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Almost 25, used to roleplay a ton on RS forums and miss those days. Hoping to get back into writing/reading more and more often, despite personal challenges I've faced that have made that hard to do. Any questions, just ask!

One of my favorite quotes as of right now:
If you have to ask the question, you wouldn't understand my answer.

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I'm not sure if it is, it's been a little slow but I know at least some of us are still very interested in continuing, if we have enough active players.
I can only speak for myself, but I feel like we definitely wouldn't mind another potential person in here. It just hasn't been very active recently (with holidays/work/covid, among other things, I think everyone's been pretty busy), so I hope that if any of you liked my post that our characters can maybe meet up at a storm site or something like the GM had suggested beforehand.
"Do they always... fight... back?" Blake was still on the ground, holding her wrists now, and it was obvious that the girl was both surprised and in pain. "This is so confusing." She didn't make an effort to move toward Dacia, but she looked to her now, almost seeming as if she were annoyed with Dacia. "I answered your question, child. Now answer me mine so I may rid me of this curiosity and return to what I must do." Blake muttered this as she slowly began to pull herself to her feet using the couch nearby. What an ugly couch, Dacia thought, confused as to why she would purchase such a thing. Despite Dacia's own annoyance with the confrontation posed by the woman, she was also sort of amused, as well as concerned. So, she humored her. "You want to know where I got the scales?" She sighed. I don't recall where I got the scales. I've got a few different ones... But I imagine, likely some small shop somewhere. They're all around town." She watched as Blake slowly made an attempt to stand, with her cane raised in front of her as she did. Dacia also remained minorly aware of the small, yet sharp dagger in a hilt that was attached to her leggings underneath the large sweater she wore.

"Y-you have a few? Multiple? For what?" Blake looked surprised still at both the pain from the cane, and also about the scales. Dacia supposed that her explanation hadn’t been enough, but she didn’t have a great one for this question either. “Umm, I’m not really sure why. I suppose one would do the trick in terms of measuring... certain product. But for some reason, I just really like them. They feel as though they... mean something to... me?” Now it was Dacia's turn to sound strange. "My people made use of such an item..." Blake finally, albeit slowly, began to straighten herself out, "But there was one who lorded over such things. A being who belonged to another peoples that were not my own." Dacia certainly didn't feel like an overlord. "Does the name Anubis mean anything to you?" At the mention of this name, Dacia was stunned. This was the exact name that had flown through her mind while she was smoking on her balcony earlier, and hearing it again now caused a few more flashes to come. Darkness, balance, souls, the Underworld, light... Daciana shook her head back and forth violently, as if trying to wake up from a bad dream. But alas, she was still here, and so was this Blake character... If that was even her name at all. Dacia was unsure of how to proceed. "Yes, actually... Strangely, this name does sound.... familiar, to me. But I know it sounds ridiculous for me to say that I'm not sure why it does." With a puzzled expression on her face, Dacia simply stared at Blake, now also completely befuddled.

"It seems I was meant to arrive here, and not just for the want of Blake." She placed a hand on her chest. "I am Nyx, a deity and... I suspect you may be one yourself. We have been returned to the land of mortals for reasons I know not." Her face twisted up at this, and then she began once more with the strange, self-talk. "I never said I was an angel, little one." Meanwhile, Dacia's jaw dropped nearly to the point of hitting the floor. "A... deity...?" It came out slowly, as Dacia really wasn't sure what to say. This odd woman had to be pulling her leg. But at the same time, Daciana knew that she was, well, not exactly "Daciana", and she could pinpoint somewhere inside of her mind that Anubis had also been a deity... A sort of guarder of the underworld. She didn't know if she was pulling this knowledge from Dacia's brain, or someone else's, when she thought about it more. All of this was strange enough, and all the while Blake/Nyx continued to talk to herself the way she had been in between their current dialogue. "Well, as strange as this sounds, I don't NOT believe you... I've been having a lot of trouble with my memory lately, and I suppose it would explain the scales... Anubis was a god of balance, and the afterlife, so." She tried to puzzle it together bit by bit. "But if what you say is true, what on earth are we doing here?"

"That... I do not yet know. I... I awoke in the body of this Blake and have taken to helping her finish the task that I interrupted but even then, by some mystery I was led to you all the same. Led to another god..." Blake, or Nyx, rather, stared at the wall now. "Yes. I am a god, child and so is she and I don't think 'teaching her a lesson' is as possible as you think. She has a cane... I suspect there may be others and that we must find them though I would not know where to start. This one doesn't seem to know either as her one task was to have you beaten." She then placed a hand gingerly back onto her chest, and as if gesturing to something... inside, she corrected herself, "I'm sorry. Her task is to spread the word and punish the sinful in the name of protecting her sister... You have a sister?" She turned her attention back to the wall. Dacia swallowed awkwardly. "Well, I'm certainly glad then, for your interference. I don't desire to be 'taught a lesson'.... This is just what I do for work, I guess. Or, rather, what Daciana does to make ends meet." Oh no, now she was speaking in the third person too. Whatever spiritual awakening was happening now, for lack of a better description, Dacia wasn't quite sure she liked it. She held her head with her hands, as she felt another pounding headache coming on.

"Ugh! Blasted headaches." She tried to talk through it as her peer continued to speak to... herself? All the while staring at the wall as she did so. "Yes, it must be fate that's brought us together, one way or another... I have no association with this church you speak of, I mean, I don't think either of me does..." This was getting more confusing by the second, but Daciana couldn't come up with any other valid explanation as to why all of these strange occurrences had taken place today, so she decided to play along, in hopes of getting more answers. "I think you're right about there being other gods or deities; if what you say is true, and there are two of us so close in proximity already, then there must be more. But where to start..." Dacia gazed out the window absently as Blake and Nyx continued their more private discussion, and as she did, she gasped. "Blake, err, Nyx, do you see that?" She pointed out the window to reveal what seemed to be a massive storm brewing in the distance, near the inner city. Blake moved to the window where Dacia was, as they were met with unfurling dark clouds and a slowly fading sun as the sky began to thicken. What was turning into a warm afternoon was quickly becoming cool and there was the faintest hint of ocean water in the air." Do tempest clouds form with such speed in this age? This was not the norm in... our time. Unless by divine hand." Nyx breathed as she squinted toward the horizon, and Dacia could only shake her head. Following suit, Dacia began to squint as well, trying to peer further into the distance and to get a better look at the storm ahead. "No, no they do not." She thought to herself for a moment, and then, realizing that she truly had nowhere else to go or be, she made a suggestion to her new frenemy. "What say you, to the idea of the two - err, four? - of us heading toward the storm to investigate?" Her eyebrow arched as she turned her attention to Blake/Nyx.

"I believe we must. I do not know what to expect but such drastic change in the forces of nature usually begets malevolence." "I am privy to agree with you there," Dacia started, as Blake picked up her axe case after securing the latches again, but what she (or more likely, Nyx herself) did next startled her to no end. "Do you have a weapon? If you're in need of one, Blake has this tied around her thigh." Nyx suddenly lifted up the dress she was wearing to show Dacia the gun that had been strapped to her leg indeterminately near her pelvic region, and aimed it at Dacia but with no finger on the trigger. "You may use this awkwardly shaped knife." Blake shook her head. "She has named it Agun."

"Jesus Christ!..." Saying these words now felt more ironic than ever. "That's not a knife, it's a different kind of weapon, and in all honesty, a much more dangerous one..." Dacia only hoped that revealing this information wouldn't cause it to be used against her. "You... Err, Blake, should probably hold on to that... And don't let anyone you don't trust know you have it. But thank you for the offer. I have a dagger, actually, and I'll bring my cane. A walk as long as this one is likely to stir up some trouble for me." Flashes of pain and confusion crossed her mind once more, and Dacia couldn't tell if they were from this life, or another... Maybe Anubis'? This felt ridiculous to think, but was it really? At this point, she was either completely delusional, or this was real, so Daciana figured that she might as well continue to treat it as if it was. After all, that gun definitely looked real. "Anyway, I suppose we should get started. I feel like this journey is going to be a rather long and strange one." Dacia slowly began to gather her scales, being the only things she felt were truly worthy of bringing with her on the trek, as well as a few different 'medicinal' substances, and the clothes she had changed out of earlier, stuffing all of it into a black backpack that hung off of a chair by the desk - also ugly. Then, she waltzed over to the front door, opened it, and, key in hand, gestured toward the girl/deity, and then to the outside. "Are you ready?"

Blake slipped the gun back under her dress, gave Dacia a nod and followed her out of the apartment. Dacia then swiftly shut and locked the door as the other girl prodded. "You will have to tell me about the stick on the way."
Im thinking of making a character for this, but not sure since I haven't seen the show (assuming that's what the rp is based on). Would that still be okay, if I just followed the lore that you posted here?
When Daciana awoke later that evening, it was beginning to get dark outside of her apartment. She thought that this was strange, because it seemed a little bit to early to be so dark at this time of year, but she sat up, rubbed her eyes, and shrugged it off. After all, Dacia had encountered stranger things than an ominous sky before her nap; or alternatively, maybe the wolf she had seen was simply a dream, all in her head... Still, she couldn't shake the feeling that the wolf had been all-to-real, and that it had meant something. Upon standing, she felt a cold chill run through her body also, so she decided to change her clothes, donning a white cotton tank-top and leggings, and then pulling a heavy black sweater on over that, paired with some converse. Before walking outside onto her apartment balcony, Dacia pulled out one of her favorite scales, a shiny silver on matte black, and weighed out a bit of something to perk her up. As usual, Dacia had put the exact amount that she had planned to onto the scale, and it read even without her having to adjust it whatsoever. She never had any issue with eyeballing the stuff, and she only measured it in order to make sure that she wasn't cutting into her customers' stash. As she thought more on this, she realized that she wasn't exactly sure how many customers she currently had, or even how she had met any of them...

Feeling a bit queasy now and with a rush of anxiety pulsing through her, Dacia stepped out onto the balcony, picked up one of her best pieces and loaded it swiftly. Taking a lighter to the piece, she inhaled deeply, attempting to get rid of all of the bad, uneasy thoughts and emotions that had been running through her mind, body, and spirit since she finished working that afternoon. She observed a few passers-by walking the city streets below her, and chuckled to herself, knowing that she was mostly shielded by a large overhanging tree branch, but also not really caring about whether or not she was seen. She would simply have to pay a small fine if she was apprehended, and that amount of money was nothing in comparison to what she would make back the next day. In this moment, all was finally serene. As the plant overtook her, she began to relax, breathing in slowly before a few harsh coughs racked her ribs, and then she once again felt peaceful. Her eyes started to glaze over after a few more hits, and she was feeling much more in touch with herself, her wants, her needs, her essence...

Suddenly, as if a volt of electricity had hit her, Dacia snapped out of her dreamy haze and her sharp green eyes flew open, her breathing rugged. "Daciana Adomi" she thought, but the name suddenly felt as foreign to her as it was familiar. She was remembering something, dim, confusing flashes of another life playing before her eyes (but in all actuality, inside her own mind) and yet she couldn't fully understand what was going on, or what it meant. Dacia tried to really concentrate, but she couldn't get any more out of the onslaught of memories at this time. All her thoughts were now of the underworld, and the name "Anubis" continually repeated itself in her head. Dacia sat there and pondered all of this, for how long she was unsure, setting her glass piece and lighter down on a little wooden dresser beside her.
Yeah, if it's closed then okay, that's how all of them have pretty much gone lately lol. But if you guys are still down and make bios like today/tomorrow, I'd be down. Let me know if you change your mind and wanna keep it open or do it in the future. (:

P.S. Sorry the face-claim pix are giant, and to be clear, I only claim her face, not the eye color, chest-size, height, etc. Just the face shape/lips/skin-tone/her hair.
Likewise, I'll try to have a CS up in a few days/by the end of the week, if enough people are interested. It is a really cool concept for sure.
Likewise, I was going to see how many people were interested/how the other roleplays I'm currently entertaining went before I made a bio.
Of course, understandable. I'll be busy with work too, the next week especially.
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