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Current I'm sexually aroused by camera rotation. I guess that makes me Pansexual.
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RP Guild! What is best in life?
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I ain't dating no filthy Stormcloak.
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Really? Anything else? Your lie in April? Howl's Moving Castle? You honestly believe that Naruto is better than Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? You got a Bolter to back up that Heresy?
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So I guess Tundra's got a goat thing, huh?
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It's seems somewhat bourgeois to make an entire Interest Check for a single pairing, but it's really all I'm interested in at the moment, so i'm faced with either going unfulfilled or bourging it up, so here we are.

What I'm looking for:
An ero-roleplay centered around themes of BSDM, involving a High-school boy who discovers his teacher has an S&M fetish, as the submissive, and uses that knowledge to form a sexual relationship with her. Together they begin exploring each other's kinks and develop from a strictly physical relationship into an emotional one. I'm hoping to find a good balance between fantasy depictions of BDSM that one might find in your typical kinky hentai anime, and realism; aftercare, dom/sub relationship dynamics, etc.

Who I'm looking for:
A roleplay partner who is aged 18 or over and willing to play a sexually dominant male character. As you'll be playing a male, your real gender is irrelevant, cross-players are welcome. I'd like you to be willing to use anime or drawn images for your character, and have roleplay ability up to at least high-casual level. At least once a day IC posts are prefered, but if that frequency needs to drop for a bit because of RL stuff, I understand. Spell-checking is a must.

And that's all that I think of, for the time being. So if this teacher/student pairing is something that interest you, and you believe you fit my partner criteria (I hope I fit yours), then please don't hesitate to send me a PM.
Elaborated in the Intro.
Hey there, Nakadashi here. Just dropping a little Interest Checky-do for an RP based around a popular ero manga called Dropout. This RP will contain a high degree smut. The exact balance of plot to smut can be worked out in OOC, but fair warning that all RPs will be weighted towards the smut side.
As tagged, I'm looking for partners that are comfortable with Casual roleplay level. That means proper spelling and grammar, and absolutely no sentence posts. If you have a read of the setting below and it interests you then please feel free to send me a PM. Due to the adult content, we will only be able to rp through PMs.
While you're here you should be aware that I'm looking to play the role of the Dropout (see Setting) in this RP. While female IRL, I can comfortably play a female or male alongside a female or male partner.
Anyway, that's enough for an intro. If you managed to make it this far thank you and enjoy.

In response to a dangerously declining workforce, Japan instituted the Social Resources Act. After entering high school, students would be tested to determine their career aptitude. Those who score high are placed into the best career tracks to receive the best jobs upon graduation. Lower scorers are directed toward trade apprenticeships where they can still contribute to society. Those who score the lowest on their Career Aptitude Tests are forced to "Dropout", taking on the important role of Sexual Labour. These state mandated sex workers, nicknamed Dropouts, are obligated to act as relief for the sexual urges of the public. New Dropouts spend their school years serving the student body and faculty of their schools until graduating to full public service.
Hey there, Naka here. Just dropping a little Interest Checky-do for the little half formed ideas that I've got swirling around in my head. These ideas will all contain smut to a certain degree. Whether that means a good balance of smut to plot, or all smut all the time, depends on the idea and what we discuss. Some ideas will be more fleshed out than others, but details can be worked out in OOC.
As tagged, I'm looking for partners that are comfortable with Casual roleplay level. That means proper spelling and grammar, and absolutely no sentence posts. If any of the ideas I've posted below interest you, then please feel free to send me a PM. Due to the adult content, we will only be able to rp through PMs.
Anyway, that's enough for an intro. Thank you if you managed to make it this far and enjoy.

(1) In the not-to-distant future, a virus renders most males completely sterile. As a result global populations begin to decline. To compensate, rare virile males are issued a "Breeding License" that, upon presentation, compels any female of breeding age to submit to reproductive sex, regardless of time or location.
Desire: *****

(2) A young man discovers that an apparently shy and quiet girl in his class harbours some serious secret perversions
Desire: ****

(3) Three childhood friends, two girls and a boy decide to take their relationship to a new, more intimate level.
Desire: **

(4) Two identical twin girls, in an incestual relationship, decide to freshen things up by drawing one of their male family members into things.
Desire: ***
If you clicked on this, you have my thanks. What follows is a roleplay that'll be done in the style of one of those cheesy harem type animes, or a mature Visual Novel. I've got some ideas already in mind for how the story might go, but it's also open to a bit of randomness, so if you feel like pushing the story in a direction of your own choosing, feel free to do so and we'll see where things go. Basically, there's no real need to play as a passive or reactionary character. I should also point out that there will be mature content (smut) featured in this rp at some point, and no fade-to-black, so you need to be 18 or older to take part in this. Aside from that, I've got just a few little guidelines I'd like to you read before continuing. They're in the hider below.


Our story takes place in the Sumire House, a small boarding house for students attending a nearby college in modern day Japan. For the longest time the Sumire House had a strict girls only policy, however at the start of the new school year the Sumire House found itself home to only five boarders, instead of the usual six. Without the rent of a sixth boarder, Takako Sumire, the unmarried owner of the Sumire House and unofficial "den mother" to anyone staying under her roof, was forced to make a decision: Either raise the rent for her current boarders to compensate, or relax her girls only policy. After much thought Takako decided on the latter. For the first time since it's founding the Sumire House will host its first male resident.
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