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So...what to say what to say..well first things first I'm generally a nice cheerful guy, however I do also enjoy things that are dark, tragic, and creepy. I mainly enjoy doing rps that are original because it makes it easier to adjust my character for that particular world but I do also do rps based off of anime/games/manga. As for rp partners..well anyone who's willing to rp with me really. If there's anything else you'd like to know about me feel free to pm me and simply ask.

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Name: "The Wanderer" Robin Lowin

Age: 27

Birthday: unknown

Magic: Magnetic Manipulation. With his magic he is able to alter the repulsive and attractive capabilities of magnetism in various ways. This magic can be used in battle offensively and defensively, he can also use it outside of battle for things such as travel. He can currently only focus his powers on four objects at a time. He cannot control or bend metal only the magnetic forces within. He can also use this to mess with people's sense of direction.

Magic Level: B

History: He lived his life traveling from place to place doing various odd jobs here and there. He never really settled down in one place for more than a month, with one exception, when he was 19 he stayed in a small town helping a family get settled in to their new environment and helping them build a home.

He doesn't remember anything before the age of five when he woke up in the middle of a forest alone, he spent most of his childhood homeless fending for himself. He eventually met a man who took him in for three years before setting off to travel, which is the reason Robin travels now. When he wonder into the town where his new guild lies he had heard talk of a tournament. Wanting to test himself and see if there was a guild he could join as he was ready to join one. He'd made his way through the first part of the tournament with little trouble and wound up joining a guild.

Personality: He seems cold at first but in reality he's a very kind and friendly person. He never does anything he sees as wrong and always helps those in need. When the time comes for it he can be very serious and quick thinking, in combat for example he is calculated, more of a strategist than anything. In certain situations he turns from his usual demeanor into that of a heartless cold blooded killer who would strike someone down without a second thought.

Team Members: none

Three Strengths:
1. He's kind to a fault
2. He can quickly adapt to nearly any situation.
3. He's a decent negotiator

Three Weaknesses:
1. He's quite gullible
2. He's a bit too honest
3. He's a sucker for strawberries

Greatest Love: Adventure and strawberries

Motivation: He simply wishes to get stronger and help as many people as he can.

Appearance: Usually wears a large robe. Attached to the underside of the robe are nine metal blades varying from large to small in size. He always has on black leather gloves with large wristbands, a pair of drivers goggles with a brown hue to them, a skin tight black silk shirt with long sleeves that tuck into his gloves and pants, and a pair baggy blue, slightly cut up, jeans that are snug around the waist but sort of flair out near the bottom. He's a medium build with bright green eyes and green hair that's usually down with one stand hanging slightly over his left eye. His guild Mark as grey and is placed just under his left shoulder blade.

Additional Details: He usually only fights as a last resort, he can quickly change his style to match the situation and he fight more defensively on most occasions but if he needs to go all out he will. He's not usually one to strike up conversation. Usually he's quite nice and seen as what would be considered by most a "good guy" but his personality and motives are near impossible to pin down.
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Sure though he is strong so he won't go down without a hell of a fight and I'm fine fighting whoever
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