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Griffon grumbled to himself. "My reasons for joining those two hero's are my own. The shield hero bears a shield and no sword. The bow hero has a bow, which isn't suited for close range combat." He sighed and shook his head. "Anyone with a brain would know that a spear and sword are best suited for close range, meaning it would be more convenient for a companion who can cover the areas they are weakest in." He made his way towards the older gentleman, the hero of the bow. "Which means I will pledge myself to join you on your quest bow hero." Griffon folded his hands over his chest.

"I will do that which you can not do. In turn, I hope you do that which I can not do." He held out his hand, an offering of friendship and camaraderie. "I know the ins outs of adventuring... for the most part. I'm handy in places like smiths and weapons shops. I can help keep the enemy away from you when fighting." He was trying to sell himself up a bit... He wanted to be recognized by the hero's, ever since he was a kid... this was his dream. Right here and right now, he would finally get to live it.

Alright so who are we waiting on to post?

I still need to respond, i was going to, but then I got dragged out by some friends and stayed up for 40 hours so... yeah. lol
West Blue

Aboard The Ship of a Certain Man

Jason Spade

Jason was sat on the deck of a rather large ship, rope wrapped tightly around his body, which was unfortunate for him as this was the sort of place you’d like to be able to use all your limbs. Sitting in front of him was a rather tall, obese man, drinking from a barrel of rum. The alcohol pour down the man’s chin and chest… he didn’t seem to really care. “Rurururur! You’re in it now boy-o!” The man laughed as he slammed the barrel onto the ground.

“Scuse me?” Jason tilted his head. “You found yourself on the ship of the great me! Cap’n Bilsco! Captain of the Rum Runners!” Jason looked around, it was your basic crew of cutthroats… though they were drunken cutthroats, so… you’re basic crew of cutthroats. “So… what are you going to do with me then?” Jason asked. “We’ll search yer boat! Take your treasure! And then throw ya over the edge!” Jason nodded, “mmhmm mhmm, see I don’t exactly have any more, or food. Or water.” He smiled. “So it’d be pretty great if you didn’t do that and just let me go!”

“Rurururururu!” Captain Bilsco laughed again. “No such luck boy-o! If ye ain’t got nuttin worth while then ye ain’t worth nuttin to me!” He held his hand out, prepare to give his men the order to toss him overboard. “Wait wait, hear me out! Hear me out!” Jason stood up, his arms still bound by rope. “How about you, me… we make a little wager huh? You like to gamble right? You a gambling man?” He grinned.

“Rururururu…. I’m listening boy-o….” Captain Bilsco grinned as he leaned forward.
Griffon slammed his scythe on the ground, “I’m Griffon. I’m an adventurer and a Black smith.” He stated, looking forward at the four heros with a stern look. “I’ve been in a few fights and I can hold my own, there’s no doubt about that. You won’t need to worry about your equipment or your life if you allow me to join.” He looked at the heroes over once again. “If I were to pick a hero to join… Bow or Shield would be my ultimate choice. But I would like to see who the rest would pledge their loyalty too.. If a hero should be without followers, I will follow that hero.” He lifted the scythe and placed it back on his back. “I’ve lived my entire life, looking forward to the day that I could be of help to the great heroes… So as long as I can protect people from these waves. I don’t care which hero i’m serving.”
I could always use a One Piece RP in my life. I'll do some thinkin about what character I'd like to bring along.

West Blue

Captain of The Card Shark Pirates

Jason Spade

The waves gently rocked against the small ship as it sailed through the ocean current… it’d only been a few weeks since Jason had made his way into the world of piracy. So far he was still bountyless, beliless and… “So… hungry...” Foodless. His stomach growled like a beast protecting it’s territory. “It’s been three days already… where the hell is the next island!?” the blonde haired pirate slowly stood up from his sitting position.

The boat was quite small, just big enough for a handful of people, but that’s what you get when you steal the nearest available ship. “Tch, dang.” He looked around at the empty sea. “I really lost big on this one huh...” He had taken a gamble on which direction to sail, though… he wasn’t a navigator and he barely knew how to sail. So far he’d been making his way by picking a direction and going with it.

“Alright well.” He activated his fruit for the first time in a few days. “Let’s see, North… north west… north east.” He began making a card for every direction he could think of. “AND SHUFFLE!” He shouts, shuffling the cards in his hand like a mad man. “DRAW!” He grabs the top card and slams it onto the deck. “Hm… It says west.” Looking up at the sky, he gets a good idea of the suns position… “I’M ALREADY GOING WEST!”

As he shouts.. the shadow of a galleon slowly creeps up from behind…


East Blue

Lt. Of The Marines

Raven Booth

“LAND! IT’S LAND SIR!” The men jumped and cheered as the small marine vessel docked on the island. “HAHAH! IT’S BEEN SO LONG! THAT STORM WAS SO SCARY!” Raven sighed as he leaped onto the dock. “Geez, If you’re men, then stop sniveling so much! It’s so uncool.” The young Lieutenant adjusted his glasses as he spoke. “But We’re just so happy to be alive! Our ships so small that- “ “I KNOW IT’S SMALL!” Raven shouts at his men, “Don’t you think I know that! IT’S UNCOOL! COMPLETELY UNCOOL!” He grumbled. “Damn it, I just want a crew fit for a cool guy like me.” He sighed, heading off into the town.

“Hurry up and fix the ship! And then get some supplies! We need to head out of here as soon as possible and find some pirates! I don’t want to be stuck on this boat any longer than I have to be! So let’s make a name for ourselves already!” Raven throws his arm into the air as his men cheer. “Good… that lit a fire under their belly… now, how about we take a look around this village.. maybe there’s some bandits I can take down.”
<Snipped quote by Infichi>

Only if I can become ya first mate. YEAH!

Currently all positions are open! XD
Any pirate crew open? I'd like to play a pirate that's classified himself as a Marine Hunter. He's specific goal is to defeat an Admiral, for his own reasoning. So we aren't allowed a DF at first?

devil's fruits are allowed at first, just not a logia or super powerful fruit.

also, plenty of crews open! if you're a gambler in the west blue, you can always join the Card sharks
Griffon will choose his hero last! XD because he wants to see who is left without aid.
The world will never be the same!

But seriously, go ahead and post IC if you're approved! thumbs up!
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