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Current Sorry to all my RP partners but going on an indefinite hiatus at the moment. When I do eventually come back you can expect replies, but I will understand if you decide to move on.
1 yr ago
I'd *ride* Lapras across water any time ;)
1 yr ago
Honestly makes me sad when I find an interest check that is really up my ally. But then I see that it's super old and the OP hasn't logged on in years. RIP that RP



I love romantic smutty roleplay. male/male, futa/male, femboy/femboy. Friends who've been too shy to admit their love for years. Forbidden relationships that must be hidden. Unlikely combinations of people thrust together by unforeseen circumstances. Tears, laughter, life. I mostly play the younger/uke/bottom though.
I like Sci-Fi/Fantasy roleplay. Ancient evils being fought by unlikely heroes. Tiny villages defending themselves against hoards/bandits/ or an evil virus threatening mankind. Families torn apart by magik.
I also just like conversations. Conversations about anime/manga, cult classic movies, all kinds of music, a dream you had the other night, a really attractive person you saw the other day, whatever.

PM me?

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--Closed for now--

Hello all! Title pretty much says it all. I'm mainly just putting a feeler out there for anyone who would like to roleplay this kind of pairing in any setting really. And if I'm honesty I'd like to play the male, but I'll play the other too if you're willing to play a particularly effeminate boy. I don't have a huge amount of original settings, but I do have two I'd like to try. Otherwise feel free to suggest me one you'd like to do.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or even just to chat. I'm always looking for new friends!
The possibility of a completely new main series Pokemon game sounds exciting to me. I've heard people say it's confirmed but I'm not too sure yet.

Other than that everything Nintendo puts on the Switch.
Which ditch?
So I'm looking for romance! Smutty romance lol. The details will be adult so you have been warned.

Something that involves an unlikely pairing. Perhaps it's a taboo pairing such as teacher x student. Perhaps it's not exactly consensual at first, like a bully x their victim. Anything so long as it's not traditional really.

Please also consider

  • I'm from NSW, Australia so my replies may be delayed because of timezone differences
  • Like I said, only interested in being bottom/uke
  • Also not too into hyper masculinity. You don't have to be a femboy, but no body builders or bears please.
  • I expect at least a paragraph reply
  • I don't do all kinks, but most. Check with me first, as I will check with you first
  • I like modern settings mostly, but I'm open to anything in that regard
  • The point of this is to have fun! If you're not having fun, let me know and maybe we can change something or we can stop altogether

Don't hesitate to PM me with any of your own ideas, or questions!
Hi! Here I am introducing myself.

So I'm young, and love to write. Specifically boy love romance. But also other kinds too! If there's anyone out there looking for a partner to RP boy love, or trans love with, don't hesitate to message me. So long as you're fine with a strict uke RPer.

Some other things about me.

  • I love long messages and lots of suspenseful buildup
  • I'm a sucker for character sheets, and creating characters of any kind
  • I'm from NSW, Australia so the timezone is gonna be very far out for some of you.
  • Also as a result of this, my replies might be delayed, and my grammar and choice of words might be different. Don't let that put you off

Thanks for reading. Hope I hear from some of you soon
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