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Current Sick of joining roleplays only to have them die. I hate investing my time and energy into something for nothing. Seriously making me want to give up on roleplayer guild.
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Daelin retorted to Marilyn's response. "Out here, safety is not a matter of following the given route. It's dependent on how well we respond with what we're given. Avoiding the beasts is better than following a path they've moved into just because we're told to." He finished.
Daelin went to the front with Marilyn briefly. He knew this part of the woods and would do his best to help navigate through safe paths. He noted the trees and their surroundings. This close to the city usually didn't harbor great dangers but the wilds changed just as much as the technology that humanity developed or the magic used by the eldin kind. It was foolish to not keep on your toes and stay ahead of the beasts. "Marilyn, take a left at this fork. Ironbristles have moved into the other path. Them giant armored boars aren't as dangerous as they sound, mostly eatin' the vegetation, but they attract a certain kind of predator that can strip their armor clean." He knocks a hand against the side of the wall. "They aren't known for being choosey. Might very well take a crack at us too if we don't watch for 'em."

The scout continued to lean against the side of the cockpit, using one hand to hold tightly onto a handle lined against the interior for gripping. "So where'd you learn to handle those reins?" Daelin asked the venbu driver.
Daelin got out of the seat to properly greet the Lieutenant Colonel. He flashed her a smile and a two-finger salute, raising two fingers pointed to his head before waving them out and relaxing. "Pleasure, ma'am." It was kind of a scout thing.

The outside was so close now. The real job was about to start.
Daelin chuckled. "Guess those weren't your tells then." He excused. Reaching across the table he swept the pile of cards to his side. "Now I have options." He said with a wry smile.
Daelin looked at the two 4's in his own hand and spread a toothy grin. "Callin' your bluff." He challenged. Luck was on his side. Fat chance the other two were in Flin's hand. Or so he thought.

Seemed like Lyullia had opened up a little. She had a good soft side for her family. That much couldn't be said for Pyra. Daelin had no idea what was going in with that one. He seemed like he wanted to stay a stranger for the time being. Estranged family could be a hard thing. Daelin really couldn't relate.
"We'll play some Bluff. Personal favorite of mine." Daelin dealt all the cards out evenly to everyone at the table. He took a single card from his hand and placed it face down in the middle. "One ace." He grinned. He placed the rest of his cards face down on the table as he waited for the next person to play.

Daelin looked to the others who weren't participating. He casually leaned back in his chair and folded his arms behind his head. "So Pyra, Lyullia. What kind of families have you two got? Mine's not very big but we're close knit." Daelin asked.
Daelin pulled a deck of cards out from a pack. "You guys always this dour? And I thought lookin' at trees all the time got me moody." He smiled a little as he shifted his eyes between those present and glanced at the opening in the roof. "How 'bout a hand? Lighten the mood a little. There's no reason to watch outside for another good hour. Once we're clear of the city limits it can be all business and career talk." He shuffled through the cards quickly. It was very clear he'd done this many times.

Daelin turned his eyes to Lyullia. "Money is a good enough motivator. Mine was family. Love my dad. Crazy, excitable fool but that makes him so much fun. He lost both his legs and survived. He's still kickin' and spittin' fire like nothing ever changed, too. Pretty inspirin' to me." Daelin finished his shuffling, pressing the edge of the deck against the table before placing the whole thing face-down. "Come on, let's have a game. You too, Noru." He raised his voice to grab the attention of their bard. "Get down here Flin! It's time for mandatory fun."

"Y'all are underestimating true ingenuity. Loks are strong, sure, but there's ways around it." Daelin sat up and shuffled to the other room. He unbundled a box and pulled out a mass of cords to show everyone. "Beasties the size of the 'van can't break this wire cord. It's supposed to be used for hauling extra containers and pulling other 'vans out of muck or ditches." He stowed it back into its box. "So unless we deal with a 'zerker we're good. Course the easiest solution to a rogue lok'sha is a chop to neck." Daelin concluded.
"Hmmm.." Daelin considered just how useful such a trick could be. Could be used to affect the direction of sound which seemed irreplaceable if you wanted to distract a wild beast away from the caravan. "I expect you to show me up with that one." He said with a wry smile.

As Zay called them in, Daelin put his knife and trinket away. He went inside and slumped down into a chair for the debriefing.
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