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4 yrs ago
Current I was so blown away by the eclipse. I even got to pretend it was entirely hidden here in Michigan, when the clouds covered the peak. :P
4 yrs ago
Playing around with a Betrayal at House on the Hill roleplay idea.
4 yrs ago
It's been so long since I last signed on that I forgot my username. Whoops!
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5 yrs ago
I am suddenly craving a Star Trek roleplay.
5 yrs ago
What program do Jedi use to open PDFs? Adobe-Wan Kenobi.


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In Horses. 4 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
I like horses more than I like most people, honestly.
Welcome, Ellie. I'm Shelby. Nice to meet you. Spam is a mess, and largely not funny, but you can find a few gems here and there.
I'm still here! I can post again, but there isn't really anyone around to interact with.
I mean I'd like to keep playing but I'm not really in a position to make a post unless I want to venture out on my lonesome.

Feel free. But I'm going to wait until second posts become the norm, or the GM encourages them.

I'm also still willing to make a second character.
Starting over again.
@Seravee Hm well I don't know about everyone else but I'm waiting for you to post :<

I figured we would give everyone time to put together an intro instead of the two of us posting multiple times and turning this into a 1x1. :)
If you need me to put together a second character to fill those gaps, I'd be happy to.
Do you have a phone you can run Discord on? That's all I use.
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