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Current Guess who's back!
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As it so turns out RPGuild is not dead and neither am I! However I have lost both of my personal devices recently so I am unable to say how I'll be able to keep up with this site if at all. I'm sorry.
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3 yrs ago
It's a new Dawn, it's a new Day, it's a new School Year for me! Enjoy your breaks while they last folks , they end sooner than you think!
3 yrs ago
I am utterly sorry. I could've and should've said something. I dont ask forgiveness, I just want to apologize. I am returning to Roleplayerguild, so if for some reason you want to talk drop me a PM.
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Wow. If all these RPs really kick off I'll have a 1x1, a Free RP, and 2 Casuals. Still, let me know if you wanna talk ideas! My inbox is always open!


Hey, you! Welcome to my Basic Member Page!
I know, I know. Impressive. Please remove your jaw from the floor, your drool is staining my virtual carpet. Japes aside, seeing as you're still reading, I suppose I'll introduce myself.

My name's Tiye, and I've been role-playing on & off again for about 3 years now; originally with a few close friends, chat rooms here & there, but I mostly stuck with creative writings of own. Now I'm looking for more of a community. Some things about me: I'm a Black, 17 year old, agenderflux (they/she pronouns) teen who errs on the side of intrigue, and enjoys long walks by the beach. I've also been known to have a penchant for humor, but I don't know who started that vile rumor. If you find them, they're wanted dead or alive.

So yeah, that's me. How about you? Don't be afraid to pm or message, I only bite when I'm hungry or bigots are nearby. Either way, have a good one :)

| Started April 1st, 2017 | Totally by coincidence |

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Hi there! Never heard of EE or Anime Campaign, but this idea sounds light and fun!
I don't have much GMing experience, but adapting your own Character Sheet template is much more player-friendly.

Look any good to you?
I'm EST myself
Following the gold gliding through the air, Cadence followed it with eyes glowing from violet to gold pointed towards the sky. Cadence never had much attention for most things, but he'd been born blessed a little differently than his sisters. While their gazes could mesmerize mortals, their stares hold back light, or blind those who looked upon them, Cadence instead got these two eyes. Briefly ever settling for either color, and giving the softest shine in the dark, they also had one primary function.


Well, technically, it was more a rare & personalized prophetic sight which manifested in real-time when of importance. Sometimes it was an empirical light descending from the sky like a beacon, others it was a bright sparkle dusting whatever or whoever it was meant for. Then there were times like these where an almost liquid gold twisted through the air like a ribbons pointing in the due direction of where it wants to lead him. That's the other thing, his Starry Eyes manifested when it wanted to. It had a personality. Cadence named it Ophé. Which was no matter, for since the day he's been born till today it has never always led to pleasantries & good. Even when it didn't look like it first, if he just had fai-

Cadence tripped and fell on his face.

The taste of grass still in his mouth, Cadence paid no mind to the fact he'd arrived at Mortalion, but rather where had Ophé gone this time? Sitting himeself up, he looked to the sky above as before, but it was not to be seen for now. He shrugged. Picking the glass blades off his shirt quickly became a little game of its own, but it'd be more fun if there weren't pained groaning in front of him.


There was another person this whole time. This was really a surprise to Cadence. He just assumed he got lucky when what he stumbled on was soft. Crawling over to the man, Cadence stopped just shy of a comfortable space apart and stuck out a hand to the man.

"Cadence Venus Hesperus Vesper Atlantides. Is there any way I can help stop your groaning?" His voice was genuinely warm.
Well, my labor of love on this character is complete!

Two demi-gods then! Mine's with an Everyman (Wildcard) twist though, so I'm excited see how our characters may both be similar and distinct!
Sounds good to me! I'm thinking of an fulfilling that Superman role with an almost Spiderman & Midori twist? However it turns out, I'm excited for this!
@Fifth Fighter All's good. Thanks for the heads up :)

@Cu Chulainn Would you like to bounce some ideas off of one another?
Lol as long as it's afternoon for you when I send this you're just an hour ahead of me, @Cu Chulainn
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