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Silly jokes aside... well mostly... people who've played the game will understand. I do want to preface this by saying I am so in love with the Witcher world, Witcher 3 really done a number on me despite the gameplay gripes that I have. Story made it worth all the anger and pain I've suffered because of awful controls etc.

Status: Open!

So I'm still kinda obsessed with the Witcher series right now, I have bought two books already (not the novels) though I am planning on getting all eight books at some point soon. I'm happy to talk to anyone about the series! I welcome any and all discussions.

Anyway, before I get too distracted I should probably explain what I'm looking for. Basically I'm looking for a long-term RP buddy who would love to get lost in the dark, brutal world of the Witcher and play multiple characters over the course of the collaboration. Considering that I have just finished Blood and Wine recently, I'd really like for someone to play a female higher vampire against either a mage (who specialises in fire magic) or a Witcher who hails from either a custom-made school or the viper school. I have images of how I plan on them looking and I'm more than happy to discuss the matter more on PM's or on discord. There are many ways we can have them meet: if a mage then the vampire could perhaps be a queen that needs a magic user who is an expert with fire spells since they are pretty effective against the different vampire species out there, perhaps there is a civil war going on and she needs aid. With that in mind I am totally down for creating our own kingdom within the Witcher world, we can also decide when to set it or if it should be entirely original. Or she doesn't even need to be a queen, just royalty. Perhaps she is the leader of the rebellion, trying to regain the throne from a usurper. My character could have stumbled upon yours, entombed and slowly regenerating before finally waking after spending hundreds of years recovering from a brutal attack that left her in pieces. These could really apply if we go for the Witcher character also, needs help with a vampire problem lol. Since the medallion doesn't go off with higher vampires, she could pretend to be a helpless bystander or someone in need of protecting from a monster. I will say that whenever I play the Witcher, I would like a focus on the hunts and stuff... that kind of thing appeals to me greatly so it could be hard to justify why a higher vampire would tag along. Perhaps boredom or for fun. Plenty of brainstorming to be done here I have to say!

So I'm really looking for a casual-level writer which is certainly what I consider myself as though at times I can write longer, more descriptive posts when the time calls for it or I am extremely motivated. I try to post as often as I can but real life can get in the way and sometimes I'm really in no mood to write but all I ask is if we are unable to post for a long period of time is to just notify one another. Makes things far easier! I know this is going to seriously limit any interest in this but I am also looking for someone that is willing to play female characters against male characters. It's just what I enjoy and am comfortable with. NPC's and such can be from all different backgrounds, genders, sexualities and motives. I can do that for sure! All of the expected themes will likely be present in our story though limits and such can be talked about further in PM's. Things like violence, gore, terrible language, drugs, sex... these are all prevalent in the series. I'm not going to shy away from any kind of smut, especially considering how many characters think with their loins but as long as their is good story and development I'm a happy camper. This means I'm looking for a mature individual who is over 18 and can handle such things. That's about enough of a ramble from me, this is a bit of a mess I'm sorry but I hope it made enough sense for y'all. I'm really just looking for the one person for this particular idea!

Any questions, any interest at all, please send me a PM! Thank you for your time. I do have a kink list I'd like to share with anyone interested and I'd like the favour to be returned in kind. Some mega bonus points if someone would be willing to use Alcina Dimitrescu as a reference for their character. I have a whole bunch of images that I can link to you that I think are the most perfect designs of her. And I'd love for her to be a bit muscular, nothing over the top though. If someone were to do this for me, I'd likely be willing to play almost any kind of male for them.

If anyone would like my discord please do send me a PM first, thanks!

Deadly Cargo

Current status - Closed for now!

The Plot
I don't have a concrete plot made as of yet but I have a fairly good idea of what I'd like. The story takes place at some point in the far future with space ships, galactic battles, massive corporations, universe-spanning law enforcement, weird and wonderful alien lifeforms and much much more! The Justicar Order is the governing body that reaches most planets with sentient life, only the fringes of space are exempt from their laws which is where the most dangerous criminals reside and the lowest of the low. My character has been tasked with finding and bringing back one an individual from one of the most feared races ever known, the name of said race is yet to be determined. The first portion of the RP would take place inside my character ship in which he has your character imprisoned, plenty of things will happen on their journey back to his headquarters. Also, I was planning on it beginning with her already a prisoner but I am willing to play out their encounter which might be a fun and action-packed way to start off.

Here are some events I see happening or would like to happen on the journey.
  • Attacked or captured by a group of criminals or bounty hunters.
  • Find themselves in the middle of a war between two rival races or corporations or a mix.
  • Emergency land on a mysterious planet so my character can get the ship repaired.
  • A massive space entity tries to devour the ship.
  • They find an abandoned ship that has been taken over by a virus.

There are plenty more obstacles and challenges we can throw in but these are what I thought of immediately. Their purpose is, a part from us to have fun, to bring our characters closer and eventually form an uneasy alliance. If I'm honest I would like that to turn into friendship and then at some point romantic but I'd rather have it happen naturally. Bonus points if you enjoy romance! Considering the nature of our characters and the fact I enjoy darker, more gritty settings the relationship would be far from normal or easy which just makes it all the more exciting in my opinion.

Once they are close to arriving at the headquarters, if your character hasn't convinced my character to not turn her in, he'd likely decide that himself once his ship comes into contact with a Justicar warship and at that point he'd be branded a traitor and hunted down just as mercilessly as your character. From there we could do anything we wanted...

My Character
His name is Evrain and he is a Knight-Executor of the Justicar Order, one of the highest non-officer ranks there is which is why he was trusted with this mission. I have more on my character but I'd rather share if with someone who is interested.

Your Character
Almost everything about your character is up to you, I am of course willing to help in any and every way I can though three things are certain: she's alien, she's highly intelligent and she's very deadly. I pictured her kind being very rare, perhaps almost extinct because they were too dangerous to be left to their own devices. The image below is ideally what I'd like her to look like though I'm not against changing it or if you want to make small alterations to it. All I ask is that I don't get an alien that is just a human with different coloured skin or something silly like that, for this I am looking for something more scary-looking and monstrous. Maybe she can turn over life-forms to stone or maybe she can spit poison, all are possibilities. I have a bunch of details about the race from when I did this with my previous RP partner, willing to share and use them or we can come up with something completely different.

  • I consider myself a casual to high-casual, so on average 300-500 words and I ask the same from my partner or at least there about. Normally in the form of 2-3+ paragraphs.
  • I certainly prefer good spelling and grammar but it's not a deciding factor for me in the end.
  • For this I am looking for a partner who will can post fairly regularly, a couple of times a week would be ideal and considering the passion I feel for this idea so far I like to think I could be rather active. Once a week as a minimum would be sweet.
  • Communication IS key, let's talk and have fun yeah? If you're going to be busy or absent for a while please let me know and I'll show you the same courtesy. I'm fed up of people just vanishing, please don't just abandon me with not so much as a simple message. It means a lot to me. I’m just not going to deal with anyone who disappears anymore. Of course if you come back and had a good reason for it then that's a different story, I'm fine with that and understand not all circumstances allow you to send a message.
  • This RP will contain mature themes so please be at least 18 years of age, the usual violence/gore, language, sex and other topics will likely crop up... some more than others. I'm not asking it to be mature content all the time but I just like to keep my options open. This is not a smut-centric RP even if we do include it so if that’s what you’re after this isn’t for you sorry. I would prefer to not fade to black though if someone is keen on more smut I am not against adjusting the ratio of how much content is in our the story. Long as there is good story and development.
  • Let's both carry the weight of this plot and not let one of us do the heavy lifting, it's for the best! I would love to hear any and all ideas you may have, so much is still up for discussion and even the title can be changed as it was just something I came up with quickly.

My preference for character representations is digital art!

RP in PM's please.

Final Point
Please PM me if you have interest! I'm looking for someone that wants a long-term RP and I'd love for us to continue RPing even after this one has ended. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from any interested parties soon! Just looking for the one person.
Pits of Dagaroth - Temporarily Closed

So I'm going to try and keep this as brief as possible: I am looking for a female orc character or a similar race like Goliath's from D&D. This is certainly my preference but if you read the idea and like the sound of it but don't want to play a character from such a race let me know because I'm always willing to hear any ideas out. The basic idea is that our characters are captured by roaming Drow who bring them back to their home in the Underdark in which they are forced to fight in arenas for their masters entertainment against various creatures and other prisoners. Our characters form an unlikely alliance in the fires of battle and with the help of others manage to escape and from there we can discuss where to go. I'm a big fan of D&D in general so I'd love it if they formed an adventuring duo or mercenary group or something along those lines venturing into forgotten cities, dungeons, underground lairs and all sorts! My character is a human assassin, either a noble by blood or one that has been created as a cover. I have a lot more thoughts on the story as a whole and my own character plus ideas on what could happen! Honestly I just want to write something epic and fun that we can both enjoy. ^_^

I write at a casual level for the most part, usually in the form of 2+ paragraphs ranging from 300-500 words but if I am feeling particularly inspired I can dip my toes into more advanced posts. I love dark and gritty themes, I expect their to plenty of violence and cussing, probably a sprinkling of smut and a dash of torture considering the Drow are quite a sadistic lot haha. On the topic of romance I do like it to form naturally and I'd love for a like-minded individual who likes to have romance in their RP's even if it isn't the main theme, the idea of two characters from vastly different races, cultures and beliefs is ridiculously appealing to me. I don't imagine it'll be easy but that's half the fun! I'd like to post a couple of times a week but on the occasion I may take longer to reply and I will do my utmost to let my RP partner know what's going on if that's going to be the case. And I expect the same in return, it's only fair and without communication things tend to die. No doubt I have missed many details but I just wanted to get this out there and see if anyone is interested in writing something awesome.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me! Please PM me thanks.

-Nameless King
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