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Can't beat my own demons, so I beat up fictional ones instead. It's fun!
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There could be a hundred hours in a day and I still wouldn't get around to half the things I need to do.
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Toss a coin to your waitress, oh valley of plenty...
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Something about winter makes me want to curl up on the couch, wrap myself in a blanket, and join way more RPs than I have time for.
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This is the kind of site where you think about it every day even if you haven't actually done anything here for months. Or is that just me?



Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Luminosity, but feel free to call me Lumi or Lum. If you're here, I suppose that means you have some interest in me, my writing, or in roleplaying with me. Here's a bit about me and my preferences. In general, if you want to talk, about RPing or anything else, just shoot me a PM. I always try to make time for new friends.

About Me


I'm in my 20s, female, and currently trying to figure out how that whole "being an adult" thing works. I've been roleplaying on this site for a while off and on, but in general I've been roleplaying for over ten years, here and there. I'm on US Central Time currently.

Writing Level
My writing level on this site varies from casual to advanced, though the sweet spot is usually around 3-5 paragraphs per post. If I'm feeling inspired I tend to write kinda long posts, so be warned. I've never been a free-level roleplayer, and writing that little per post is typically something that makes me lose interest.

I love RPing, but I am busy quite often, and so my posting rate will vary. Sometimes I'll be able to post multiple times a day, and sometimes I won't be able to post more than once a week. Please keep this in mind if you'd like to RP with me. Also that more applies to 1x1's, I do my best to be consistent if I'm joining a group RP. My normal writing times for RP are first thing in the morning or somewhat late at night, but sometimes I can squeeze posts in during the afternoon.

I'm mostly into fantasy or sci-fi RPs, with a good dose of adventure and action. In terms of mature content, I prefer a certain level of realism, and I'm totally fine with language and gore (I actually really like writing fight scenes). I'm happy to write romance, but I really prefer not to force it or have it be the main focus of a roleplay, but rather something that happens naturally if it feels right for my character. I've never written smut/sex scenes without fading to black, and it's not something I'm especially interested in trying. I enjoy group RPs as well as 1x1's, and while I've GMed in the past, I don't do it very often now, due to stress and time constraints.

I really only RP as female characters here, as that's just my personal preference. I write all kinds in lots of genres in my personal work, but I RP here to simply write what I enjoy most. I'm fine with taking on minor characters or NPCs of any gender if the RP needs it, though.


Do You Play League of Legends?

I used to! You can probably guess who my favorite champion is. I haven't played in a long time, though, since I was never very good and ran into one too many unpleasant online experiences. I still follow the game for all of the amazing art and characters it produces, and I'm interested in the upcoming titles in that universe that aren't MOBAs.

So What Do You Play?
Lately? Apex Legends, Mortal Kombat 11, Final Fantasy (VII, VII Remake, VIII, XII, a real FF trip lately), and Resident Evil 3.

That's about it! Thanks for the interest, and if you want to get in touch, don't hesitate to send a PM my way. See you around :)

Active Roleplays

Into the Depths, GMed by DesperatePerson - I play Fiona de Valencourt
Escaping the Faewoods, GMed by LuckyBlackCat - I play Freya Carstensen
Chasing the Light, 1x1 with rocketrobie2 - I play Valerie, Princess of Aurivale
Nightfall, 1x1 with LordOfTheNight - I play Mari, Ninth Daughter of Rán

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Freya Carstensen

Freya jumped at the yowling of the cat, and exhaled an annoyed breath. Great, let's just start throwing rocks at everything... She really wasn't sure what to make of most of her new companions. They didn't seem like people she'd be friends with normally, but then again, Freya hadn't had much luck making any new friends lately.

Aubrey seemed level-headed enough, though, and Freya was in full agreement with her decision to get a move on. She caught up and fell in a half-step behind on Aubrey's left, slowing to match her pace. "Not sure that cat was tame..." She shook her head, wondering why she'd led with that. "Um. I'm sorry about your sister. I'll try to keep an eye out for her." She didn't know how many of the others were simply going to look out for themselves. Most, probably, and it'd be the smart thing to do, Freya guessed. Not her way, though.

A few moments later, a cry cut through the air, a young person's. Freya exchanged one glance with Aubrey, and then she was off, accelerating to a run and expecting that at least a few of the others would be behind her. Were there more of them, scattered elsewhere? Was it Aubrey's sister?

No, as it turned, it was a young boy, trapped on the muddy bank of a lake. The greenery surrounding it was far more than just green, but Freya was distracted by the green-skinned creatures harassing the child. "...what the fuck?" Freya said breathlessly. There was no time to question it. They looked like vicious little shits, and the boy seemed terrified. Freya wasn't the most imposing of the group physically, but she was the first to arrive, and wasn't just going to stand there.

She'd played soccer when she was little, and it was those memories that she channeled as she charged forward, boots sinking an inch into the mud with each step. She wound up, and made to kick one of the goblin-things right in its pointy teeth.

Fiona de Valencourt

It was hard for Fiona not to feel small as she was carried along in the stream of recruits headed for the castle. Many were taller than her, broader, and more heavily armored. Some were grizzled veterans of crusades, others fresh-faced like herself. They all had to feel the excitement of the moment, though, surely. This was what they'd been working towards all these years.

Her small size did have one advantage, as Fiona was able to linger in the shadow of a much larger, armored man while the announcements were made, the sergeants were introduced, and the names were called. She couldn't imagine enduring this heat for long wearing so much metal.

Names were called, and called some more, and the area steadily cleared out, though thankfully Fiona's pillar of shade was one of the unlucky few that had to stand around through the whole process like herself. She stood at attention the whole time, hands clasped neatly in front of her, but the de Valencourt name was never called.

For a specific reason, it seemed. She followed the man Virgil into the relative and welcome cool of the castle interior, trying not to get too distracted as she walked by the marvels of the architecture.

I was... chosen? A moment of doubt seized Fiona when she heard and comprehended the reason, that she would be among the very first few to venture an organized mission into the Abyss. Why me? Was it because of her family? She didn't feel exactly qualified for the honor, even if it was the sort of thing her training had been for. She forced the thoughts to stop. It didn't matter why. All that mattered was the duty that had been asked of her.

"I will," she answered, firmly, and suddenly aware that she was the first to do so. She glanced around at the others in the group really for the first time. Some looked far more experienced than her, but not all. They were a diverse group of fighters, by the looks of them.

Fiona had a thousand questions she wanted to ask, but it didn't seem like the proper time, so she held her tongue, and nodded at Virgil.
Luminosity's Characters

Just a little place to gather my finished character sheets for safe keeping :)

Below you'll find adventurers, artists, princesses, witches, and more on the way...
Freya Carstensen

We're quite the little group, aren't we?

Freya was an attentive listener, but even for her picking up bits and pieces of information from the rest of the unfortunates stuck here was difficult. Two different people were looking for someone they'd lost; that was easy enough to understand. Freya hadn't lost anyone, being alone when she passed out. She just hoped her friends wouldn't go back looking for her. Would her car still be there? Her things?

Her things. Freya's hands went to her front pockets, finding her phone there. Good, still over half battery. Bad, no signal. She immediately turned it off and slipped it back into her pocket. Otherwise, just car keys without a car to go in, and some useless hair ties.

Back to people-watching. Two of the boys seemed to know each other. She caught one name, Brent. The twin girls were Aina and Hannei, the boy that helped them Marcus... were there more? It was hard to tell if they were missing anyone in the tall grass.

Brent's story seemed similar enough to her own. "Yeah, I... I'd pulled over, I was driving behind some friends of mine but I lost them. Tried to figure out where I was, and then it's like you said: light-headed, and then faint. I've never fainted before in my life."

Freya didn't like the thought of staying here long, wherever here was, but she wasn't the type to take charge of a group this big, especially when all of them were complete strangers to her. She went back to people-watching, lingering on the edges of the group and the clearing, but she couldn't help but feel like someone was watching her, and before long she was more interested in peering into the depths of the woods than listening to everyone else. They all seemed just as confused as she was.
Freya Carstensen

Dark memories swirled in Freya's sleeping mind.

At the sound of someone's voice calling out, she stirred, like trying to swim to the surface from the depths, nearly drowning on her way up. When she broke the surface and came to her senses, it was with gasps and panted breaths. Damn nightmares. She sat up, bare hands feeling thick undergrowth in the forest floor she'd been unconscious on.

Wait... am I still dreaming? It sure didn't feel like it. She blinked rapidly, trying to slow her breathing, and she finally realized there were other people around, some asleep, some awake, and suddenly Freya felt self-conscious for the panicked state she awoke in. She awkwardly brushed loose hair out of her face, her forehead damp with sweat.

"I'm... I'm okay," she finally answered, looking up at the boy who'd asked from her seat on the ground. She tried to rise, only for a bout of dizziness to come over her, forcing her back to a knee. "At least I think I'm okay."

Nothing about her surroundings looked familiar, like nothing she'd ever seen before, like... not even earthly. She'd seen her fair share of nature documentaries, and nothing like this place ever came up.

"I'm Freya, by the way. Does anyone know what's happening? Anyone remember anything?"
Fiona de Valencourt

Today's the day...

Fiona de Valencourt took a deep, steadying breath. Not the first of the day, and likely not the last. She was eager to put her skill to use, to make the years of difficult training worth something, but that didn't stop the fluttery feeling of butterflies in her stomach. The abyss isn't as it seems, she'd been warned. She'd heard that a few times now, others telling her sister Sophia the same before she took her sword off to Zion, while Fiona still had to finish her training. It was the path that all de Valencourts took now, ever since the fortress on the edge of the abyss had begun.

She wished she could spend more time in the city. Fiona visited the de Valencourt house first, seeking out her sister. Her uncle had a fair amount of power in Zion, and commanded troops in defense of the city. Sophia was one of them, long since assigned to combat the flow of demons that tried to emerge from the darkness each and every day.

"I can't believe you're getting to take the fight to them before I do," Sophia complained, as they walked the streets together. The first order of business was making sure Fiona was well-stocked for the road ahead, though a bit of sightseeing was in order as well. "I think I'll be stuck defending the walls of this place forever."

"You'll get your chance," Fiona assured her. "Most likely they'll need to send you in next, to rescue me." She was mostly joking, but Sophia didn't seem to find it amusing.

"You haven't seen what comes out of that place, Fi. People die defending this city each and every day." She hesitated, noticing Fiona's concern. "Not me, though, obviously, no demon's going to cut me down, just... look. Watch your back, okay? You can't count on God to do that for you. And don't feel like you have anything to prove, okay?"

"I have to do my part," Fiona argued. "It's what I've been training for. I won't let others take all the risk, especially if I can make a real difference." She got the sense that wasn't what her big sister wanted to hear, so she backpedaled. "But... I'll be careful. Okay? Happy?"

"Sure. Peachy." Sophia sighed, and hugged her, before she held her by the shoulders and glanced up and down her length. "Hey, you make the family colors look pretty good, you know?"

Fiona rolled her eyes and groaned. "Ugh, please, let's just keep going."

The sisters carried on through the city, chattering about lighter things the rest of the way. It was overwhelming in so many ways: the buildings, the people, the heat, the activity. Fiona had never seen anything like it in her journey from the north, from the homeland of the de Valencourts. The sight of the sea had taken her breath away, but nothing compared to this city. If only she had more time...

But the call to arms for the recruits put an end to that, and set the butterflies to action yet again. Reluctantly she parted from her sister, and made her way to the imposing castle in the distance: a testament to the strength of those that had come to this place before her.

Fiona took another deep breath, and made her way inside, her head held high. Her ancestors were watching her, she knew. She had to make them proud.
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