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I was out of town for two days, im back now

Griffin stood behind the bow hero, "Hey." He finally spoke. "I'll be doing my best to keep you safe from this point forward." He held his hand out toward the bow hero. "My name is Griffon, I'm a scythe wielder and a black smith. I've been training my whole life for this moment and I promise I won't let you down." He smirked a bit as he stood before the bow hero, he was finally going to live out his dream of fighting with the great heroes of legend... not in the capacity that he wanted, but that's how life is. Not everything works out the way you want it to, but he could still move forward with his dreams, he could still be a hero in his own right.
Alright looking forward to it.

It's good to have a person to follow T.T
@InfichiI mean archangel is going to make the bow apparently but ok.

ohhh ok then, i'll wait
@Infichi just to let you know I just subscribed to your channel...dont know why I felt the need to bring ir up but yeh lol

lmao well thank you XD

@RC3Npc's are specifically called 'Non Player Character'

<Snipped quote>

I 'control' Rin as I am her player but she has no inner thought dialogue, and won't be a part of the overarching narrative for the most part doing her own thing. Cole is actively going to be a main stay in this roleplay and will have the spot light.

Just because I am a GM doesn't mean I am not a player. I am not in this to give everyone a free story and sit here like in dnd as a dm. I'm here to play a part in a story that is both of my creation, and the other players likewise it is also stated in the rule section that this will be a linear roleplay. If this troubles you for some reason you're free not to join. In that case @Infichi will revert to the shield hero I suppose, and the bow hero will be retconned into an npc.

Alright, i'll shift him over to shield hero's group
Im just happy to have a person to follow finally, hopefully lol
I guess it may be ill give the bow 2 more days before having his character killed and then resummoning the bow I was hoping to avoid that.

yeah im kinda... S.O.L right now cause of that lmao
It's all good!
East Blue

Lt. Of The Marines

Raven Booth

Raven walked through the town, the people seemed at ease. They weren’t making much fuss and bowed their heads as he walked past. “Tch… Am I really not going to find anything here?” He thought to himself, making his way to a little cafe at the center of the village. It was a nice little shop, Raven made his way inside and sat down at one of the tables. “OH! A marine! What a sight!” An elderly man came out from the back room, brandishing a broom and an apron.

“I’m Marine Lt. Raven Booth.” Raven spoke confidently, adjusting his sunglasses. “A Lieutenant in our part of the island! What did we do to deserve such honors sir!” The old man didn’t seem serious when he spoke, his facial expression barely even changed. “Tch...” Raven’s eye twitched… why was he being looked down on… he should be seen as a cool hero! People should look at him and call his name “Raven-sama! Thank you for saving us~” “Raven-Sama~ So cool!” He was lost in his own thoughts as he gripped his jacket and pulled with his teeth.

“So, were you looking for some food? I’ve got a shop to run you know!” Raven sighed and placed his elbow on the table, resting his chin in his palm. “Yeah yeah… I’d like some iced tea.” “Oh.. big spender.” Raven’s eye twitched again at the old man’s comments. “Look here old man! I’m not here by choice alright! There’ was a huge storm out at sea and my men are basically as useful as a hand full of rocks! So I don’t need your sass too!”

The old man stared Raven down. “That’s more like a marine.” The lt. Stopped for a moment, “What the hell are you talking about?” The old man sighed and placed a glass full of ice down on the table. “The marine Lt. In charge of the base just a few towns over. He’s just like you. Full of vim and vigor… and venom.” He poured some black tea into the glass.

“He keeps the bandits away… but the people have to pay tribute to you damn marines every month and we’re going broke.” Raven grabbed the glass, downing the tea and slamming a handful of beli on the table. “Thanks for the tea.” He adjusted his sunglasses as he stormed out of the building. “Pff… least he tips well.”
I'll be posting later today! I've had a busy last few days.
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