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Current So it really was a dream
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It turns out that you can only spray so many people down with Febreze before they fire you as a Wal Mart greeter.
8 days ago
There should be a word for old friends who just met.
8 mos ago
So much soul inside my bones, ground to dust it makes for great magic powder ;)
11 mos ago
As if there ever was a real hero.


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Beep bop, I'm down for whatever you're craving.

For my sake I hope it's inspire by this song.

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Bingo, Bango, bongo.

Top ten anime betray..

I like lentil soup, you know it's good for you right?
Imagine a starlight from from greece at night.
Chocolate bonbons and cocoa power go well together you know.
As if there ever was such a thing as a deep conversation.
At this point I'm only hurting myself... through memes.

At my funeral, what if my suit doesn't match???
Do you think robots can dream?
Payless is a good brand I think..

If you sit down too fast it'll tough the water.

I'm down with brown town.
I had magic beans once, I let them spoil.
Good Early Morning. Are you still looking?

Yes I am.
There is not a word yet, for old friends who just met.

Saying: How have you been? to someone new, is to reminisce and add them to your memories as if they have always been there.

If you're still down.
All about this, still open?
His nose twitched again and his eyes narrowed.

Equal treatment, and plenty of it as it seemed. "You are not Aeli," the male took a stance that made his nerves and body regain a slight confidence at the moment. "You are here for the entertainment of the galactic elite, a show beast to enthrall the senses and nothing more." there was a slight coldness returning to the dual tones of his voice as his words went on.

"This is a private Emperium Vessel," His eyes looked away into the false background landscape that seemed to go on for miles and miles. Even though she was not on par as his own kin, he still answered out of recognition of her intelligence. There was a subtle but deliberate movement of his hand and with it, a panel appeared before the both of them. Planets, moons, colonies and many enormous anomalies indescribable by human words dashed across the screen. it was but a small showing of the vastness of species that transcended the shell of their primitive planets. A true club for only the enlightened ones.

Another wave of his finger and their destination came to view. a small planetoid way outside of the range of the major Empire's laws and restrictions. A wild and ungoverned sector where only the most deprived and dangerous beings made a home. In the capital, there was a Colossal zoo full of almost every kind of creature in existence. Scenes of dumb to intelligent creatures being made to fight to the death as a crowd of millions of strange beings cheered livened up the screen.

'This is your purpose now." Solin said as his eyes came over the female's body once more as she viewed her certain future.
What was this?

close proximity, very close indeed.

He didn't what a deer was or how its behavior correlated with his. Word after word she approached until her body was over his. His lips parted yet his speech was as quiet as some small earthen rodent.

"What do you want?" sweat rolled down the side his face.

Her list of demands answered with a question of his own. true, it was embarrassing to be on the other side of dominance, but had this woman not remembered where she was? A small gesture or tiny whim and she could die under a random tendril sprung from the bowels of the chamber. The light in his golds avoided hers, he could not keep up with his physiological and psychological internal struggles. His gaze landed on her chest and now that he subconsciously saw her as more than a simple creature, a redness came to his face.

All he wanted in that moment was to regain his composure and take back the governance of his mind and body. She and her behavior were alien to him. it seemed like everything having to do with contact and touch of the skin surged sensations, urges, and reactions unknown to the male. Maybe this was their power, however strange it may be, it could conquer worlds if left unchecked.

But right in this moment, he had neither the strength or will to resist.
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