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Arnlaug Leifsson - Averine City Docks

Arnlaug smiles a crooked smile, before nodding a little.

"Alright. Can't say no to that smile, I s'pose. No shine or buff needed."

He fetches a few shards from the purse, and stuffs it securely back under the chainmail before holding the shards out to the girl. Again he casts a few looks around him before setting his eyes back on the girl, intending to see if she runs off after getting the payment. If she does he'll try to make sure he sees where she goes off to.
Arnlaug Leifsson - The Rugged Fish, Averine City Docks

Arnlaug eyes the urchin for a lingering moment, before exhaling a gruff scoff. He speaks with a thick eastern accent.

"No, little girl."

He looks around, into the various alleys around the inn, before hoisting up his chainnmail to retrieve a coin pouch. He opens it and seems to eye the contents as he keeps speaking.

"Even if I did give you money, how much of it would you go to you?"
Nosfvel, that post was my question hahah. You know, the one like right above yours.

"before" being the keyword here. Asking >before< you post the character sheet.
Hello, just posted a character in your character tab that is not a race on your list. I was hoping you'd have no issue with it as I've balanced it using Pathfinder race building rules and that character I described I like kinda fell in love with lol.

You didn't think to ask the DM first before going outside his lore...?
Averine, city docks - Arnlaug Leifsson

The hefty man steps off a recently arrived boat in the docks. His chainmail jingles as he puts his hands on his hips and looks up at the city buildings seemingly in wonder. He takes a moment to look around at the people walking by before striding off without purpose, perhaps in search for a tavern or a notice board.
Character Name: Arnlaug Leifsson
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Physical Description (Pictures can go here if you want):
Arnlaug is a tall man, standing at 190cm. Being a cold human from the eastern farmlands have given him a stocky and sturdy build, reinforced by farmwork and odd jobs. He has a plain look to him, not looking like a hero or a villain.

Profession: Mercenary
Starting Equipment/Belongings:
- steel chain hauberk
- steel nasal helmet
- simple steel bearded axe
- simple round wooden shield
- simple underclothes, "everyday" clothes, and a surcoat.
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