgust and pity wash over her. “We fight the undead and they go about desecrating the sanctity of the dead themselves.” She shook her head. “Is nothing sacred.”

“With what we are facing I’m a little glad they have. I’ve heard of two successful summonings, both sworn knights.”

Maria sipped at her untouched coffee, using the moment to collect her thoughts. The idea of the dead being brought back to correctvthe living’s mistakes made her sick of she was honest. They’d had their journey and found their rest, let them have it. She and Aaron settled the details, and paid the bill. He led her to where they would be staying the night. They’d be heading toward Hyères at dawn.
Am I the only one that instantly thought of the Mexican flag when I saw @vancexentan post?
@IndraYou know I’d be open to Maria being his Master. Like in an accidental case maybe. I don’t know up to you.


And done! Let me know if you need anything else done. Now by spruce it up do you mean more info?

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