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Current Sorry to all my RP partners but going on an indefinite hiatus at the moment. When I do eventually come back you can expect replies, but I will understand if you decide to move on.
7 mos ago
I'd *ride* Lapras across water any time ;)
8 mos ago
Honestly makes me sad when I find an interest check that is really up my ally. But then I see that it's super old and the OP hasn't logged on in years. RIP that RP



I love romantic smutty roleplay. male/male, futa/male, femboy/femboy. Friends who've been too shy to admit their love for years. Forbidden relationships that must be hidden. Unlikely combinations of people thrust together by unforeseen circumstances. Tears, laughter, life. I mostly play the younger/uke/bottom though.
I like Sci-Fi/Fantasy roleplay. Ancient evils being fought by unlikely heroes. Tiny villages defending themselves against hoards/bandits/ or an evil virus threatening mankind. Families torn apart by magik.
I also just like conversations. Conversations about anime/manga, cult classic movies, all kinds of music, a dream you had the other night, a really attractive person you saw the other day, whatever.

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