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Hello people of this website! I'm a dude, I just really enjoy playing female characters, don't ask why 'cause I don't know. I'm something of a die hard Mass Effect fan, and that's about it.

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Team Black | Servant - Rider

Célestine Belmonte walked down a damp, empty street in the backwater neighborhoods of Berlin. She was going with purpose, determined to get somewhere only she and six- well, technically thirteen others knew about. At least, that's what she was guessing. One of them was close behind her, her Servant, a mighty Rider from long ago that history has misrepresented as a man. In fact, she was a woman, but no less of a conqueror. She made a good travelling companion, too, the voyage to Europe from America would've been hellish without company. The Frenchwoman turned down another side street, pulling a slip of paper from her coat pocket as she went. She looked at it briefly before dropping it back in and looking around for a street name. Soon, she nodded, confident that she was on the right track.

Several turns and straightaways later, Célestine and her Servant stood before a warehouse that had seen better days. Her better judgement demanded she turn around and pretend she hadn't just spent an hour searching for this apparent hellhole, but this was definitely the building described on the letter she had on her person as of right now. "Well Temujin, this could be the beginning of the end. I hope you're prepared," she said with a flat tone, a certain level of apathy in her words. Without waiting for a response, she stepped into the threshold.

While she walked into the flooded floor, she burnt a small amount of her magic to freeze the water underneath where she stepped, rendering her perfectly dry. While she found herself and her Servant somewhere to settle, she took a moment to examine the three others there. One was a a girl clad in plate armor, another had black and red robes that told of a mage of somesort... though the cross hanging from his neck was paradoxical in nature. Perhaps him and the armored girl were of the same faith, and one was Master and the other Servant. The odd one out was the young man in a blindingly white uniform, and she would've gone as far as to call him albino were it not for his blue eyes. Her stare lingered just a little too long before she wandered to an empty shipping container, then jumped up to it. She caught the lip with her hands then pulled herself up, after which she turned around and sat on the edge. She then beckoned for her Servant to join her. In a low tone, she addressed the Rider. "I don't like this, bringing seven Masters and Servants to one place can't end well." If she was nervous, her voice didn't betray her.

Thanks dad.
If I'm able to slip in, I plan on applying a caster.
@Reflection I guess I'm taking #5 on the waiting list. You've got one hell of a concept here if people are flocking to it like they are.

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This shall be the return of Isadora.

Spook kept still as the transport fell from the sky, unfazed as they dropped through the air at a somewhat alarming speed. Either she didn't notice, or she had done this before at least once, and given her track record that was more than likely. She snapped her book shut partway through the drop with a surprisingly loud clap and stored it in her cloak. She also kept her eyes on Prophet as he jumped from his seat, a quiet sigh being lost to the adrenaline flowing through some at the moment. They hit the ground with a bounce and she stayed in her seat, hands on the harness to keep herself from moving too far. Prophet, however, ate shit on the seat beside her pretty quickly, and she was at least 50% sure she saw a tooth fly from his mouth. Before long though, he was up like it didn't happen and bouncing around like a madman. She gave up on him surviving in the Wild World as he climbed on top of the transport. "...I'm not responsible for him if he dies."


Spook sat atop her transport, legs crossed and journal in hand as she looked around at the surrounding world. The ride thus far had been rough but peaceful, and she had decided to take advantage of the nice weather a little less than an hour ago. She had to admit, while the world had gone to shit a long time ago, there was a certain beauty to everything. An untamed show of what nature could do when unchecked, but beautiful nonetheless. Her notebook went away just as Jake's head poked out of the hatch, and she listened to what he had to say from the radio in her helmet. She answered at the end, a certain tepidness in her voice as she stated her mind to the others. "I'm not even sure it's a weapon, but it's certainly some kind of power well. Closer to a black hole, really. I've been watching the echo finches for the last couple days, and they all flock towards it when it goes off, without fail." She shifted how she was sitting, setting one foot on the roof and pulling that knee up to her chest.

She kept her eyes on the horizon for now, watching for any kind of disturbance for awhile. Before long, however, she crawled over to the hatch and opened it, then dropped back into the transport. She made it a point to close it behind her, then went back to her seat and took it once more. There, she got as comfortable as she could and crossed her legs.

Spook sighed in relief as no one noticed the blood stain forming on her pant leg, and slipped whatever it was she had grabbed back under her cloak. The event soon ended, and Prophet was quick to steal the limelight and proclaim himself as their savior, their guardian angel through this journey. Halfway through, she tuned him out and began to worry if she'd be able to contain herself down the road between him and the extended contact with whatever that event was. She was snapped out of her thoughts quickly though, as the aforementioned madman jumped and stomped on the ground. In response, she crossed her arms and dropped her head into her left hand. "I have a name, Mr. Insanity. It's Spook, and I promise you, it'll be me pulling you out of the fire, not the other way around." She shook her head and paced off to the side, wondering exactly how they'd survive him.

There was good company in the others, however. Isis seemed professional enough and beyond capable, she must've been if a Duvari that size was listening to her, and Reed looked like he had seen his fair share of hot zones. Overall, she liked their odds, even if half the team was there for research purposes.

The call was given for the team to mount up, and Spook meandered for a short moment, patting herself down to make sure she didn't forget anything in the rush. "Sword... check. SMG... check. Pistol... check. Journal... not check!" She looked up from what appeared to be her cloak and scanned the area for it, promptly retracing her steps in her head. She remembered setting it down on one of the crates, and luckily enough spotted it as it was being loaded onto the rear transport. Without hesitation, she jogged up to the container and snatched the book off the top of it, tucking it into her cloak. The enigma then got out of the way as quickly as she had gotten into it, making her way onto a transport and making it a point to slip into a seat beside Castan. "You're our biologist, right? If you need someone to scribe for you, I gladly will." Without a proper introduction, she pulled out the journal and thumbed to the middle of it, opening to a page half-covered in mediocre sketches. The other half had various notes written in small, neat print.

Spook had some time to kill, so she set to updating a page about Duvari. "My name's Vitra, by the way. Everyone calls me Spook, however. Sorry for being so sudden, I've just been interested in monsters for awhile, and you're the first proper researcher I've been able to talk to." She didn't look up from the page as she spoke, though her tone suggested genuine intrigue.

Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Outpost ZT-141, 'Treehouse'

As the rest of their band assembled, ranging from a beastmaster to mechanic, from soldier to... Spook's thoughts went full stop as her mirrored goggled reflected upon the Prophet, Salvador Vargaas. Something was off about him, and it certainly wasn't his insanity. He had something different going on behind those eyes, she could tell at a glance that he had a facade of sorts to keep up. She moved on quickly, scanning the rest of the group before he noticed her staring. All in all, she felt confident about the group, and thought they could hold together when the going got rough. Soon enough though, Jake called out for their attention, essentially giving Spook's internal thoughts voice with scary accuracy. He was interrupted swiftly and their attention was pulled to the horizon. Two minutes to the 'Event,' as it was being called.

The masked figure crossed her arms and counted the seconds internally, expecting something beyond belief. Part of her expectation became reality.

The clouds were ripped from the sky as what could only be described as a gravity well formed, before exploding into a beam of light that shone off her mask. In response, she could feel part of herself clawing to the surface, demanding to be set free this instant lest it kill her to escape. Spook recognized the feeling after a long moment, and after a short internal debate, quickly moved to the back of the group and pulled something from underneath her cloak with her right hand and jabbed it into her thigh. Soon, she felt the longing receded into the deepest corners of her mentality to remain dormant until further notice, though a reddening spot in her leg gave away that something was at least partially wrong. She could live with blaming it on a loose edge.

"That's... phenomenal," is all she said, voice filled with a certain wonder.
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