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So! There seems to be an option to hide the "Zeroth" post. It was enabled for me. I have disabled it. Everybody should be able to see the first post content now!
One thing I did not consider, with all the activity in Casual, is bumping this to keep it on the first page.

He's an inch taller than my girlfriend.
Damn. You're right. You weren't ambiguous about it either. It's been a hectic week so my bad.
Sounds good. Hit me up with any questions you might have. That goes for anybody else who is interested.
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Okay, I know I said I was going to drag my feet but... Meh, whatever. Here we go, everybody.…

I have, uh, @ed anybody who has replied thus far in my previous interest checks. Thank you, everybody, who has given me feedback and expressed interest. I hope to see you all in character, if not in my game then in a future game.
Welcome to Terrenum

This will be a narrative-driven campaign. As a player, you will be caught in the middle of a battle between two great nations in this fantasy world. While your starting points are fixed, your course through history is not. However, know that there are always reprecussions for one's actions. It is possible for player characters to die or to be crippled in this adventure, although killing people off is not my goal. Anybody who does lose a character, or anybody who wants to try a different concept, is invited to make another and get back into the game.

Terrenum is a collaborative adventure in a Medieval fantasy setting. It borrows from many elements of table top and classical historical references. The goal of this project is to create an engaging and easy system that grounds the actions in the game and gives weight to player decisions.

Adult themes such as violence, gambling, strong language, mild gore, morally questionable institutional policies, drugs and alcohol and mild sexual content may be present in this game. There will be no scenes detailing sexual actions in this game. Gore, while it may be depicted, is to done so in as tasteful a manner as possible.

Code of Conduct

As always, read and understand the host forum's Terms of Service. They apply here.

Just as always, I reserve the right to exclude people from this role play without needing to give a reason. I am the sole judge in who gets to join in the first place.

Conduct is simple. Behave like an adult while you are acting as a member of this group. If you need to have this explained to you, then it is best that you join another game instead.

Pictures are not, nor will they ever be, required for access to this game. Some beautification for posts is fine but consider this as a rule of thumb; if it takes more effort to create your post template than it does to make the post itself, then your template is too complicated.

There is no post order. I may only be able to post once a day or less because of real life obligations. I do not expect anybody to marry this game. The story progresses on my posts. You , as the players, have until I progress the story to make your posts. If you wish to work out a system amongst yourselves, then be my guest. However, there should never be a reason where you are forced to wait ffor anybody else. Moreso, i fyou feel like you've been skipped then please do not take offense by it. We all have a story to tell and I am flexible. I'll find ways to work with people but the show must go on.

There is no minimum word count. Post as much as you feel is needed to get your point across. Not every post needs be a masterpiece.

I do encourage collaborating with other players and the GM to make fun posts but this is not mandatory.

Posts must be in a font style and size that are easy to read. No exotic font styles will be permitted. No font sizes taht reduce the letters to smaller than the standard font will be permitted. Our eyes are important. Be nice to them.

How to Join

If you are interested in being part of this adventure, send a PM of your character concept to me. It should only take a few exchanges to finish and I am happy to work with people toward their ideal fantasy. Details are located below under Character Creation.


If you have ideas to improve the role play experience of Terrenum, please send them to me. I'm also happy to chat about different concepts, hear your stories and I love getting names for future people and places.

First Steps

You are a member of the Shield Brethren, one of the many adventuring guilds in the Lowlands of Terrenum Major. While you have yet to gain prestiege for your heroic deeds, you are trained and ready to take on contracts for your guild. Your reasons for joining are your own but the goal is always the same; make the customer happy and look good while doing it.

These guilds vary in status and capability. Yours happens to be of decent size and reputation. Your guild hall resides in a bustling walled port city nestled at the mouth of an estuary almost in the center of the Lowlands. The city was renamed before you were born in honor of some heroic figure. Most people forget the actual name and shorten it to Gallant. Locals still call the city by its founding name; River City.

Nature was kind to the city, giving the estuary a natural break water for ships to dock safely. This, along with a slow, wide river inland, made it perfect as an area of trade.

As with many cities in the land, times of growth are marked by an ever-expanding ring of fortifications. The last of these high walls were eventually built to encompass many thousands of acres of rich farmland along both sides of the river.

Monsters are not nearly as much of a problem for Gallant anymore but the walls remain as a reminder of what has, and still could, happen if the residences lower their guard.

Your adventure guild services the city proper as well as the vast fields and homesteads around the city. Occasionally parties will be sent on missions hundreds of miles from the city, however, these jobs are rare.

The World

Important Locations

The District of Hectate


Iron Harbor

Houses of Nobility

The Church of Our Goddess

The Order of the Hammer

The Trade Federation

Elder Family Bank




The Great Woods/Swamp/Jungle

Character Creation

Character Submission Template

Faces of Terrenum​

Notable NPCs

Guild Roster
Consider the page to still be "under construction" but for the time being, OOC may commence here.
This is my most recent post in my Discord group for my players. If you require something different, please let me know.

I'm putting the first page together in word processor. This might take a couple days.

Casual seems like the winner as far as where to post this behemoth. I'll make it clear that the game involves dice from the start. That way maybe we can cut down on people who feel catfished.

Keep in mind, the dice are mostly for me anyway.
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