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6 May 2017 3:28
Current There will always be a song out there that fits how one can feel, though unfortunately it seems life favors sad songs the most.
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29 Apr 2017 0:10
That boy is staring and I feel a chill...
20 Mar 2017 20:24
Nothing like making a pointless status update after 4 months!
27 Nov 2016 4:26
It's good to get back in the swing of things after a couple weeks away. And hopefully, this time, I plan to stay!
26 Nov 2016 2:46
Finally things have begun to slow down enough that I can check here, but sadly everything I was in died in my absence ;-; I'm so sorry!


I'm just your average, everyday roleplayer who mainly resides in Terraria's community forums. However, I've kinda distanced myself from my home forum as of late, and really only because I'm too nervous to attempt to return with so many thoughts circulating in my head, and a lot of them aren't that positive at the moment.

Not sure why'd you want to read this anyway, but hey, a bio is a bio and if you're trying to learn more about me, then I guess you get a little bit of backstory.

Anyway, generally speaking, I try to be a good person. I do my best to improve, I try to listen to criticism with an open ear, and I don't like to argue. There's so much potential here... It's awesome really. I just hope I can contribute something worthwhile.

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It's been good for the most part Alex. Always nice to see your gifs still change in your sig.
I've been eying this since it appeared, so why not! I've wanted to join another RP like this.

Ivy had been distracting herself with her psammokinesis before the ship encountered problems. She had seen Earth in the distance, wide-eyed in awe at how it appeared. It was much better than she could have imagined, but it lacked the design that a lot of homeworld colonies had. From what she could gather before leaving, along with discussing it with the other gems here, this used to be a colony, right? It made her question what went wrong, how a diamond could have been shattered here. And the one gem who did it, a 'Rose Quartz', were they still around? Ivy laughed a little to herself, shaking her head at such a question. Of course she wasn't, the Diamonds must have felt that this place wasn't worthy to be a gem colony, right? Or maybe that it was too much hassle.

Regardless of why this planet was still around, and despite the appearance of it, Ivy shrugged at the possibilities, regenerating sand from her gem to create several small spheres before having them spin in a circle above her hand until it hit her. The entire reason they were there was because of the cluster, so obviously that was the answer as to why Earth existed still.

It was then that the group entered the atmosphere and the ship began to malfunction in some manner, causing Ivory to instinctively generate enough sand to envelop her feet so that she stayed in place. Problems already? But they hadn't even touched down yet! She turned to their leader, who immediately shouted "E-everybody remember your training! Duck and cover!" before generating a shield, which was then followed by the moonstone assisting them. How smart! She wasn't sure if that'd be helpful, but it didn't seem like they had any other options at the moment. She shifted over to them, maintaining her supports on her feet when she arrived. If only there were more sand on the ship, she could have created something like a sand barrier or bubble to protect everyone in. But it seemed she'd have to rely on those designated to protect them for that.

Not to say Ivory couldn't handle herself, she was a gem designed for traversing unknown planets and territory, but it was reassuring to know they'd be accompanied by gems made for protection. And if they crashed down and were alright, Ivy vowed she'd find the way to the Cluster...
In Wrath of Darkness 22 May 2017 14:00 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Through the intros, Matthias had sat there, observing his new comrades with skepticism and worry. The skepticism came from how odd the group seemed to be at first sight, making him wonder if the phenomenon they were investigating was tied to The Other. Though, a strange beam of light could be anything at this point, but if it were connected to The Other, then he supposed that was why he was here. Either that, or it was due to his medical training, which was a reason to worry in his eyes. He supposed they did need medics on the field, but for such an important mission, shouldn't one with a bit more military training have come on this unusual mission? There were so many questions he felt could be answered, but he supposed that he'd find out in time. They chose him for a reason, and even if he wasn't confident in their reasonings, he knew he'd have to stick with it.

Soon, he had clasped his hands in front of him, where he laid his right fingers over his left, leaving his thumbs connected to create some sort of oval. It was a way he had been shown to calm down and assess the situation, taking short and slow breaths with his eyes closed, though his helmet blocked that view. He didn't want to take it off anyway, wanting to grow accustomed to having it on 24/7. After it seemed that the conversation was waiting for another participant, he decided he would have to speak.

"I could be here for a majority of reasons, but if I had to assume which ones, it would most likely be that I am both your medic and your seer. And it isn't the wild that's the problem, it's The Other... Regardless, I'll do my best to keep you all alive out there." He responded, attempting to sound calm despite the situation. Maybe it was just him that was nervous since he didn't have the most combat training outside Anselmo, but he wanted to help in ways where working in Anselmo was not an option. At least it would put his knowledge to use in a more... efficient way.
In Wrath of Darkness 22 May 2017 2:38 Forum: Casual Roleplay
so... it kinda posted twice...

In Wrath of Darkness 22 May 2017 2:36 Forum: Casual Roleplay
So as a status update, starting tomorrow I'll be stuck in a car for two days, which can be both good and bad. In a way I probably won't post due to the hassle, but I could dedicate some time to using my phone for typing up a post... when I'm not busy with my nephews.

If push comes to shove and you want to continue the story, my guy will probably be meditating in a way. Hands clasped in front of him, in such a way that his left hand is covered by his right, where his thumbs then meet upward and create a circle/oval.

So... yeah. That's a thing!

Um, sure I suppose! And yeah, it's been busy. I keep fluctuating between busy and not busy moments, but I'm not out of the game yet!
Acceptable casualties really.

Though, would it be alright if Rayes stay on the ship for the time being? I haven't really posted lately here, and I don't want to hold anyone back at the moment.
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