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damn it sign me up? shoot me a pm if still looking
@rush99999 hi I'm interested in learning how to GM or dm hit me up on discord rush thekingchris#3297
@One Who Tames do you legend of the five rings? I want to learn the system could use a gm and can run a game for you if thats fair?
@LTDarksin tried your discord. doesnt seem to be working? edit: you added an s lol
@Archdemon hi gangsta rp sounds fun. Pm me?
Ok I have a question I'm thinking of doing a campaign based in Mordheim using the Warhammer fantasy roleplay rules but unsure how to prepare for it. any tips?
Jack the Gambler was riding into Selina looking disappointed as he looked around the town. it was small and looked positively uninteresting but he didn't want to sleep outside anymore. He slowed his horse down as he tried to get his bearings looking for a place to tie his horse, get a drink and some food. He noticed the sheriff looking at him and decided to get down from his horse, taking the reins and stretching out his body from being in the saddle all day. and started walking towards the Sheriff with his horse following behind. "Hey, Sheriff any good place a man can get a drink and some food around here?"

Jack was dressed in fancy black and white cloths his black hat looked fancy too he almost looked like a big city person but his accent made it sound like he was a country boy. He smiled as he introduced himself "I'm Jack the Gambler, I'll probably be around these parts here for a few days. I hope we can get along."

Dan, Jack's horse, started nipping at his sleeve. "alright alright Dan. we're going we're going. See ya around Sheriff" Jack tipped his hat at the sheriff and started heading towards the place the sheriff recommend for food and drink.
Name: Jack The Gambler Gambol

Agility: 5
Smarts: 6
Spirit: 4
Strength: 5
Vigor: 5

Coach Driving- 1
Fighting- 1
Gambling- 3
Healing- 1
Intimidation- 1
Investigation - 1
Knowledge – 1
Notice -1
Persuasion -1
Riding 1
Shooting- 3

Twin white and silver single action colt peacemakers (so looks like this for design


Winchester ‘76

two boxes of ammo one for his peacemakers and one for his Winchester
300 dollars in his pocket.
Background - Jack had been gambling for as long as he could remember and very rarely lost. he seemed to have a knack for winning some called him the Gambling House because of the saying "the house always wins." Most, however, just called him the Gambler. Jack arrived in the disputed territory of Kansas as he had managed to dodge fighting in the civil war since he was always traveling and didn't care for the reasons of the war as he detested fighting some rich person's battle. he had been heading to Dodge City from a small town in Kentucky to be precise. When something told him to take a detour to Selina. he was not sure why but in no hurry to Dodge started heading there on his horse hoping something interesting would happen when he arrived. the traveling life was a lonely one maybe there was a pretty girl Jack could marry.

Worst Nightmare - being killed by a coward. A man who doesn't look him in eyes and shoot.

sent you a pm
ok i want to learn how to dm/gm but not sure where to begin? I just picked up deadlands and I really want to play it. @Sleeth
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