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2 yrs ago
will reply to my rpers after the 4th just as an fyi


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I'm interested
@sadgasm hey haven't heard from you. you ok?
alright thanks and ok let me know when it up.
are you still accepting players or no?
@NotAPotato alright well let me know asap.
@NotAPotato I am game for this as well. pm me?
@Future Cat Lady oh this sounds interesting. Pm me?
@Jbcool I would be game for a Japan rp but I'm not sure I meet the requirements for advanced still, I am interested.
Just in case I was wondering how our teen Titans rp starter was coming along as I have not received it.
@Noxxis hey haven't heard from you in a while. If you don't want to rp with me could have said so...
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