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Hey there! I'm certainly interested in figuring out a plot or two with you, if you're up for it. I'm a huge fan of slice of life/school stories, so I'd be interested in the supernatural school story the most. Shoot me a PM, we could discuss more there. :D

Shot ya a DM! :D Thank you for taking the time to read the wall, haha!
Well. Hi there! I’m Noiki and I’m craving, STARVED even, for some roleplay! I’ve been on this site before (Years back, can’t remember the email or username.) and I did enjoy my time here. I am BACK!

A short intro to myself then, I’m in my 20’s, working on GMT time and a student currently. I’ve been writing for a while, and hopefully I’ll continue to improve! I won’t be writing a ‘DON’T’ list, because… well, most of the DON’T’s should be common knowledge in RP. (Keep your Sue’s, IC = OOC Drama, and childish tantrums at the door.)

However, the one thing I’m not a fan of writing is 18+ sex scenes. Fade to black / Fade to morning is fine though, should it come to that!

- - - - -

Now, onto what I enjoy writing!

I'm a big fan of a few paragraphs but I'd be more than happy to trade a paragraph to keep things flowing yet descriptive enough to get a good picture of what's going on. I'm not that strict on length, and tend to more or less match what I'm given.

I can write High Fantasy, Modern Day, and Futuristic (Though I have less experience in the latter)

I enjoy Slice of Life, there’s something incredibly relaxing about exploring a realistic world with your OC’s. Plus, loads of drama potential and discovering of OC's!

I do write Romance, or rather I can write Romance. I’m not in the habit of squeezing two characters together for-the-shipping but I’ll happily write romance that develops. MxM, MxF, FxF. I’m easy writing any gender!

Drama is usually RP’s bread and butter so BRING IT ON. I’m fine rping mature themes, drugs, alcohol, swearing ect, if you yourself aren’t a fan or something upsets you, please let me know asap so I can avoid it!

I love Supernatural Elements (not the show). It’s so basic I know but I adore it!~

I do quite like school-based roleplays, if only because it makes interaction a huge part of the story, but I can easily do without!

I’ve got some good experience with multi-oc casts—I don’t tend to stick to just writing one character. Just a heads up, as a lot of people aren’t fans of this!

I also LOVE world-building as we go, I’m often talkative to my partners and discussion / OOC chat is a great thing to me!

Anime / Manga – This is a funny one. I’m not referring to fandoms (I don’t really have any). I moved more to realistic models / storylines for a long time, but you know, I’m willing to let my hair down and take a slightly less rigid stance on this, haha! If I’m not confronted with a “LOLZ SO RANDOM” OC of course. I might cry and little, and making me cry is c r i m i n a l.

- - - - -

Scenario’s, I’m happy to play fast and loose with, but some ideas for your consideration! I’m more than happy to discuss tweaks / any ideas you’ve got yourself!

Supernatural abilities and creatures exist, however the stigma against them nears second class citizenship. When your OC/OC’s find themselves developing unnatural abilities, their family decides it’s best to send them to an institute, where they are protected from society’s hatred. They have a shared dormitory, but even among the school there’s some division and classification. Furthermore, safety doesn’t extend outside of the institutes walls.

- - - - -

OC/OC’s were never born into the lime-light or social politics of high-society; however, a dead relative has left them a substantial amount of money and a business to inherit. They have powerful friends to make, and powerful enemies, all of whom have had significantly more practice at dealing with the finer things in life. How will your OC cope when drama and stirring find them?

- - - - -

The nation is unaware of things that go bump in the night. The reason for this? A special team of equally odd, rare and unusual creatures combat the threats, unknown and effective, chosen for their own talents and skills. Your OC/OC’s have been scouted for their budding abilities and are about to be tasked with integrating into the team. Will they manage to keep their head in missions and counter the anti-establishment factions that are growing ever more cunning?

- - - - -

None of these are MUST DO’S, just some idea’s I’m throwing out so I’m not lazily expecting everyone else to do the work and give some footing. I’d LOVE to hear any idea’s anyone else has and we can work on ‘em if we’re feeling it!

That’ll be all for me now, if you’re interested, shoot me a DM~! Have a good one, peeps!
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