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@Prince of Seraphs
Compassion Man? Sorry but I couldn't help but find that a little funny. Should I do a relationship thing to add to Jude's profile as well?

You didn't list a superhero name and I don't like empty spaces. Would Helper Guy have been better?

Most of us did the relationship sections after we'd posted a few times in the IC once we had a feel for everyone's characters. Feel free to do one now though if you like.

@Demon Shinobi@ProPro@Skwint@Pathfinder I'd say that just about does it. If there is any other important information that surfaces over the course of the RP I will add it to the 0th post.

Shall we begin?
Titans 2043:
Heroes of Tomorrow

It always begins with a Robin. Matthew McGinnis, after the revelation that his older brother was Batman also discovered that an illicit program called Project Batman Beyond had result in Terry and Matt being the biological sons of the original Batman, Bruce Wayne. To Matt there was little doubt what his next step was. As a legacy of the first Batman and brother of the current one Matt would take on the mantle of Robin and become a protector of the city. This idea though was dashed by Terry. He didn't want his brother in that kind of danger. Bitter and angry Matt vowed that no matter what Terry thought he would prove his worth. Matt stormed from his brother's apartment with his Robin uniform determined to show that he could be just as effective as Batman. Like Robins of the past Matt knew what he must do. To be able to measure up to the caliber of hero that Batman was he'd need a team. Matt set out to form the Teen Titans for this era.

Matt sought out other amateur heroes, ones with strange abilities that they used to help as best they could whether they be metahuman, mutation or magic. To his cause the latest Robin recruited six heroes who ranged from legacies of the Golden Age to high school students, to those with nothing left but their cause. During their first mission they ran afoul of Batman. The clashing of the Titans with Batman resulted in their target escaping. Furious with each other the fight between the brothers came to blows. Matt had no chance of taking on the more experienced Batman or his suit, but when the other young heroes came to Matt's aid it truly became a brawl. Though the result saw Batman disable each of the Titans in turn their skills and powers in some small way earned his grudging respect, though he'd never admit as much to Matt.

Just two weeks after they came together as a team a blow was struck at the very heart of the Titans. A horribly mutated woman capable of shifting into liquid form, Inque was a brutal mercenary willing to do any job for the right price. Paid by an unseen force who knew the secret of the Batman, she killed Matthew McGinnis and left his body, bloody and lifeless for Terry to find. Terry was enraged and grief stricken. He had tried to keep Matt out of this life for fear that this day would come. That he would lose Matt completely. At the insistence of Bruce Wayne whose health in recent years had started to fail Terry contacted the young heroes of his brother's team. To honor him, Terry took it upon himself to train these new Titans.


The DC Animated Universe's Beyond Universe, taking place in the 2040s was sadly extremely underused. Though Batman Beyond was one of the pillars on which newer DCAU properties like Justice League would be built after it's cancellation the universe that it created received only a handful of cameo appearances though the use of time travel from present set DCAU properties. This has always been to me and others a great shame. The Beyond Universe had a lot of potential. We're here to tap into some of it. As outside of Batman and Neo Gotham City only a handful of things are known of the Beyond Universe this grants a great deal of freedom for exploration of DC properties reborn into this new era and entirely unique ideas invented by our industrious cast for the amusement of all. We will take an iconic team of heroes, the Teen Titans and reimagine them for a new age with a new cast of heroes, some reinvented or descended and some entirely made up by us. If this interests you please feel free to inquire about joining though be warned that the Teen Titans are not the Justice League Unlimited. We don't have an infinite roster and so will take only the best and brightest. Without further ado, welcome to TITANS 2043: HEROES OF TOMORROW!

Beyond Universe General Information

Player/Character Roster


I've sent a PM to those that we are interested in. To the rest I am sorry if you did not get accepted or did not get a chance to put in a CS for consideration. I wish you luck in your future RPs.
@Pathfinder@Thecrash20@Dead Cruiser@TTP@Sanctus Spooki@CallSignCorsair
Just want to make sure everyone got the message, if you want to submit a CS or have alterations to make to the one you already put in you've got three days left before we take everything in for consideration. Good luck to everyone and thank you for your interest.
@Sanctus Spooki For Magic as with an power it is fine as long as it's capabilities and limits are defined and it doesn't become a fix all for any problem the team may face.
Mostly elements from BotW and OoT but several others too.

That's unfortunate, I think in that case I'm going to have to bow out. Breath of the Wild dumbed down and gutted too many of the ideas and settings I loved from older Zelda games for me to want to play in a world based on it.
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