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Current Camping. Will be gone from 21 to the 25th. I may or may not have service so I may or may not be able to reply. Sorry RP buddies.
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Just because it says I am Online doesn't I am actually present, there are times I forget to log out before closing my laptop or when I the website open on my cellphone. Or I walk away thinking it would be for a minute becomes more like two hours.... Real life sometimes does that to yah.

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Here is my character. I had a hard time deciding on what his name should be. Eventually I went with some simple. I went with River since his eyes are bright blue. And not only that River is a fast runner. Some river currents are quite fast so I figured why not. Also, I wanted to post my character so you guys see what I am expecting your character sheets to kinda look like. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it needs to be clear and too the point. Adding notes at the bottom like I did kinda gives some background info. It is optional. Anyways, I am hoping this will help get more people interested.

3, but is nearing his 4th year.
Wild Paint/Quarter Horse Mix
Mostly white with a splash of brown markings. Mane is also mostly white, but most of his bangs are black. Tail is all black. Blue eyes!
Has a strong will/stubborn almost. Brave but not stupid. He is curious, which leads him to quite adventurous. Friendly, but has no patience for rivals or anyone who is attempting to harm the herd. And he also quite clever when figuring out new objects and/or how to deal with certain situations.

*Notes: Was recently kicked out of his herd, since he is of age, his father saw him more as a threat than his son. His mother was a tamed mare who escaped her abusive owner. A year after river was born she fell victim to a rattlers bite. River had spent a lot of time on his own for his father was too busy looking after the herd. As of right now he doesn't indent on being part of another herd, feeling the freedom of being able do whatever he wants has his interest. Though he does feel lonely from time to time.*
Cool beans!! Thank you for subscribing :D
About the RP
Like the titled says this will be a horse RP. I started this RP up on another site and it is a big hit. So I figured to post here as well. This RP is a good pass time and for those who are a fan of horses. Far warning though there aren't very many openings for this RP. But as soon as someone drops out or is no longer replying I will reopen sign ups to give others a chance to join in.

This role play will be taking place in the old west. There are many herds of horses but will be part of one in particular. Yes we will have to fend our home from rival horses. Cowboys looking to capture a new steed or when it time for the yearly horse round ups. Over all this herd is a new one. And it is slowly forming. We will also be exploring new terrain as we trying to avoid many dangers. We can only take so much grief. Eventually we will have to find new place to call home. Hoping it'll be the last time we would have to move.

Please follow the site rules. But here are a few of my own.
1- Replies must be posted regularly.
2- One character per member.
3- Please be able to write one paragraph or more.
4- Please use spell check. I am not too worried about grammar and punctuation. For I make mistakes in that area as well.
5- Please wait your turn when replying. It is polite to allow others to have a chance to reply. If he or she doesn't reply in a two day period feel free to post your reply. They will just have to play catch up. Also, this will help keep the role play going smoothly and not cause it to go allover the place.
6- Since this is a wild horse RP your character must be a mix of some kind. And please an image of a wild horse if you are wanting one to describe your character's appearance.
7- Be Creative. Have Fun. And Enjoy!

Character Sheet
Reminder: One character per member, unless a foal is born to a mare you are playing. Then you can play both the mare and foal. Stallions are a different matter.
Slots that are open: 1/5

*Post/link image here*

I will be personally playing a stallion. There can only be one other stallion since we can't all be a stallion and there being no mares. So when you seen someone posting a character sheet stating that their character is a stallion you must choose to be a mare. For they had posted their sheet before yours. Sorry. But I find this fair. Also, since I am GM of this RP my character will be leader of the herd.
(Note:Please read everything thoroughly. There is important pieces of information tied into the explanations listed below. Thank you!)

This role play will taking place within the old wild west when settlers have been making their way from the east. There are a few homesteads dotting the country side already. Even forts built by men. Also, during this the natives are trying to defend their homes from the settlers who are wanting to use their land for their own greed.

Since horses don't use calendars, times and dates will not be used. Expect for the terms yesterday, last summer, tomorrow, two weeks ago, sometime later, etc.

Yellowstone National Park, before it became a tourist hot spot. The areas will be exploring take place in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Since Yellowstone is located within those states.

The Four Seasons
We will be experiencing all four seasons. We will be starting out within early summer. When it isn't too hot yet to be out and about during the day. Eventually the summer will be too hot for the horses to handle, so they are stick close to rivers, the trees, etc.

Autumn: Will be cooler, with lots or little rain. Towards the end of Autumn it will be even colder and there will be snow. Autumn can be a dangerous time since some animals like bears, mountain lions and such are looking for easy food to store away for winter or used to fatten up. Also, humans use this time to capture wild mustangs or out hunting for food. Sometimes horses if nothing else is available.

Winter: Is a harsh time especially when the temperatures drop quite low, and the snow storms will not stop. But there will be days when it'll be safe to explore. Mostly to find food and fresh water to drink and some fun playing around in the snow.

Spring: Early spring there will still be snow, but most of it will have started to melt away. During this time bears start to emerge from their dens and are often hungry to the point anything is a meal. Making spring a dangerous time of the year. But it also a time when many of the animals bare children or about to try to produce offspring.
Horse Behavior
Try keeping horse behavior, moods, and reactions as realistic as possible. In real life horses can't leap across caverns eight times their body length. They can't talk to humans. But they can talk among themselves and with other animals. Sound effects are required. And body language must match their mood as close as possible. If you aren't sure how word it out please try your best, you can even look information about horse behaviors and body language online if you are needing help.

Breeding Among the Horses
Our horses can fight for a female of interest. Or they can already be paired up with someone.Things must kept PG-13. Fade-to-Black to where they wander off to a secret place and did it. Nothing more needs to be explained. Also, the other person must be okay with this situation. If you guys want the romance to more surreal take it to the PM's.

Another important piece of information lets make things more realistic. Their offspring won't be born for several weeks. Meaning they can't breed one day then the following day there is foal. NO! It's too unreal. You can use an image for foal's appearance and please fill out a character sheet ( listed above ) for the foal so it can be added with your character sheet. But it must be messaged to me through the PM's. So I can edit it in.

One foal only! And you can play the foal as well, and watch them grow up. When the foal (if image is used) ages up well the foal's image can be replaced with an adult image. He or she then can wander off to seek out their own adventure or stay with the herd and will no longer be part of the RP or they can appear randomly from time to time. Again you can play the mare and foal/other horse if you wanting to play two characters. Soon that foal has aged well/maybe even killed or captured theeeen your horse can try for another foal. But you can't have another foal when the other one is still hanging around/being played by you. Soon you decide for you mare to have a another faol these steps will be repeated.

Flirting and Scenting
Members within the herd are allowed to flirt. Especially if they have taken interest with a mare or stallion. But one thing to consider when mares go in heat stallions are often seen chasing at after them with their lips curled up trying to get a better whiff... it's part of how horses behave in real life. But I don't expect everyone to use the exact horse behavior during this time of year (spring) when the mares are ready.
Encountering Humans
Most of the time we will see humans as nothing more than a threat. We will turn tail and run the other way or use certain tactics to through them off our trail or chase them off ourselves. There will be times when we come across kind humans. Especially when one of us is captured, injured, trapped and so on. There might be times when we choose to save a human's life if they are in danger. Sometimes we might even be curious about their farms/homesteads and venture a bit too close. Overall we avoid them as much as we can.

Encountering Tamed Horses
Best not to approach a tame horse unless they are in distress since they can be used to lure wild horses out into the open. Or if they seem to be alone when tied up to a tree, most likely their human is nearby. There will be times when we ignore our wild instincts and approached them. Just like the humans when one of us never seen one before. Eventually we learn not to trust most tamed horses. For many of them take the human side of things. Especially the ones born within the stables or are too broken in and have forgotten their wild heritage.

Encountering Other Wild Life
We can get along with pretty much with all other animals. Expect for large predictors, or the ones that hunt in packs. It is hit and miss in some cases. So best to avoid areas where bears, mountain lions, wolves like to spend their time if possible. Also, buffalo can be a valuable ally but they have quite the temper especially if something had just upset them. When they seem agitated it would best to give them their space.
Fights/Signs of Violence
A fight between horses can only happen during spring when impressing a female, a male trying to oppose the current leader of the herd, or when there is a huge disagreement between the two or more horses. Nipping and biting at each other is fine. For it is normal behavior among horses as a well to tell each other if they are annoyed with one another or it's a form of discipline. Kicking is alright as well when your warnings aren't taken in consideration. Just try not do any head shots when kicking for it can turn lethal.

When it comes to defending one self from an attack from a bear, mountain lion, wolf/wolves then a fight will surely need to happen for you don't put up a fight then that would mean the end of you.

When it comes to humans we can try to break from them. Even trample over one of them. But we do not kill humans. Unless they are trying to kill us. Killing scenes and gory scenes must be kept short and quick. For example: One kick to the head of a wolf killed it instantly! It is simple, it is clean. Let's keep it that way.

Death or Capture Among Horses
Now it doesn't have to happen very often but I will allow you kill off your own character if you get tired of playing them. For instants if you have been playing a mare for a good long while and are tired of playing her then you can feel free to kill her off or have her get captured and never to return. You can then choose to play one of her offspring as your new main character.

Also, as for the foals. It is a sad thing but not every foal can live to see their first year. Meaning either they are killed and eaten by a bear, died from the extreme cold or even are captured by the humans and never to be seen or heard from again.

Stuff like this will add to the realistic feel of things. Adding drama is a good thing but also a sad experience. It is up to you how you want to go about it.
If you have any questions feel free to ask them here. Comments are also more than welcome!
It didn't take long for them to reach the other end of the tunnel. Soon the tunnel had ended the Scatterbug ran in a circle in a cheering motion. Clyde turned his flashed light off, tucking it back into his bag. The trees ahead were thinned out. On the other side a field light by the sun. Within that field the professor was standing giving out some pointers to some of the younger kids who had gathered. The teens hang around among themselves. Sylvia worked on brushing the dust that had been kicked up onto her clothes. Clyde glanced over wondering why she was putting the effort into making her clothes look nice again. When it's obvious that they'll get dirty again. Clyde decided to at least brush the dirt off his hands at least. Just in case he had to shake hands with someone. His clothes he can care less.

Sylvia pointed out that they had made it. Giving the Scatterbug a treat for it's deed. Clyde eyed the square treat. His stomach let out a small rumble. And wondered if Sylvia had anymore stashed into her pack. The Scatterbug nibbled away at it's reward. It's face beaming in delight. Obviously enjoying it.

Now that they were heere Clyde felt comfortable leaving Sylvia on her own. If she ran into a situation there will be others to help her out. Without saying anything Clyde stepped through the trees. The light beamed brightly into his eye. He had to shield it for a brief moment until he had gotten use to the sudden change. No sooner he had stepped from behind the trees. A few people stopped what they were doing, in order to check out the new arrival. Some pointed, talking among themselves. Clyde didn't care. He bypassed them acting as if they weren't even their.

Clyde walked right up to Professor Sycamore. A few of the kids who were near him hid behind the professor. Others stared in amazement. This always happens. It's all has to do with his eye patch. A lot of the adults question if he some kind of delinquent. To the kids it either strange or they think he is some kind of pirate. It also doesn't help his height towers most those around him. Eye patch plus towering height to most kids he looks scary.

Clyde didn't say anything at first. Which made the situation more uncomfortable for the younger ones. "Are we late?" He asked in a sleep-ish tone. He heard someone walking up beside him but didn't bother looking to see who it was. He assumed it was Sylvia so he figured to asked for the both of them. Professor Sycamore calmly just stood there. With a small smile on his face. "I apologize for the way we look. A Scatterbug had lead us through an interesting route to get here. And we are late can you please make an exception just this once." Clyde explained still sounding a bit sleepy but his voice took on a more mature tone. Hoping it would help.

The professor raised his hands into the air. Patting Clyde on the shoulders suddenly. Clyde's eye widened in surprise before taking two steps back. He doesn't like it when people randomly start touching him. The professor did't seem to mind can continued on with what he was about to say. "Yes you two are a little late, but only by a few minutes. So there is no worry. I knew that there would be a few who will. Also, you two so far were the only ones who understood the first test." As he was explaining the same Scatterbug that had lead them here started making it's way onto the professor's head. "I had a few of my trained Scatterbugs placed around the forest along with the other Scatterbugs. Encouraging them to partake in a game of leap and scare. This method is to see how many of you can handle it, as well as to " Clyde started to tone out what the professor was saying. Thinking that this guy here sure can talk. And also Clyde already had figured out that this was part of the few tests mentioned.

Knowing now that they aren't late. Clyde let out a deep yawn before turning his back toward the professor. Cutting him off. Clyde made his way towards a tree. He sat down with his back facing it. As his body relaxed Clyde leaned up against the tree. Allowing himself to fall asleep. It maybe wasn't the right time to take a nap but Clyde will be a better mood soon he had about an hour to rest. @Poi
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