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Current Officially back into it! It being Rp.
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Trying to get back into it.
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Happy to be here! :D Looking forward to makin' some friends~



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I've been going through a bit of melancholy remembering the "good ol' times". I had an Rp partner that was perfection in how we explored topics, the writing was on point, we had a lot of fun OOC, etc...

Anyone else have a twinge of nostalgia for former Rp partners? Wish to share those old times and commiserate with one another?
Updated with a few more scenarios that I've been thirsty for! :D
Updated my resume, as it were, haha!
Hidy ho! My name is Mai Lynn. I've been Rping since 1999 and have been obsessed ever since.

I am mostly looking for MxM Rps but I am open to anything! :D Please read on and if anything suits your fancy, don't hesitate to hit me up. Please be 18+ as I do enjoy the smuts~

About Me

-I enjoy OOC chatter and have fun creating interesting scenarios/worlds together! I very much enjoy the aspect of Rp where both parties participate and bring something to the table.
-I love having multiple paragraphs and going into the minds of our characters. Whether it's 1 paragraph or 5, I don't mind! We can write what best suits the scene.
-I do enjoy throwing more than one character into the mix but if that feels a bit too much for you, no worries! You'll find I'm very eager to go with the flow.

Where to Rp

While I am comfortable doing the PMs here, I can more easily use/reach Discord. You can find me at WingedRivers #5068 .

Types of Rp

Horror - the bloodier, the better! Let's torture our characters together and force them to work on surviving. This includes vampire stuff too! (This would be strictly MxM)
Fantasy - a whole new world where we can have fun with magic and create something amazing together! (Any kind of pairing would be fun!)
Slice of life - drama and angst would be fun but as long as it gets resolved in some sexy ways that's even better~ (MxM prefered)
Paranormal - don't like hardcore fantasy? That's fine! We can have fun where the world has a little bit of magic or maybe some ghosts are running rampant. (Any pairing!)

Specific Romantic Scenarios

(When it comes to MxM, I am definitely down for those sexy smutty scenes, con or non-con! I will give FxF a try, but it needs to be con. MxF is a bit tentative for me and absolutely has to be con. If you don't mind being a little patient, I'll do my best for you.)

-Skeptic x Witch/Sorcerer/Ghost
-Sugar Daddy x Shy Boi
-Injured Bad Guy x Runaway
-OT3 scenarios <3
-Executive x Underling (or any kind of power dynamic)
-Demon/Supernatural Powerful Entity x Sixth-Sense Sensitive Human (Melbourne, see below XD)

My Main Thirst: A Meaty Male for Melbourne

Melbourne Lee Patterson is one of my oldest, dearest OCs. He's a lanky 20-something year old standing at 5'9" and is pale; pale skin, pale blond hair, pale blue eyes. He tries his best, can be awkward, anxious, and suffers from depression (tw: he does self harm). He holds many secrets and very much enjoys his privacy. He's an artist, a cat lover, and definitely is down 'n dirty when it comes to sex, though he has two large triggers. Sometimes his morals override any sense of survival which has gotten him into a few troubles... especially with the dark, handsome Villain, as it were...

@Hellion Thank you so much! :D I'm addicted to Instagram, hahaha! And the BJD, it's such an amazing hobby where you can actually customize and own your OCs.
Thank ye everyone!
Welcome to Tiny Wings Craft Shop!

I am Mai Lynn and I have been crafting since 2007. My little business has become a passion of mine and I hope to create something unique for you to enjoy! My services include tiny hats, hair pieces, fun ears (from cats to bunnies!), art featuring anything from your OCs to fanart to portraits, and tarot readings.

I hope to include pictures 'n at of my art and my hats for yins to see! For now, please don't mind the mess as I make myself home here in this wonderful little forum~

I have a few sites for you to visit if you so desire:

Recently re-opened the shop and have listings for hats, hairbands, and commissionable services!
I am most active on here and you can find examples of my art via #mailynndraws .
A great place to find out my latest sales! Plus if you wish to give a tip ;)
A general link to explore my different services.

Thank you!
-Mai Lynn

Hi ho! I'm interested, I'll DM you X3
Hello there! My name is Mai Lynn~ Obviously I'm here to make friends and have fun with Rping! A little about me:

-I'm in my 30s
-Been Rping since 1999
-Big cat lover and have 3 cats
-I collect ABJD - Asian Ball Jointed Dolls
-Halloween is the best holiday

I am incredibly friendly and love positivity! Despite that, I am not a fan of fluffy Rps and would prefer to delve into the more dark and gore-filled worlds of horror and fantasy. <3

Thank yins for reading this and I look forward to making some new friends! X3
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