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Oh, I am very interested in this! Hopefully there will be room for one more!

Sweet Jesus, I finally finished her! Sorry it took me so long to complete this, but to be honest it's not finished finished. It's pretty much just a rough character profile because I had to push myself to finish it up, and because of that it's all a little rushed. So I'll go back in the future to edit and possibly add a few things. But for now, this is what I have!

If anyone would like to discuss a relationship with Rosie, just PM me! Otherwise I'm just going to guess at first impressions for everybody :)

Here she is! Please let me know if I should adjust or change anything. I am going to PM you the rest of what you asked for in just a few!

Also still willing to make a male character as well.

@rougeLily I already started a CS on a female character, but if it's okay by you, I would be more than willing to double up and make a male character as well.
Is there room for me to join? This looks super cute!
Interested but also spooked and afraid I'm going to die tonight??
I'm writing up a character! Should be done shortly!
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