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Just because it says I am Online! it doesn't necessarily mean so. I just normally don't choose to log out when I leave the computer. The reason for this is because I am usually in the middle of working on a reply, and wish not to loose any of the work. Especially, when I don't get finished with it in time before real life reels me back in. So please, don't assume I am always online when really I am not.

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@Dynamo Frokane Dynamo I would love to do a modern supernatural mystery setting RP with you. But it would be have be on hold until I can three other RP's rolling. At the moment we are still trying to stitch ideas together and/or waiting on character sheets. When those RP's are doing fairly well or they end being a bust I will gladly take you up on that offer :)
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Fandom OC Character

Atka (No last name given)
Birth Date:
Unknown, so his age is an estimated guess.
Physcial Appearance:
Body Shape
Atka is tall for his race. Stands about 6'3”. Do to growing up on a farm his body tone is sturdy and well balanced; he doesn't appear broad/brawny but upon seeing him you can still he is a healthy young Khajiit. No scars are visible but if you can your hand along his back the opposite direction of his fur you can feel four indentations stretching from his left shoulder down his lower back. Those marks are from an old wound dealt by his first encounter with a frost troll when he was boy. Luckily, there were skilled fighters nearby who knew how to deal with trolls. The wound healed nicely but the shallow rippled claw marks are a good reminder of that day.

Fur Length/Thickness
The fur around his face, his torso, forearms and the knees down is fairly short compared to the rest of his body. Around the back side of his jaw, neck, on the back of his head and as well as other areas you can see the fur length starting to appear longer. Evened out stages of his fur lengthening. The rest of his fur is medium in length, to the point you can run your fingers through it. Atka grew up in area of Skyrim that remains cold throughout the majority of the year, because of this his fur density is thicker than that of his fellow Khajiits.

Fur Color and Markings/Eye Color
His fur coloring and markings is very similar to an Ocelot's. Very bold, and striking looking making him stand out even more. His eyes are golden yellow, some people are intimated by his stare do to the intensity of the color. But not only that his eyes always appears as though he is serious by how they are shaped.
Atka was brought up to be well mannered and thoughtful towards others. His adopted father also taught him to choose his fights carefully, and a good amount of fights can be won without the need of a weapon or beating someone to a pulp. Atka is usually lax in behavior despite his appearance. He is also naturally honest but even so he will tell a bluff or two when it's needed. Though given his good nature Atka can get rather fierce when pushed in the right direction. He is determined to accomplish his goals even with the difficulties that are involved. Atka also has no sense of fear towards a small majority of situations. Lastly Atka's intelligence is that of an average person. He is clever enough to pick up on new skills, but some things take longer to master than others.
Everyday Skills:
  • Farming
  • Swimming
  • Small Game Hunting
  • Reading and Writing
  • Kitchen Work
  • Gathering Wild Vegetation/Herbs/Edible Plants
Personal Flaws:
  • Math, simple problems are okay.
  • Magic, he knows he is capable of using magic but never could get a handle on it.
  • Drinking Alcohol, too much of a light weight.
  • Restless Sleeper.
  • Can't handle huge crowds do to his nose and ears being quite sensitive.
  • Potion Making.
Fighting Skills:
Knows how to handle a dagger just fine and as well as a bow for hunting purposes. His sees his weapons as useful tools and would rather not use them in skirmishes and/or battle. Atka sees his claws as reliable weapons, since they are apart of him. But would rather throw punches than tear at someone's flesh. In the end Atka refrains from touching anyone if he can in fear he might end up scratching them accidentally. If Atka could get a handle on using magic he would gladly use it. In the end Atka sees himself as a natural weapon and rather stick to that than using anything that isn't part of himself.
Background Story:
Akta was found by his adoptive parents, who are Nords, when he was just an infant. They themselves had just lost their own child to a terrible fever and in their grief decided to look after him until they can find other arrangements. They were hoping for a band of traveling Khajiits to pass on by for they felt he would have been better off with his own kind than in an orphanage. Even though Khajiits rarely travel through their small town.

The couple even refused to give him an name in fear of getting too attached. After a few weeks of adjusting to their supposed temporary guest the couple soon realized they wouldn't be able to part with the infant even when the opportunity did arise for him be with his own kind. Since they felt that way they decided to officially adopted him as his own despite the other town's people protesting to the idea. Later the couple gave him the name Atka.

Growing up outside of Solitude wasn't easy. Atka, thankfully was raised in a loving home or he would have turned out completely different than the man he is now. But at times he felt the strain from being highly different everyone else. The town's folk would ridicule him whenever they got the chance. Either by throwing mud at him as he walked away, name calling and so on. Sometimes they wouldn't just take pleasure in tormenting him, they would target his parents as well. Such as refusing to do business with them. Or choose to be plain out difficult. The reason being the people of Solitude have no fondness for Atka's kind. Or anyone that didn't look human.

They were especially difficult when his family would have a bad year with the crops Atka would take on odd jobs in order to help earn enough coin just pay off the landlord. The jobs given to him were near impossible tasks to accomplish, in an end result to one of those tasks he ended up being attacked by a frost troll.

Even with the unpleasantness of others there were a few people who looked passed the fur, claws, tail and all. Those few weren't typically from Solidute and had an outsiders point of view. Those people gave him hope and were able to help deter him from seeing just the negativity in life. Atka one day hopes he can prove himself worthy of being treated as an equal. Until that day comes he will continue to fight the invisible battle within.

Somethings About Olivia
Olivia knows nothing about her parents or where she originally came from. She has been bounced around from to place to do not being manageable. Or when he other side decides to make an appearance. When she grew tired of attempting to fit in, at the age of sixteen, she decided to head out on her own. Though life for a female is tough. Especially one traveling alone. Luckily, when she is in danger her other self emerges. But majority of the time Olivia comes across stern, fearless, even though she is a scared little girl inside. Olivia is fairly level headed but her stubbornness makes her seem hot tempered. Olivia is quite truthful, and hates constant liars. Olivia is kind to children and takes on a protective role when she's around them. She claims it all from pure instinct. For a female will do anything to protect those who she cares about.

Since venturing out on her own, Olivia picked up a thieving habit. She isn't proud of it. But when no one wants to hire a woman unless it is for pleasure. Olivia only steals from those who deserve it or have the money to replace what has been stolen. She usually keeps hold onto the item she has stolen until she is several towns away or finds a merchant on the road. The reason behind this has to do with not wanting to get caught selling within the same time she thieved it from. For someone might recognize it.

Olivia is currently twenty two. And has become quite a looker. Despite the scar that is located around her left eye and forehead. With her unusual red hair and golden eyes she stands out from within a crowd. Overall she is a traveling thief with good looks to boot. But there is more too her than meets the eye. Something hidden within. A talent that no one else has. It can either be a curse or a blessing.

Outfit of Choice

Strengths and Weaknesses
Olivia is quite nimble and fast on her feet. She can out ran just about anyone. She can even if, she pushes herself, can keep up with a galloping horse. In order to keep up with her stamina Olivia has to eat her weight in food. If she doesn't she will tire easily and often becomes too sluggish to function properly.

She also a strong sense of smell and hearing. Though at times she wishes she doesn't have those traits. For there are smells are hard to forget. And certain sounds will hurt her ears to the point she falls to the ground from not being able to take it.

Olivia knows how to handle a dagger when it is needed. But other weapons are a no go. Oddly whenever she given a chance to wield a weapon she becomes quite clumsy. Even sometimes with the dagger. To her it feels strange handling a weapon since it isn't literally apart of her given what she is capable of.

Olivia can handle cold weather better than most people can. Even while in the outfit she so chooses to wear. But she is weak against extreme warm weather. Almost as if her body isn't meant for dealing with the heat.

The Other Olivia
The one major thing that sets Olivia off from the rest of the world is the fact she isn't a normal human being. In fact she doesn't know if she truly is all that human to begin with. Olivia is able to shape shift into a wolf. Usually by free will, but at times when her emotions overlap one another or life is in danger her body morphs on it's own accord.

When she is in her wolf form Olivia feels normal. Almost as if she this is who she is truly meant to be. Unlike other wolves, Olivia is taller in height by a couple of inches. Her fur remains the same color just her hair when she is human. Eye color remains the same as well. And her scar is visible. Her slender built suggests she is in deed female but it doesn't mean she is weak. Her jaw is strong enough to help her sharp teeth cut through bone. If she wanted too she can tear someone's hand off with little effort. Her movements are more cat like than wolf like. Meaning she well balanced, and she can climb, leap and flex without much trouble.

But there have been times when Olivia looses her humanity when in her wolf form. Especially when the change is forced. She becomes wild and fierce and has not sense of control. And sometimes she will go for days with reverting back to her human self. For she would forget that she was even human to begin with. Meaning to go around acting like a wolf. Hunting, marking territory, exploring etc. Until her memories start to come back piece by piece. Then once all the pieces are in place her appearance becomes human again.

Note: Olivia will be used mainly for fantasy based RP's.
Sounds good to me @Aristocles :)
Depending on what it is that you want to do. I am currently mainly wanting to do the fandoms I have listed, but if no one bites I am willing to try out something else :)
Hi there and welcome! I hope that you guys are having a wonderful day/evening?

I hope that this interest check will be easy to follow. I will also be updating it regularly when new ideas come to mind. And/or when I am wanting to start up a new RP for various of reasons. So please stick around to find out what I have to offer!
Firstly I would like to let you know that my replies have been coming in about once a week, but I am planning on changing my reply count to twice a week. I have other RP's that I am apart of and replying everyday to each one of them isn't an easy task. Especially with my lifestyle. Sometimes on the weekend or when I have the time too I can reply once about twice a day. But it is a hit or miss.

My writing style is fairly simple and easy to follow. I can write anywhere from two paragraphs to around ten paragraphs. It all depends on what kind of information I given or how I am feeling that day. Sometimes I can write even more if I am inspired to do so. Just a fair warning though, I sometimes do forget to double check my work before posting. So if you see any mistakes I may have made please kindly let me know and I will gladly fix those mistakes.

I can play either a male or female role. I don't care which unless I have already claimed a certain role. I am okay with FxM and MxM stuff. I am working on writing mature content, it isn't something I am use too. But it isn't something I wouldn't mind doing as long as it doesn't take over the entire RP. And just to let you know I am in my 20's. I prefer semi-fade to black. But I don't mind going further into detail. It all depends what you are comfortable with. I personally only play OC's. So, if you choose to play an OC awesome. If you want to play a Canon Character that is okay by me as well.

Do to the mature content that may or may not part take within the RP's I would require you to be willing use the PM system. Also, you have to be 18+ years. And willing to to do an OC PM so we can take conversations there if need to. This way we don't screw up the RP flow.
Okay now for the fun stuff!
When marked with ✨✨*insert words here*✨✨ it means it is an idea or RP I would really like to try out!!
  • FR = female role
  • MR = male role
  • FR/MR = can either being female or male roles

Fandom RP's
If you are a person who likes to doing a play by play when it comes to fandoms I am sorry. I only do freestyle. Meaning: I loosely base things that actually take place within a book series, shows, movies, games etc. I just like using the world, ideas in order to create my an adventure by using information that is given. I find making up your story is more fun than playing out the exact scenes from all that I had listed. So in other words if you are person who prefers play by play you won't like be very much. So I suggest you scroll down to the non-fandom list to see what I have to offer there or exit out of if you don't want to proceed any further.
✨✨Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Version✨✨
  • I plan on playing a Khajiit male.
  • Looking for someone to play either a human female or a human male.
  • My character's profile is located here:
  • I am open to ideas for this RP, but I do have some ideas of my own.
  • Rating for this RP can either be PG-13 or Rated MA (18+).
  • Genres involved: Adventure/exploring, comedy, violence, fantasy, romance (optional or can come along sometime later in the RP), magic, possible servitude (aka slavery), and much, much more.

Non-Fandom RP's
This section as you guessed it will be involving no fandom based ideas. Everything here will be coming from my very own brain. So please don't think about stealing my ideas... Some RP ideas may or may not a plot tied to them. The ones without a definite plot are always open for discussion. A single set or varies of pairings will be set. And I will let you know if I plan on playing a male or female role.
✨✨Wolves of Bleak Hollow✨✨
  • This RP will strictly be a MxF pairing. I can play either role.
  • Normal wolf appearances... no rainbows, earring, wings, tattoos etc!!
  • Please be able to be okay with goring scenes, and maybe some 18+ romance between characters.
  • Images will be allowed to be used to describe your character. Again realistic wolves only.
  • Do to mature content this will taken to the PM's.

Other than that I am okay with any suggestions you may have. I will also be making a map of Bleak Hollow and possibly one of the human world. More info will be provided soon as you PM me. Thank you!
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