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Katty was a natural. More than that honestly. If there was a "best" all around member it was probably her, though Red came in at a close second.

Yay, the teacher gave me a gold star.
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You have no proof of that.
My sincerest apologies for how late that was but life's been kicking my ass recently.
The Phantom Girl

Friday, July 30th, 2043

While the Batman was preoccupied with her teammates Phantom Girl made a beeline for the weapons rack. By her estimation Jude and Red were Batman's biggest threats. G-Man was too unguarded to be able to adapt to a situation this quickly and Accel's condition lent itself much better to support. In a direct confrontation her perception left her at a disadvantage. That left Red who was already trained for this sort of environment and assault and Jude who's strength must surely have kicked in at the peril of his teammates. As she was isolated it stood to reason for Phantom Girl that Batman would deal with the larger group first. It was would be a waste of his surprise attack if he targeted her leaving the others time to organize themselves. She had time to reach her goal, even if it was limited.

Arriving at the weapons rack in seconds thanks to her night vision googles. Phantom Girl scanned it searching for something specific. Spotting them at the bottom she wasted no time to claiming her weapon of choice. They were essentially electrified brass knuckles. A band that stretched over the knuckles and curled around the hands. The underside was insulated to prevent shocks to the user. Phantom girl slid them over her hands, amped up the voltage as high as it would go and turned toward her teammates.

Her timing couldn't have been any worse. Just as she looked at them Accel set of something akin to a flash grenade. Despite her night vision Phantom Girl was still rendered momentarily blind by the intense and sudden change in light levels. She blinked in rapid succession trying to clear her vision. When finally she could see again G-Man was on the floor. Not that she'd expected him to remain upright even this long but it meant one less obstacle for Batman to deal with. The flash grenade had another effect though. It had filled the room with a light smoke. Looking into it Phantom Girl knew that this must have been Accel's goal all along. In the smoke was a Batman shaped void.

Knowing her opportunity wouldn't last long Phantom Girl broke into a fast but silent run. She leapt over the table they'd very recently been eating pizza off of and aimed two electrified punches in quick succession at Batman. Not waiting to see if she'd done any damage Phantom Girl activated her intangibility and dove through the Bat. Landing on the other side in a crouch she quickly spun in an attempt to sweep his legs out from under him with her own. It wouldn't take him out but it would be much easier to deal with an off balance Batman.
I'll get something out tonight.
Probably a post from Skwint and Pathfinder would be desirable but technically all we need is a Batman post.
Does anyone know what happened to @Emma?
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