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2 mos ago
Current No permanent damage Blaze. They kept me in for observation for a bit and then sent me home with a script for pain meds.
2 mos ago
In risk I always go for the coffee producing nations. Sorry Columbia, but momma needs her dark roast.
2 mos ago
*Hands up, step back* No comment.
2 mos ago
Wow, what the hell did I come home too?
2 mos ago
Back home safe. No permanent damage.
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mifune 7 mos ago
Sent you a pm Hope you received it. Hope you're day is going well
Quote5 8 mos ago
Greetings, new person!
KingOfTheSkies 8 mos ago
I thought your name was gold. Then I saw your user title. Frosting on the cake.
Or cream on the pie, in this case. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Elias 8 mos ago
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