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7 mos ago
Current The triumphant return of little wraith child to the machine.
9 mos ago
I like to do quote collages sometimes


Just a friendly ghost boy manifesting on-line from the world of the dead, here. Call me Noktys. I like to play with words and ideas sometimes.

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My mind is like a holographic hyperspacial radio. In one instant a classic world of elves and dwarves and the belief in law and goodness. But just tune down the dial and here's a desert world in a triple star system. And here is a city somewhere inhabited by insectile creatures with a machine symbiosis. Here's lizardland. In details. Not just some amphibians with an axe to grind but a whole culture and aesthetic all it's own. I guess what I'm saying is I don't like to world build. I like to explore. I am the voyager.
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