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7 mos ago
Current And just like that, my return is dissolved. It's for the best really, and I deserve it.
7 mos ago
I've returned... after what appears to be 5 years of absence, since my last message here. I wonder if I can still write and roleplay?


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Thank you. I look forward to getting back into this. I feel so rusty, but at the same time, my ol' brain engines are revving!
Greetings all. I've just now made my return after 5 years and I'm curious to see if I still got it in me to write and roleplay. I'm inspired by the characters I see in this RP thus far, and the story seems intriguing. I also see my old friend here @yoshua171. I hope things have been well with you.

I'm still reading over everything, OOC and IC, and I think I got a character concept in mind. One that would require me to go the Lassa/Dragon route, which is a combination that I see hasn't been taken.
It was fun.
Hey guys. Still alive and kicking. Just been busy working 2 jobs. Sometimes I come home and straight to bed. Shoes still on, and no shower or food. I've got a baby girl coming soon.

I still think about you guys. All of you. You're all my friends in my eyes, no matter what had happened before or who thinks otherwise.

EDIT: Sorry to hear about that, Cel. I'm losing someone, too, I think. It's always rough. The only thing we can do is remember the good things about them and keep them in our hearts.

EDIT: Aw, Wind, you left me out on your RL impression thingy. Bummer....

EDIT: LOL nice one, Fallen. I got wings :D
Submitted for review and approval. Hope the read is enjoyable.

Will have a post up before too long. Monster Hunter's eaten my life.
I'm here, just still working on my CS, as you and Fallen both know.
Stepping out. Good luck y'all.
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