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First of all, I feel it's important to note I have made use of the likeness of Miss Martian as a representation for my Martian Manhunter. Who isn't an iteration of M'gann M'orzz but rather a female iteration of J'onn J'onzz. I know that might be troublesome if there is someone looking to apply for Miss Martian in the future but I felt that it would be ok for now and I was getting stuck on where to look for character art. It really isn't easy being green...

Sorry if this causes any problems or ends up not working >_<

I am rather anxious about my writing but I hope I have managed to turn out something that is good enough for this rp. I am really quite excited to write more if it turns out I manage to get accepted~!

<Snipped quote by Mion>

At this time yes, however, I do know of one other potential player who is also working on an application for Aquaman. We do welcome competing apps but I figured the heads up would be nice.

Ahh I see. Thank you for letting me know!

If Black Panther or Martian Manhunter are still available as well then I might work on an app for one of those as well just in case ^^

I was wondering if Aquaman was still available to play?
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