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@BangoSkank Oh absolutely. I'm most comfortable in fantasy settings, simply because I've had more practice writing for them, but I have a particular soft spot for the altpunk/alternate history genres. Heavy on the alternative but light on the history. The last roleplay I took part in was a mishmash that took from diesel, aether, steam and cyberpunk and it was some of the most fun I've had with a setting. I'm a big worldbuilding nerd, so a creative, well thought out setting inspires the heck out of me.
Also, I tend to prefer roleplay that focuses heavily on interpersonal and sociopolitical conflicts rather than physical combat. Again, just a preference based on practice. Combat writing is not my comfort zone.

I do like my grey a bit on the darker side. An environment in which an antagonist can really antagonize. It opens up a lot of venues for the exploration of motive, which is something that I absolutely adore. Whether I'm doing the writing or the reading, I like a good character study even more than a juicy plot.
I'll do the TLDR first. Brevity is not my strong suit.

*I've roleplayed in a variety of text formats for ages, but haven't taken part in forum roleplay in almost 10 years.

*No strong preference for specific settings. I love being able to explore grey morality, and adore roleplay that encourages it. I'm also down for filling roles that need filling.

*I've mostly taken part in group RP, but wouldn't be adverse to 1x1 under the right circumstances

*Truly, I'm just excited to get back into some good ol' collaborative storytelling.


I've had this account for ages, but I'm pretty sure I still qualify as a newbie. I took part in only ONE roleplay here (under an account I've been fruitlessly trying to find for ages) that was a brilliant setting with fantastic authors... that fell off after a week. It was the biggest of bummers. I've been floating around in more chat based roleplay for a bit, but a recent move really throttled my internet and I cant use the same programs I used to. I've been stalking the forums was instantly reminded why I was so excited about this site when I signed up.

I'm an open book and if I don't stop here, you'll have a full biography. If needed, I have samples of roleplay and worldbuilding I've collaborated on.

So looking forward to writing with you all!
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