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Current I realize I have a lot of stuff to catch up on! Between work and moving out of summer housing, I have been swamped. I promise to be back tomorrow!
3 yrs ago
I am doing training for my job for the next two days, so I will be slow in answering to RPs and PMs. I didn't really respond to anything today as I had a wicked headache after training. Back tomorrow.
3 yrs ago
My rabbit ate my charger for my laptop so I will most likely not be online as much today. The charger should be arriving tomorrow.
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3 yrs ago
Cupcakes... that is usually what is on my mind.... mmmmm cupcakes....


I write whatever comes to mind. If you don't like it... I apologize and hope we can still be friends :D

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@FalkiThomas Ohhhhh i got you and yeah, I think I will do that... also... I got distracted and I forgot to PM you but I don't think I need to lol
@FalkiThomas Not quite sure what you mean :P
I don't know yet... I will have to think on it. On the one hand, I think it would be interesting to put Olivia through an adventure. On the other, I'm not sure how well she would fair on the adventure. He has lead a pretty cushy life :P I will shoot you a PM :)
As Olivia waited for the woman to answer her, Kale slid a letter to her. She smiled at the lady she was trying to help, picked up the letter and beamed. "Excuse me for a moment. If you need anything, anything at all please just flag me down." V tucked the letter into her bosom and bounced over to Kale. "I would love to accept the position. Thank you very much."@FalkiThomas She gave a quick curtsy before going to follow True's orders regarding the goblin. But before she could offer her assistance, Kale informed Laila to not worry about him and to offer him help instead.

V decided since she was headed in that direction, she would help the other she-elf that had wondered into the store. "Hello. You were the girl hoping to find her friend right? The one with the poster? My name is Olivia, or V if you prefer. Is there anything I can do to help you?" @MiraChan
@FalkiThomas I am totes in!! Do I have to use my character from this RP or could I use create a different character? Also, working on a post for this RP :)
@canaryrose Ah! Sorry, I totally missed it! It looks great and it will be interesting trying watching the families trying to convince her to join them :P
This sounds like it could be an interesting RP :)
@AtomicNut Normally I would say no, but it seems many of the people that were interested and submitted characters have either become busy or have lost interest. But I like your CS :)

If you are still around and would like to continue the RP, please let me know. I was gone for a few days due to moving and work, but I'm back now and would really like to continue this RP. If you are still interested, post here in the OOC can we will continue the RP with hose that are interested. We may have to do a little rearranging of the RP, but I think we can make it work :)
So did everyone just leave this RP? If so I need to know so I can close it down
Olivia was about to answer when Kale returned. He held something in his hand and instantly took over. She decided to step aside let Kale do his boss man thing and handle his business. As people entered the shop, she smiled and offered her help in anyway possible. Slowly but surely she made her way to the woman that had entered earlier and had stood quietly in the back of the shop.

"Excuse me Miss. Is there something you are looking for? I'm new at working here, but if you are looking for a potion, balm, or salve, I am can at least assist you with that." @MissCapnCrunch She gave a flashed a smile, hoping to prove herself more the Kale.

As she waited for an answer from the woman, another woman approached and offered her help. "Oh, no! My name is Olivia, but I like to be called V." She gave a quick curtsy with a smile. I just started working here.... I think? I haven't really received a word of acceptance from Mr. Kale, but he hasn't complained about me helping so far...." As she was finishing introducing herself, True order V and the other girl, Laila, to kick a goblin out of the shop. "Oh! You must be the other employee here. I'm so pleased to meet you!" She glanced at the lady again, feeling rude for all of the interruptions. "Miss is there anything I can do to help you?"
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