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Malkan held back a sigh as Ryteb sign off the comms to wreck whatever havoc he tended to on missions. There were some days where she wondered why she stayed with this crew. Sure she could understand everyone had different personalities but it didn’t mean she had to agree with all of them. A part of Malkan felt bad for Zephyr who was also on that deathtrap currently. She remembered flying with the yokai a few times and there’s a reason why she avoids it if at all possible.

To be fair, as reckless as Ryteb was, he did know how to create a good distraction. Mal didn’t like the job as it was, feeling that it was too rushed with not enough information. Nor did she particularly like the mention of Oblivion; she’s had enough of demons in her life time thank you very much.

When the lights came on to indicate it was time to jump, Malkan stood. She buckled her bag to her back and strapped it in tight, so it wouldn’t fly around during the jump. Malkan watched Skyldig as she jumped, admiring her confidence. This plan, if you could call it a plan, was crude at best. Not long as Skyldig made her descent, Malkan made hers. Her landing definitely wasn’t as smooth’s as her teammates, rolling forward to break her fall rather than landing on her feet.

As soon as she got her bearing, Malkan ran for cover away from the firefight Skyldig was drawing. She looked around, assessing where she was, and smiled when she spotted a control booth. While she did her best to avoid guards and crew, whenever she ran into someone, Malkan would give them a small shock to incapacitate them or lock up their gun before rushing at them. Even though she wasn’t the best at hand to hand combat, she found his method worked the best since most people relied on their firearm, so it momentarily confused them when they tried to fire at her and nothing happened.

There weren’t as many security guards as she thought there’d be as Malkan made her way over to the control booth, though that was probably because their attention was aimed at Skyldig. She heard the numerous grenades go off as she hid behind a parked airship. Malkan frowned at her right arm which now sported a large gash running up the forearm. She had not expected him to pull out a knife so quickly and had used the arm to block a blow aiming for her face.

She peaked out from where she was hiding to look over at the control booth. There were two guards posted outside who didn’t look like there were going to move any time soon. Malkan debated on what to do. She doubted she could take on both guards, especially with her hand now twitching uncontrollably from the damage. “I guess I’m going to have to use them.” She dug through her backpack for the grenades she had brought. Maybe her crewmates were rubbing off on her more than she thought. After getting her right hand to behave, Malkan pulled the pin and used it to throw the grenade close enough to the booth to get the guards’ attention but far enough that they wouldn’t see her coming. It was also in the direction that Skyldig would be approaching from if she was making her way over to this side of the roof.

Malkan waited for the guards to be far enough away before making her way to the booth. Luckily when she entered, there was only one controller in the booth. Using his surprise to her advantage, she ran towards him and slammed his face in the panel in front of him, knocking him unconscious. Mal pulled him upright again to tie him to his chair. If anyone peered in, it would look like there were still people working.

She glanced around taking the room in. Clearly this was a smaller control room so there wasn’t that much room or equipment, but that didn’t matter to her. Pulling off her googles, Malkan sat down in the other chair in the room, rolling it over to the radio transmitter. While computers could vary vastly between planets, communications generally still relied on radio waves, making them very easy to jam. Mal pulled out a small box from her bag and began attaching it to the transmitter. She let herself get immerse in the waves she could see with her eyes, discerning which waves were used for what. Once the box was properly hooked up, a screen lit. To anyone else, it simply looked like a normal colorful screen, but Malkan had programmed the box in Tekhmi’s own programming language which was a combination of ones, zeros, and colors. As she began to select and pull the channels that she wanted to jam from the air into the box, certain aspects of the evacuation process found themselves unable to communicate, namely the security forces.

As she was finishing up, Malkan received a message saying that Skyldig had cleared a path. She finished up and hid the box as best as she could in the room. Hopefully no one would notice the new equipment in the room with the added chaos that she just caused, but if anyone did all they would have to do is smash the box and all the communications problems would go away. Mal was also hoping they didn't have another system to switch to either; it's not like she had another one of these boxes. Once she was done, she made her way back to the Molotov to regroup.
Artemis Fleur

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

Artemis patted the empty spot next to her as she set down the mortar and pestle she was using to crush up the remaining herbs. “This isn’t anything complicated anyways so we don’t have to worry about being too exact.” She put a larger mixing pot in front of her and started adding the ingredients closet to her. “Pass me the turmeric, will you?” she pointed to a bowl containing a pumpkin orange pulp. Typically turmeric came in a root but she had mashed it so it would infuse into the tea better.

Although it looked like she was only focused on the brew she was making, Artemis kept an eye and an ear at the situation in the other room. She could feel as the power from Fatima’s grey jewel leaked out into the room like a thunderstorm brewing in the summer air. It made her a bit tense, even though she knew Fatima wanted to reprimand the boys and not her. Artemis was impressed at how Fatima handle the situation. Despite her figure and friendly demeanor, it was clear she knew how to diffuse all the boys who were trying, and failing, to be amiable to one another.

“So, did you work closely with the queen?” she asked Andressa, figuring everything in the other room would work itself out.

Vaclav Domonkos

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

For a moment, Vaclav was confused at who Lucivar was referring to. He certainly had no other friend in this house. However, when Mikhail spoke up, he put two and two together. Vaclav chuclked, understanding why the Eyrien had assumed they were together. It’s not like there’s many people with white hair in these parts. “He’s as much of my friend as he is yours,” added Vaclav to clarify.

Vaclav tensed as Lucivar made the declaration defending his position to leave soon. While he appreciated it, he could feel the tension grow since it was clear that Gen was adamant about keeping them here. Besides, who was this Faeril anyways. From how the brothers described it, it seemed like they cared for her but was also terrified of her. Artemis would have his head if he ever called her a harpy- not that she was a harpy in the first place.

He was about to respond when Fatima waltzed into the room, Vaclav could feel as her power filled the room, demanding silence. Since he had only been privy to her friendlier side, the anger surprised him. Honestly, he was surprised that the woman had it in her; he had pegged her for more aloof. When she turned to him, he nodded in acquiesce, feeling the command beneath her words. He wanted to argue more but something in the back of his head told him he should follow this queen and not rebuke her. Besides, he didn’t fancy trying to fight his way out now that Lucivar was on Fatima’s side.

“Well, if we’re going to be here for a while, I need more coffee.” He aimed for levity in his words, tired of all the posturing. Vaclav poured himself another cup. When he took a sip, he gagged at the acrid taste, almost spitting it out.

Vaclav Domonkos

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

Vaclav grasped Lucivar’s hand, firmly shaking it. “Vaclav Domonkos,” he introduced himself to the newcomer though in the corner of his eye he watched as the woman walked over to where Fatima and Artemis were sitting. “Being there is quite relative,” he started to explain. “Artemis and I lived on the outskirts of Grayhaven. Hyallians attacked the countryside, murdering those who opposed the new queen and burning the rest.” Vaclav sighed, remembering the events. “Bloody mess indeed…” Even though they barged in and caused a ruckus, he hoped that the two Dene Nehelean were able to get back to their families to escape in time.

“And no offense, I don’t see any reason for you to hold us,” Vaclav told Gen as politely as he could. He didn’t appreciate being told that he couldn’t leave, nor did he understand why they couldn’t. They honestly had already stayed longer than Vaclav had wanted to anyways and who knows when Faeril would wake up.

Artemis Fleur

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

Artemis turn to see two new people entering the room. She was surprised that there were more people, but the house was quite big from what she’s seen of it and she bet Faeril was quite the busy Healer when she wasn’t passed out from exhaustion. However, it was quite overwhelming to meet so many people at once. When she agreed to breakfast, she wasn’t expecting any of this. Rather she was expecting a quaint breakfast.

Regardless, she smiled at the woman that approached her and Fatima and gave a small wave. “Hello. I’m Artemis.” She briefly glanced over at Vaclav who was talking to the other person that just entered the room. When Artemis saw that everyone was still on friendly terms, she went back to crushing the herbs for the restorative brew they were making for Faeril.

Artemis Fleur

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

Artemis gave a little giggle at the scene between Gen and Fatima. She was glad the atmosphere of the kitchen was becoming more comfortable rather than the hostility that filled the room earlier. Though she was glad that someone had cleaned up the burnt pancake; she doubted Gen would have appreciated seeing that in his kitchen. “Thanks,” she said to the Eyrien when he pointed out the herb cabinet.

She followed Fatima over to the cabinet and was impressed at what Faeril had in stock. Despite it looking out of place in the lovely kitchen, it was well stocked with different herbs and plants. Artemis also picked out a extra herbs that she thought would be useful that Fatima didn’t grab and proceeded to join her on the blanket. When she turned to ask Fatima a question, Artemis laughed upon seeing a streak of green across her cheek. “Fatima, you’ve got a little something on your cheek there.” She pointed to the smear.

Vaclav Domonkos

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

“She must be a very good…healer then.” Vaclav didn’t miss the way Denar had hesitated on explaining Faeril's caste and wondered what he was hiding. “But it definitely seemed like your mother was in good hands.” He thought back to the Healer back at the inn. Despite talking to the husband most of the time while he was there, Vaclav did get a chance to observe her, thinking she was quite adept.

He poured more coffee for himself as he contemplated his response to the question. Vaclav had wanted to leave after finishing breakfast quickly but now he’s amended it to leaving after whatever brew Artemis was working on with Fatima. Once she was focused on a brew, there wasn’t much that could pull her away from it. “We’ll be leaving in a tad.” Vaclav made sure not to state where. Though everyone seemed to be on more friendly terms now, it he didn’t mean that he instantly trusted these folks. “Grayhaven was attacked and I doubt Queen Karlianne is still alive,” he stated matter-of-factly. He hoped he hadn’t ruined the cheerful atmosphere of the room, but he figured people would hear sooner or later.

"your repairs messed it up"
"no. yours did!"

whoever's captain is going to have a blast
@vietmyke like they said, if you have a concept feel free. you wouldn't be stepping on anyone's toes. it's also interesting when there's a few too many cooks in the kitchen ;)
Vaclav Domonkos

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

Artemis smiled, blushing at Fatima’s complement. “I think so too…and maybe some calming tea for everyone else.” She held back an eye roll as Belar corrected how Mikhail should address Fatima. Yes, she understood the importance of properly addressing people, but it was clear, at least to her, that Fatima wanted to create a friendly atmosphere and was not too concern with proper titles.

She followed behind Fatima and Mikhail as they made their way back to the kitchen. “Of course I’m coming” Artemis’s stomach grumbled at the mention of food. While she had had a quick bite before leaving the inn in the morning, she had not had any food since. The plate of pancakes she left in the kitchen sounded good about now.

Although Artemis wanted to start her breakfast when she got back to the kitchen, she also wanted to start on the restorative brew. Who knew when Fatima would wake up. “Where’s the kettle?” she asked Fatima. “We should get some water boiling.”

Artemis Fleur

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

Vaclav nodded at the answer, pretending to understand. He sensed that there was more to the story but Denar seemed tight-lipped about it and he did not want to press. Wasn’t the Lady Ashkevron a healer? If their mother needed a Healer, why not keep her here? Why let her stay at the inn? While he had all these questions, Vaclav didn’t voice them. Rather he sat in comfortable silence as he ate his breakfast.

He visibly relaxed when Artemis walked back into the kitchen. He wasn’t necessarily worried when she was gone, but he kind of was. It was just better if he could keep his friend with in eyesight when they were in an unfamiliar place. Despite being relaxed for a solid minute, he tensed back up when he heard another Eyrien voice. Christ, how many people lived at this house.

Sitting back in his chair, trying to act nonchalant, Vaclav quietly sipped on his coffee. Friends huh, he thought about how Fatima had introduced Artemis and Mikhail. He never knew friends could be made that quickly, especially not in this day.
Artemis Fleur

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

Before waiting for a response Artemis went ahead and slowly came up to the Black Widow. She tried hiding her nervousness as much as she could to not spook Belor. He was blocking the exit and she doubted anyone would leave this room alive if they provoked him into thinking they were going to harm to Faeril. The tension was bad enough when the Warlord Prince was on the killing edge in the kitchen; she did not want to provoke that atmosphere again.

Artemis glanced at the feinted Black Widow, frowning. She looked pale from exhaustion and after checking her pulse, Artemis found it slower than it should be. On further examination, Artemis figured there wasn’t much to be done in terms of healing. Sure she could heal injuries and sicknesses but this was just exhaustion. They should let the Black Widow rest and when she woke up, make her some tea or something. “We should just let her rest,” Artemis suggested. “She needs some food and water when wakes up.”

Vaclav Domonkos

Ashkevron Residence in Askavi:

Vaclav was not fooled into believing that the other Eyrien stayed in the kitchen because he wanted to be hospitable. He was keenly aware of being watched as he rinsed the soot off the pan and washed it before it was ruined. After he finished, Vaclav poured himself another coffee, adding in some cream and sugar after.

He sat back down and began eating the food Fatima had made. The pancakes were simply delicious as Vaclav was quite hungry from the trip here while the coffee helped to keep his energy up. As he ate, he also glanced over at the other Warlord Prince, sizing him up. Eventually though, Vaclav got tired of the silence. “So tell me, how did your mother end up at a small inn in western Askavi?”

He belatedly wondered how the other were doing. There seemed to not be any commotion coming from the other part of the house that they wander towards, so he assumed that Belor had confirmed that the Black Widow had simply passed out from exhaustion. If not, Vaclav was ready to dash out of this kitchen to get Artemis.
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