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I like RP and RP Accessories.

Not new to RP, new to RPGuild, from canons to OC's, I like it all. I like to fight, I like to plan, I like to random, and I like people in general.

Shoot me a PM at anytime, I'm quick to respond and I like to think I'm a swell fellow when not angry.

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All good, been keeping myself busy.
Forgot to mention I do have a write up for Billy Batson/Captain Marvel if anyone is interested in a friendly fight (or purpose filled one) with a hero, also recently got a write up for Ness from Earthbound done to.

Ye olde 'Gimme fights!!!!' inserted here, like usual.


He took the time that Anvi was embedded into the wall to stand, frowning a bit as it seemed he did Something but nothing? Quick working was the way of sand it seemed, in terms of offense and defense. Brushing himself off a tad bit, he flinched as Anvi got out as quickly as she was embedded into the wall. A dagger was produced, he tensed, head tilted at her question and woosh went the dagger towards his foot. Opting not to risk it (summoned things usually did as such, simple looking or not) he did two things. First was avoid the dagger flung towards him. Simple was as simple goes; he slid back on his feet and just in case he needed it, took a few steps, three or four, give or take, backwards after. Second, much like before, his right hand moved towards that leather satchel, gripped one of the things inside it and tossed it towards Anvis direction.

Like before, pre-toss he pushed in the backside of the bullet. Aqua Tip and dark blue colored, the aptly named Freeze Round upon collision with the ground (or Anvi) would erupt in a decent sized splash of water fallowed by a flash freezing amount of liquid nitrogen. It was an odd combo, but the water fallowed by the trailing Nitrogen tended to freeze as fast as the substance and cause quite the trouble for those caught in its icy grasp. Simple and effective but Anvi had asked a question, a confusing one to a degree but he answered none the less, tense as always.

"I made the bullets. The gun was a gift from someone."

If that is what she meant. Said gain was still charging its battery pack, the glass section glowing a brighter shade of red with each passing seconds. Anvi might notice that our Preacher fellows movements were a tad bit swifter then before. This was not random, for the moment he was focusing simple on his Psionic Buffering, his senses and body being powered and energized by Psionic Energies and, well, just starting off as stated but rapidly developing as seconds passed. Veins continued sprouting from the depths of his skin around his eyes, senses were quietly being buffed as were physical abilities and a plan of something further was just Thought of, at the moment. How to, and what to do was the prime question of the day...though at least it seemed like 'killing vibes' werent heavily in the air...
Aye aye, Captain.
I figured I just dont like coming off as flighty or keep people waiting when it comes to posts.
Sorry that took a bit, I basically got home last night, said I was gonna post, laid around for a moment then conked out.

{Sense of the Sand.}

For a brief moment, the tenseness in Preachers body laxed just ever so slightly. It seemed the girl was seeing reason in his words and he was close to nodding as she began to speak out but there was cause to still be slightly concerned, which is what saved Preacher, along with one other thing. Said thing was, well, truth be told? Looking right at the woman, her attack could not actually be without warning. Nineteen or so feet made this so along with being in clear view, and the minute Anvi moved her wrist, Preacher suddenly twitched and took a bracing posture. The sand which had been floating about lazily around Anvis vicinity then shot forward and without needed to think, Preacher suddenly turned towards lunged over the bar top with a thump, flinching as he landed shoulder first on the opposite side of said bar top, a grim look forming on his face as he heard the inevitable crash of super powered sand smash through the wall that was previously behind him.

One arm pinned beneath him as a result of this evasion, his free arm quickly reached behind him, twisting in a practiced fashioned and did two things. The first was dig into the leather pouch on his right hip, draw forth what looked like a pure steel made sharp tipped bullet, pushed in the backside and tossed it in Anvis general direction. It didnt need to be completely in front or around her, for a second or two after it was tossed, it'd blow up and unleash a potent small wave of force and a decent amount of shrapnel. Simple but versatile was the aptly named Grenade Round and though Preacher wasn't expecting full success (or death, not that he wanted to kill Anvi or anything) it was a good started to what our Preacher fellow found would be quite the sudden chaotic time to come.

The second action after this toss was as simple as it was quick. A reach for his rifle fallowed by a light click. The metal piece around the trigger point had been shifted and locked into place to hold said trigger down. It'd take a bit, but with that bit in place the beam rifle would begin charging its battery pack for potent beam use in the near future.

Lastly and hopefully unseen, inner energies began forming and working over Preachers body. From the depths of his face (and partially obscured by his facial hair) red veins began sprouting and growing as seconds pass, a byproduct of potent Psionic energies being willing to spring to life as Preacher began to evenly push himself from off the ground to roll a bit, then 'sit' on one knee and foot. Simple was as simple does, or so the saying goes.

{Apocalypse Town}


The questioning tone of the name probably said it all. Something about a clue to? The statement made him think about a thing or two and he was about to speak up but then he paused. Destruction of the town, the abandoned town was brought up fallowed by what looked like a slither of red sand forming and floating from nowhere somewhat inbetween the both of them. Both of these things made him frown and pocket his peanuts, his sullen tense posture changing, hands coming up to grip the ban of his beam rifle and just look at the woman before him with a befuddled look on his face.

"...Isn't destroying this place a little extreme? I know its abandoned but, could be picked up sometime, maybe be used by wandering travelers or homeless folk like the both of us did."

Sans the food thing, as Preacher was intent (once hopefully diplomatically making this conversation pass) on still raiding that kitchen if he got the chance. Realizing his posture, another mental chiding took place as he lifted his hands in a neutral fashion, frown melting from his face, that thin simple line taking hold again as he stepped forward, a mistake he realized after the fact but, well, he had to try right?

"Can't you just,y a know? Be content blowing this building or part of it up? Not everything has to go at random, dont you think?"

Stated simple and clearly, but none the less, Preacher was secretly at the ready and now confirmed why he had that sense of foreboding.


Said footsteps stopped at one point, our Preacher fellow kneeling and withdrawing what looked like a dusty but sealed pack of shelless peanuts. Sniffing, he scanned the plastic bag for a 'expiration date' and found it, sometime in 2019. This did not guarantee to Preacher they were any good but opening the bag with a soft crinkle and a sniff did. A bit dusty, but naturally so, the way peanuts produced dust. Stopping for a second, withdrawing a silver colored flask from his coat, unscrewing the lid open and taking a long swig of the water inside, fallowing up by popping a peanut or two into his mouth. A crunch further proved they had not gone back and for a moment Preacher shut his eyes, content. His stomach still rumbled but to a lesser extent, nothing another bag or two of peanuts (though a quick look revealed nothing) or a can of something could fix.

Sudden surprise at hearing something not natural to this place though, would not do it, well it silenced his stomach but not in a good way. More of a passive surprised and tensed way. Someone else was here? His head turned towards what looked like a basement door not to far off from him and running directly down the bar top he stood behind. Shifting his shoulders somewhat (but still popping a peanut or two into his mouth), Preacher adjusted the Beam Rifle along his back. Not a hostile gesture, but a simple one Just in case. He did not move though his ears perked further as the steps logically got closer and closer and, twenty feet away, Preacher would be looking directly at Anvi. Silence at first as dark indistinguishable of color eyes gave her a distance one over before, of all things, popping another peanut into his mouth. Slow crunch commenced before he both,finished the peanut and tilted his head back a bit while swallowing it.


Said the dull voice of our Preacher fellow. Drab was it, boring and without mirth, but it carried loud enough to be heard but soft enough to not be imposing. Another awkward pause as he cleared his voice and of all things, lips curled oddly (and in slightly bafflement) he held the half eaten bag of peanuts out towards the girl.

"They're fresh out of the bag if you want any."

For one reason or another, even Preacher didnt know why, but he chided himself mentally. Soooooo awkward...
Will and can do. I'll get to my post when I get home from work Tonight.
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