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Heya! Don't know how you got here, but I'm just a lonely young-adult from Europe. Here are some of the things I like.

Games: NIER, Phantasy Star Online(2 is coming soon!!), Touhou, Darkest Dungeon, Shadowverse, Osu
Music: ICDD, Sakuzyo, Kalafina, Lorn, REOL, 6lack, Stack, Celldweller, Aramanthe, Keiichi Okabe, Yuki Kaijura
Anime: Code Geass, Fate/Zero, Log Horizon, Magi, WorldEnd, Shokugeki no Souma, Tensei Slime, Sakurasou, Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, Kuroko no Basket, Girls und Panzer, Owari no Seraph

I've recently finished education so I'm available a lot more. If you need a post for me, want to hit me up to chat or you wanna chill, just add my discord @Milli#8456

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ooh you suuuck, I can't play it, cause I can't afford the time this month ; ;

I feel bad now ;_; hope you get some time to play it!
Working on mine atm. I've been caught up with the new shadowbringers expansion so I've gotten lazy with it, but it should be out tomorrow hopefully.
Can I have the spear hero slot?
Interested! Any chance you could drop the cs so I can work on my character?
Idea is promising but I'd like more info. What's the setting? What's the plot? Is it just gonna be made up as it goes along or are there prompts for the characters? Is it merely going to be a superpowered game of fortnite or are the characters motivations and backstories going to impact the starting prompt
Eris Loviat

Eris listened intently to Ryn. She'd done the liberty of giving herself a nickname so Eris didn't have to think, something she was greatful for given the heat. The method was simple and useful, a weak ice spell heavily controlled by a gemstone. She didn't give the vibe or the magical exertion of a full mage, yet she still was able to muster such precise control. She'd have to keep an eye on the tall one.

After the explanation, they were called for meal time. Eris didn't realize how hungry she was and not wanting to waste time before her meal, she decided to wrap up the conversation

"Interesting. But we'll have to finish this conversation another time, since I'm quite hungry. Perhaps you can give me a demonstration next time we talk, Ryn."

After a brief stroll, she waited around the kitchen and was handed her bowl of food by another mercenary. It wasn't anything special, but her portion size was larger than she'd been expecting. She added two and two together, and realized that he'd increased all the portions so that the halved rations were not as severe. This had also benefited her. She'd thank the wolf boy for this later, though she took to eating the rest of her food first.

After her appetite was sated however, all she wanted to do was sleep. Her body was heavy and she found little comfort in the idea of not being well rested for their journey tomorrow. She decided to retire to her tent and curl up into a ball wrapped in furs and blankets. She slept soundly, until there were calls for her to wake up as they were under attack. She ignored them for a minute before she came to her senses and realized she had to get ready. She rushed to put her clothes on and grabbed her grimoire before walking outside and standing behind her allies, looking at their numbers. Part of Eris couldn't be bothered to fight more orcs and wanted to go back to sleep, and part of Eris was pissed. How dare they wake her up? She needed 8 hours a day, at least that's what her grandmother said. She'd wrap this up quickly and go get her sleep. She looked for the strongest one, and she figured the fanciest dressed with a magical aura to them was probably it. Using split before moving forward to a more suitable location, she figured this was going to be a good testing ground for some of her newer spells. She began running two puppet strings on the ground, slowly inching towards the shaman who was also moving toward her. They'd connect before too long if both parties kept pace.

This was when the others got to work. The demi fired his crossbow and hit a couple of the stupid ones, Ryn had fired ice shards at the archers and kept them busy. The image she had of her made it seem strange in her mind that she'd use a grimoire however. Another elven mage began casting his spells, and he made something of a makeshift sun. This was both good news, and bad news for her. The good was that she had more direct shadows to work with from the source of light, the bad news was that it made some of her attacks weaker. She ignored him and shifted her gaze once more to the dagger girl, but she wasn't doing much. How dull

Her chain of thought was interrupted when she felt the strings connect. They were wrapped around the shamans feet, and she let out a devilish grin. She decided she'd release some of that anger she'd been holding in. She waved her arm through the air, sending a ruinblade straight through the shamans left hand. He tried to dodge but to no avail thanks to the strings. The hand was dismembered. She waved again, this time at his right arm. He roared in pain, but there wasn't enough strength to carve it clean off. He was left with a deep cut instead

Bad aim, but still not strong enough. Seems like it needs more power before it's practical. she thought to herself, as she figured she'd finish up the testing. A final blade was sent for his neck. Her aim was better this time, and there was a clean decapitation. She let out a yawn, figuring that if that was their strongest member, then the rest of the irregulars would have naught to worry about.

"I got their mage, but I'm going back to the rear" she spoke to the frontline as she re-used split and found herself back on the rear guard. She didn't want to be in range of their assault, as even weakling orcs could hurt or kill her if they got a clean hit in. On top of this, she was very tired and didn't really feel like fighting anymore. That was when she saw fur. The demi from earlier. He was trying his best to reload his crossbow, but she was too tired to care and he looked really soft, so she walked to his side and sat down next to him. She figured she'd just rest her head on his fur, and relax for a bit. It was soft, and warm. She laid her head on Kaeci's side and closed her eyes, using him as a makeshift headrest as she sat on the sand. This was almost more comfortable than her tent.

"Wake me up if you're in trouble. I'll protect you for being so fluffy." Eris muttered, half asleep and groggy to Kaeci as she shifted her head slightly and began to doze off, even through the noise of the fighting.

I think a discord would be beneficial by the way. I know the idea was brought up before, but given as there's a few more people in the rp now I think it'd be a good shout and wouldn't go inactive
Eris Loviat


This was Eris' first mission in quite a while, but she couldn't say it didn't bother her. The objective seemed like a pointless one, a missing party for such a long period in the desert was almost certainly dead. And they probably deserved it, the only spot of trouble they'd had was with orcish weaklings, so if they perished to those, then they almost certainly shouldn't have been out here. On top of this, there were few things in the world Eris hated in this world more than the heat, and the walking distance greatly bothered her. She was thankful that they'd stopped at the oasis, but it still didn't change her discontent with the climate and the shifting sands beneath her feet. It made for quite the uncomfortable walk.

One thing did make it better though. An ice cold water skin, given to her by a tall, elven looking woman. She was thankful, and smiled her way as she was handed it, before taking a drink. It helped keep the heat off her, a gift. That girl had a useful talent, she'd have to ask her how she did the spell to get the water cold. Perhaps it'd be useful for her future endeavours.

That's when things got interesting. Eris didn't usually have a penchant for drama, but she was amused how easily worked up this company got over coin. 50 soverns was next to nothing for her back at home, so seeing fights started over it made her smile. She decided she'd observe for this one rather than get involved. She found the demi's poor language ability and enthusiam somewhat cute though. In some way, he reminded her of one of her servants cats. She changed her gaze back to Stephan, or "Sneaky" as she called him. He didn't like non-humans very much, but that was something minor to note. The clash between him and Alm almost escalated but the tension was cut by Sneaky backing off. Their rations were halved for the foolish display, and Eris was glad that she had only been an observer. The portions they'd been having weren't enough for a growing girl like her, for it to be halved would be a nightmare for her. She took another swig of her water and wiped her brow, thankful she wasn't an idiot like the demi or Sneaky or alm.

Something had dawned on her now that she was comfortable. She was bored. Deciding to remedy this, Eris decided to get up and find someone interesting to talk to, given as she wasn't carrying a book to this wasteland. Some people flickered through her mind, but she remembered the tall elf girl who made her water cold. That'd be a good start. After a small walk, she found her picking up her sword from the sand and the rest of gear. Eris tilted her head in confusion before walking up to her, the first thing crossing her mind as she strained her neck trying to look at the girls face.

She's massive

Figuring no conversation got started without someone initiating it, Eris figured she may as well take the lead on this one.

"Tall one, how did you make my drink cold?" She spoke with curiosity filling her tone as she looked up at her.
I'll crank out a post later tonight. Conditions awkward for me as I've gotta write the post on my phone

Eris Loviat








Eris has no memory of her parents. Her father had been a knight who had perished to an illness months after her birth, and her mother was so grief-stricken by the event that she had committed suicide. The succession of the child that had been named "Eris" by her father was a hot one among her province. Some of her uncles and aunts wanted to take her in to use as a bargaining chip, some of her more distant relatives wanted to marry her to their sons to inherit the large fortune of her family. However, her grandmother was the one who took her in despite initial hesitation given that she'd feel guilt until her death if she let them get their hands on her.

She came from a noble house with a large amount of money, and this was used in her upbringing. Her grandmother was old and frail, and whilst she tried to spend as much time with her granddaughter as she could, her body could not keep up and a vast amount of different tutors and the like were spent on educating this girl. Every option was available to her, but she seemed to find solace in things that were considered boring or dull by other children her age. She enjoyed tailor-ship as it allowed her time with her grandmother, and she enjoyed reading. Physical activities were not to her interest, and she found little fun in keeping company with other children. She became something of a loner in her childhood, a shut in who preferred to lose herself to novels and her studies rather than engaging in court activities or physicality. Her time spent around books made her weird - she began to take on strange speech patterns and became increasingly morbid.

However, the girls life took a turn when her aptitude for magic was discovered. It was far beyond anyone's expectations and she learned extremely quickly, partially because of the massive interest she had taken in it. She learned at a pace not really seen before by any other mage - to say she was a prodigy would be an understatement. Other schools of combat she was completely unsuccessful at aside from the extreme basics, but her ability far surpassed anyone else's at her age in this field.

Years passed and her progress continued. Her curiosity had overtaken her innate disinterest in people and she began learning about the world from real experience rather than what she'd read in books. The beauty of the world unveiled itself to her as she began to spend more and more time exploring her families vast estate and the forests within. It was at this time where she knew that she had to explore the world and the various things within it, to see what the books had told her about and experience the same stories that her grandmother told her.

Around the age of 16 and a half, Eris' grandmother became extremely ill. She no longer had the ability to care for the girl and organise tutoring or the like for her without grave cost to her health. She noted the girls immense magical potential, a willingness to explore and a requirement that she had to grow up to become the next head of the family. With her last wish to her granddaughter before she condemned herself to her bed, she inquired upon an old friend for a favour. She'd hired the Irregulars for tasks before, and she figured she could leverage their friendship to take in her granddaughter. She was a girl who preferred to listen rather than talk, and she also had skill in the field of battle. What was there to lose by taking her under their wing?

She was hesitant to join at first but the prospect of adventure and making her grandmother happy won her over. The girls past few months at the company had been eventful. She'd learned a lot from the magicians who worked there, and even managed to make a few friendships. She affectionately gave out nicknames to the guild mates and gave them gifts every time she wanted to ask something which made her well liked among the majority of the company. However, her thirst for adventure hadn't been sated and she craved a real challenge - one that would put the skills she'd been acquiring to the test.

Fighting Style

Dark Mage. She doesn't fight from a distance but uses her large amount of re-positioning and defensive spells to keep her safe whilst she launches her assault.


  • Eris' Grimoire "Ruin" - Surprisingly filled with spells for a girl her age, though it would be expected of someone of her talent level. It's rather distinct to a lot of other grimoires as it's quite small in size and easy to hold with one hand, though that's how Eris prefers it.
  • Clothing - Eris holds a few different dresses that were made for her by her grandmother, but she only tends to keep 2 on her. They fold easy, are much lighter than their frilly appearance looks and are quite durable. They definitely give off the aura of a rich girl.
  • Strange Necklace - A necklace that has been passed down by the side of her family who has god's blood. An interesting cross shape that shines brightly and never gets dirty. Eris wants to figure out the meaning of the shape and the properties it holds, but her investigation has been fruitless so far
  • Needles + String - Eris always carries around needles and string with her to repair any damaged clothing and also as a form of last ditch defence/form of utility. She's very accurate when throwing needles.
  • Money - Eris always carries a decent sum of money with her, as her grandmother had told her to. Whilst she doesn't carry too much of the family fortune, she's not struggling any time she needs to buy new equipment or make a transaction.
  • Writing tools - Eris always keeps a tool to write with. She likes writing a recall of her journey and she also likes writing letters to her grandmother.
  • End - A thin stiletto made of pitch black steel. It's hard to spot at night time and she almost always keeps it hidden where it isn't visible as a secret weapon. The guard has an extremely ornate guard to it


  • Enhanced Physical Ability - For a girl as frail as she looks, Eris actually has quite good physical conditioning mostly stemming from her gods blood given as she puts next to no effort into it. She's quite strong and can take far more hits than she should be able to, but she tires easily from physical tasks that are too strenuous. Whilst she is strong however, she holds absolutely zero combat ability to the point where she can't even throw a punch correctly.
  • Tailor - Eris is extremely skilled at making and repairing clothes + sewing, as sort of a hand-me-down from her grandmother. She rather enjoys making clothes for those she thinks would be cute in them.


Eris' Grimoire. She uses this as the conduit for all of her spellcasting. It's pitch black on the exterior. Her magic type is Dark.

  • Hate Spike - A concentrated spike of dark energy that rises from a shadows position. Activates through a command of snapping her finger. She must have either touched the shadow or the shadow has to belong to her to be able to cast this ability.
  • Ruinblade - A thin horizontal blade of dark energy casted at high speeds. Cast command is through waving her arm.
  • Abyss - Creates a large region of shadow on the ground in front of Eris.
  • Split - Allows Eris to leave her shadow at a single position, and swap back to its location when re-casted. Has a limited effective range.
  • Charades - Eris makes a shadow of a creature and brings it to life. The closer the accuracy of the charade, the more powerful and more durable the creature.
  • Lord of Shades - Eris steals the shadow(s) of her opponent(s) and turns it on them. The shadow holds the same physical capabilities as the original, but it is mindless and unable to replicate magic or fighting technique. Only works on up to 2 foes in its current state.
  • Puppet Strings - Creates a strong string material either coming from a shadow or herself in which she can attach it to something. It is at least as strong as steel, and not easily broken yet slow moving. If attached to an unconscious, dead or non-living being, Eris can
    manipulate them as if they're alive
  • Nero - Eris summons a large shadow-golem puppet, around 7ft tall with long arms albeit thin. It is chained to the ground but extremely durable and quick moving in its area of effect. Primarily a defensive spell. Affectionately named after a deceased family pet from her childhood.
  • Endbringer - Eris' most powerful offensive spell. A collective ball of dark energy is built up over a period of time and fired at a target. Once it reaches a destination, it explodes in a radius dealing massive damage and restricting vision in the area based on the amount of energy built up. Mostly used as an execution move due to the ease in which it can be dodged.
  • Oblivion - Eris creates two arms made of shadow that are both around the same size as her. The way in which she moves her own hands is the way in which these ones move. The darker it is, the more powerful these appendages are.

Other Information: Although she is classified as human, she holds direct blood ties to a God. As to what god, she's unaware but she's researching and trying to figure out what secrets her ancestry holds. Her abilities and physical attributes are boosted slightly due to this but the blood relation is extremely diluted due to hundreds of years passing since the age of the gods, and the less common attributes brought by this ancestry bring her more attention than she'd like.

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