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I'm Link. I'm a 22 year old college senior (!!) in the US. I am majoring in Psychology and I plan to take that all the way yo (Just call me professor cool. (please do not actually do that)). In my free time, I'm into gaming, anime, a number of tv shows, and lazing around :p
I used to RP on another forum years ago. I haven't in a while, but I hope to fix that now. I would say I'm an okay writer, but I have my moments (or so I like to think). I'm mainly interested in original stories, but that's not to say I'm averse to any in an established universe.
Please feel free to PM me for any reason whatsoever. Like no seriously. Bored? Go for it. Angry with me? Let it all out. Need that special brand of comfort only an internet stranger can provide? I mean, I'm not not an internet stranger!
I like to watch the chat, but I'm bad at joining in on bigger conversations. So like I probably want you to pm me more than you think.

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Or, y'know, don't. I'm a sign, not a cop
I'm definitely interested
Sorry, again for not posting.
This time I can honestly say I have no idea what to post. I've been trying for several days but I just don't know where to go with it.
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The girl shook her head at Bruce's question. Good, that would've been awkward, he thought to himself as he noticed the other man looking at him. There was a short pause before the man spoke: "What is your designation?" The wording caught Bruce off guard. My designation? Oh, he must mean my name. Of course.

Before he could answer, the girl struggled out an answer, stuttering a bit. "I'm...Johanna...Johanna Hawkins."

"I'm Bruce Harnel, nice to meet the both of you!" he said cheerfully. He downed the rest of his drink and went to retrieve the rest of his equipment from his room. Actually, I don't think I ever caught the other man's name. Oh well, there'll be plenty of time for that.

Back in his room, Bruce donned his helmet and began to inspect the rest of his gear while he waited.

Once the Alamo arrived at its destination, Raptor squad moved to meet with... someone, likely the captain. Bruce wasn't privy to the details, his orders would come soon enough and that would be plenty for him. Once they reached the main, the already brief conversation was cut even shorter by an explosion. The combat was about to begin.

Shortly thereafter, Bruce received the orders he was waiting for: "I suggest at least three people join him to protect the Babylon from boarders. Everyone else head back to the Alamo before one of those mortar shells gets us or the ship. Let's move it people!"

"Welp, that would be my cue," Bruce said to the rest of the squad "my ship is old and as much as I love her, she's not built for something this big." Even if this might not be that big... He immediately made his way towards the Babylon IV, wanting to learn the layout in the short time he had left.
Hey, I want to apologize for not posting in a while. I started working this week so I'm trying to get into the swing of things. I should be posting more soon, hopefully I should be able make one before the circle tonight but I dunno.
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@Prince of Seraphs That's the exact kinda thing I was talking about. Gonna go fix that
Also I never said Bruce was observant
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Alright, that takes care of my first post. Again, sorry for the wait.
I don't think I made any glaring mistakes, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
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Bruce woke from his sleep feeling more rested than usual. Not too unusual considering he was used to sleeping on his, admittedly cramped, starship, but something still felt off. He moved to check his nearby datapad and immediately two things stood out to him: The notification in the corner and the time. The notification was likely some mission or something, it could wait, because the time was about 45 minutes later than it should have been when he woke up.

One word was going through Bruce's mind, albeit many, many times, as he dressed himself appropriately enough for breakfast: crap. With that taken care of, he jogged out the door and towards the mess hall. Once he arrived, he felt a wave of relief fall over him, for multiple reasons. Not only were people still getting settled, for the most part, but there were other people!

As he hadn't been awake for very long, Bruce decided to skip any food and instead just grabbed a glass of juice and sat down at the nearest table with the most people at it (though not by much). Down the table sat a young man with a cybernetic eye and remarkably pale skin. He was looking across at girl with a smaller frame and some mutations who looked quite uncomfortable. He couldn't get a solid read beyond the obvious on either of them.

As he settled in, he remembered the notification from earlier and decided to check it. Three missions available for the whole team to vote on. A siege, an escort, and a defense. He could also see the votes for each mission, though not specifically. Escort mission, huh? Not my first choice, but hey, what're you gonna do? He put the datapad away and turned his attention back to the two others at the table.

"Good morning!" he said heartily, "Have I missed anything important?"
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Hey, I've been pretty busy the past two days so I'm sorry I don't have a post up yet. I'm gonna try my best to have one up tonight, but it might be closer to tomorrow afternoon.
EDIT: Yeah, it'll have to be tomorrow. I don't have enough time tonight. I'm gonna try to get it up in the early morning though
@SUN That was definitely one of my favorites as well. I think my all time favorite of theirs is the Trauma Center series. The Silent Hill series, Katamari Damacy, and any game show ones are up there as well
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