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Current I get that with eroge all the time. I get so into the story that when a sex scene crops up I'm almost annoyed. I end up skipping through it as fast as possible to get back to the story.
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Quarantine the whole floor Dewey
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A lot of people equate personal difficulty with character development. And rather than go to the effort of playing it out in character it's easier to put it in the backstory. A dark history is easy.
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DMing a group of new D&D players is remarkably like herding cats.
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I suppose that makes sense. Everybody does it. We have that book "Everybody Poops" maybe we need one called "Everybody Fucks"


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An entire class tries to kill a yellow octopus.
I'd make a joke about lynching gay people, but that'd bit a bit of a low hanging fruit.
Want me to open with a character sheet or would you prefer to discuss things first.
Nice suit, Doge. Much fancy. Wow.
You become the world's best mail courier.

You can turn invisible, but only when not under direct observation.
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Hmm I think I can fit another pm rp in. Especially with this quality. I'm sending you a message.
All very noice characters I'll send you a pm on top of this free bump. Enjoy I don't throw out free bumps everyday.
Erica was pacing back and forth in the hall of one of the upper floors, surrounded by decayed wallpaper, soiled carpet and the smell of mould. Even now she could still remember her old home, the little town house in the inner suburbs where she lived with her father and cat, she idly wondered if her cat was ok. She used to think that life was boring, now she found herself missing the days where the biggest thing she had to worry about was whether she was wearing the clothes that were in fashion that week. She shivered at the thought that she would never have that life again.

Now she was a monster. She tried not to think that way, to stay positive, but whenever she looked at the others, all she could see was the animals they could become. And the fact that she was one of them brought up all kinds of confusing feelings. Was it them? Or us? She thought. She had always been a human being, and now she couldn't call herself that any more. So what was she? Erica hugged her clothes around her as she struggled with her little crisis of identity and when she looked up she found that she'd stopped outside Jethro's room. Jethro scared her, but she also felt a deep respect for him. She hesitated a moment before knocking on his door.
There was more than one person having nightmares that night. Erica was laying in her bed, the covers long since discarded in her fevered writhing. As she slept she was chased through her mind by dark creatures of fur and teeth. Finally the sound of a scream penetrated her nightmare and she started awake, coated from head to toe in a cold sweat. Her shoulder was aching, where she had been bitten, and it felt like her very bones were on fire. Did everyone go through this? She thought to herself as she sat in her bed.

Idly, she wondered who had screamed. Perhaps it was her own scream she'd heard and she pushed the thought away, trying to get away from the sense of despair that had fallen on her. She got out of bed and walked over to the window, pushing the creaking window open and closing her eyes as a cool breeze swept into the room. She brushed her dark hair out of her face and shivered slightly. The night air was cold but pleasant.

On the table beside her bed she heard a bell tinkle and looked over to see she'd gotten a message. Erica walked over and picked up her phone to read the message and immediately felt her mood sour again. "Burgers and Hot dogs?" She said to the empty room. How could they be so flippant about this. Erica's life had already been changed beyond repair and on Friday it was going to change even more, the idea filled her with dread and anxiety, and they were laughing it off with burgers and hot dogs?

Erica dropped the phone onto the bed and decided to get dressed, knowing she wasn't likely to get any more sleep that night, She pulled on her clothes, collected her phone and left her room. She walked through the dilapidated old apartment building, ignoring her surroundings and deep in thought.
Oh well we have an Alpha I suppose, provided that application gets past the GM.

Anyway I have a question. How do we communicate as wolves? Can we speak or do we communicate telepathically?
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