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Someone remind me to stop staying up into the next day. I'm way too tired to function as I write this.
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Hello people of this website! I'm a dude, I just really enjoy playing female characters, don't ask why 'cause I don't know. I'm something of a die hard Mass Effect fan, and that's about it.

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Diana, Roguish Dragon, Horde of Hot Dogs.
<Snipped quote by Mega Birb>

Wasn't Sliske tortured by like several demons who decapitated him for his failures from Arcadia? Is that considered a vacation? lol

Nah he fucked off to a beach planet for a few days. You're thinking of that time Victoire was into beastiality.
Meanwhile, Sliske: Huh, that was a nice couple of days off, feeling pretty good. Didn't we have a dog or something?
Depending on whether or not Artoria bites it for good, I'd like the break. Going on vacation for a week.

Spook was glad to see others enjoyed her story, particularly Rig, who even commented eloquently enough to make her blush underneath that mask. Not that anyone would know. "Thanks, I guess." She adjusted herself slightly so her left leg laid flat on the ground and her right was pulled up to her chest, arms around it. As food came around, courtesy of Isis and Jake, she took a plate and set it down before reaching up to her helmet. Much to everyone's disappointment, she didn't take it off fully, instead simply removing the breathing apparatus that covered her mouth.

Below was a pair of full, brownish lips marred by a set of deep, gnarly scars. As most of her face was still obscured, the deepest of the scars was only visible to part way through her left cheek and stretched to the corner of her mouth. It picked up around halfway through the left half of her lower lip, and extended down past her jawline and presumably into her neck. She glanced around at the others briefly before picking up her haunch and taking a bite out of it, white teeth sinking into the meet and tearing part of the meal away before it disappeared past her lips. The meat was chewed for a few seconds before it was swallowed, earning a few grunts of satisfaction as it began the process of digestion. She looked over at Isis, a thin smile gracing her lips. "Damn, not sure if I should thank you or Jake more for this. Great catch, great cooking." She resumed tearing apart her food like a ravenous animal, leaving nothing behind but the plate, which she set back down. She then stood up and smacked her hands together a few times, clearing the dust and the remains of the meat from the gloves. She then retrieved the half of her mask that she had removed to eat and reattached it, a few mechanical snaps confirming its replacement.

"Alright, if anyone needs me, I'm gonna head down to the river and wash some of this crap off my cloak." With that said, she left in the direction Isis had most recently came from until she approached the flowing body of water, where she removed her most outer layer for her top half. Underneath was a dark gray, skin tight suit that left little to the imagination, though armored plates were clearly in place to cover places that didn't need to move much. Across her chest was a bandolier that held her handgun, knife, and apparently a leather bound journal, affixed to her back. Her PDW was on the back of her belt, which still held up a pair of black cargo pants, while her sword was cast to the side for the moment, still in its scabbard that was normally strapped around her cloak. With the black and yellow cloak in hand, she moved to the river bank and dunked it in, built up grim getting washed away by the flowing water as she scrubbed it away with her gloved hands. In a little bit, cloak now clean though wet, she was on her way back to camp with the piece of clothing in one hand and her sword in the other.

For those that wanted to see what was underneath that cloak, she had an athletic build though didn't necessarily stand out when it came to sex appeal. She did have prominent abs, though.
It's moments like these where I'm glad I recused myself from half the battle.

Single best quote of the battle.

As members of the crew gathered around the fire and began to chat, watch assignments were handed out by Jake. Spook, unfortunately, got the shift that likely wouldn't allow her to fall back asleep when she was done with it. But that's where the chips fell, so she wouldn't complain. As everyone started responding to her inquiry about what all they had killed, she listened to their responses while taking a long stick from the pile beside her. She held it in her right hand and prodded the source of the flames, encouraging them to dance more ostentatiously or aggressively, depending on the viewpoint of it. Soon enough, though it was unspoken, her own question got kicked back to her. The enigma first looked between Jake and Rig, they had taken down things that made people run in fear and deserved some level of respect for it. She had something arguably better, though.

"Well, it's me versus a Dire Bear and a Prowler. I'll raise you one healthy Shredder." She started, pulling a fixed-bladed knife from her belt. The blade on it was dark and wicked, clearly meant for tearing rather than slicing, and sharp enough to rend flesh like paper. It wouldn't take a forensic expert to know the weapon was made from the claw of a Shredder. "I was sent into the den of one of these to find out what happened to the crew sent in to clear it. It's quite for the most part, don't hear anything until I'm in a giant chamber at the end of it. I found the crew alright, they were all dead, corpses torn apart and thrown around. Then I noticed the Shredder staring me down, ready to attack." Putting more emotion in the tale, she drew her sword and started to fight an invisible enemy with it, words fluctuating with every swing or parry. "It charged me and I barely had time to draw my sword! I dived out of the way of its strike and got back on my feet just in time to see it coming for me again. I had to jump to the side again-" She physically jumped to her left as she reenacted the fight. "-just to get away from it, and that gave it an opening! It swiped my side, went right through my armor like paper and I start bleeding like a stuck pig! I back away from the thing and get ready to stand my ground, the only way to kill this thing is to take it head on. So it charged again, and I raise my sword to meet it, and I charged it as well!" Spook put her left hand out in front of her and ran headlong towards a tree. At the last second, she jumped and thrust her sword forward, impaling the poor tree upon a few inches of steel. "It went limp on my blade, and I took its claw as a trophy. Now it's my knife."

Calming down, she put a foot on the tree beside her weapon and pulled it out, sheathing it once again and taking her seat. "Sorry about that, just kinda... got into that one." She laughed sheepishly and she picked up the long stick again and prodded the fire again, tossing a few more smaller branches on it to fuel it further. Otherwise, she sat with her knees peaked, arms around and holding them in place.
Yeah we're dead, aren't we?
UPDATE: I am done with finals. My Algebra II teacher has made the mistake of handing out a questionaire.

Let the bloodbath begin.
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