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<Snipped quote by Seravee>

I am casually searching for a partner. I'm extremely picky and because of that it's a frustrating process. My frustration inspired parts of this satire ;)

Extremely picky? Well I do love a good challenge. Do you have any particular plot or pairing you are craving, or are you open to anything?
So I really want to do an alternate universe for Once Upon A Time. My main pairing that I am craving right now is Hook and Ariel, but I am open to all others as well and would not mind doubling on this one at all!

I generally write as high casual to advanced, and I would prefer to write via PMS as this will likely have mature themes here and there. I can post quite often but I am not overly picky as long as I get a reply every day or so. I also do not mind doing several versions of this, so please do not be discouraged if you see someone has already replied!

If you have other pairings you would like to try, please ask. Sorry my post isn't very pretty or organized, I may edit it later.
So a little about me, I am not new to roleplaying by any means but I am new to this site. I love a good adventure roleplay with a touch of romance and a dash of intrigue. After all what woman doesn't love surprises? Hoping to get a few 1x1's going and possibly a group later if my schedule frees up.

I write high casual to advanced so expect to see some beautiful work out of me soon!
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