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Current Sometimes I wonder whether or not my trust is misplaced or not, especially when it seems that the trust I place in some people isn't reciprocated.
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All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.
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Currently in exam periods at University after a full month of mobilization and a constant strike Things arent looking well so ill either be busy trying to save the semester or not because its lost
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I should re-read the Lord of the Rings one of these days
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Is it wierd that, whenever I am stressed I want to RP? I don't know, helps keep my mind off of certain things. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.


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After the unpleasant experience of going through Lafayette station’s checkpoint, Khosin couldn’t help but sigh at the next part of their little plan. “Of all places to set the meeting point why did it have to be a pillars-damned cafe.” He thought inwardly, shaking his head in exasperation, as he made his way towards the cafe. He was already drawing more attention that he liked and, as such, he wasn’t looking forward to entering the cafe and drawing even more attention “You’d think I am a varren that learned to walk the way people look at me.” The batarian muttered to himself quietly as he continued walking at a brisk pace towards the meeting point.

It didn’t took long for Khosin to find the Doctor’s Orders, the pub’s sign easily distinguishing it from the other shops. Pushing the door open, he quickly made a beeline where the group had already settled in inside the cafe “Sorry for the delay, had a small problem getting into the station proper.” He said as he took a seat close to Tonka and settled in alongside the rest of the crew. When Hazan began speaking, Khosin looked down at his omnitool as the Turian had instructed; he stared at the holographic map as it lit up with every new piece of information that Hazan relayed to him and the rest of the team, his four eyes easily following the the spots on the map that were highlighted in sync with the information that was being shared with them.

Khosin listened as Hazan began to outline the plan with which they’d get Drono into the clinic, nodding slightly to himself once Haze was done speaking. He was surprised when he heard both Tanya and Tonka started voicing their concerns regarding the plan that Haze had outlined, to Khosin the plan outlined by Haze had seemed sound and relatively risk-free but Tonka and Tanya had made rather good points as well in regards to the risks that accompanied such a plan, their point only gaining more validation when Serena agreed with the points raised by Tanya and Tonka. He stayed for a few more moments as he listened to Serena’s idea, placing his hands on the table and standing up once she was done speaking “Well, it’s been lovely catching up with you guys but I need to get going.” He said “Came here to get a check-up since my biotic amp’s been acting weird lately, and if I stay chatting any longer chances are there’ll be no one left to see if the damn thing is breaking up or not.” The Batarian said as he started moving towards the exit of the cafe “I’ll tell you guys how things went out a bit later, wish me luck.” Khosin said lastly, finally reaching the door that led out into the streets. It didn’t took him long to find the clinic but it was a bit of a challenged to enter into it than he had anticipated, but perhaps that was on account of his race more than anything else.

Once he was inside, he took a sit in one of the sparse seats that were distributed in the reception area. “Made it inside clinic, took a few minutes to get past the guards at the entrance. There’s not much security inside the building proper, apart from quite a few cameras inside the reception which might complicate things. This is all I’ve managed to see without raising suspicions, Khosin out.” The batarian wrote in his omnitool, sending the message to the rest of the Jury Riggers through the secure channel that Dex had set for the team. Closing his omnitool and settling comfortably, or as much as he could, in the seat he had grabbed, Khosin discreetly kept an eye inside the reception area as he waited for the rest of the group to arrive, his four eyes looking for any sign of trouble.
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So my post is done. A few things, first of all, I'm sorry that it took me so long to post, I'll try that a situation like this doesn't happens again; second, sorry for not mentioning the name of Dawnstar's ruler, first I wasn't sure if it was a Jarl or a Thane and second I wasn't sure if the ruler of the city was murdered or not so I just went with Thane in the end, if someone could clear those confusions a bit, if it's not too much of a bother that is, I'd be more than happy to edit my post so that it's better. Thirdly, sorry if the post: a) doesn't flows too well with the rest of the RP, I kinda struggled a little with how to integrate it and b) my apologies if it ends up without moving things too much, I had thought of having it ending with Tsleeixth pleading to be able to help with the investigation or something but I wasn't sure if that'd be ok. Well that'd be all I wanted to say, once again my apologies for disappearing for so long, hope the post is good.

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Late evening, 25th of Sun’s Height

After his chat with Daixanos, Tsleeixth stayed in the inn drinking for a little while longer. The conversation he had with his fellow Saxhleel troubled the spellsword greatly, and he couldn’t help but feel that -despite the fact that he had managed to get Dax to give more thought to his idea to march straight towards Morrowind at the head of whatever Argonians he could gather from the refugee camps- something terrible was going to happen soon. Shaking his head slightly, Tsleeixth went into the room that he had rented at the inn after paying for his final drink. There wasn’t much for the spellsword to do at the moment, except for finding a suitable replacement for his armor that had been damaged in Bthaamz.

With nothing else to do, Tsleeixth picked up the damaged cuirass and began making his way towards the residence of Dawnstar’s local smith, exiting into Dawnstar’s streets seeking to replace the damaged piece of equipment. It took him a while to find the resident smith, and a bit more time to convince the aforementioned smith to allow him to buy a new cuirass but, in the end, he had managed to replace his old iron armor with a new steel one. With that particular errand done, his funds now severely depleted after buying the steel cuirass, Tsleeixth made his way back to Windpeak inn and his rented room, depositing the newly purchased piece of equipment at the foot of his bed. With the business about his armour taken care of there wasn’t anything else for Tsleeixth to do except for going to sleep, yet something bothered the Argonian and sleep didn’t came easy for him.

Early morning, 26th of Sun’s Height

In the end, after a scant few hours of troubled sleep, Tsleeixth woke up shortly before the sun rose. Throughout the night he had felt a sense of dread for some unexplained reason and that had stopped him from having a restful night of sleep. Having the feeling that he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again, he got dressed quickly and quietly exited the inn hoping that a short walk would help him shake off the feeling of dread that had accompanied him through the night. “I’m just probably worried about what I talked about with Dax.” Tsleeixth thought to himself, trying to calm himself down.

It was only after a few minutes, and when he was far enough away from Windpeak so as to not make a commotion, that Tsleeixth’s feeling of dread turned from a mere feeling into reality as he found himself surrounded by a squad of four guardsmen. Without giving time for the Argonian to protest, one of the guards handcuffed Tsleeixth’s hands with a pair of manacles; the Argonian thought for a moment about struggling against the guards, summon a creature and try and head back to Windpeak where the rest of the company was, before deciding against that particular course of action. Whatever was the reason for his capture, unknown to him as it was at that moment, escaping from the guards and running towards the company would only worsen the situation, furthermore running away would only worse the situation of the Argonians in the refugee camp in front of Dawnstar and Tsleeixth wouldn’t make life for his fellow Hist brothers and sisters any more difficult than he could.

Accepting his present situation, he began walking with the group of guards towards Dawnstar’s dungeon and the cell that surely awaited him. Tsleeixth didn’t pay much attention to the trip towards wherever Dawnstar’s dungeons were located, his thoughts turned inwards and his gaze more focused on his feet than on the road towards the place where he’d be imprisoned, and only finally registered that they had well and fully arrived to the dungeons when one of the guards took off the manacles that had bound the spellsword’s hands before promptly closing the door of the cell.

Looking around the cell Tsleeixth couldn’t help but notice that a few creature comforts were present in the cell, something that struck as odd to the Argonian and gave him some hope that -at the very least- there were a few people within Dawnstar’s town guard that believed that he was innocent of whatever it was that he was being accused off. Indeed, thinking on his trip to the dungeons, Tsleeixth found that none of the guards had insulted him nor had they displayed any signs of violence towards him, asides from handcuffing and a few pushes here and there to steer him on the right path when he became too self-absorbed in his thoughts. Yet whatever thoughts might have been going on in Tsleeixth’s head stopped all of a sudden when the door of the cell opened once more and Daixanos was pushed inside of his, or more appropriately their, cell.

The Argonian spellsword shook his head, as if willing the image of his fellow hist brother imprisoned alongside him to be a mere conjuration of his tired man, unsure of what to do. Part of him wanted to approach Dax, ask him if he knew anything about why they had been apprehended, yet he could feel that his fellow Saxhleel was agitated, as if he was on the brink of snapping suddenly. He was unsure of how to help Dax, and the conversation they had had the previous night proved to Tsleeixth that he and Dax didn’t see eye to eye on certain things a fact that only added to his hesitancy, and so Tsleeixth sat on the cell, mulling to himself on what he should do.

Evening, 26th of Sun’s Height

The silence that had settled between the two Argonians was finally broken by the sound of the cell's door opening. Tsleeixth turned up to look at the now opened door and saw a small group of guards, about 5 or more of them, enter the cell in which they had been imprisoned. He looked in astonishment as Dax was picked up by the guards, the small group of Nords leading Daixanos out of the dungeon. Once he had overcome his shock at this new turns of events, Tsleeixth stood up and approached the door of his cell “Hey, what’s happening? Why are they leading him out?” Asked the spellsword, motioning with his head to the spot where Daixanos’ had been but a few moments ago, to a nearby guard, fear creeping into his mind as he wondered what’d happen to Dax. He hoped that the guard would answer him, both he and Dax had been treated -relatively- well for being prisoners and he also knew for a fact that a few guards thought that both him and Daixanos were innocent.

The guard seemed indecisive for a few seconds, debating with himself if he should share what he had heard with Tsleeixth or not, before he finally approached the imprisoned Argonian. “It’s just a rumor going around the guards here, Skald hasn’t issued any official statement or anything of the sort, but it seems that your friend has been exiled, some say that the company you and your friend work for managed to convince him to allow that Dax fellow to join them on a mission or something.” Spoke the guard, shuffling somewhat awkwardly “Sorry but all I can say for sure is that your friend is being exiled, the rest was mostly gossip between some of the other guards.”

Tsleeixth let out a sigh, shaking his head slightly. He dearly hoped that the company had managed to strike a deal of sorts with Jarl Skald and that Daixanos wasn’t being merely exiled, but he couldn’t know for sure due to his present circumstances. He was about to go back to the corner in which he had been sitting previously when a question popped in his mind “Excuse me, but, why were we arrested? I don’t think anyone told me the motive behind my, and Dax’s, imprisonment.” Said Tsleeixth to the guard at the last second, the company had just gotten back from their respective missions and when they had arrived at Dawnstar there hadn’t seemed to be any trouble apart from the one with the Argonian refugees, so Tsleeixth couldn’t help but wonder what were the charges that they were falsely charging him with.

“Uhhh… two are, or rather you are, under arrest under the suspicion of having murdered three people.” The guard said while looking quizzically at Tsleeixth “A dunmer man, some Altmer brat, and some sort of Argonian elder amongst the refugees.” Continued the Nord man “Honestly I can see the first two happening, your kind doesn’t has much love for the Dunmer’s after all and it’s not like there’s too much love around for the Altmer either, but I don’t see you, or that Dax guy, murdering that elder.” The man continued, scratching his chin as he thought “Plus, weren’t you two on a mission recently? You two were the only Argonians allowed into this city, and you are with that mercenary company to boot. I dunno, the whole thing just seems fishy to me.” The guard said, shaking his head slightly and giving a shrug, before returning to his post.

Tsleeixth nodded weakly at the man’s words before sitting in the corner of his cell. He didn’t knew who the Dunmer and the Altmer were, but he knew that the Argonian who had been murdered had been the Pakseech of the community of refugees. His guts twisted with dread as he realized that, with the Pakseech dead, the situation between Dawnstar’s population and the Argonian refugees camped next to the city would only get worse.

Late Morning, 27th of Sun’s Height

Tsleeixth woke up at the sound of footsteps echoing into the dungeon. After he had received the news of the death of the Pakseech guiding the refugees, the Saxhleel spellsword had grown quiet his mind turned inwardly into trying to figure out who had murdered the Pakseech and why they had done it. The answer the the latter question was obvious, the death of the Pakseech -along with the Altmer woman and Dunmer man- was merely a ploy to sow further discord in Danswtar, yet the question of who had been the assailants still plagued him; he doubted that the Kamals’ were responsible, it would be rather hard to miss them after all, but apart from that deduction Tsleeixth still didn’t have any thought about who could be the mysterious murdered. “Could it be the same people who destroyed the College of Winterhold?” He thought to himself, frowning slightly in frustration at the situation.

Any further thoughts that he might have had were interrupted when the door to his cell opened, one of the guards stepping inside “On your feet Argonian, you are free to go now.” Said the Nord man, motioning with his thumb towards the stairs that led to the upper parts of the dungeon and, from there, to the exit.

“Just like that, I’m free?” Tsleeixth asked in disbelief after he stood up, eyeing up the staircase that led out suspiciously.

“Well, we’ll keep an eye on you but there had been some developments that made it rather clear we had been….somewhat hasty with our initial conclusions.” The guard admitted, with Tsleeixth nodding in understanding “So, if I might ask, what was it that changed your minds?”

The guard was silent for a minute, causing Tsleeixth to wonder if he had made a mistake in asking, but in the end the Nord man let out a sigh before speaking “Some freelancer, think it was one ‘em Khajiit’s, found proof that there’s some Dunmer afoot, something about spells or what have you.” The man said, waving his hand dismissively.

“Ah, I see, thank you for telling me.” Said the Argonian spellsword, making his way out of the dungeon shortly after. Once he was a safe distance away from the dungeons, Tsleeixth couldn’t help but punch a wall in frustration “Damn it, while that fucking jarl had me and Dax arrested that Dunmer probably had enough time to lay low.” He muttered to himself, gritting his teeth as he tried to calm down. “There’s nothing to be gained by bitching, I just need to focus and help the rest of the company find whoever this murderer is.” He thought after a few seconds once he had calmed down, making his way back towards WIndpeak inn where he hoped to find whoever of the company remained in Dawnstar.
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Khosin spent most of the week and a half worth of travel time that it took the Riggers to get to Lafayette Station in a state that wavered between unease and calmness. On one hand he knew what his job entailed, act as a distraction for the rest of the crew while on the station, and that knowledge helped to ease his nerves when his thoughts inevitably turned towards the mission, the fact that -as a Batarian in a, mostly, human-populated station- he was absolutely certain he could easily create a distraction also helped to smooth over the small anxiety he felt towards the mission. On the other hand, the fact that there wasn't much that he could do certainly helped to left him feeling anxious when he thought about the coming mission. He didn't have the technical know-how to help Dex and Serena with the matter of the crew's security, nor could he help Haze with plotting a course through the station since his knowledge when it came to human settlements was limited to planetside settlements and, even if there wasn't much difference between the layout of a space station and a regular city, how to use the terrain to prepare ambushes to either kill or capture people or where to strike to cause the maximum amount of damage or panic, and he doubted that kind of knowledge would be of any use to Haze when planning a route through the station. Not to mention he didn't want to wind up in a situation where the Turian scout would ask him where, or how, he came by that knowledge.

As such he spent most of the trip training or checking on the engine of the Borealis once in a while, occasionally performing some light maintenance on the old machine. As such it was almost a relief for the Batarian when they arrived, that is until he remembered that they'd have to go through a security checkpoint before entering the station proper. Donning regular civilian clothes, Khosin made his way out of the Borealis and towards the security checkpoint shortly after Vellios, Dex, and Haze had done so.

Arriving at the entrance leading towards the security checkpoint Khosin took a deep breath as he stared at the doors that led towards the security station "Relax Khosin, it's just like going through C-sec customs back on the Citadel." He told himself in an effort to relax, even though he knew that the present situation was nothing alike going through the usual screening on the Citadel "At the very least I can get lucky and get an Asari or a Salarian officer." He thought humorlessly, knowing that the people manning the security station would most likely be humans and that the recent Skyllian Blitz would make the whole thing less than pleasant "Though, given how everyone thinks of us Batarians nowadays, I'd probably get shit from just about anybody nowadays and with good reason to boot." He mused, shaking his head slightly.

Letting out the breath he had been holding, Khosin took the few steps that remained between himself and the door. Once the door opened Khosin immediately crossed the door's threshold and almost instantaneously felt the room's mood tense when the guards took notice of him. "Step to the middle of the room." He heard one of the approaching guards say, shoving him slightly towards the center of the room. Letting out an exasperated sigh, and once he had regained his footing after the push, Khosin made his way towards the spot that he had been pushed.

"Alright, stay in the middle of the room while we scan you. You better have nothing hidden on your person, furthermore you are required to answer any and all questions that we might ask you before you are allowed entrance into the residential areas of Lafayette Station understand?" Spoke the guard with barely concealed contempt, Khosin's reaction being a mere affirmative nod.

"Alright, first question, full name, birthplace, and current residence."

"Grothan Had'serah, born on Vana and currently living on Omega." Said Khosin, hoping that the fake IDs that Dex had made for the crew would fool the guards if they tried to confirm what he had told them. "Alright, luckily for you, everything seems to be in order." Grumbled the guard in annoyance. However just as Khosin was relaxing and everything seemed to be going fine the scanner began beeping loudly, having detected something.

Before the Batarian could open his mouth every guard, with the exception of one who was manning the scanner in a nearby booth, had their guns trained on him. He could see that the guards were itchy for any excuse to hurt him, preferably something that permitted them to put a bullet in his head without getting into too much trouble. "Well, well, what do we have here, according to our scanner you have a Gemini Bio-Amp tucked in that head of yours." Said the guard manning the booth, a revelation that caused the rest of the guards to put their fingers on the trigger of their weapons.

"Why are you here you four-eyed freak, the rest of your slaving friends send you out to scout Lafayette huh? Maybe they expected you to disable our security systems so that they could collar us while we sleep, right?" Asked another guard, his voice tense as he spoke. "That's the reason why I came, got in a fight on Omega when some people tried to enter my house there. Got quite a beating and while the bruises have healed I was a little afraid that might implant might have gotten rattled, I don't trust the doctors on Omega, they would be as likely to cut open my skull to get the implant as they are to help me, and I had heard good things about Lafayette's doctors so I came here." Spoke Khosin, coming up with the lie on the spot. It was a safe lie as crimes were a near-constant on Omega and the lack of a proper government, unless one considered Aria's control over the station a sort of 'government', meant that there was no way for them to find out that he was lying.

The guards seemed to relax, for a given value of the word, after Khosin was done spinning his little story, but he still noticed that more than a few gun barrels were discreetly pointed towards him, or at least it would have been if not for the fact that as a Batarian he had four eyes and catching up little details like those was a relatively easy thing for his kind to do or at least it was for those that ended up working as either smugglers or mercenaries. The scan, and the question, continued for what felt like an hour, but eventually Khosin was told to exit the security checkpoint into the station proper, but not without one last warning that at the first sing of trouble they'd 'eject his slaving ass from the nearest waste disposal system' as one of the guards put it.

With the security checkpoint behind him Khosin breathed out in relief. "Finally out of that damned place." He thought with exasperation, checking the Rigger's comm channel and listening to the message that Dex had spoken. "I'm inside Lafayette, sorry for the radio silence I thought it'd be best to turn my omni-tool off before entering the security checkpoint." He explained "One thing, my Bio-Amp got picked up by whatever scanner they are using...not sure if they'll raise a fuss for you guys like they did with me, but I thought it'd be best to warn you. Regardless, I'm on standby if any of you guys need a distraction." Said Khosin before promptly closing his omni-tool and making his way towards the clinic that they were taking Drono to, the people of Lafayette turning to look at Khosin as he walked through the streets of the space station.

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Talos looked up at the feeling of eyes bearing on him, his eyes locking with the Praelian’s before she walked away from him. He briefly followed the figure of the woman as she made her way towards the fortune teller, his brows knitting together in a frown as he watched the woman for a few brief seconds before turning his gaze away. “Why was she looking so intently at me….something seems shifty.” Thought the knight to himself before shaking his head slightly “Ah, probably overthinking it.” He thought to himself, but the uneasy feeling that had settled in his mind wouldn’t go away no matter how much he tried to convince himself he was overthinking things.

With a last sigh Talos stood up from the log that he had been using as a makeshift seat since his arrival to the cairn. Scanning the plateau with his eyes Talos couldn’t help but draw his eyes towards the fortuneteller and the hooded woman that had locked eyes with him, debating with himself whether or not to talk with the Praelian woman when he noticed a second woman -another traveller he guessed based on the clothes she wore- approaching the fortuneteller’s stand. Deciding that it’d draw undue attention to go and interrogate the hooded woman, the knight settled his eyes on the trio of Darkslayers that gathered on the cairn and began making his way towards them. “Hail fellow travellers.” He addressed the trio of monster slayers once he was close enough to them, he didn’t exactly trust the trio -after all part of the Order of the Dusk- but he had heard plenty enough to know that his and their order had enough in common for him to approach them (at the very least to get info regarding any sights of Fey monsters). “Might I ask you what brings you to the Northern Marches? Perhaps looking for one of the damnable Fey monsters?” He prodded with his question, weighing the kind of answer they’d give to him to know if he’d try and strike a proper conversation in hopes of gaining any tidbit of knowledge in regards to his elusive prey.

The three Darkslayers turned to regard the heavily armored Knight. They weighed him with their dark gazes for a moment, and then looked to one another. The group was varied in most ways one could image. The taller one was scarred, with his hair pulled back. There was a short, stocky slayer as well next to him, a tad older. In the center was a slim and grim woman. All of them wore dark colors over lightly wrought chainmail.
“Heard nothing yet,” the tall one said, his voice gravelly. “Or nothing on fey. But there is a Troll needs slaying north east of here. First we’ll hit the town. Why? Have you heard tale of something in particular?”

Talos crossed his arms over his chest as the Darkslayers turned to regard him, seemingly weighing him with their gazes, for a moment, the expression on his face hidden behind his helmet. He took a moment to inspect the monster-slayers as they did the same to him, slightly surprised to find a women amongst them, having not picked out that particular detail from when he had first noticed the presence of the Darkslayers upon his arrival at the cairn, but not particularly bothered by the fact. He had, after all, seen plenty of women picking up a blade from the corpse of an unlucky sod, sometimes that particular sod being a family member or a loved one, when it came to defend those they cherished, though such instances were far from common. “Hmmm, a troll you say?” He echoed when the Darkslayer, the tall one, responded to his query before posing one to him “Hmmm, not recently if I am to be honest.” Replied the Knight to the trio of slayers “See, when I was a squire, me and a group of other would-be-knights were tasked by a baron named Daubeney to patrol the village and areas to which he claimed lordship over.” He explained, hoping that giving the trio of monster slayers his story might help him get some info “During our time there we ran into a Fey witch who was responsible for a number of troubles in the region, which happened to share a border with these same marshes.” Continued the Templar “And I was hoping that, by the grace of the gods, I might be able to pick the trail of the witch, whom we were only able to drive away and not fully slay.” Finished Talos, an idea blossoming in his mind as he recalled the events that had so fundamentally changed his life “Say, you did mention that there was a Troll that needed slaying north of here, no? Pray, tell me, is this the first such incident that you have heard about in the nearby area, or have there been more incidents of the sort? Either in regards to monsters or any sort of increase in criminal activity in the area?” He asked, trying to keep his voice calm but there was an unmistakable air of tension around Talos (and which might have crept somewhat into his voice). The point of his question was less interest in the activities of monsters or criminals, indeed he cared very little and had next to no interest in the activities of the latter, but more in seeing if the same pattern that had presented itself in Daubeney’s lands could be repeating in the marshes. It was a flimsy hope admittedly, but it was the only one that Talos had at the moment.

The taller Dark Slayer answered. “The Marches are filled with such beasts, though many slumber or remain in the hills and mountains, or deep forests. We have just arrived, so I am not certain.”
“Aye,” the woman replied. The stouter, older hunter sharpened his knife as the others spoke, merely watching the conversation, and the crowd about them.

“The forests west and north of here are known for their Fey spirits,” the woman said, hands on her hips. “Perhaps you’ll find what you seek there, though it’s quite a bit of land to be searching through.”
“Not to mention the beasts and Orcs,” the taller one continued. “Good hunting for the right price, I’d say. But for you, you might need to find something to help point you in the right direction.”

Talos listened as the taller member of the trio of slayers answered his question, nodding silently when the man answered that the Marches were filled with such beasts but that many of them were inactive and spent their time slumbering on the nearby hills and mountains. It was disheartening, if not unexpected, piece of information, but the fact that the trio of Dark Slayers had just arrived, and this hadn’t had much time to obtain information about the activity of the monsters in the zone, gave him a glimmer of hope that he might yet be able to find his prey or, failing that, some information regarding it’s whereabouts. He turned to look at the woman as she spoke, maintaining his silence until she was done speaking “Yes, that is very true.” He said, nodding once more in agreement with the woman of the group, about to speak once more when the tall Dark Slayers continued speaking.

“As much as it pains me to admit it, you are right.” Said Talos with a defeatist sigh “Without a group or someone to point me in the right direction I’d die of old age before finding my quarry if I searched this lands by my own means, even if I looked out for the same pattern that led to my encounter with the Fey Witch in the first place.” He said, shaking his head slightly “Nonetheless, I thank you for the advice you have provided to me.” Said the knight “It’s best that I accept my inability to accomplish this mission on my own before starting it rather than while lost in the middle of the marshes.” He said, his shoulder slumping slightly as he pondered what to do next.

“Knight,” the tall one replied. He reached into his pack, and produced a pendant made of rabbit fur and obsidian, on a leather thong necklace. He tossed it to him. “For good luck.”

Talos looked up when he heard one of the Darkslayers, the tall one if he recognized the voice correctly, address him. He was somewhat confused when he saw the tall Darkslayer reach into his pack, his hand instinctively reaching up to catch whatever it was that the monster slayer had tossed at him. Turning his hand towards his face so he could take a good look at whatever it was that the Darkslayer had handed him Talos’s eyes widened in shock when he finally recognized the object: it was a pendant designed to protect the wearer against Fey WItches, they were also supposed to react in some sort of way to the nearby presence of witches as well. Talos had heard of the pendant’s existence, and of their properties, during his training as a member of the Order of the Dusk but had never expected to ever find one.

“My thanks for this gift Darkslayer, I hope that you find whatever it is that brought you to the Northern Marches and that you succeed in your endeavor.” Said the Knight as he closed his hands once more around the pendant, bidding farewell to the trio of monster slayers one last time before he returned to his previous spot in the Cairn near the smithy.

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