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Current Sick of joining roleplays only to have them die. I hate investing my time and energy into something for nothing. Seriously making me want to give up on roleplayer guild.
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Baeshri Pass - Caravan Centaurus

Blake descended with a hammer swing, intent on crushing the druid without any further thought. Rem lept back, assisted by the wind. It was enough to clear him of the hammer blow but the sheer magnitude blasted the ground sending chunks of earth everywhere and kicking dust into the air. Stray rocks flung through the air and knocked Rem off balance. He landed on his side and rolled onto all fours. He glared up at Blake. At some point he lost his staff but he didn't need it for his magic. The two combatants varied greatly in size and trying to contend with Blake up close without being able to match his strength or his enchanted hammer was reckless. He would have to keep his distance and weather him down. Literally.

Rem took to a knee and stood back up. A rock had dashed his face during the fall and he was bleeding from a shallow cut but he didn't seem to notice it yet in the heat of the moment. He drew up his arms slowly, clenching his hands as if drawing in some invisible force. The intensity of his expression was palpable as he focused on the magic. As he drew his hands to mid-chest level he thrust them both forward, propelling a wind blast that would break the bones on normal people at Blake and creating a wind tunnel effect as he channeled it to keep Blake pinned.
Baeshri Pass - Caravan Centaurus

The explosion caught Rem by surprise as well, he had no idea what it was or who it had originated from. He passed a glance back to see the staggered men that had shot at him moments ago. Their leader took the chance to move. The brute made a break straight for the two captains, even if it meant he had to ignore a threat right in front of him. Perhaps he was more concerned with the fate of his men. To Rem, those men had sealed their fate by becoming the aggressors here.

The earth started to rumble beneath them as the obvious shift of rock and dirt took place. Rem steadied himself on his staff as the rolling earth grew more intense. The earth in a broad area around Blake became uneven, lifting and lowering in spots as it became a separated mess of ledges and falls, making traversal much more difficult. "Still intent on murder I see." The druid commented. He lifted his right hand, gripping his pinky and thumb inward with the other three digits extended. He sharply stabbed his hand into the air. The ground followed in response, launching three shards of sharp rock from the soil beneath Rem's feet at Blake.
Baeshri Pass - Caravan Centaurus

Rem smiled at Blake, the kind of half-mad smile that expresses the realization of just how much crap you're in. "Did that lightning taste any good? I always figured it would taste like purple." The druid joked. Bringing his fingers to his mouth, he whistled loudly and sharply, echoing all down the pass. The sound was attracting something, like a magicked call. "These ones taste purple too. Don't let them sting you." He lied. The tiny fluttering of wings could be heard even over the sounds of battle. Hundreds of them, maybe even thousands. The little purple dragonflies swarmed at Blake. Totally benign creatures but there was no telling if he knew that. Using something dangerous had crossed his mind but there was no guarantee he would have been able to keep them from murdering everything in sight except himself.

Blake's danger was only mitigated with that swarm in his face, Rem ran over a proper solution. He ran his sense of magic deep, tugging on the strength of the earth that rested beneath him. If Blake could dissipate what magic he used then he wouldn't hit him directly with magic. He felt for it in the stone beneath the dirt that ran all the way up to the rock face protruding from the ground. He could borrow some of that and return it when he was finished. Rem flexed his arm instinctively, feeling the rock shuffle beneath like it was part of him.
Baeshri Pass

The druid was pushed from the roof by Blake's overwhelming strength. He slid onto the ground and would have lost footing if he didn't use his staff for leverage. He thought about how quickly he could end this if he needed to but the thought itself was reckless. Using too much power would only prove to harm the people he was trying to protect. He glanced in the direction of the other assassins and frowned. Whatever they were preparing didn't look good for him but he didn't have the time to worry. Another moment and Blake would have the prize he so stubbornly sought.

Just then Captain Zay opened the door. He and several others were trying to get out of the caravan. Rem gave him a look and then gestured with his head toward the ranged ambushers before returning attention to Blake. While it was possible they could run or fight it wasn't possible to move everyone safely at once. There were too many wounded still left behind. This would have to be quick. Energy crackled in Rem's left hand. It was a palpable, hair raising current. Several flashes lit in his left hand before he gripped it tightly and it let loose a resounding crack with blinding light. Lightning was dangerous for anyone to use. It was generally seen as a higher tier elemental magic, like manipulating lava currents or deadly gases. It was even more dangerous to be on the receiving end. In the dark the lightning whip was blindingly brilliant, like one constant surge of light and current. With a sound like the rolling thunder, Rem swept the lighting whip across the roof of the caravan to strike Blake.
Baeshri Pass - East Crags

Daelin was in bind with the myti taking initiative despite personally injury to herself. He crashed against the ground with an, "Oof!". The crossbow clattered to the side. Daelin instinctively went for the dagger with his own arm, intent on preventing her from the getting the finishing blow by any means. Before she was able to get it to his throat he stopped her arm with his forearm and held there in desperation. She may not have been physically stronger but in a full mount position like this it didn't matter, Daelin was in tough spot.

The psychic assault that followed made Daelin go wide-eyed. He'd never had someone trying to fish around in his head or force him to do anything. It was like trying to struggle to stay awake when you've been awake for days. It looked like Daelin was about to say something but whether it was for the myti's sake or just to alert his allies wasn't apparent as his eyes went blank and slumped back like a ragdoll.

Baeshri Pass - Caravan Centaurus

A volley of arrows was flying for Rem. The druid made no movement to react. The wind itself kicked up in a ferocious wall that snapped all the projectiles out of the air and flew down the pass to ram into the ambushers. The arrows broke on impact, flying off in several different directions in splinters. If the wind wall didn't incapacitate them it would take a moment for them to recover and reload if they were bold enough for another volley. The time to pay attention to Blake was now. Rem boosted himself onto the caravan with a gust of wind and smashed his staff down toward Blake as he descended. The druid was aggressively boosting his own strength, knowing full well that Blake was likely a soul magic user or greater from the huge impact he made on the caravan. It was a good thing Rem was in this position and not the younger druid. He actually had formidable close range capabilities himself.
Baeshri Pass - East Crags

Daelin was already on edge so the attack didn't catch him completely off guard. He shoved the butt of the crossbow at the myti, parrying the dagger without too much issue. The off-hand claw attack still managed to draw blood from him as it pierced just above his bicep. Daelin may have been a soldier but he was used to fighting beasts not humanoids. He pulled himself back from the myti, in spite of his injured shoulder he aimed the crossbow at close range from his hip, fired for her torso and jumped back.

Baeshri Pass - Caravan Centaurus

The beast wasn't listening to Rem's command. It was either well-trained or enchanted by something or someone. Thankfully it was no longer the primary concern. "Hmm.. Well, that settles that." He muttered as the men all drew their weapons and dismounted. They made it excruciatingly clear what they wanted to do. This was the kind of thing he became a druid to avoid. Men always had their ulterior motives, beasts were easy to read. These men were certainly here to kill but the why of the matter was unanswered.

Rem took his staff in both hands. "What brings you fair gentleman here tonight?" He asked them sarcastically as he prepared his next move. Wind, keep me safe from their quarrelers, he chanted in his mind.
Baeshri Pass - East Crags

Daelin wasn't perceptive enough to notice anything dangerous in the darkness. He stayed close to Ell as he knelt down and examined the piece of wreckage. "This is definitely from the caravan." He noted aloud to the others. "Same deal though, there's no sign of blood or Marilyn here." He got up again and strolled around the scrap, looking for any other signs, unaware of how close he was to the blade of a dagger.

Baeshri Pass - Caravan Centaurus

The rumbling was all Rem really needed to notice the massive danger barreling down the road. His enhanced vision allowed him to see the figures and part of the skiff being dragged behind the great venbu. The most prominent was the one standing on top of the venbu. His posture looked confident and commanding. Rem sighed at the sight. If these were the enemy then the night just got much longer.

Rem turned around and dipped his head into the opening of the cabin. "You should close and seal this door unless you intend to help me. We have company and it doesn't look friendly. I'll see if I can't dissuade them first." Rem turned and stood to face the oncoming danger. The most immediate threat was the venbu at full speed. The others would hopefully be able to be reasoned with. The elder druid reached out his free hand, holding his staff with his other as it rested against the ground. He spoke out loud at the same time he projected the psychic command, a habit of his. "Stop!" Rem was always good when dealing with animals.
Baeshri Pass - East Crags

Searching in darkness was generally inefficient unless you were desperate, used most often to find runaway children that parents wanted to find before something happened. Well, they were desperate. At least some of them were. A glint caught Daelin's eye in the dark. Just enough to warrant attention. It was likely some scrap from the front of the caravan but that would be enough of a lead. Daelin grumbled at Ell and Flin's escapades, interrupting their fun. "While I know you are newer to this kind of thing, druid, if my friend is still alive I want to find her before she dies." He glared at her seriously and pointed at the glinting metal a little further on. "We're close. Looks like we have the right tracks. Let's find her and get back before something happens. You might be protected but I know sure as the sky rains that the beasts out there find me tasty." Crossing his arms he turned back towards the glint in the night and kept walking.
Kel - Kanna Astorian's Estate

Riches were something that the Astorians generally had in abundance. Kanna was less wealthy than many of her peers such as her cousin Marvis but she had means available to her and enough sense to keep aloof of reckless affairs. Things were about to change though. Plans were coming into motion that would break the foundation of the government. Well, possibly. There was the chance it may have the opposite effect but either way it would eliminate a weakness from Kel's society.

Kanna's chambers weren't so prestigious looking as Marvis'. The most prominent fixtures were a fireplace, a large desk and a wall-sized landscape painting behind her seat. Various equipment and tools were lined along the walls as well as a few book cases. She was practical in her decorations. Knocking came at the door. Kanna cleared her throat and responded. "Come in." An eld with white hair walked in, one of Kanna's orphans before standing sideways at the door in attendance to the real guest. Following him was arguably the ugliest eld around, hood drawn over his head, red eyes bugging out and head bald. "Vetch. Retrieval went well I take it?" Kanna addressed.

Vetch pulled his hood back in respect and bowed deeply. "Of course, m'lady." He answered. Unfurling his jacket with one arm, he retrieved a sack of some of kind of dust from his inner pocket. "Courtesy of Finnick." Approaching Kanna's desk, Vetch placed the tightly bound sack carefully down on the surface.

Kanna beamed at him. "Ever the darling, Vetch. I knew I could count on you." She lifted the sack with a manicured hand to test its weight. Once she was satisfied she set to work on opening it. Pulling a drawer on the desk open she withdrew a small, purple pouch and scooped some of the contents of the sack out. Getting a good whiff of the powder she cringed and turned away. "As I'd only imagined this smells awful." She commented, sealing the little, purple pouch with a small leather cord. She placed it on the desk's edge and motioned Vetch to it. "I'm happy you acquired this for me, dear Vetch. Now I need you to test it."

The ugly eld bowed his head and smiled, only half of his face moving to smirk. It seemed he was happy to find himself even remotely useful. "What task would you have me do to test it?" He asked.

Kanna lifted her hand into the air and examined the top while she explained. "I need to find out if Finnick really delivered what I need. Black market incense isn't easy to get. Especially not Grimkin Bait." She smiled innocently at Vetch. "Take this in a ship south of Kell. You know how, ever so reliable Vetch." She complimented. "Once you're there I want you to test it by throwing the dust into a fire. The alchemists in Marrenfall made this concoction with a variety herbs. Fire causes that to become airborne and drives the Grim and their relatives into a frenzy to get to its source. If this works it will gather the Grim just south of Kell in a frenzied pack and prepare us for the next step." Her smile deepened into a sinister grin. "We'll be able to awaken the citizens to a danger they've nearly forgotten behind these walls."

Vetch graciously picked the pouched from the table corner and put it in his jacket. "At your will, m'lady, the world will better." He turned away and walked toward the door.

"Oh, and Vetch." Kanna asked. "Don't be on the shore when the Grim arrive." She snickered a little. "It would be a travesty to lose my dear Vetch."

Vetch nodded to her and walked out the door. The orphan attendant bowed and followed after, closing the door on the way out.

Leaning into the chair, Kanna tipped her head straight back to stare at the painting. "One step at a time."


Jillaian Sea - South of Kel

Vetch focused on his job, spelling the already gathered water and mist by turning it into a shroud to obscure the smuggler dingy that carried him out of Kel. The captain remained at the helm as well as several of his crew. It was a small operation but the pay to them was decent. They would be able to come ashore soon if all went well.
Baeshri Pass - East Crags

The hills down from the pass were rocky and filled with crevices and other places to hide things. If Marilyn were down here it was possible she rolled into one. The search party needed to be careful of the other things that called those crevices home, assuming they weren't scared off by the earlier explosion. "Keep an eye on the cracks below, some of them are several feet deep." Daelin warned. "Any one of these could have caught Marilyn. Let's keep our eyes tight and stay close to the druid." He nodded in Ell's direction.
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