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I like RP and RP Accessories.

Not new to RP, new to RPGuild, from canons to OC's, I like it all. I like to fight, I like to plan, I like to random, and I like people in general.

Shoot me a PM at anytime, I'm quick to respond and I like to think I'm a swell fellow when not angry.

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{The Bird and the bug.}

Beasts have their own way of knowing things, don’t they? The flying beast would find as soon as it landed, hell, even sooner the insects posture had originally changed from before. Hunched over still in its ‘Spider-Man’ stances, possibly to the chock of the noble beast he’d find the minute he entered the little spot Cricket inhabited, it was looking directly at him. It was not expecting the proud creature put before it, no. Unbeknownst to most aside those that studied Crickets type, its antennas actually served as a long range (a mile or so) highly sensitive motion sensor. The noble beast before it had been detected before it even got here and the direction he came from was looked at and as its antennas told it, boom, there it was. Normally other small animals and the like would not make it do such a motion but those motion sensors detected whatever was approaching was big, so what modicum of interest and curiosity got the best of it and well, here we are now.

Oddly round head tilted as it regarded the creature. Things such as fear and most other such emotions escaped the dumb bug, but it was a cautious thing if anything else, especially around such things as what stood before it. Big, mammalian with what looked like Reptilian traits, all these things bore semblance to creatures from Crickets home planets who had tried to do it harm and, to put it bluntly, failed. Head stretching out, thin nostrils silently sniffing the air were the other beast was, signs of a mouth could possibly be deduced then as the lower portion of its head shifted a tad bit out of place.


And a low sound, not a growl, but a general ‘call’ for no apparent reason was let loose from the Insectoids unseen mouth. Words completely went over Crickets head. Whether it was a challenge or not was up to debate but unlike the noble beast before it Cricket was as was stated a few times; a big ol’ dumb bug.

Head swaying a tad bit the creature stopped in place suddenly.


And suddenly made odd retching sounds fallowed by a gack like noise and its turning its head away from the beast and the lower portion of its head shifted a tad bit outward. With a wet slop, something flew out from the unseen mouth of the creature. Landing into a tree, a solid yellow bone like stinger tipped protrusion stuck to said tree, and kept what appeared to be a deathly-rotten purple black open pores littered ‘bag’ swung to and through gently against the tree, light hissing sounds going off as green liquid and matter-based substances leaked from the pores, obviously acidic as they melted through other physical objects they came into contact with. Quite a strange feet, the end result being Cricket scratching the left side of its head with its left hand, shaking said head a bit before regarding the other beast before it again.


And letting lose another odd little chirp. A strange creature with strange sounds and signals and a thing that came out of it, that was noticeably pulsing at that. Quite the combo…


{Sun is Close}

To say Preacher was surprised would be wrong. In fact, everything that unfurled in front of him were things he expected. Normally the process itself revolved around the reaction of the opponent before Preacher as one would expect and, well, the loss of the Force Orb was a bit annoying but Preacher could roll with it. A powerful blast, the Force Orb could actually process itself to a point but couldn’t thanks to the semi-wind like property behind it and thus was destroyed as intended but Preacher had long since acted before this. Orb tossed previously, his hands were free, focus on the range of both Orb and opponent before him but primarily on Caitlyn and basically saw ahead to her actions. Gathering force that seemed based on wind, highly tuned and sent his way pushed past his Force Orb and was clearly intent on ripping him asunder and looked like it was going to do just that were it not for his right hand lifting and swaying towards his left

Psionics to the simplest degree. On the effects of the blast no less and not the source. As newly formed as his power was, equally, being the concentrated well versed Psion that he was, Preacher knew his way around wind and Force. He’d often used both himself (sometimes one for the other, much like Caitlyn did here) and for Wind it was a simple process of simply changing the flow of it before the raging wind connected with you, simply turning it back to normal by simply arranging it as such, force winds and the like being mixed (down to the molecule no less) to normal state, simple as that. Force was simply redirected off to another direction, crashing through a car and building in this case, simply applying a more passive defensive but stronger directing-line-wall that accomplished this.

Caitlyn fallowed suit in an attempted punch, and despite the initial seeing and defending against this the blast, this Preacher also saw and was partly the reason he utilized his psionics with his right arm AND the direction he moved it into. Dark eyes of indistinguishable color looked upon Caitlyns face (whether helmeted or not) as his right hand came back, moving in a swift, fluid, strong arc against her punch. The gesture was meant to hit and push the outer side of her forearm with his wrist and force it off its path (with a surprising amount of strength I might add) and across Caitlyn altogether, seeking to Impede her defensive and offensive capabilities (in the form of forcing her initial punching arm to cross over to her over side, arm area specifically to impede or make any fallow up blow less then effective if not impossible) and fallow up by Utilizing his left arm during the process of the defensive motion to swing it forth right towards the possibly exposed right side of her gut. Simple as it was, even with Armor of crystalline nature the punch had a low of force behind it, coupled with a sudden offensive blast of Psionic force meant to mix with the brunt of the punch and send her flying off from were she had once been.

All successful or not, one had to ask just how our Preacher fellow ‘saw’ the magical energies formed of both wind and force, and well, it had to do with the veins on his eyes. Psionic energies could be used for defensive, offense, and inner actions. Toiling within his mind, these energies laced and enhanced his senses, most being invisible to the eye outside of Preachers eyes which at this moment could see both formed and forming energies/power, natural or not as a result of this psionic buffering. It also affected his muscle, skin, and bone systems, making them all stronger, durable, and being the reason behind, whether the psionic force push affected/landed or not and despite the armor, his punch would be felt and punching a harder substance didn’t seem to hurt, not too bad at least.

Veins expanded, grew, and formed around (and partially in) his eyes still, signaling this buff was growing by the second inside and out, while his outer visible malleable psionic energies grew along his arms and up his legs in a practiced familiar fashion Preacher had done before. Simple effective, bearing in mind strategies and points of possible contention as well.
Turn Based Logic. IE, yeah things can be fantastical and stuff, flashy and strong but make sure they make an iota of sense to a degree.

I'd appreciate if you did!
Done and donner.

I am still open to the prospect of the other two, just shoot me a word or respond to me!

{Doth the insect?}

Tropical, humid, full to the brim with trees, vines, and all sorts of foliage of exotic type, the jungle was surely a splendid place wasn't it? The cries of animal, normal, warning, dying, all of them blended in with the environment in a diverse yet fitting crescendo that one could appreciate, even int he depths of the wild untamed land. However, one such patch of land was devoid of most of it. Everything about the areas instincts made it so, because what sat there, as unassuming as it was, was incredibly dangerous. A loud crunch could be heard as the creature in question was hunched over slightly and, despite no visible mouth, clearly bit through what looked like an oversized coconut like fruit easily despite the obviously hard epidermis of the fruit.

What it was could be described as strange to say the least. Sharp barbed looking antennas stuck out atop the creatures smooth round head. Likewise round eyes seemed to barely hold any sign of pupil or cornea, mostly oversized bulbous iris' with small black dots in the very center counting as everything else. This hairless head sat atop a thick neck that likewise sat atop a strange segmented looking but held together rigid triangular like torso, the back being oddly smooth with the shoulders sticking out almost like some makeshift armor. On this torso were jointed but malleable somewhat lithe looking arms that bore three sharp fingered (thumb pinky and middle finger) hands, and below the waist line sat likewise smooth jointed lithe legs with two toed feet. Everything on the creature looked, most likely felt moist, and had a strange quality to it that almost seemed like an exoskeleton but, perhaps due to its palish white-liquidy color one could literally see, to a certain depth, into the creature and clearly see an inner skeletal structure, compacted with muscles, organs, and all!

Thus was Cricket, the 5'9 Volucris Desultor a rarity even in its home world but a deceptively powerful insect like creature! Despite this, for the most part the creature was solitary, honestly friendly to most that approached it without instigating any harmful sort of actions (or if it was given the variety of foods it could eat). Minding its own, alone and eating, left to itself by the forest and its occupants, Crickets head stretched forward a bit, its current stance, fruit in hand, being something that could only be described as a 'Spider-Man crouched on all limbs' stance.


Fallowed by a simple random call from a creature that apparently didnt have a mouth but could eat. Such was the way with Dumb Animals, especially insects that stood on two feet! @Griffintaur
I actually...well, do you mind if I dont have a sheet for what I use? I kinda came up with an interesting fight idea if you're down. I can start post but long story short it'd be Beast vs Beast.
t1/TBL is preferred. I can stick to those levels if you want, I like to think I can adapt to anything in that regards.

If you wish, Griffintaur, I also wont mind just doing a different/new fight altogether.

Pardon me for taking a bit to respond, I keep forgetting to look here like a chode.
Goodness, I just checked this, pardon the delay. Going about it is anything from just random to plotted out and what have you.

What details if you dont mind me asking.

And yeah we did, it's still up and I posted last if you wanna read through it a bit. Rusty as hell with Steer but I wouldn't mind continuing it or starting something anew.
Forgot to mention the Force Orbs attacks wont fire off towards Preachers direction. He has a little device that basically gives him a decent sized spanning triangle of safety.

{Suns Blocking?}

Appearance at random for both sides; it was in its own way so meta that it almost weren’t worth mentioning were it not for the fact this seemed to happen with almost every sort of fight in the history of existence. This and more passed through the (pardon sudden details, forgot to mention it previously) mind of the 6’6 strangely ‘evened out’ (at least with his attire) body as Caitlyn, dubbed Void Mistress (unknown to Preacher of course) literally descended/impacted before him, crater and all. His expression did not change but internally things were whirring.

Hands reached for different directions, in a modest but well-paced fashion at that. His right for the gun slung over his shoulders, our Preacher fellow not exactly moving to grab it but still oddly enough reaching for the trigger. There was a click and maybe Caitlyn had the ability to ‘see’ beyond vision (IE behind Preacher) and maybe not but the strange simple motion he made amounting to using a sturdy if not thin hook to keep the trigger pulled back. Oddly enough it did not fire but the hard-glass container began to change colors as internal mechanisms working with a highly sufficient battery began moving and glowing a low but light shade of red. Something for later, or so Preacher hoped, but in the meantime he needed to try to keep the woman occupied didn’t he?

The left hand mentioned had moved more towards that mentioned leather pouch and hopefully enough time was given for him to throw what he called a Force Orb. Softball sized and shaped silver colored with purple lining the side, bottom, and top, the Force Orb contained a literal force turbine that, upon being tossed, utilized the small but concentrated force it generated to stay afloat. Four smaller versions of it, with likewise smaller turbines exited through small ports on each ‘point’ of the Force Orb. With rapid speed, both ‘mother’ and ‘children’ Force Orbs vibrated and then, at first, didn’t directly assault. Kinetic force was generated through the turbines of all four and one would be right to assume this was semi-useless at the beginning but the key here is what the Orbs absorbed and how they processed the Kinetic force. As stated the turbines of each is what kept them afloat but it was also a Kinetic force gatherer and amplifier and this served to the basis of its offense. Close together (Say two and a half feet at all sides, the smaller Orbs were ‘surrounding’ the bigger Orb in a square kind of formation) the generated pulse like force emitted from the Orbs basically connected with each other on the spot and though this process meant a good amount was lost in the flow, plenty more, coupled with the fact the generating rate was very high, well, some of that stored Kinetic Force became honed. Soaring and being thrown to other Orbs only increased this and well, the end result was a small, (say one and a half foot tall and half foot in width as a general scope, though they varied) but potent long reaching naturally made force-blast. The potency of these blasts, small or not was apparent as close by old vehicles and buildings found a hole, the size of each blast, punched through them old if not solid brick, metal, and wood were a thing these blasts could almost easily punch through, and a whole bullets hell worth of them were consistently being formed and, despite their scattered process of ‘attack’, giving a wide berth to possibly hit Caitlyn with.

While out Preacher fellow was no mainstay of a supreme force like Caitlyn was, or a cosmic champion of the ages, he liked to think he wasn’t a fool. Despite what he liked to think was a good level of offensive potency from the Force Orb, such a thing might not even do much at all or anything for that matter. The Beam Rifles steady preparation was a technical ‘side arm’ to this possibility if all went to hell as was Preachers gathering power. Psionic energies began to form and accumulate on his person, nothing absolutely visible from the get go but it did show in the form of misty light purple wavy output from his hands and feet, a light measure and form of focus somewhat having been formed in the process but it found itself not having to be used just yet, despite the potential first part of it possibly coming into play already. Exhaling a breath of air, most likely unseen behind that messy main of beard and head hair, red veins began forming around his eyes, to what affect, well, one could only guess.

He was ready though, or hopefully getting to an adequate level of readiness to put up a fight.
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