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Oh yeah, super interested.
Hey man, this idea is SUPER cool. I was curious though, is lycanthrophy in this just how it's usually seen in movies and tv? I might've missed your answer to this question if someone else asked it. :P
Hello everyone! My names Mike and I thought I was new here, but apparently I created an account four years ago to play with friends.

I'm not new to Roleplay (I've been doing Homebrew games with my buddy's using the Dark heresy system for years now) But I am pretty new to the forum rp stuff, I hope i'll meet some nice folks that can show me the ropes!

Thanks for reading!
Ramirez barely made it into the room before noticing Apollo and the knife lodged in his back, at just a glance it looked like it must of hurt like hell. "How the hell did you manage that Sarge?" Ramirez says half jokingly before going to look at the damage of the knife. The knife had done substantial damage to the Sgt,Surface wound was enough to know it would require serious medical attention. before Ramirez did anything he told the Sgt what was going to happen.

"BioFoam is going to hold you for now Sarge,but this is a serious injury,stick to the bow,shotgun will probably open up the injury and I only have so much Biofoam." After Ramirez said this he went back and grabbed the handle of the knife. "This is probably going to hurt." Ramirez said before counting down to three and pulling the knife out, quickly applying the biofoam and covering the area with bandages and medical tape. Ramirez then looked at the insurrectionist that was with the Sgt. He looked pretty beat up,bleeding from his right shoulder. Ramirez could only assume this was the guy that stabbed Sgt Apollo, Ramirez stepped closer to the man and punched the man in the stomach before ramming the butt of his ma5 to the mans head,effectively knocking him to the ground.

"Not enough Biofoam for that shitbird sarge." Ramirez says before moving into the building to assist in the clearing of the building.
Ramirez was aiming his rifle at the old man who shot gunny before the arrow hit his throat, startled at first, he looked around before noticing Apollo. He nodded to him before turning to the gunny and beginning to work on his leg, the bullets luckily went through his leg entirely so there was no need to dig anything out before the application of biofoam was made,but the wound was substantial just by looking at it Ramirez was surprised gunny didn't start screaming as soon as the rounds made contact.

"Gunny, you're going to be fine, but this is going to sting like a bitch." Ramirez said to Garcia before removing the bits of cloth that covered his thigh and applying Biofoam, after he applied the Biofoam he began to bandage the area just to add a little pressure to the leg so Garcia can move on his own regardless of the numbness he's going to feel in a second or two.

"Gunny, This shit wears off after a while, you should be fine until we get back to base,but you're gunna need to hit up the medbay just to make sure you can keep the leg." Ramirez says with a grin on his face before standing up and reloading his ma5,then extending a hand to help Garcia stand up.
Ramirez scoffed as Gunny called him a nurse before he got into position near a tree and aimed his ma5 down range, judging who he was going to be firing at before Sgt Knight shot, he decided that decommissioning the kid would be the best way to go.

Although Ramirez hated the insurrectionist movement he wasn't going to kill a kid and to avoid the kid killing any of his comrades he decided that once the shooting started he would incapacitate the kid before turning his attention to the three men speaking out front.

Once Sgt Knight shot, he did just that, shooting the kid in the knee with his first shot before turning the gun on the three guards.
Name, Rank:
Edwin Ramirez, Lance Corporal
Psychological Assessment:
Aside for an extreme hate and prejudice for the insurrectionist movement and those who work to better the cause Lance Corporal Edwin Ramirez has shown no malice toward anything during the time he was looked at before being cleared for military operations. Ramirez stands a bit shorter than most of the other volunteers,which is the only thing really separating him from the rest. He is Civil,Cooperative,and able to think under pressure in hostile situations.

Medical Record and Evaluation:
Hispanic male with brown hair, Brown eyes. Twenty years old with one scar on his right eyebrow from an incident in his youth. Born in Bogota Colombia a slightly smaller baby although having no irregularities outside of his initial size, comes from a medical background.

One fracture on his left arm as a child,healed long since then.

Known to often go on long jogs and weightlift,Ramirez has a solid physical appearance and outstanding endurance.

currently stands at 5'4 inches tall.

Career Service Vitae:
Born and raised in Colombia Earth to doctor parents, he received a primary Secondary, and college education although his parents wanted him to be a doctor and continue the family legacy, Ramirez lacked the patience to go through medical school though instead opting to study nursing and becoming a paramedic while at the same time taking courses with weaponry to better prepare himself for his inevitable enlistment.

Currently in training to become an Orbital Shock Drop Trooper for Delta-Seven operations. Recommended as a Medic for operations due to prior trade.
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