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Current Finally back.
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Everything's changing...
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Been through some loss, but thankful for what I have...
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Getting back to enjoying life...
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It's like riding a bicycle...


Been writing for years. Waiting for the day that I get "good" at it.

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Tbf, I would change it a fair bit. Felt like I forced it into stagnation before. Maybe avoid forcing everyone together, as it makes it harder to keep a flow sometimes.

I think last time people had a hard time coordinating a big fight scene where we all were so close together. That sort of thing is easier when table top mechanics are involved. Without them it can get messy.
I'm game to pick up where we left off.
So I started RP'ing when I was super young. Went to the chat boards on that site and discovered for the first time what play-by-post RP was and of course fell in love. Anyone else in the same boat?
Hey there. I am interested in your fantasy and post-apocalyptic plot line. I included my stock 0ne x One interest check so you can get an idea if you want to work with me. Please be very picky as I hate to waste people's time (you won't offend me if the answer is no). Btw, I have a primary RP that I am interested in so if we got something going my responses might be limited to a few per week. Just depends.

Are you at all open to using an alternative platform to play? Specifically, a real-time wiki of some sort.

<Snipped quote by Denalz>

Extremely picky? Well I do love a good challenge. Do you have any particular plot or pairing you are craving, or are you open to anything?

Well, here, I typed up a basic (actual) interest check...

@Lady Amalthea Thanks! Lol, all in good fun.... *whispers* but seriously though.
But I mean, are you looking for a partner, or...?
I can't get a read on this one.

I am casually searching for a partner. I'm extremely picky and because of that it's a frustrating process. My frustration inspired parts of this satire ;)
(Meant to be funny, but not necessarily untrue. Enjoy)

7 Steps to Finding an RP Partner

Step 1: Lower your standards
Only stuck-up people insist on things like rules and mutual expectations.

Step 2: Write an advertisement with tons of unnecessary personal information
Everyone wants to know what your cat's name is... everyone.

Step 3: Lie about your interests
Of course you'd love to do an RP about 12 year-old fandoms you've never heard of.

Step 4: Forfeit any shred of dignity
"Fade to black?!?" That's no way to have fun!

Step 5: Let everyone know you'll play "male"
The Mary-Sues will be clawing each other's heterochromatic eyes out to be your partner.

Step 6: Learn to appreciate anime
Seriously, you're going to be really limited if you can't accept this one.

Step 7: Anything (age) goes
Don't be a jerk and request that your partners be a certain age. After all, I'm sure you have lots in common with people ten years your junior in real life.
I sent over (via PM) a sample of a collab between myself and another writer. It's not particularly polished, but it should give you a basic idea of my writing skill. Please let me know. Thanks.
I'm potentially interested. Shall I PM a sample?
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