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Someone remind me to stop staying up into the next day. I'm way too tired to function as I write this.
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Hello people of this website! I'm a dude, I just really enjoy playing female characters, don't ask why 'cause I don't know. I'm something of a die hard Mass Effect fan, and that's about it.

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While Arsenio sat and watched people pass by as he enjoyed his drink, eyes scanning the crowd for no one in particular. Before long, a few interesting faces entered the inn that had no business being in Hyall... unless they did, he had only a vague idea of what kinds of people frequented a town like this. Either way, these people seemed to stand out for one reason or another. One was a golden-skinned Hayllian- no, Dhelman- no, hybrid male, who admittedly looked quite attractive, another was a paler Eryien female. Without a reason to confront them at the moment, he resumed nursing his drink and watching the crowd... though his eyes kept drifting back to the hybrid and Eryien that had entered the room mere moments ago. While the crowd continued to mill about as usual, the Glacian Ambassador's attention stayed firmly on the pair, and thoughts began to drift through his head. Were they a couple? If so, how long have they been together? How would they react to a well-dressed man with pale skin and off-white hair intruding on their conversation? He looked down to his glass to find it empty, and decided that it was a good time to find out.

He got up and meandered on over to the table these two had claimed, taking his time on his way over. Upon his arrival, he quietly sauntered up to the table before speaking, his tone suggesting a noble heritage that was seemingly consistent with his entire body language. "Hello, is it alright if I sit with you, friends? The bar isn't very inter- er... who's that?" he asked as he looked up from the man and woman. On the way down the stairs was another woman, of pale skin and white hair, dressed in an outfit that showed off more than a questionable amount of skin for a lady in this area. She must've been some level of mad, for she approached the two and greeted one like an old friend.

Isadora Lafay descended the stairs that lead to the upper floors of the inn, her natural grace silencing each step. At the landing, she turned and approached the table Faeril was seated at, a disturbingly handsome... something, directly across from her with a Glacian that looked of noble status... at least until his hands were looked at. He wore no signets, and his left hand seemed perpetually glued to his sword, so he was probably an envoy of sorts. Meant to attract little attention besides a glance and a guess at how much money was on him. He then asked who the newcomer to the table was, and as it was Isadora, she answered. "You can call me Isadora," she said, introducing herself and quickly changing the subject to the woman she was familiar with at the table.

"So Faeril, who did you pick up off the street this time?" she inquired, pulling up a chair from a totally vacant table as she ran her eyes over the subject in question. Flawless skin tone, strong jawline, overall a well put together man, though something seemed a little... off. It could be the lighting in the room, maybe it was the sheer amount of black he was wearing... the hair? "Hmm... nope," she mumbled, daring to peek under the table at his pants. They were disturbingly tight even at a glance, she had to wonder how he got around in those, and from that she jumped to the conclusion that those were what was off about him. Her conclusion reached, she had another train of thought run off the rails as she noticed the empty table before them.

"Does anyone want anything to eat? Or drink, for that matter?" she asked, leaning forward onto the table.

"Speaking of, I'll buy whatever anyone wants. Gesture of good will and all," Arsenio chimed, patting the side of his coat with his right hand.

"Good guess on my part, then." A smug grin coated Isadora's face, a distinct sign of victory from her.

"Wait, what?" the Glacian wondered, never to receive an answer.

Location - Hyall

On a long road from places unknown came a pale figure, appropriately cloaked due to the beating sun and dry air. He was used to the latter of these, but the former was making him sweat much more than he would like. Never again would he volunteer to come to this end of the world, someone else can take the walk from the city to here. He stopped for a moment and put a gloved hand up against the sun, shielding his eyes from the star's harsh rays, and ahead of him he saw a settlement of sorts. "...Good a place to stop as any..." he mumbled, confident that there was no one around to hear him. With a grasp of the canteen on his hip, the man set out for this town, glad to know he's been going in the right direction for the last few hours. The metal container rose to his lips and poured out some life-giving water into his mouth, which was quickly swallowed.

The rest of his walk later, Arsenio Graves began to regret leaving the Winds as early as he did. There was no threat here, this town was actually quite bustling, the dead opposite of what he expected from a town with no shade whatsoever. Based on the heat, he doubted this settlement even had a winter! It wasn't an issue though, he was where he needed to be. He started to look for the nearest inn, disregarding the hole that had formed in the street, or the tall woman chasing after something in the middle of it all, instead following the stride of a man in a blue coat with brown hair. Sure, it was from a distance, but he seemed to know what direction he was headed in. Hopefully it lead to a place to stay for a little while.

Thankfully, it did. Arsenio entered behind the man and booked himself a room, heading up to it soon after. He opened up the door and peered inside, pleasantly surprised to find that it was well-furnished for such a small village. A nice bed, a desk, a dresser even, a room fit for someone on important business. He set down his cloak and some of his traveling gear, keeping his sword and dagger on him as always before heading back down to the first floor. Once there, he sat at the bar and ordered himself a drink before sitting back and engaging in one of his favorite pass times: People watching.

...You just want an excuse to write more bird smut don't you?
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Yeah that's all coming back to me now, and now I remember why I jumped ship. I wanted to push a character that could be valid against a heavy hitter because I'd gotten sick of taking a loss every battle. So Syphax was the first incarnation of that attempt and he kind of worked, sort of, so I said "Hey look this guy can stand up to anyone." So instead of dialing him back, I hype him up more by taking the fight to Ira. Which, in all honesty, should've ended sooner but I wanted to push Sky Juno.

And then there was Greg which we won't talk about because I regret everything about him.

So apologies for those messes, will not happen again. Now stuck deciding if I really do wanna come back...
Well if that's the case, I wanna explain something: I've had nothing to do with any of this for the past three months so I have no idea what you're talking about.

What I do know is that I didn't excpect people to create harpy characters that would discredit the entire race. Most of them should be being used as aerial soldiers in Heaven's army, so they're doing something productive. Not everyone's meant to stand out here. Syphax, Eve, Maceroy and Atarah are in positions of power among them and have differing views, and thus took different sides.

This is me justifying that I had no idea how this would pan out since I expected it to be a goal that would be reached endgame. If there's a problem I can address let me know.
Huh, I guess there is some mercy here.

Also, I know Eve had some baggage but Syphax is not ready for that level of daddy issues. Imagine the dinner conversation...

"Syphax, this is my father, Maceroy."
"Hello sir, I'm the man your daughter has been dating and also the one that saved our race you ungrateful sack of shit."
"Nothing, what's for dinner?"
Both sheets are updated now, feels good man. These Harpys are gonna be dripping in leadership once everyone is reintroduced.

Also can someone fill me in on the Happyverse deal? Not hard to figure out from the name but context would be nice.
Somehow got everyone to hate him. Literally everyone. He and Ghelgath almost sent their armies at each other because they had different opinions about Lucille. Victoire wanted his ass on a wall from that one time he barged into her dungeon.

And Henry hated him because reasons. I dunno, they just didn't like each other from the start.
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