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"Oh, hello! I'm Cerys." She smiles at the kind employee who came up to her. @OliviaV "I'm looking for some scrolls that True suggested, ones that can help track and locate people. I can't seem to read most of them,however." She pauses, a bit embarassed at her own lack of understanding. "My mentor has proven difficult to contact, and I'm hoping one of these can help me find him."
It....talked. And not just the weird, gutteral, semi-human noises that those monsters sometimes made. Cerys lowered her fists cautiously and stared at it. This was new. She noticed it wore a little leather hat and seemed just as anxious as she was. The hat made his whole appearance less threatening, and she wondered why she hadn't noticed it before. "I actually don't work here...I'm...I'm sorry, I didn't realize..." She trailed off, apologetically looking away. She was confused as all hell, but she felt that she may have already made a scene and didn't want to make it worse. He didn't appear to want to hurt anyone, and if he had he probably would have done so the moment he walked in the door. Cerys spun on her heels quickly and went to the far end of the store, aware that she was walking further from the scrolls she needed. Glancing back, she decided to wait for it to calm down and clear out a little before she continued her search.
Cerys excused herself and headed towards the area that True had pointed out. "Any scroll but the silver handled ones..." she mumbled to herself, scanning the aisles for any scroll that could help her. Most of them were in languages she had never seen before, and it didn't help that she only knew Elven and common in the first place. As she carefully walked around the store, she felt something bump into her knees. Looking down, it was...a monster? Here? In the shop? She gasped and backed up quickly, almost knocking over a shelf in the process. The weird green creature had a hideous face, reminiscent of the monsters back home that had plagued her town and caused her to leave in the first place. She shuddered as the night her city was set on fire came flooding back to her. The screams of the village people as they were set upon by bloody beasts.

Cerys got in a stance indicating she was ready to fight, reaching for her mace. To her surprise, she felt nothing and remembered. "Idiot, you didn't bring a weapon with you because you were just handing out posters." Of course, it was back at the inn. Not to be discouraged, Cerys formed fists with her hands and awaited the monster's attack. (@hazy) She didn't hear a word between anyone else, too focused on what was in front of her.
She could see True's sharp eyes scan her poster in a critical fashion. She wasn't the best artist, and perhaps it would have been wise to get an actual artist to do the work but she was in a hurry. Added to that was the fact that Alexander had took most of the money with him when he left on his supposedly quick errand. Her duties as a cleric called for her to remain behind in another town not too far from this one, and he promised her this task of his would lead him here where he would wait for her. He always waited for her when she couldn't travel with him right away.

It had been weeks since their last interaction. "It's been quite a while since I've seen him. He was supposed to meet me here, but I've waited for more than a week with not a word from him. May I look at the scrolls you mentioned...?" As she spoke to True, the door opened and a man walked in. Cerys turned to look at him and caught herself staring at his arm. It was mechanical, all of it. She quickly looked away, afraid he might have noticed her and would find it rude. His shaky manner of speech surprised her. It's not what she expected from someone as intimidating as he appeared.

The door opened once again, and a young woman came in. Her bright red hair stood out amongst the chaos of the tiny store that seemed to be reaching max capacity. Cerys saw her walk behind the counter and understood her to be an employee. The girl turned and left to talk to another woman that Cerys hadn't seen before.

"It seems the shop is getting a little busy." She smiled at True. "If you could just point me in the direction of the scrolls, I'll let you assist them and get out of your way."
"Oh!" Cerys gasped, startled when True spoke to her. She had turned her back to him as she wandered about the store and had forgotten he was even there. Now reminded of his existence, she began to walk over to him and examine the strange creature that apparently could speak. She had never seen anything like him where she was from, and her curiosity got the better of her. Before she could speak to him, however, the woman that had been mixing ingredients when she walked in strode up to her and offered her assistance.

"Oh, yes. I just wanted to know if..." Before she could finish, the sound of broken glass filled the store. Her eyes widened in surprise as she looked behind V to see that the large man had accidentally knocked over a bottle, spilling its golden contents that upon contact with the floor's surface began to smoke. She nodded at V when she excused herself to clean up the mess. Cerys stood there awkwardly for a moment, brushing away loose strands of silver hair. "She seems busy...I should ask the bird." Cerys thought to herself, and spun around to the back where the blue dragon...bird....thing...sat patiently.

"I was wondering if I could hang this poster somewhere in your store. I'm looking for my mentor, he's been missing for about three weeks now. This town is the last location I know he's visited, and I'm worried." Her voice wavers a bit as she explains her reason for entering. The poster shows a cute but not very well done hand-drawn image of a man with a rugged appearance. Below it is the text "Missing!! Alexander Lacelle, age 27. Half-elf, known to be a bit of a drunkard. Acts tough but is actually very sweet. If you know anything, please come find Cerys Evans, currently staying at the Crescent Inn."
Her "Missing!!!" posters had been hung in every establishment in town, it seemed. She had spent the entire day roaming from shop to shop, asking for leads on her beloved mentor's whereabouts to no avail. Defeated and tired, the young half-elf began to wander back to the inn she was staying at when she noticed a giant of a man struggle to fit into the door of a curious little shop she hadn't seen before. "Strange...I swear I've been up this road plenty of times today already. I do have one more poster...Perhaps I'll stop there." She mumbled as she crossed the street and headed to the front door.

Cerys quietly entered the shop and glanced around. Her eyes lingered a bit too long on the strange creature that perched itself in the back, as she couldn't quite tell if it was real. She noticed that a man and woman were talking and concocting something a bit ahead of her, and the large man she had seen earlier was examining the various items placed seemingly haphazardly on the shelves. She set about examining the shop's wares, patiently waiting for a chance to speak with an employee.
Are you still taking players? I've got a new DND campaign I'll be joining soon, it'd be super cool to rp my character here and get a feel for how she is! This is a really cool idea (。・ω・。)
@The Mighty Hero sweet! I'm back to using my phone as well but I'll be more active tomorrow since I have the day off 😊 I will begin brainstorming a character!
@The Mighty Hero I'm trying to navigate the site a bit better now that I'm on my computer and not my phone but I'll definitely check out the tabletop section :D Thank you! If you ever need players in the future I'd love to join one of your campaigns :'D
Hi everyone! My lovely friend Hellish Hin introduced me to this site and I'm already super excited! I was introduced to DND/roleplaying about a year or so ago and absolutely love it. However, I'm incredibly shy and so it's hard for me to rp in real life. But I think I do pretty well over messenger/formats like this!

Uhh...yeah! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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