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Current Sometimes I wonder whether or not my trust is misplaced or not, especially when it seems that the trust I place in some people isn't reciprocated.
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All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.
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Currently in exam periods at University after a full month of mobilization and a constant strike Things arent looking well so ill either be busy trying to save the semester or not because its lost
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I should re-read the Lord of the Rings one of these days
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Is it wierd that, whenever I am stressed I want to RP? I don't know, helps keep my mind off of certain things. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.


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I couldn’t Think of a Title vol. 1

Yanagita Shunji knew that defending the hostage was going to difficult since the room didn’t often them much protection from the attacking team. He looked at the hostage and spoke in a strict tone, “We need to move our ‘hostage’ to the room that’s closest to the stairs. If things get too heated, then we can drag her up to the second floor and hold out. Until then, we need to find things to barricade the room and possibly the hallway.”

“Any questions or suggestions of their own?” he asked while checking on his omni-tool, making sure that the thing was working. Shunji’s helmet was on a box that was next to him.

“I think it'd be best to move the ‘hostage’ to the second floor from the get go.” Spoke Khosin in response to Yanagita’s suggestion “That way we’d have more time of reaction when the assault teams enters. Furthermore, if we base ourselves on the second floor from the get go we can use the stairs as a place where we could easily dispatch quite a few of them if we are smart about what we are doing.” Spoke the Batarian.

“Hmmmm, it'd also be beneficial to put someone as a sentry. Is there anyone in this group that has a tactical cloak?” He asked to the team in general, turning to look at the rest of the defense group “If there is someone with a cloak, we could place them in the first floor to watch for the advance of the assault team.” He added, thinking of the best way to monitor the assault teams entrance.

Ryria silently had moved toward the collection of others, but held herself slight apart and in the background. She was still adjusting to the fact she had to literally shake off her rusty teamwork skills once again. Her eyes darted through the tinted visor to each speaker, absorbing their tactics. Without a full idea of their defensive position, things would go from bad worst predictably fast as their attackers could easily find gaps fitting their strengths. Like animals on the hunt.

“Not me. My skills are field medic, hostile environment survival and protection, fine biotics practice and sniper sharp shooting. The medic part useless for this exercise,” Ryria shared as she crossed her arms over her middle. She took a moment to casually glance over the terrain to see if she could spot some nearby rock formation within the training grounds, something ideal for a sniper control outside the would be hot zone.

“The first thing should've been a quick rundown of skills. The more we know of each other’s abilities and the layout of the defense position, better chance we have to limit easy access points and use our strengths to cover each other's weaknesses. Especially since they will be optimizing theirs to the fullest.”

"Defense isn't something we Angara particularly specialize in." Anjor answered Ryria with something of a shrug, "We do more of what you call "Hit-and-Run" yes? Only way to keep Kett on defensive and away from our homes. So my skills follow those ideals: mid to close-quarter combat, explosives, and taking down targets quick before reinforcements come."

"Though.... we often set up explosives around the perimeter of our camps. An extra blanket of security when we rest." Anjor explained as he brought out the non-lethal charges which he had pulled from the armory. "I and those with experience in explosives could set these up at major entrances and choke points. So we know where they are coming in from, even if some are using tactical cloaks." He offered with a smile.

Clyff placed his hands behind his back when he was told to be dismissed. Really, they weren’t going by rank? Well, why the hell did he earn it? He didn’t say anything, but his brows lowered. After that they joggedto a testing ground. He hated it as he was out of breath. He quickly regained it as they were divided into teams.

“In all honestly, most of my experience is breaching into these situations. So, I can give you pointers for shit I fucked up on. We need to ruin as many doors as we can to present a chokehold. We need to place proximity mines on the ceiling, because no one ever checks those. Someone needs to be with the hostage at all time, using them as a meat shield. If we were given proper supplies I would say would should collapse certain areas. Otherwise just trash them up and make them look non-breach-able.” He sighed. “I’m Clyff Ward from Alliance Military and my specialty is breaching and riot suppression. Also, a lot of my abilities,” he shook his basically plastic gun, “are taken away because we’re playing with goddamn Play-Doh.”

”Another good idea is creating an obvious choke hold, but giving our enemies a way out, and having someone there to pick them off on that way out.” He sighed. ”And not given an obvious extraction point, I’m sure we need to move our hostage up. Make sure that all windows are blacked out or are too dark to see.”

Firuzeh nodded, “Same here. Almost all of my experience is on the offensive, and I don’t have fond memories of the few defensive ones. I’m not certain how we want me deployed here.” She carried both a shotgun and an assault rifle, having forgone a pistol in favor of more firepower - she was limited in the application of her own abilities, and thus she needed to compensate in some way. Seizing onto Clyff’s suggestion, “If we want someone on ambush duty, I volunteer myself. That, or we draw them in, create a ‘safe’ corridor with fewer explosives, and have myself and you, Clyff, waiting in the wings to hit them from behind.” She surveyed the group again, “Not many of us are really suited to defense, so I say the best way to go about it is take the fight back to them, instead of attempting to perform a role in which we would underperform.”

Ryria fell silent as the team followed her suggestion, each member began to list their skills and unfortunately bitter complaints. Her frown was hidden under her helmet when she heard the suggestion of taking the fight to the assault team. She had a sharp reply to it but bit her tongue over it. Instead, she moved to relay her observations.

“From what I could tell, there are three likely entrances to the ‘killhouse’ grounds. The north, the south, and the west side. This isn't counting the entrances to the upper level which is only two, I assume. Likely an interior and the seen exterior set of stairs I noted while we were grouping up.”

Her words were crisp and precise, likely holding back her dislike over Firu’s earlier suggestion. Only pieces of a plan had been put out and not a whole one. With everyone seeming to feel outside of their element, she had a choice. She could step in or let things go as they will. In a training exercise, winning didn't matter to her but improvisation all the way wouldn't be considered teamwork… would it?

Resigned to what she was about to do, the asari braced herself to begin what might be a lengthy monologue. She had drawn closer by now when her words showed slight strain in the effort.

“The obvious answer is set the defenses to suit the strengths. Traps and controlling where they go is ideal, but also don't forget they will be trying to neutralize our efforts. We have the home area advantage to set up as we chose.”

She inhaled then continued.

“The main issue is ensuring they use the route or routes we set up for them rather than having them find other, safer paths. We can also use the hostage as bait, with two ways to move her up and down between the two levels. A constantly moving hostage is more difficult to rescue than a stationary one. It might force them to split into more manageable teams.”

She then moved toward each role, feeling slightly more in her element for the moment. The asari’s eyes snapped toward Clyff and Anjor.

“Eliminating it down to one or two entrances works, but will it be secure enough to keep them out and without taking up too much time? Explosives in the perimeter and ceiling are good, it also would help us track their progress when they go off. It will delay them if they try to disarm any.”

Ryria then adjusted from one leg to the other to prevent numbness, her eyes passed between the two, Is there any way either of you can monitor your bombs’ status, indicating if they have been tampered with, set off silently, or even remotely set off any single one at any time?

The Angara chuckled, "It's always the little ones that are the most like the eirochs."

He ran his omni-tool over the charges. A solitary beep sounding off as it brought up their schematics. Anjor clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth as he looked them over. Brow furrowed before he finally nodded his head. Another gesture and the schematics vanished, "We can rig the transceivers to our omni-tools. They'll read out constant information back to our helmet feeds. Only problem is if somebody gets access to them, they have control over the entire grid."

“Is there any way to prevent that? Something you two can work out quickly before the assault team gets here?” Ryria asked, not really liking the idea of the grid being compromised.

”...Don’t let them hack your omni-tool?” Anjor replied bluntly.

"How long we can delay them," Anjor pondered. "I do not know the standard breaching procedures of your peoples." He gestured towards Clyff, "He'll be able to give you a better estimate."

“That’s why I suggested you two work together. He can cover what information you don’t have as you set things up.”

After she received the answers she wanted, she moved onto the next statement.

“You two could also place new explosives to both slow and put the assault team on edge as we go along, wherever possible.”

She focused on Anjor more directly with her next statement, “Since you prefer the hit and run tactics, I suggest split focus between the explosion setup and providing some complications for their attempts. If you feel it’s doable.”

"It's doable." Anjor answered with a nod. "I'll have to provide fire from a distance though. If I get too close, I could get pinned, and if that happens we will start to have holes in our net."

Ryria then turned to Firu, looking the woman over briefly with a firm look.

“Since you’re confident in your offense, I suggest you're our wall between them and the hostage. Every time they get too close or we need to move her, your task is to either take out a threat or buy time respectively. Then retreat when or if you can in order to repeat the process.”

Finished with the woman, she turned to Khosin and Yanagita with a side note.

“Someone will need to keep the hostage in control, determine when to move her and help coordinate our efforts in the heat of the moment. The other should be supporting the ‘wall’ to prevent her from being overwhelmed and ensure if they cut off the exit, there's a new one ready to use.”

Now all that was left was her own position in all this as she began to wrap up the proposed plan. She still wasn’t sure they would accept it for a sound one but it at least it highlighted what they each did best and better than half-assing it.

“I’m the last one left and I do have some necessary sniper skills. I’ll set up on the roof in the start and try to direct them to where we want them to go. When they make it inside, I’ll pull back to help with those in charge with the hostage or drawing fire.”

In a closing statement, she stepped back then added, “It’s at least one plan option. I’m certain there are additional things to cover or adjust accordingly, but I do know no plan ever runs smoothly. Adaptation is an essential thing to keep in mind throughout this all.”

Clyff nodded. The asari knew her business. Then again, those warrior ladies had been alive longer than most of his ancestors. He looked over to the angaran. It was an odd feeling working alongside someone so different and yet with traces of familiarity etched in their eyes and mouths. They’d also known war unwinnable. It was good that he was on their team.

“That is a worry,” he said, realizing that he needed to clarify, “ “that they could get into our network. If all else fails, a solid disconnect could work. We could track by sound. Above and below are easy, and I’ve heard enough explosions in my lifetime to gauge a good distance. Torfan taught me that. As long as we don’t cluster ‘em, we should be good.” He realized belatedly that the batarian was amongst him. He didn’t harbor any grudges. Sure, he might try to fight the guy if he got drunk, but right now was business. “Also, I wonder if we have time to tamper with the proximity. Make it a bit overlong. Have it explode behind them. Make them shit their britches. The stink of ass is a sure give away.” He chuckled at his own joke, realizing that others might find it so amusing. “I can work on getting at least one of those rigged. Delicate process, and as my mother used to say ‘you make squids flopping around a piano look like Mozart.’ I’m not fast—is what I’m trying to say.”

He turned his attention to Anjor. “I’m good in a close pinch. We could have each other’s backs there, Blue.” He winked. “All in all sounds like a solid plan. Collapse an entrance, bottle them in, and set explosions to rattle them and let us know where they are. Keep the hostage moving. Just got to worry about picking ‘em off.”

Khosin stayed silent as Ryria explained her plan, nodding his agreement alongside Clyfford. He let the human speak his mind, electing to not make a comment about the fact that he had been part of the Torfan massacre to avoid making the situation awkward, before he spoke his mind. “I'll support Firu if that's ok, I have tech armor which should help me soaks more bullets before my shields go down than the rest of you.” He said, thinking for a second “I also have a drone which should help us a bit. It's no game changer, that's for sure, but it can serve as a small force multiplier, even if only slightly.” Said the Batarian, bringing up his omni-tool interface and setting the drone to non-lethal mode “There, all done, the drone is set to its non-lethal mode, so I'm good to go.” Finished speaking Khosin.

“Anyone else got anything to add? Firu? Yanagita?” He asked after a few moments of silence “Otherwise I'd say we are pretty much good to go, like Clyff said the plan seems solid and I'd say it plays up to our strengths so it's the best choice for us.”

Shunji grabbed his helmet and put it on. After a bit of adjustment, he responded to Clyff’s question. “I am all good. I could also use my flamethrower to cause the enemy to hide in terror. And before you say anything, I am not going to burn them.”

“On purpose.” he snickered the last sentence.

Firuzeh’s stomach rumbled, and she sighed, “I confess, nothing else comes to mind. Though I do have some objections to the idea of intentionally destroying parts of the building. That seems a little excessive, and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not spend two weeks peeling potatoes and clearing the rubble just because someone got overzealous with the explosives.” She frowned, “Otherwise, it sounds solid enough. Try and pin them in and turn our disadvantage back into an advantage.”

Khosin nodded at Firu and Yanagita’s words “Alright, then it's settled.” Said the Batarian, turns to look at the rest of the team “Firu made a good point with what she said about destroying the building, so let's try to see if we can block off parts of it without resorting to demolition work unless it's our last recourse. Otherwise, let's get to work gents.” Spoke Khosin, grabbing his helmet and putting it on before he headed inside of the prefab building to start with the preparations they had agreed to.
Luna; Convention Center, 600 years ago

The mood in the convention center after Garson’s speech was certainly a festive one, full of hope and wonderment, yet it seemed that one man seemed unmoved by the speech, more interested in his omni-tool than by the speech given by the founder of the Initiative. The reason for the Batarian’s, for that was the race of this man in particular, interest in his omni-tool laid on the fact that he was composing a message to his absent family. Again and again he tried to compose the message, but the Batarian quickly grew frustrated, seemingly dissatisfied with what hat he had written, and erased what he had previously written.

Khosin let out a sigh as he erased what seemed like the thousandth attempt at writing to his family. Ever since what had happened in Hegemony space, after his confrontation with colonel Sed’mevan, he hadn't spoken to his family, not that his family had made an attempt to keep contact. He had been disowned after all, a fact that still pained him to admit even if he had, to some extent, come to terms with it. “Still, I owe them an explanation of what will happen to me….of where I’ll go, even if they don't want anything to do with me.” He thought sadly, shaking his head and closing down the omni-tool. He had been stuck for too long in writing that message, it'd do him no good to stay stuck through the whole party trying to write that message.

In the end, even without his constant attempt to try and write a letter to his family, Khosin’s mood remained rather sour and melancholic, being one of the few individuals stuck in such a mindset. The fact that he was alone and that as a Batarian there weren't many attempts to approach him to socialize did nothing to help him, he missed his family and wished they'd be there, even if they wouldn't join him in Andromeda, and what few acquaintances he had managed to keep over the years were either unable to come, for one reason or another, or he had no idea where they were in the wider galaxy, and the cynical side of him told him that, with his luck, there'd be no way they would be in the wider party.

That of course changed when he saw a drone conspicuously scanning him, his four eyes easily catching the drone despite its attempt to hide itself among other drones. It took him a second or two to recognize the drone as one that he had seen during his time on the Borealis. Shaking his head slightly a smile formed in Khosin’s face as he stood up and began following it towards its owner.

Eos; Prodromos, 600 years later

Khosin stared at his own reflection in the restroom of the barracks on Prodromos. The months stuck on the Nexus, and the stress that had permeated those same months, had done him no favors the Batarian thought as he stared at the image on the mirror, now noticeably thinner and more haggard than what he had looked even at his worst all those centuries ago back in the Milky Way. “Then again, back in the Milky Way I never had to deal with the Scourge or with an armed revolt inside a space station stranded in an unknown Galaxy with little to no resources.” He thought grimly to himself as he splashed his face with water. Yes, the Initative's first months, or more accurately all the months before the arrival of the Hyperion, had been one trial after another. First it was the encounter with the Starscourge and the toll of life it had taken on the station, hundreds of people dying in their cryo pods before even waking up, including the founder of the Initiative and her inner circle. Then it has been the issue of the mutiny, which promptly spiraled out of control into a rebellion proper. The thought of the exiles always soured Khosin's mood; he could understand their grievances, he had been in their position long ago and had felt the same bitterness. And yet by their actions they might have doomed the Initiative in its entirety, dooming themselves and everyone on the different arks that had been scattered around the cluster at that point.

Shaking his head, Khosin took a deep breath "Best not to focus on them, we'll deal with the Exiles when we run into them again." He thought, anger and bitterness swelling in equal measure in his heart. He was about to head out of the outpost’s perimeter to go for a walk, and maybe to nail a few of the critters that encroached the outpost’s perimeter sporadically, so as to clear his head and calm himself down when he received a message to his omni-tool.


With a sigh, and one last splash of water to his face to clear his thoughts, Khosin made his way back to the barracks. Everyone, with the exception of their sole Krogan who was putting on his boots as best as he could tell, where already outside and at the muster point. Opening his locker Khosin pulled out his trusty Kishock rifle and placed it on the back of his armor, letting the mag holsters do their work, before before proceeding to do the same with his Mattock and AT-12 Raider shotgun.

With his weapons secured to their respective mag holsters, and deciding to forego his helmet, Khosin made his way to the front if the barracks where he stood in line alongside the rest of Fireteam Echo. “Khosin Grathe Sedgoroh. Ex-Hegemony military, former security officer under Security Director Sloane Kelly. Reporting for duty as ordered, sir.”
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After the unpleasant experience of going through Lafayette station’s checkpoint, Khosin couldn’t help but sigh at the next part of their little plan. “Of all places to set the meeting point why did it have to be a pillars-damned cafe.” He thought inwardly, shaking his head in exasperation, as he made his way towards the cafe. He was already drawing more attention that he liked and, as such, he wasn’t looking forward to entering the cafe and drawing even more attention “You’d think I am a varren that learned to walk the way people look at me.” The batarian muttered to himself quietly as he continued walking at a brisk pace towards the meeting point.

It didn’t took long for Khosin to find the Doctor’s Orders, the pub’s sign easily distinguishing it from the other shops. Pushing the door open, he quickly made a beeline where the group had already settled in inside the cafe “Sorry for the delay, had a small problem getting into the station proper.” He said as he took a seat close to Tonka and settled in alongside the rest of the crew. When Hazan began speaking, Khosin looked down at his omnitool as the Turian had instructed; he stared at the holographic map as it lit up with every new piece of information that Hazan relayed to him and the rest of the team, his four eyes easily following the the spots on the map that were highlighted in sync with the information that was being shared with them.

Khosin listened as Hazan began to outline the plan with which they’d get Drono into the clinic, nodding slightly to himself once Haze was done speaking. He was surprised when he heard both Tanya and Tonka started voicing their concerns regarding the plan that Haze had outlined, to Khosin the plan outlined by Haze had seemed sound and relatively risk-free but Tonka and Tanya had made rather good points as well in regards to the risks that accompanied such a plan, their point only gaining more validation when Serena agreed with the points raised by Tanya and Tonka. He stayed for a few more moments as he listened to Serena’s idea, placing his hands on the table and standing up once she was done speaking “Well, it’s been lovely catching up with you guys but I need to get going.” He said “Came here to get a check-up since my biotic amp’s been acting weird lately, and if I stay chatting any longer chances are there’ll be no one left to see if the damn thing is breaking up or not.” The Batarian said as he started moving towards the exit of the cafe “I’ll tell you guys how things went out a bit later, wish me luck.” Khosin said lastly, finally reaching the door that led out into the streets. It didn’t took him long to find the clinic but it was a bit of a challenged to enter into it than he had anticipated, but perhaps that was on account of his race more than anything else.

Once he was inside, he took a sit in one of the sparse seats that were distributed in the reception area. “Made it inside clinic, took a few minutes to get past the guards at the entrance. There’s not much security inside the building proper, apart from quite a few cameras inside the reception which might complicate things. This is all I’ve managed to see without raising suspicions, Khosin out.” The batarian wrote in his omnitool, sending the message to the rest of the Jury Riggers through the secure channel that Dex had set for the team. Closing his omnitool and settling comfortably, or as much as he could, in the seat he had grabbed, Khosin discreetly kept an eye inside the reception area as he waited for the rest of the group to arrive, his four eyes looking for any sign of trouble.
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So my post is done. A few things, first of all, I'm sorry that it took me so long to post, I'll try that a situation like this doesn't happens again; second, sorry for not mentioning the name of Dawnstar's ruler, first I wasn't sure if it was a Jarl or a Thane and second I wasn't sure if the ruler of the city was murdered or not so I just went with Thane in the end, if someone could clear those confusions a bit, if it's not too much of a bother that is, I'd be more than happy to edit my post so that it's better. Thirdly, sorry if the post: a) doesn't flows too well with the rest of the RP, I kinda struggled a little with how to integrate it and b) my apologies if it ends up without moving things too much, I had thought of having it ending with Tsleeixth pleading to be able to help with the investigation or something but I wasn't sure if that'd be ok. Well that'd be all I wanted to say, once again my apologies for disappearing for so long, hope the post is good.

Took my post down for a bit so I can edit it, will post it again once it's fixed

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Late evening, 25th of Sun’s Height

After his chat with Daixanos, Tsleeixth stayed in the inn drinking for a little while longer. The conversation he had with his fellow Saxhleel troubled the spellsword greatly, and he couldn’t help but feel that -despite the fact that he had managed to get Dax to give more thought to his idea to march straight towards Morrowind at the head of whatever Argonians he could gather from the refugee camps- something terrible was going to happen soon. Shaking his head slightly, Tsleeixth went into the room that he had rented at the inn after paying for his final drink. There wasn’t much for the spellsword to do at the moment, except for finding a suitable replacement for his armor that had been damaged in Bthaamz.

With nothing else to do, Tsleeixth picked up the damaged cuirass and began making his way towards the residence of Dawnstar’s local smith, exiting into Dawnstar’s streets seeking to replace the damaged piece of equipment. It took him a while to find the resident smith, and a bit more time to convince the aforementioned smith to allow him to buy a new cuirass but, in the end, he had managed to replace his old iron armor with a new steel one. With that particular errand done, his funds now severely depleted after buying the steel cuirass, Tsleeixth made his way back to Windpeak inn and his rented room, depositing the newly purchased piece of equipment at the foot of his bed. With the business about his armour taken care of there wasn’t anything else for Tsleeixth to do except for going to sleep, yet something bothered the Argonian and sleep didn’t came easy for him.

Early morning, 26th of Sun’s Height

In the end, after a scant few hours of troubled sleep, Tsleeixth woke up shortly before the sun rose. Throughout the night he had felt a sense of dread for some unexplained reason and that had stopped him from having a restful night of sleep. Having the feeling that he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again, he got dressed quickly and quietly exited the inn hoping that a short walk would help him shake off the feeling of dread that had accompanied him through the night. “I’m just probably worried about what I talked about with Dax.” Tsleeixth thought to himself, trying to calm himself down.

It was only after a few minutes, and when he was far enough away from Windpeak so as to not make a commotion, that Tsleeixth’s feeling of dread turned from a mere feeling into reality as he found himself surrounded by a squad of four guardsmen. Without giving time for the Argonian to protest, one of the guards handcuffed Tsleeixth’s hands with a pair of manacles; the Argonian thought for a moment about struggling against the guards, summon a creature and try and head back to Windpeak where the rest of the company was, before deciding against that particular course of action. Whatever was the reason for his capture, unknown to him as it was at that moment, escaping from the guards and running towards the company would only worsen the situation, furthermore running away would only worse the situation of the Argonians in the refugee camp in front of Dawnstar and Tsleeixth wouldn’t make life for his fellow Hist brothers and sisters any more difficult than he could.

Accepting his present situation, he began walking with the group of guards towards Dawnstar’s dungeon and the cell that surely awaited him. Tsleeixth didn’t pay much attention to the trip towards wherever Dawnstar’s dungeons were located, his thoughts turned inwards and his gaze more focused on his feet than on the road towards the place where he’d be imprisoned, and only finally registered that they had well and fully arrived to the dungeons when one of the guards took off the manacles that had bound the spellsword’s hands before promptly closing the door of the cell.

Looking around the cell Tsleeixth couldn’t help but notice that a few creature comforts were present in the cell, something that struck as odd to the Argonian and gave him some hope that -at the very least- there were a few people within Dawnstar’s town guard that believed that he was innocent of whatever it was that he was being accused off. Indeed, thinking on his trip to the dungeons, Tsleeixth found that none of the guards had insulted him nor had they displayed any signs of violence towards him, asides from handcuffing and a few pushes here and there to steer him on the right path when he became too self-absorbed in his thoughts. Yet whatever thoughts might have been going on in Tsleeixth’s head stopped all of a sudden when the door of the cell opened once more and Daixanos was pushed inside of his, or more appropriately their, cell.

The Argonian spellsword shook his head, as if willing the image of his fellow hist brother imprisoned alongside him to be a mere conjuration of his tired man, unsure of what to do. Part of him wanted to approach Dax, ask him if he knew anything about why they had been apprehended, yet he could feel that his fellow Saxhleel was agitated, as if he was on the brink of snapping suddenly. He was unsure of how to help Dax, and the conversation they had had the previous night proved to Tsleeixth that he and Dax didn’t see eye to eye on certain things a fact that only added to his hesitancy, and so Tsleeixth sat on the cell, mulling to himself on what he should do.

Evening, 26th of Sun’s Height

The silence that had settled between the two Argonians was finally broken by the sound of the cell's door opening. Tsleeixth turned up to look at the now opened door and saw a small group of guards, about 5 or more of them, enter the cell in which they had been imprisoned. He looked in astonishment as Dax was picked up by the guards, the small group of Nords leading Daixanos out of the dungeon. Once he had overcome his shock at this new turns of events, Tsleeixth stood up and approached the door of his cell “Hey, what’s happening? Why are they leading him out?” Asked the spellsword, motioning with his head to the spot where Daixanos’ had been but a few moments ago, to a nearby guard, fear creeping into his mind as he wondered what’d happen to Dax. He hoped that the guard would answer him, both he and Dax had been treated -relatively- well for being prisoners and he also knew for a fact that a few guards thought that both him and Daixanos were innocent.

The guard seemed indecisive for a few seconds, debating with himself if he should share what he had heard with Tsleeixth or not, before he finally approached the imprisoned Argonian. “It’s just a rumor going around the guards here, Skald hasn’t issued any official statement or anything of the sort, but it seems that your friend has been exiled, some say that the company you and your friend work for managed to convince him to allow that Dax fellow to join them on a mission or something.” Spoke the guard, shuffling somewhat awkwardly “Sorry but all I can say for sure is that your friend is being exiled, the rest was mostly gossip between some of the other guards.”

Tsleeixth let out a sigh, shaking his head slightly. He dearly hoped that the company had managed to strike a deal of sorts with Jarl Skald and that Daixanos wasn’t being merely exiled, but he couldn’t know for sure due to his present circumstances. He was about to go back to the corner in which he had been sitting previously when a question popped in his mind “Excuse me, but, why were we arrested? I don’t think anyone told me the motive behind my, and Dax’s, imprisonment.” Said Tsleeixth to the guard at the last second, the company had just gotten back from their respective missions and when they had arrived at Dawnstar there hadn’t seemed to be any trouble apart from the one with the Argonian refugees, so Tsleeixth couldn’t help but wonder what were the charges that they were falsely charging him with.

“Uhhh… two are, or rather you are, under arrest under the suspicion of having murdered three people.” The guard said while looking quizzically at Tsleeixth “A dunmer man, some Altmer brat, and some sort of Argonian elder amongst the refugees.” Continued the Nord man “Honestly I can see the first two happening, your kind doesn’t has much love for the Dunmer’s after all and it’s not like there’s too much love around for the Altmer either, but I don’t see you, or that Dax guy, murdering that elder.” The man continued, scratching his chin as he thought “Plus, weren’t you two on a mission recently? You two were the only Argonians allowed into this city, and you are with that mercenary company to boot. I dunno, the whole thing just seems fishy to me.” The guard said, shaking his head slightly and giving a shrug, before returning to his post.

Tsleeixth nodded weakly at the man’s words before sitting in the corner of his cell. He didn’t knew who the Dunmer and the Altmer were, but he knew that the Argonian who had been murdered had been the Pakseech of the community of refugees. His guts twisted with dread as he realized that, with the Pakseech dead, the situation between Dawnstar’s population and the Argonian refugees camped next to the city would only get worse.

Late Morning, 27th of Sun’s Height

Tsleeixth woke up at the sound of footsteps echoing into the dungeon. After he had received the news of the death of the Pakseech guiding the refugees, the Saxhleel spellsword had grown quiet his mind turned inwardly into trying to figure out who had murdered the Pakseech and why they had done it. The answer the the latter question was obvious, the death of the Pakseech -along with the Altmer woman and Dunmer man- was merely a ploy to sow further discord in Danswtar, yet the question of who had been the assailants still plagued him; he doubted that the Kamals’ were responsible, it would be rather hard to miss them after all, but apart from that deduction Tsleeixth still didn’t have any thought about who could be the mysterious murdered. “Could it be the same people who destroyed the College of Winterhold?” He thought to himself, frowning slightly in frustration at the situation.

Any further thoughts that he might have had were interrupted when the door to his cell opened, one of the guards stepping inside “On your feet Argonian, you are free to go now.” Said the Nord man, motioning with his thumb towards the stairs that led to the upper parts of the dungeon and, from there, to the exit.

“Just like that, I’m free?” Tsleeixth asked in disbelief after he stood up, eyeing up the staircase that led out suspiciously.

“Well, we’ll keep an eye on you but there had been some developments that made it rather clear we had been….somewhat hasty with our initial conclusions.” The guard admitted, with Tsleeixth nodding in understanding “So, if I might ask, what was it that changed your minds?”

The guard was silent for a minute, causing Tsleeixth to wonder if he had made a mistake in asking, but in the end the Nord man let out a sigh before speaking “Some freelancer, think it was one ‘em Khajiit’s, found proof that there’s some Dunmer afoot, something about spells or what have you.” The man said, waving his hand dismissively.

“Ah, I see, thank you for telling me.” Said the Argonian spellsword, making his way out of the dungeon shortly after. Once he was a safe distance away from the dungeons, Tsleeixth couldn’t help but punch a wall in frustration “Damn it, while that fucking jarl had me and Dax arrested that Dunmer probably had enough time to lay low.” He muttered to himself, gritting his teeth as he tried to calm down. “There’s nothing to be gained by bitching, I just need to focus and help the rest of the company find whoever this murderer is.” He thought after a few seconds once he had calmed down, making his way back towards WIndpeak inn where he hoped to find whoever of the company remained in Dawnstar.
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