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Someone remind me to stop staying up into the next day. I'm way too tired to function as I write this.
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Hello people of this website! I'm a dude, I just really enjoy playing female characters, don't ask why 'cause I don't know. I'm something of a die hard Mass Effect fan, and that's about it.

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Well you know what they say, "Go to Heaven for the climate and Hell for the company."

That said I have no idea why I'm here. But I've enjoyed it so far.
This is important.

It was too late as Spook's hand latched onto Isis' elbow, her hand already in contact with the pillar. As it sunk in, her right hand met with the left and started to push, trying to at least slow the process of the stone absorbing her. It wasn't working as well as she hoped, evidenced by Isis' other hand meeting with the pillar as panic set into the girl. "Fuck, fuck, fuck... Isis, hang on to me!" Not like she had anything to hang onto her with, it was more to distract her from the fact that her arms were stuck in solid stone with evil doppelgangers trying to steal her blood. In a deft movement, the masked figure slipped between the beastmaster's extended arms and set her right arm across her chest, left hand closing on the victim's left should her and pushed harder. The toes of Spook's boots dug into the ground as she put up as much resistance as she naturally could. With no range between her and Isis, the owner of the panicking Duvari would be able to see past the tint of the lenses in Spook's mask.

Darting rapidly within, looking for a solution was one green eye on the right side of her face, and one blank eye on the left side. The left eye locked onto one of Isis' before the enigma spoke again. "C'mon Isis, stay with me! You're not gonna let a rock kill you, are you!?" She shouted before she dropped her left hand away. It reached her sidearm's holster and pulled the gun out, flicking off the safety before pointing it back at the obsidian pillar. With a few squeezes of the trigger, she fired at it three times in the hopes that, for one reason or another, the bullets would interrupt this horrid process somehow.
Hey it's you.

Just barely. 'Boutta start writing once I get something in order.
Hmmm... I'm debating whether or not to bring back Tiberius

*Someone quietly yells "Tibby" in the distance*
Okay I might have someone in mind that could hang out here.

EDIT: Never mind, I have noticed time stamps.

I've been waiting for a go ahead to write one. I usually hate intro posts but damn do I wanna get the gears turning here.
It's kinda quite here.

Jake gave the order to move in on the center of the crater, to which Spook answered by drawing her PDW and descending in ahead of the others. As she got closer and closer, she could feel the energy radiating off of the statue... it felt familiar, almost like a comfortable bed coaxing a weary traveler into a restful sleep. She could tell though, that the metaphorical bed had nails propped up under the comforter. "Guys, I'm telling you, I have a very bad feeling about this." Her right hand flexed around the grip of her gun, index finger pressing into the side of it to avoid accidentally spraying down the crew.

As they got even closer, the feeling of welcoming dread only grew stronger, like it was trying to get Spook to expose something about herself. Given the origin of the obelisk, she knew what it wanted, and she felt determined to do anything but give it the satisfaction. The conversation about stupid stuff people would do before touching the thing came up, and the enigma felt the need to contribute by taking her sidearm in her left hand, lowering the Fusilaut and facing Nate. "We can play that with my Jericho, long as someone else goes first." A grim chuckle sounded as she dropped the handgun back into its holster, sealing with a click around it. She then turned back around and looked at the black, glassy statue in time to see her copy staring back at her.

In eerie silence, it reached up to its face and started pulling at straps, removing the gas mask that covered her face and revealing the mystery of what lies below. Underneath was a girl with green eyes, beautiful brown hair, and a soft, unmarred face, to which Spook felt the need to lower her weapons. She couldn't tell why, but the reflection was influencing her somehow, like it wanted her to own up to something. She had an idea of what, though she wasn't about to. In response, she simply shook her head, though the action directed her eyes to Isis' hand, currently in contact with the rock. A level of fear gripped her heart as the realization came of what the contact could carry, and something just barely purple flared underneath her mask. "ISIS NO!" She reached out to grab her elbow and pull her away.
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