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Current Sick of joining roleplays only to have them die. I hate investing my time and energy into something for nothing. Seriously making me want to give up on roleplayer guild.
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That took me way longer than it should have, apologies.

Bishop spoke as he started heading in the direction of the warehouse. "Dark it is, faster name anyways. Far as I'm in the know, we need to get in before we can get the information. They have some kind of server or terminal on the inside that's separate from the outside security, standard gig. We get in and get what we need. Naturally you'll be doing the getting in part and I'll be handling the burning and smashing part."

A pause broke Bishop's speech as he looked at the warehouse in question across the dockyard. It almost looked like nobody was home yet the secure door and terminal system on that thing looked like they had been put in yesterday. "I'm going to guess our fixer's boys are doing their job and drawing attention right about now. Well now, that is one bitchin' door. He gestured both his hands toward the entrance. Bishop's voice was jovial as he said, "Ladies first, if you can crack it."
I'm around. I'll post soon.
Bishop looked over the layout of the warehouse, making mental notes here and there on good positions and points of interest. Satisfied he returned the pad and took the comms device from Yuri. "Alright. Let's do this." Bishop stood up and confirmed.


Later at the meeting spot.

The broad-shouldered merc walked up to the location just a short distance from the pier, eyeing up the elf warily. "Are you Dark_Pheonix?" His voice came out a touch electronic and fuzzy from the speaker on his helmet. He adjusted something along the back of his helmet with an armored hand. His voice came out more clearly this time. "There that's better." He extended his hand out to her for a formal handshake. "Name's Bishop."
I'll post tomorrow night when I have a decent time to sit down and write.
Iga hasn't been on for nearly two weeks. Should we skip him or keep waiting?
A fuzzy note of white noise blurted out of Bishop's mask. Something that could reasonably be understood as a scoff when Yuri mentioned to him about murdering the messenger. "Let's just say he had an awful taste for words." He brushed an armored glove against his collar and straightened it. "Clearly not a man in God's good graces or the Spirit would have told him not to offend me with that name." He explained. The strange stares from those that were still mostly sober only looked at him more intensely. He looked back at one of them and cocked his head to the side as if to say, mind your damn business. The man turned away and returned to a drink he had been coddling.

"So, a job with good pay. I want some details before I jump into this deal." He said to Yuri. As many details as could be had were better when working with someone you suspected of being a corp. Of course sometimes the other extreme was also preferable. If the corp sec knew you had too much information it would put you at risk. It was dangerous tight-rope walk between having enough details for the job and avoiding the information that would get you erased.
I'll post something soon here. Been absorbed by a few things lately.

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