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Current It's... been so long. Life sure has a way of screwing with you and getting in the way. I'm so sorry everyone for my sudden disappearance! Hopefully I'll be back from now on if you'll have me!
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There will always be a song out there that fits how one can feel, though unfortunately it seems life favors sad songs the most.
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That boy is staring and I feel a chill...
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Nothing like making a pointless status update after 4 months!
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It's good to get back in the swing of things after a couple weeks away. And hopefully, this time, I plan to stay!


I'm just your average, everyday roleplayer who mainly resides in Terraria's community forums.

Lots of stuff has happened in my life the last few months that I needed to dedicate my time to until I could reach a stable, well, time again. I'm so sorry if I worried anyone here, I made a lot of friends that I feel I abandoned with no explanation as to why. But what matters is, I think I've reached enough stability to RP again!

Anyway, generally speaking, I try to be a good person. I do my best to improve, I try to listen to criticism with an open ear, and I don't like to argue. There's so much potential here... It's awesome really. I just hope I can contribute something worthwhile.

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There was a light at the end of the tunnel approaching at an alarming rate as Saffron stood on the tracks, the resolve he had just found wavering as a chance to escape dwindled. But, could he really consider it an escape if he had chosen to get on the tracks? Of course not, and while his heart quivered and his mind seemed to race, he had accepted death. That it was alright to be scared, that it even made sense to be scared. But that was the future he had chosen, and as such, he closed his eyes and awaited his demise. It happened so fast, his body didn't even have a time to register it.

When the noise suddenly vanished, he opened his eyes to reveal nothing. As if the world had faded out of existence, or perhaps it was him that had faded. But just as soon as he noticed this void did it immediately get replaced with a field of grass, with a wide variety of flowers he had never even seen before. He looked up, shocked to see that there was a sky above them when what was most likely mere seconds ago they were inside the subway. He touched his skin and arms to make sure he still had feelings in his body, laughing to himself hysterically that he felt alright and more importantly, alive.

I'm alive! Haha! Holy shit that's awesome!

It didn't seem like the ghost girl he had feared had lied at all, and yet he had just died and somehow came back to life. It really was a new beginning, one far away from the troubles that used to get inside his head. For the first time in what felt like an eternity of despair, he had hope of what the future would bring. It was a shame that hope came at the cost of leaving his old life behind for the time being, but to Saffron, it felt like a small price to pay.

The others, too, seemed to have arrived in this place as well... The Irriss, was it? A realm between life and death, and here he stood in it's glory. Maybe standing in front of that train was an act of defiance, or maybe it was a way to express his feelings of hopelessness at his current situation, but to Saffron now, none of that mattered. While he didn't know anything about this world or the mask he held, he felt as if he had some sort of control in his life now.

But as the others mingled and began to ask questions, Saffron stood aside from them all, not in the slightest concerned. The ghost girl had been straight with them for the most part, and while it only took standing in front of a train to realize that, it added to the reassuring feeling that this was the right decision in the end. Among those around him, there were several familiar faces, and much to his surprise, it seemed his coworker had followed him here. He didn't even remember her being in the subway in the first place, and if he was being honest, it slightly dampened his mood seeing her here.

Why did she decide to come here? Didn't she have a future awaiting her? Whatever, it's not my problem. She can do whatever she wants, and so can I!

By now, someone had already put on the mask they held, and to a very disturbing result. For a second, he glared down at his own mask, moving his hand across the jaded and jagged obsidian and the smooth topaz. The duality of the mask was alluring in a way, and holding it in hand gave him a slight sense of power. In a way, it suited his own desires of strength. Looking back at the group, another one put on their mask, and looking at her, he knew it was the girl he had jumped on the tracks first. He didn't remember her name, but at least for her it brought joy.

He glanced back down at his own mask, and for a second it was if time had stopped in his mind. After all, he was being consumed with the desire to put on the mask, feeling like any sort of risk wouldn't outway the positives. But these thoughts were cut short when someone flew in front of him, startling him and causing him to almost drop the mask and fumble to catch it in the air.

This guy... why does he look familiar, Saffron thought, trying to remember where he had seen him, He knew my name...So... OH right! He's a regular at Johnny's. Guess nearly dying really does affect your memory haha!

He thought to himself, grinning like an idiot before processing what Ascot had to say.

Shit wait what. He wants us to lead the way? Wait, when did he get wings? Is that his semblance? Hang on that isn't what's important Saffron! Focus!

Before deciding to answer Ascot or acknowledge what he said, Saffron took several steps back, holding out a finger as to indicate for Ascot to hang on for a second. With no more hesitation, Saffron placed the mask upon his face, feeling it suddenly burst and coat him in darkness before exploding in a burst of flame. Saffron stood there, his eyes burning red and his hair suddenly blond with a long ponytail. His outfit had been replaced with the colors black and gold to signify the flame that burned in the darkness within himself. But what he felt was most important were the hovering fists beside him, both a literal and metaphorical symbol of his newfound strength. They were made out of some sort of metal, with magma almost acting as the hand.

He glared at Ascot, deciding it would be best to be blunt with the kid. He wasn't sure how to take the sudden confession, but Saffron certainly didn't feel weak or a desire to lean on someone else at the moment.

"You can lead if you want, but I don't think I'll join you. And now isn't the time to think about the real world, right? I don't get how you can think about the real world and what we'll do when we get back when you have this much power. I'm strong as the earth! This is exhilarating! I don't have an answer for you right now." He replied, taking it upon himself to distance himself from the others once more and waiting for something to happen. Releasing his semblance as an unfettered also made him somewhat tactless and rude, but at the very least he was honest. After all, this was a part of him he tried to hide, and now that it was unleashed he didn't see a point in holding back as much as he did before.

It was almost as if everything was happening within the blink of an eye, and yet it felt like an eternity sitting down, staring at the bag that held the mask beside him. Why? Why couldn't he do anything? His mind pleaded for him to move, to leave this accursed place once the option was given, and yet his body refused to find the will to take a chance. All he could do is stare at the bag, wide eyed and oblivious to the current circumstances as thoughts flooded his head. He didn't want to make a decision, he didn't want to take a chance, he didn't want to die for something that could be nothing but an illusion.

But it was then, staring at that mask, that he heard something resonate inside him; a voice that held a familiarity, and yet he knew for a fact he had never heard it before. It was like a punch in the gut, a solid strike in his mind that soon flooded his very thoughts and overshadowed them, and it kept getting louder. Another side of him repressed finally unleashing it's fury.

How long are you going to be this indecisive?! Don't you have the strength to carry yourself onward? Don't you want the strength to be able to help your father?! Pain is but a temporary psyche out that nullifies one's heart and mind, and the longer you wait the greater the chance you'll miss that train and never attain the strength to carry yourself forward!!

W...What do you mean... I-I'm fine...

Bullshit! You're pathetic, acting like you're sacrificing so much for your father, and yet you can even find that strength to visit him because you tell yourself this is all for his sake. You hate not going to school anymore, but you can't find it in yourself to think you could have managed school and work while making payments. You don't have the strength to fight back and take hold of your life. You're content with a hopeless situation and don't have any sort of strength to try and find a new angle. Well, here is the climb to strengthen your resolve.

But I... I don't really want to die...

If I could smash your doubt to pieces I would!! Find confidence that this will work out and tank through the pain like you think you're doing. You'll appreciate your sorry life if you step on the tracks now!! You'll find the strength to carry on with your life when you return, perhaps even find the strength to help your father more than you realize. But, you must first endure what lies ahead before you become as strong as the Earth itself. You'll be able to find a foundation that's as sturdy as a mountain, and have the fire of a volcano burn inside your soul to persist!!

Strength... I... I need to become stronger... To endure and persist... To find solutions... You're right...

It was as if Saffron's eyes had been opened, like a spark ignited something within his soul to face any obstacle steadfast, regardless of the obvious outcome. He didn't know what would lie ahead, nor did he care for the others around him. This was about finding his own way again, and he wasn't going to let anyone take that core ideal away.

Though as he began to get up, it was a horror show around him. A police officer stabbed... Another man shot, and another committing his own suicide. They all made a decision to come here regardless, and they all were going to die one way or another. Whether that is of their own volition and will or not, Saffron didn't think it would matter anyway.

This wasn't going to be the end, it was a new beginning. Even if it was the end, he felt confident enough that things would be better on the other side if this all was a ruse.

He remembered his feet landing on the tracks as he reached for his phone, barely able to hold onto it as the vibrations grew stronger with each passing second. A quick couple calls to his boss, informing him that he was more than likely not coming into work due to unexpected trouble, and finishing it with how he wanted to thank Johnny for taking him in when he needed help.

He placed it back in his pocket, standing firm on the tracks, eyes closed, as he awaited his demise.

Maybe someone would appreciate the fake flowers left on the bench, inside his bag.

This sounds interesting. I'll leave a like for now and keep an eye on it.
Saffron wasn't sure how much time had passed as he sat there, staring at the bag that had the mask. He wasn't sure what to do, and what was mere seconds turned into minutes, potentially hours? It was as if the concept of time was lost to him as he sat there, unsure of the voice and questioning what it meant by how he'd need the mask soon. I'm just going crazy, right? Stress and sleep deprived hallucinations, or something along those lines. There's nothing in the bag, I didn't hear her voice in my head... I'm just sitting here, waiting for my train to come, nothing more. He did his best to convince himself that, but deep down he felt that it was just a lie. And yet what had happened couldn't be true. He certainly didn't buy any mask at the stores he visited...

As he glanced up from his trancelike state of thought, he was surprised to see how many people had found themselves into the subway. Or rather, he was surprised how he didn't notice them coming. And yet, as he looked around he could feel some sort of silent tension among everyone. Something was going on here, but... what, and more importantly, why?

He supposed he got his answer when the last girl arrived down the steps, being led by a familiar being who made Saffron's skin crawl. He sat there, stiff as a board as she walked towards the tracks, turning to face everyone and telling him things he didn't want to hear. Ghost girl... the one from all the rumors. Shit, if that's true, then-
"The train is coming, after all."
The train I need to get home is... Saffron wasn't sure how to react to his current situation, trembling ever so slightly as he stared blankly downward. This was it, wasn't it? This was how he was going to die. Hit by the very train meant to take him closer to his home... And he didn't even get to say goodbye.

W-What's going to happen when I'm gone? Will he be alright? I-I can't just leave him, dammit! But, I can't even find the strength to move, let alone think clearly right now! I'm going to fucking die by some paranormal shit with the very train I was going to board, and all I can think about alongside that is why did I stay to shop?!

He couldn't comprehend how someone could be so calm as to ask questions to the ghost, as he felt himself that she would not reveal anything until death greeted them. He wanted to call the guy crazy, and yet here he was, terrified of the possibility that all of this was real. And it had to be real, they all couldn't be having some massive hallucination trip, right? He needed to find a grip on reality, or at the very least refuse to move at all. If he didn't leave this spot, he wouldn't be hit by the train and get killed, he could simply board it and get away from this situation and forget it like a bad nightmare.

It was only then that he heard a familiar voice nearby, causing Saffron to snap out of his despair and look up at Ascot. It took him a second to remember with all the thoughts buzzing through his head, and he blinked several times before recognizing the guy standing before him. He was a bit hard to miss, actually, as he frequented Johnny's to the point where everyone there considered him a regular. Saffron never minded him in the restaurant, and on occasion would make idle chit chat as he served him. Ascot said he was going to leave and that anyone who wants to do so should as well, but Saffron felt glued down to the place where he sat, shaking his head no out of nothing other than fear that moving would kill him. It was ridiculous, he knew that, but so was a Ghost girl rumor up until now.

"I can't afford to die or be taken, but I also can't afford to take a risk in leaving this spot." He stated rather bluntly, doing his best not to freak out and call Ascot insane for trying to leave. Of course, Saffron wanted nothing more than to get out of this situation as well, but the best way to do that in his eyes was wait for the train that he'd been waiting on already and simply, well, get on it. Stay still until the train stopped, jump on board, and forget this ever happened. That was his plan, and he swore he'd stick to it.
“Thanks for stopping by guys, make sure to come back again and have an awesome day!” Saffron called from behind them by the tables, waving at the customers who were leaving the restaurant and watching as they exited. As soon as the door shut behind them, the smile he had faded and his body slumped forward slightly, giving off a slight sigh of relief. The place was now empty, save for Saffron and Johnny himself, which meant that he could focus on the new dishes he’d have to clean left by the students. Glancing at the clock, it was clear that recently the school day would have ended an hour ago or so, explaining the sudden influx of them stopping by to eat. Of course, it wasn’t that many people, but it was enough that Saffron could take note of the time. Just a couple more hours left until his shift was over… And then? Well, he wasn’t really sure.

Not like now was the time to think about it, there were new dishes to pick up and clean after all, and he’d wasted enough time just standing around. Going over to the booth they had been in, he stacked the plates in one hand and grasped the glasses of half drank soda in his other, passing through the swinging door that leads into the kitchen. Immediately, he began to clean them, his mind drifting towards what he should do after work.

I could go grocery shopping, but I think I’ll be fine for a week or two if I skip a meal each day. The flower shop had some nice carnations that I’m sure he’d appreciate when he gets to see them, but… they’re too expensive. Not to mention I’m not sure what flowers he likes. Hmmm…

Saffron frowned, placing the plate off to the side to dry and picking up the next, beginning to scrub and do the usual routine with dishes.

Actually, I think I could probably find some fake, cheap flowers. They’d definitely last long enough, and I could buy some emergency fabric if I need to sew a patch if I get a hole in my clothes. It’ll look tacky, but at the very least it’ll save money in the long run. Batteries would be nice too, but I’d have to make sure to get the rechargeable ones this time… It’ll help in the long run again.

Saffron hastily reached for a paper towel, ripping a piece off to dry his hands and tossing it into the trash before returning back into the front of the cafe, having noticed a new customer come in.

“Hey there, welcome! Take a seat, take a seat, I’m Saffron, and I’ll be-”

Phew, last one! And not a moment to spare, my shift’s just about done! He thought, a smirk appearing on his face to a job well done. He had helped several people, and Johnny had even let him cook some of the meals with supervision, of course! If he kept giving it his all and working hard, he knew he’d learn a lot from his boss. Both with skills for work and maybe some lessons that could be used out of it?

Soon heading for the exit, he quickly turned and started to wave, beaming slightly at Johnny, or doing his best to appear like he was somewhat content. ”Thanks for the help today, boss! I’ll see you tomorrow!” He told him. Not looking ahead when he left Johnny’s, he quickly bumped into someone with his shoulder, knowing full well who it was and simply choosing to ignore it. He didn’t need the harassment, not today when he had to make sure to hurry and do some shopping. Not to mention he’d memorized the train schedules, and was hoping he’d avoid the person he’d seen there a couple times too. Creepy girl, really… Always there when he’d take the train home, trying to talk to him. Saffron always insisted on telling her to go away, but he hoped a slight change in his routine would mean avoiding her entirely. At the very least the trip could be decent to escape for a moment.

Leaving the last shop of several, Saffron felt proud that he didn’t spend as much as he had calculated, but by now it was well into the night. He facepalmed, soon realizing it wasn’t money that he had wasted, but time. He couldn’t believe he spent hours just to buy a couple things, and he lacked the enthusiasm to hurry and pick up his pace.

It’s fine, the trains still run this late, I think. It’s good that I’m out of the house anyway too, so nothing to worry about! He thought, trying to psyche himself up and stay moderately positive as he walked towards the station, gripping the plastic bags tightly to ensure it wouldn’t slip from his grasp as he reached a set of stairs that led to the subway. He yawned, fatigue hitting him slightly before he took his first step downward.

Ugh, I hardly did anything today and I’m already tired. I’ll uh, just sleep earlier tonight, that’ll probably help a bit. He wiped his face with his free hand, rubbing his eyes as he tried to wake up a bit. When he reached the middle of the stairs, a mysterious voice echoed through the subway, almost enveloping Saffron’s senses and causing him to halt his descension as he felt something was off.

“You’re awfully tired today, aren’t you?” It said, startling Saffron which caused him to look around anxiously. It sounded familiar…
”Head down the stairs and wait for your train… It’ll make sense soon.”
Well, it’s not like I have a choice… I do need to get home...

Upon reaching the bottom, he took a seat by the tracks, constantly glancing left and right as if he’d eventually see someone or something appear. But no, there was nobody down in this station tonight it seemed. He placed the bags next to him on the seat, leaning back when the voice came once more.

”You look tense. Maybe a good look at what you have in your bags will calm you?” Facepalming and questioning his sanity, he begrudgingly opened one of his bags, startled at the object that managed to find its way into it. Pulling it out revealed some sort of... masquerade mask? It was dark, course and jaded to the touch as if it was made of some sort of rock or gem, yet holding a mysterious elegance to it. It had a duality to it, with the black and yellow almost intertwining… The yellow side had cracks of obsidian, and the obsidian had cracks of yellow topaz.

“T-The hell?”
”It’s a mask, or your semblance, obviously. Quite nice, right? It’s my gift for the attention you gave me before… And trust me, ~you’ll need it soon~” It faded away, leaving him to stare at the mask, unsure of what to do. He knew now it was that girl that did this, but… did she really wait for him to be alone for this?! The situation was getting weirder by the second, and all he really could do was place it back in the bag and wait for his train to come.

I love Persona, and the questions I thought about have seemed to be answered so far. And so, you have my definite interest at the moment!
I'm interested. I used to love slice of life RPs here before I had to take time away, and this sounds like it has good potential!
It's been good for the most part Alex. Always nice to see your gifs still change in your sig.
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