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Welcome to the guild, @Mavro. Fate RPs occasionally pop up here now and then, so you might be able to find one if it fancies your interest. That said, there were a few RWBY RPs awhile back, but I haven't seen any lately. Urban fantasy stuff tends to pop up quite a bit, though.

It's def great seeing all of the warm welcomes, as far as things go, haha. Part of the reason I actually came around was cause of the couple Fate based RPs that a few pals that frequent here showed me; pretty much all of which seemed like great fun for most parties. Some of which might have inspired a few meme character ideas on my side of things among others that I usually end up cooking up every now and then
Yo. New fellow here coming to look in at things. Seems like a cool setup and the like, haha. Guess there's not much else pertinent to say aside from general deets, I suppose

Big nerd here, a bit of a fan of a lot of urban fantasy and the like and I tend to drift from place to place (with some exceptions). General favored mediums tend to be (so far) Fate (and general nasuverse stuff), Library of Ruina and its adjacent series (Lobotomy Corp), RWBY(ish), Darwin's Game, and more!

Typically as far as roleplays go, I tend to be a mixed bag. No particular preferences either way but usually I take pretty well with a sorta slow-ish pace taken to things... though that might be a little more difficult to explain further than that.

I've been RPing for well over... 4ish years, probably going on five or six at this point and I'm sorta trying to expand my horizons and the like. I hope I'm not too much of a stranger to folks ^^;;
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