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Current So this is what it's like to be in love
1 yr ago
I'm trying to not lose faith in the goodness of people...
1 yr ago
Ghosting, as it called... happens a lot here... it's like being in front of a mansion before a beautiful door that never opens.
1 yr ago
So it really was a dream
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1 yr ago
It turns out that you can only spray so many people down with Febreze before they fire you as a Wal Mart greeter.


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Wizard and client sounds amazing and unique!
The ocean's end and life goes on please. :D
Still open?
Still up for a medieval fantasy?
Beep bop, I'm down for whatever you're craving.

For my sake I hope it's inspire by this song.

In ... 1 yr ago Forum: The Gallery
Bingo, Bango, bongo.

Top ten anime betray..

I like lentil soup, you know it's good for you right?
Imagine a starlight from from greece at night.
Chocolate bonbons and cocoa power go well together you know.
As if there ever was such a thing as a deep conversation.
At this point I'm only hurting myself... through memes.

At my funeral, what if my suit doesn't match???
Do you think robots can dream?
Payless is a good brand I think..

If you sit down too fast it'll tough the water.

I'm down with brown town.
I had magic beans once, I let them spoil.
Good Early Morning. Are you still looking?

Yes I am.
There is not a word yet, for old friends who just met.

Saying: How have you been? to someone new, is to reminisce and add them to your memories as if they have always been there.
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