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Can't beat my own demons, so I beat up fictional ones instead. It's fun!
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There could be a hundred hours in a day and I still wouldn't get around to half the things I need to do.
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Toss a coin to your waitress, oh valley of plenty...
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Something about winter makes me want to curl up on the couch, wrap myself in a blanket, and join way more RPs than I have time for.
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This is the kind of site where you think about it every day even if you haven't actually done anything here for months. Or is that just me?



Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Luminosity, but feel free to call me Lumi or Lum. If you're here, I suppose that means you have some interest in me, my writing, or in roleplaying with me. Here's a bit about me and my preferences. In general, if you want to talk, about RPing or anything else, just shoot me a PM. I always try to make time for new friends.

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I'm in my 20s, female, and currently trying to figure out how that whole "being an adult" thing works. I've been roleplaying on this site for a while off and on, but in general I've been roleplaying for over ten years, here and there. I'm on US Central Time currently.

Writing Level
My writing level on this site varies from casual to advanced, though the sweet spot is usually around 3-5 paragraphs per post. If I'm feeling inspired I tend to write kinda long posts, so be warned. I've never been a free-level roleplayer, and writing that little per post is typically something that makes me lose interest.

I love RPing, but I am busy quite often, and so my posting rate will vary. Sometimes I'll be able to post multiple times a day, and sometimes I won't be able to post more than once a week. Please keep this in mind if you'd like to RP with me. Also that more applies to 1x1's, I do my best to be consistent if I'm joining a group RP. My normal writing times for RP are first thing in the morning or somewhat late at night, but sometimes I can squeeze posts in during the afternoon.

I'm mostly into fantasy RPs with a good dose of adventure and action, especially dark fantasy settings. In terms of mature content, I prefer a certain level of realism, and I'm totally fine with language and gore (I actually really like writing fight scenes). I'm happy to write romance, but I really prefer not to force it or have it be the main focus of a roleplay, but rather something that happens naturally if it feels right for my character. I've never written smut/sex scenes without fading to black, and it's not something I'm especially interested in trying. I enjoy group RPs as well as 1x1's, and while I've GMed in the past, I don't do it very often now, due to stress and time constraints.

I really only RP as female characters here, as that's just my personal preference. I write all kinds in lots of genres in my personal work, but I RP here to simply write what I enjoy most. I'm fine with taking on minor characters or NPCs of any gender if the RP needs it, though.


Do You Play League of Legends?

I used to! You can probably guess who my favorite champion is. I haven't played in a long time, though, since I was never very good and ran into one too many unpleasant online experiences. I still follow the game for all of the amazing art and characters it produces, and I'm interested in the upcoming titles in that universe that aren't MOBAs.

So What Do You Play?
Lately? Apex Legends, Mortal Kombat 11, Final Fantasy (VII, VII Remake, VIII, XII, a real FF trip lately), and Resident Evil 3. Honestly, not a lot lately, just haven't had the time/interest in anything for a bit.

That's about it! Thanks for the interest, and if you want to get in touch, don't hesitate to send a PM my way. See you around :)

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Mari couldn't help a little laugh at Kane's question. "A warrior? Yes. Powerful? Not especially. Not yet, anyway. That's partly why I'm here." Her few years of dedicated training gave her an edge, she imagined, over the average bandit or amateur swordsman, but basic weapon skills were not what made her little group special.

"Do you know of Rán? The Widow of the Seas? She has a temple here, somewhere in the Blackwood. I've trained with her Daughters, and if I can find the temple and complete whatever the goddess has in store for me inside, I'll become one of them." She grabbed the swinging symbol of Rán hanging from her belt to show her companion as evidence.

"It doesn't happen very often. Daughters of Rán live very long lives through the Widow's gifts, so we're not making pilgrimages to forgotten places every year, you know?" Asherah never did tell Mari how old she was exactly, but some of her sisters speculated at minimum several hundred years old. For a human to reach that was of course only possible through magic.

She occasionally glanced at Kane as she walked, but for the most part Mari kept her focus on her surroundings as they went deeper into the woods. Nowhere here was safe, and while the casual banter of the group was reassuring, Mari did not want to be caught off guard by anything out here.

I'm still here! Unless I'm blind and somehow missed it I think I am waiting on a post.

...what a wholesome thing to receive right before I go to sleep. I do really love this site.
I'll try to roll more! Felt like it hasn't been necessary in the casual conversation, but I'll work on it.

A dragon. Brilliant. Mari would take her chances against orcs over facing a dragon dwelling in an acidic swamp, but if indeed it slumbered, perhaps it was the best bet. Three days' travel or more sounded like an ordeal, but Mari had the suspicion that any travel in these woods was risky to begin with. She had enough rations for herself, and could stretch them if need be. Probably wise to do so regardless, in case matters on their route got complicated.

It was a diverse and interesting group of adventurers she'd manage to attach herself to, and Mari doubted that feeling of being the "new girl" would go away any time soon. They all seemed to know each other and have experience working together, to some degree.

She walked alongside Phyrrae as they set out, quiet at first, keeping an eye on her surroundings and a hand always near her blade's hilt. The woods were calm in the morning, beautiful even, and she made a point to enjoy it while she had the chance.

"You've a quick hand," she said quietly to the elven woman. "Not the first time you've won coin from Orek at that game, I'm guessing."
Mari came to with the sun and the sounds of the waking town, slipping out of bed with an alertness and energy she hadn't felt for the last few days. Something about the potential of the day to come, no doubt. She put herself together with haste; there was no time (or point) to a bath, but she was sure to at least wash her face and attempt to tame her mess of auburn hair.

Getting all of her armor and gear on wasn't a swift process, but she'd done it enough by now to do so without thinking, finishing by fastening her heavy sword belt, laden with weapons and pouches and holy symbols, around her waist. Slinging her wooden shield over her shoulder, Mari made her way out of the room and collected a quick breakfast. She didn't have much of an appetite, but made sure to at least get something in her belly for the long road ahead.

She headed for the northern gate to meet up with the others, noticing Kane first, and the dwarf and elf second playing their game off to the side. Mari had played before with her sisters, enough to recognize the underhanded move Phyrrae pulled when Orek greeted her. "Good morning!" was all she said back to the pair of them.

The Murkrift Kane spoke of as their road, a place in the forest not teeming with Orcs, but perhaps something else that they seemed hesitant to speak of. Po seemed to believe it would be manageable when he arrived with the other fellow, Sinclair, and that was enough for Mari.

She didn't wrench her hand away when he grabbed and kissed it, though she also didn't hide her eyeroll. Vrettonian by his accent, and somehow Mari wasn't surprised. When he released her hand, she let it rest casually on the hilt of her blade, but Po interrupted before she could pick a response, sending Sinclair to speak more with the dwarf.

"Thanks for that," she said under breath. "This Murkrift, you said the water's acidic? Something dwells within it even still?" Orcs she figured she could handle with her sword, but acidic water and unknown things sleeping within wasn't something she knew how to approach. Not yet, anyway.
In truth, Mari was a little taken aback by how much Po seemed to know. She hadn't expected to learn anything useful when she asked, and now that she had a crude map drawn up for her, she still didn't quite believe it. It couldn't be that easy, right? It had to be the wrong temple, or it had to be more difficult to find than it seemed. Only one way to find out, of course.

"Maybe," she answered, putting a finger on the map and sliding it closer to her. Her eyes didn't leave it, studying the bits Po added to it one by one. "Just more to look forward to tomorrow, I guess." She was certain her excitement was slipping through. At this point even a fight didn't sound too bad, if it meant she might learn something about her goal.

"Okay," she said, nodding and taking the map, folding it up neatly. "I should probably get some rest, then. Long day ahead of us tomorrow." She slid her chair back and got to her feet. "Thank you, Po. And good night." She turned to head to her room and made it one step before she turned back.

"Oh, and it's... Daughter of Rán. Not sister. We're just sisters to each other. Um." She paused, and then nodded again. "Good night!" Reddening a little, she turned and headed off towards her room, intent on sleeping off the ale before she had to go adventuring.
I'll get a post in either tomorrow or Monday!
It was the first pleasant night Mari felt she'd had since setting out on her own, and she couldn't help but hope this new little arrangement with this group worked out. Not indefinitely, of course, but she didn't imagine she'd find what she was after quickly, and it would help to have pleasant company while she struggled through the Blackwood.

"If, huh?" she shot back at Ithaca with a raised eyebrow. "Count on it."

She'd drank her way to a pleasant buzz and warmth, and knew it wouldn't be wise to have any more, especially with her first real venture into the woods the next day. Rather than immediately turn in, though, she cleared her throat and headed towards one of the tables.

"Hey, Po?" She offered an apologetic smile for interrupting his reading, before she sank heavily onto one of the chairs. A hand lifted, fingers threading through red hair at the back of her neck, subconsciously pushing it over her half-pointed left ear. Old habit. "Ithaca mentioned earlier that you know a lot of the old lore here."

She lifted a leg, bringing her knee up and resting her foot on the seat of her chair. "The reward for this sounds nice and all, but I don't think I can actually buy what I'm looking for here with gold." She lowered her hand from her neck and slipped her fingers beneath the holy symbols on the necklace tied around her belt. "I'm looking for a lost temple dedicated to Rán, the sea goddess. I'll become the youngest of her Daughters if I can find it, and survive whatever awaits me." She didn't actually know if there would be more trials inside the temple, or if finding the temple was itself the trial, but Mari had learned by now to prepare for the harder road.

"Have you ever heard of something like that? A temple magically hidden, maybe even moving?"
Freya Carstensen

Freya couldn't breathe, even though the water wasn't splashing over her entire head. It did get in her eyes, and when something happened and the goblin creature was forced off of her, she rolled over, sputtering and coughing. She crawled away frantically, or at least tried to, but the sudden effort caused another shooting pain, and she stopped, clutching her side.

There were people around her, people she didn't even recognize for a moment until she remembered where she was and what had happened. They were saying things, but she didn't hear any of them, just a muffled murmur. Water in her ears or something? No, she just... couldn't think straight. She tried to get to her knees, but ended up just sitting on her side at the edge of the water, still trying to catch her breath. Her clothes were soaked through, her dark hair dripping.

A sudden pain made her wince and double over, before she realized that Brenton had pressed something against her side. She glanced down, catching a glimpse of the hole in her top, and blood slowly seeping out and staining the gauze. No, idiot, don't look, don't look. She hadn't been hurt like this since, well...

She closed her eyes. "Th-thank you," she stammered, not really sure to whom. Everyone that had just prevented her from dying, she supposed.
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