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Current I somehow ended up binge watching an old show I use to watch. I enjoyed every minute of it. Though it took time away from replies, and working on things for the Maximum Ride RP. Tomorrow is a new day!
5 days ago
Maximum Ride RP anyone? Applications are still being accepted. There is currently no due date. So please time your time filling them out.
8 days ago
Let the raining season begin!!! I love the rain. Rainy days are movie days, along with hot apple cider and a cozy blanket to keep warm with. Plus a 70 pound dog who enjoys cuddle time XD
14 days ago
Forcing myself to make some time to reply to RP's. I haven't been a very good RP partner lately. So I am planning on doing a few extra replies to make up for it.
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The intro story is complete!!! If you guys want to post a small reply introducing your character go right on ahead. Marian has yet to go through the entire base so use this chance to describe how you person is feeling, where they are at, or how they are being treated at the moment etc. I was going to post something on Crow but it is late where I am at so I will be heading off to bed. My brain can't process anymore. But I will have a reply posted for sure tomorrow.

Let me give you some insight to what is going to happen:
Basically are characters never met before. They are kept in separate sections within the facility. As Marian is going around she is making her notes and jotting down the numbers of the experiments she has interests in. Maybe putting one or two of them through a little test against an eraser in order to prove themselves. From there she then makes her finale decision. Eventually we will be either escorted out of the our cells in restraints. We might even be blindfolded, knocked out, or stuffed inside a body bag. It all depends on who is escorting you.

This is the start of what we are going to be put through. In the end we all somehow escape. But I have two possible ideas that could work either together or separately. Anyways talk more with you guys tomorrow!! And please give me you input on the intro!

@Regitnui@Styxx Acheron@Metronome
Hi guys!! I am about finished with the story into. I worked out all the kinks on paper. I was somewhat hoping for more people to join in but it doesn't seem to be the case. So there will be about four of us. Unless someone decides to step in the meantime. A few more side characters will be added in as well. This way we aren't stumped half way through with who we are dealing with and so on.

Anyways! On the good note we will be starting the RP here soon!! Today, Tomorrow! Depending on how my head cold is treating me :)
@Darquesse@Regitnui@Styxx Acheron
Styxx if you want to move him to the character tab that is alright with me.

@Styxx Acheron

I had an unexpected busy weekend. But I will have time today to work on the intro plot. I nearly finished with it. I also noticed a few mistakes when I reread it aloud. Going to fix those mistakes today as well.
Regitbui are wanting to to join? Or are you sharing an image for a possible character? :O
Yes feel free to jump in. And yes I noticed the lack of female characters. I was considering of making one or two side characters that are female to be part of the adventure. Or even allow someone if they can play a secondary character.
Hi there Darquesss! This rp isn't highly based around the series. It has some similarties but only so. Take your time with making a character. I am working on the opening plot and some side characters still. So no rush :)

Styxx I love your drawing!! And also your character is fantastic. I love the fact that his ability is fire. It will come in handy and also nice job on the background story.
@Styxx Acheron

That is understandable. If you guys are still interested later down the road just let me know and I will gladly welcome you into the RP.
I love your character Metronome!! Very well balanced. And I like the fact he has a more mature prospective of the world.

I have slowly started working on the opening plot. Length wise I am not sure. Long, short or in between. As I am working on it feel free to read it. Please give me any input you have if you feel like sharing. I am confident that the plot will be finished by this weekend. And again please take your time on your character sheet. Though I would apprentice it if you complete them sometime next week. My excitement for this RP is testing my patience XD
For a little over hundred years scientists and doctors alike have been trying to find ways to improve the human health. By either changing the formulas in medicines. Changing medical procedures. And the equipment that are for minor everyday uses or for the means of saving someone's life. A handful of people become to realize the never ending cycle of trial and error. Yes, things have defiantly improved greatly overtime. But the humans themselves aren't evolving like the materials around them. After much debate it was decided by a selected few to start a secret program to help humans evolve.

This group started out small. During the first years of World War 1. No more than thirty individuals working on the same goal. The war was a good excuse to improve the human performance. Such as strength, reflexes, stamina and healing factors. In other words super soldiers. Though the foundation of the idea worked. But it was short lived soon the method for achieving a super soldier was discovered.

The government kept these facts hidden from public ears and eyes. Though rumors about the super soldiers floated about. No real evidence could be found on the matter. The thirty individuals working on the project were disbanded. Those who spilled secrets or even attempted continuing their work were severally dealt with. Eventually a handful of the thirty managed to hide themselves from the government within different parts of the world.

They quietly continued their obsessed work, recruiting whoever they can, but carefully. Eventually funds were high in demand so they needed a way to gain the money needed. Causing an uprising of popular businesses. The scientists and doctors behind this use one to a few of their buildings as a front to what is really going on. Namely hospitals, clinics, along with something smaller scale. Like Wal-mart. The reason for these locations has to do with the public. People aren't always willing to be experimented on. And when human tests subjects are need of demand a person missing or two from hospitals and such are easy to come by. Especially when it is someone who would go unmissed.

This is how it all started out. The results weren't over the top. Like they had hoped. Until the day someone figured out why not use infants or unborn children as experiments rather than teens or adults. For they are either nearly developed or fully developed. And the results of using infants went through the roof. Especially when animal and human DNA are mixed with one another.

The School was created for this purpose. To house and experiment of children. Soon after a few more facilities like the school were built. The hospitals and clinics still provide much needed resources. But aren't the locations anymore for experiment housing and treatment. A few government officials were slowly introduced to the projects at hand. It was a carefully planned out introduction with paperwork and positive results involved. This way if their plan was ever exposed the government may or may not back them up. It was risky move. And yet it proved effective.

In the end, we have to be careful to who we trust. Friend or foe? Number one rule: Assume everyone is an enemy before you can learn to trust them. Even if they lived through the same situations as you did.... In the end just beware of possible betrayal. Or an everlasting friendship.
Facility #7, just outside of Aspen Colorado.
Located deep inside a mountain face, so well hidden a skii resort sits right along side of it.

October 12th, 2017.
Sometime around 8:00 am.

And so it begins...
The long awaited day has come. Very few felt the excitement about what this day will bring. While others felt doubt and uncertainty. For a large order such as this one rarely ever happens for good reasons. Even with negative possibilities floating about no one questioned the director's decision. Especially someone with her personality.

Marian. Dr. Marian Janssen is her name. She is quite beautiful on the outside. And yet her unpredictable dark personality will scare a rabid dog back into a sane state of mind. Only her attendant, Morgan, knows how to deal with her calmly. Majority of the staff see him a saint sent by the heavens to help deal with the devil woman. Though no one dares tell her that to her face.

The began like any other in the past few days with Marian giving out orders. Watching with stern eyes to be sure everyone followed protocol. When she wasn't barking commands she focused a portion of her day going through five years worth of paperwork. It was safer for important documents were kept on paper. For computers nowadays can be hacked with a press of a button.

The preparations for the transfer were well on their way. Finding the right subjects to move wasn't going as smoothly as much as she had hoped. Marian had expected this. Compared to her own facility, facility #7 was low grade. Not of value. A waste of her time. And yet here she was. She had a goal. And in order to accomplish that goal she needs to pull resources from The School, this dump and among a few others. The selection process is a delicate one. She can't herself to trust of these inferior monkeys who consider themselves scientists. Chances are they'll end up giving her defects. Wasting precious time and money.

The sound of everyone scurrying about satisfied Marian. This told her that no one was slacking off. After spending nearly an hour forcing those tired souls to work Marian decided to look over a few more charts. Nothing promising has shown up. Despite the wave of files trailing in every hour.

She has read every note, every failed and successful experiments on all living subjects up to this point. She didn't want to leave anything out. Though having to deal with disappoint again and again. After five minutes Marian calm face turned sour within five seconds flat. "Unbelievable!!!" She fumed, tossing a stack of folders across the room. Papers scattered about as if a gust of wind suddenly blew on through. "These lousy scum! They have no talent what's so ever! All they can create are defects!"

Morgan let out a quiet sigh removing a paper from his head. Letting it drop to the floor. He knows all too well when she is like this her logical thinking tends vanish. "Madam." He called out firmly while holding himself in a butler like stance.

"What!?" Marian snapped. Giving him a cold stare. The two others who were in the room with them flinched. Up to this point they remained quiet. Working at a slow pace hoping not to be noticed.

"Why not personally go see the experiments?" He began to say. Giving this question a few seconds for it sink in. "For the written word may have some truth, they don't always give you the full picture. After all seeing is believing."

Marian relaxed. Her face now beaming almost as if her little fit never happened. "Your right. Thank you Morgan. This is why I like having you around. Though I would appreciate it if don't always keep my temper in check. Sometimes a girl needs to let out a little steam once in a while." She said while adjusting her hair. Even though there was enough project in it to keep it in place. When she finished with that she then grabbed a pile of folders of possible candidates, tapped them twice on the desk before tucking them under an arm. "Now then let's going shopping."

Character sheet has been put up!! Enjoy! Also, if you have any questions please ssk as many as you need before we get officially started. And I will answer them the best that I can :)
@Metronome@Potter@Styxx Acheron@Penguin
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